Medovik cake (Медовик) - Advanced cooking with Boris

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Medovik cake (Медовик)
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Advanced cooking with Boris. Takes up to 4 hours to make. And then 4 hours to wait in fridge.
Boris makes cake over many years. Main ingredient is attention and patience.
3 egg
150g sugar
1tsp baking soda
400g flour
4 tbsp honey
100g butter
500g sour cream
100g or more of condensed milk
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  • The dough was messed up, and I couldn't roll the dough thin enough, and somehow, I managed to make blins in the oven, and the leftover dough was too thick to crush, so I just ended up with 2 stacked mini pancakes with sour cream on top, and blin, it is good

    MooMooBoogsMooMooBoogs2 napja
  • My dumb ass thought sour cream actually means sour cream and not heavy cream

    Shark171Shark1713 napja
  • Me in DayZ: 3:44

    Brian ArtersBrian Arters4 napja
  • Boris: difficulty level 17 Me thinking he said difficulty level semecki *laughs*

    charles o'shannassycharles o'shannassy4 napja
  • Looks like cardboard with tons of glue (meme) . Just kidding . It's good actually

    Vincent HLVincent HL5 napja
  • Haha blyaaat I love your cooking Greetings from Bulgaria !!!!! :D

    badass coolbadass cool8 napja
  • Vadim

    sabaka _sabaka _9 napja
  • my favorite cooking channel

    Kris _rocksteady__Kris _rocksteady__12 napja
  • What's the maximum difficulty level Boris?

    .Think.Think14 napja
  • The bit by bit part killed me

    Kamerad FranzKamerad Franz14 napja
  • boris: we will make a medovik cake Me: don’t u mean *a stack of blins covered in a mystery sauce*

    ComedyTea_UwUComedyTea_UwU17 napja
  • Normal ppl: **uses butter knife like a normal person** slav ppl: **uses heavy axe cuz they is a friccin....blin? idk xD**

    ComedyTea_UwUComedyTea_UwU17 napja
  • So Svetlana is the russian version of Lucille?

    Markus K.Markus K.18 napja
  • I tried this and it was just 👌 will definetly make it again. 😊

    Pzycho391Pzycho39119 napja
  • Y

    Arturo LiraArturo Lira20 napja
  • ..................i have been cooking with a butcher knife for literally almost everything in the kitchen. mama said i was doin it wrong. but papa boris says iz right...........................................................................SLAV-

    dat_random_galdat_random_gal20 napja
  • I actually made this and the cream came out too liquid (because I chose the wrong western condensed milk instead of the russian one). It went all over my kitchen. Needless to say, the taste is amazing!

    Anca. N.Anca. N.24 napja
  • Oy boris is it goof for children

    I Exhale OxygenI Exhale Oxygen25 napja
  • condensed milk? thats like 15k at therapist

    Rick RigatoniRick Rigatoni26 napja
  • I’ve been watching almost all your food cooking videos and it makes me want to make it but I can’t

    Коммунист Beebo BopbeeКоммунист Beebo Bopbee26 napja
  • Gordan Ramsey cannot make this.

    Phantom StudiosPhantom StudiosHónapja
  • Margarine is actually very bad for you because your stomach doesn't recognize it as food and it can't be digested that well. There's no reason to use margarine over butter.

    Minecraft TVMinecraft TVHónapja
  • Cola cola in 1960: 2:36

  • I'm doing this recipe the second time now and it's awesome!! 10/10

    Verry's AnimationsVerry's AnimationsHónapja
  • 5:10 Artyom in the house!

    Gabe MagassyGabe MagassyHónapja
  • We made the Georgian version and it's like 10 layers

  • As a russian i have no idea what u sayin but i love it!!!

    Regina kRegina kHónapja
  • This really does have Russian vibes

    Florida ManFlorida ManHónapja
  • my baboshka makes it every birthday to each of my family members.. its REALLY sweet and tasty already been eating this cake for 16 years..

  • using a double boiler would make the egg bit easier... its kinda custard esqe

    Michael WeissMichael WeissHónapja
  • Aga Türkiye'den selam seviyorum seni🇹🇷

    Ece 'Ece 'Hónapja
  • I made it it was great!

    Irony IncIrony IncHónapja
  • what happens if boris lets artyom stay with vadim?

    Hyper FoxHyper FoxHónapja
  • Boris, you must make an entire episode in rhyme.

    Jasper JosephJasper JosephHónapja
  • blyatiful

    Ibrahim A. AzadIbrahim A. AzadHónapja
  • Boris try to forge an sword or an axe

    leon resanovicleon resanovicHónapja
  • This seems like a cheesecake but the crust is layered in between the cheese

    Ray ShivelyRay ShivelyHónapja
  • You'll cook with a chain saw but you won't eat something with raw eggs?

  • качает, белять

    Eva BraunEva BraunHónapja
  • Made it and was good👍

  • My babushka rarely makes these, but damn are they good when she does!

    Bounty HBounty HHónapja
  • I will now play metro in full Russian no subtitles epos

    kid gamingkid gamingHónapja
    • I am learning how to speak Russian

      kid gamingkid gamingHónapja
  • Please dont cut your fingers

    Iris WoolIris WoolHónapja
  • We have the same birthday, Boris. 😁

    Agellan BlackwoodAgellan BlackwoodHónapja
  • He sounds more Russian then Russians

    Andre MorganAndre MorganHónapja
  • Learning Russian to watch Boris with subtitles in class is coming along nicely

  • BUT BORIS. Does it go well.....WITH MAYONNAISE?

  • PUSH IT DOWN LIKE ECONOMY I fucking laughed. I'm a monster.

