Meet the Jorvik Wild Horse! 😍❤️

2020.okt. 5.
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Introducing the Jorvik Wild Horse!
A rarely seen horse has emerged from the woods north of Mistfall. It’s the Jorvik Wild Horse, who’s looking for a rider to bond with!
The Jorvik Wild Horse is the oldest known horse breed to wander upon Jorvik, and as far as anyone can tell the horses of this breed look the same way they did hundreds of years back. Maybe its close connection to Pandoric energy is the reason for the stalled evolution? The Jorvik Wild Horse may have any coat color, some still undiscovered by any equestrian not native to Jorvik. The coat color may be of help when figuring out the origins of the horse, as different markings are more prominent in specific wild herds. For example, one herd is known for an almost magical blue tint in their coats, and the most famous horse from said herd is no other than Lisa Peterson’s horse Starshine. Unlike the magical horses of Jorvik though, the color of their coats never changes.
This primal horse has never been domesticated nor bred in captivity, but they have been known to approach humans of their liking to allow a bond to form. To be allowed to ride a Jorvik Wild Horse is a true honor - do you have what it takes to befriend one?
★ What's the new breed?
The Jorvik Wild Horse!
★ Where can I get it?
You can find one horse in Fort Pinta, and three in Valedale.
★ How much does it cost?
975 Star Coins
★ What level do I have to be?
You can get the horse in Fort Pinta right away, but to get the Valedale horses you must have reached level 9.
★ Do I need to crunch reputation?
★ What colors can I choose from?
This unique horse is available in the coat colors on Jorvik known as sapphire dapple gray, mantle palomino, mantle ember black and mantle silver dapple!
★ Is there anything else I should know?
The Jorvik Wild Horse is a gentle giant, and if you ask for it, it will lie down for you! Just make sure you’re standing still while riding your Jorvik Wild, and click Spacebar to ask it to carefully lie down.
The horse also knows how to perform a special gait, which resembles a mezair. This works just like the Icelandic horses’ Tölt and the Curly horses’ Curly Shuffle - if you press down Shift while asking your horse to move faster when walking, it will perform this spectacular gait!
The horse also sports three unique hairstyles - you don’t want to miss this for sure!
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