Meet The Marwari! 😍🐎

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The beautiful Marwari horse descends from India and is known all over the world for its special ears. The ears of this horse are curved and meet above its head, a trait only found in the Marwari and its close relative, the Kathiawari!
This rare horse, known as the national horse breed of India, comes in all sorts of colors and often shows the same metallic sheen seen in Akhal-Teke horses. It’s very versatile, and today it’s used in shows and sports.
★ What's the new breed?
The majestic Marwari!
★ Where can I get it?
You can find one horse in Fort Pinta and three at Goldenleaf Stables!
★ How much does it cost?
950 Star Coins.
★ What level do I have to be?
You can get the horse in Fort Pinta right away at level 1, and to purchase the horses at Goldenleaf Stables you must have reached level 12.
★ Do I need to crunch reputation?
★ What colors can I choose from?
A liver chestnut, a sooty palomino with a badger face, a cherry bay, and a leopard!
★ Is there anything else I should know?
The Marwari sports two unique mane styles - one long and flowy, and one with the mane cut short enough to stand up!
It also has its very own special move - if you click spacebar when the horse is standing still, it will perform a graceful bow!
That’s not all though...
The oriental bridle!
The Jorvegian Marwari is able to use a very special type of bridle - the oriental bridle! This jewelled bridle is inspired by the headstalls from the middle east, with a Jorvik twist. You can buy this special bridle, available in several colors, from the Global Store and the horse tack shop right next to the Goldenleaf Stables!
For now, only the Marwari is able to use the oriental bridle.

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