  • *if it is not us, but who* *"Vadim"*

    Jessica XiJessica XiHónapja
  • *Push it down like Economy*

    Jessica XiJessica XiHónapja
  • I made this for wife's birthday. She loved it. Thanks Boris!

  • Это просто blyatiful.

    Magic, Beasts and Two Smoking WandsMagic, Beasts and Two Smoking WandsHónapja
  • I am american but I love the slav culture and lifestyle

    Attomic AnomalyAttomic AnomalyHónapja
  • Making this for a family gathering tomorrow... let's see how it turns out!

    R3alityRject NAR3alityRject NAHónapja
    • It was a big hit! Complex, but everyone liked it! THX BORIS -Signed, American Western Spy

      R3alityRject NAR3alityRject NAHónapja
  • Да

    Fatjon GamerFatjon GamerHónapja
  • He’s the guy in your school with strange accent

    1k subs without videos1k subs without videosHónapja
  • In the UK we call the first bit hokey pokey

  • *Gordon Ramsey approves*

  • Жалко переводчика, не заслужил пацан :с

  • he's real name is Borislavonia

    Danish Raffan atmajaDanish Raffan atmajaHónapja
  • Netflix: Are you still watching? Someone's daughter: 6:04

    malish the boussemalish the bousseHónapja
    • Underrated but Wtf.

      Ishigami playzIshigami playz6 napja
  • I like how I learned more from this channel than my cooking classes

    Katrina JonesKatrina JonesHónapja
  • Ну субтитры как отдельный вид искусства :)

    Ег СирЕг СирHónapja
  • Fun fact: If you "westernly" search for Medovik cake or just Medovik, you can find Boris's video. But if you're slav, bad news, because if you search "Медовик" no boris videos. *BORIS IS WESTERN SPY!*

    Leonardo NettoLeonardo NettoHónapja
  • Does Russia just have some sort of unspeakably nasty chickens? Because I live in the US and eat raw eggs regularly without fear of salmonella. Although that might just be because I'm a free American and I fear no filthy communist diseases.

    Kyle VolbrechtKyle VolbrechtHónapja
  • "make sure theres some white stuff in there" does cocaine work?

    Mimi MoslumeMimi MoslumeHónapja
  • Wait he’s not wearing the yellow jacket

  • This is so RUSSIAN!

    the random idiotthe random idiotHónapja
  • This cake is like a piece of Slavic heaven Definitely my favourite desert.

    Lukijan BugarskiLukijan BugarskiHónapja
  • У меня мама такой же готовит

  • looks good but i really dont like sour cream.

    Family FriendlyFamily FriendlyHónapja
  • Dinner lady hands

    Comander GromitComander GromitHónapja
  • xD i have B-day on may 4th too 🤣

  • Anyone trying to find the song in the video, its chef extrodanaire.

    World OrderWorld OrderHónapja
  • 6:34 =)

    Михаил РожковМихаил РожковHónapja
  • May 4th is Boris's channels birthday? May 3rd is my cat's Koshka's birthday!

    wishanu and laela stuffwishanu and laela stuffHónapja
  • @6:27 I will

    Mmbk ProductionsMmbk ProductionsHónapja
  • MMM yes the cum cake... but best one i ever had

    Jonáš PrušekJonáš PrušekHónapja
  • I know this doesn't have to do with video but. Wut shold I do if the inside of my head itches?

  • boris you are just like me the best

    Snoopdog mynigga JowwSnoopdog mynigga JowwHónapja
  • Only western spies question cooking methods of comrade

    I wish people cared about meI wish people cared about meHónapja
  • I strive to be you when I grow up

    DerpyDino 22DerpyDino 22Hónapja
  • My favorite sweet Medovik ...the best in the whole world

  • *_Did Boris just drink honey-_*

    Siiri Kadi LaanemetsSiiri Kadi LaanemetsHónapja
  • “Difficulty level 17” just how high does the scale go blyn!

    MahkusMahkus2 hónapja
  • Boris reload stocks

    QayraQayra2 hónapja
  • Blyat, my favourite cake! I will bake it soon (or maybe I will just go to buy it from Perekrestok) 😁 Subscribe to my new slav channel! Suka!

  • This is some epic cooking.

    chillerchiller2 hónapja
  • Dude you need a bigger butter knife yours is way to insufficient for your needs.

    PrismatiqePrismatiqe2 hónapja
  • 9:07 Proof that there is no clickbait lol

    Pea ShooterPea Shooter2 hónapja
  • Axe and sledgehammer are mandatory to this recipe.

    DazleyDazley2 hónapja
  • This cake like boris cake

    RoblettinRoblettin2 hónapja
  • honey is litrally semi-dehydrated bee spit with nectar into it

    Supreme potatoSupreme potato2 hónapja
  • Not finished watching yet, but “smol Boris twist” I SWEAR TO BLIN IF YOU PUT MAYONEZ ON IT

    Tyson DicksonTyson Dickson2 hónapja
  • מה לגבי אוקרינה

    Digicraftmon the Crystal GemDigicraftmon the Crystal Gem2 hónapja
  • גם לכם יש עוגת דבש? אבל לכם היא חלבית בגלל החמאה. לא משנה תהנה מהביסקווטים.

    Digicraftmon the Crystal GemDigicraftmon the Crystal Gem2 hónapja
  • Huh, where i am this is called ,,Napoleon cake”

    justunnam3djustunnam3d2 hónapja
  • This seems Edible

    mr. potatomr. potato2 hónapja
  • Хорошо

    utubez no oneutubez no one2 hónapja
  • Can you cook borsch with an AK-47?? 😜😂

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