ME! (feat. Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco) (Live From The Billboard Music Awards /...

2019.máj. 1.
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  • They pretty much remade the mv

    Aneet MAneet M31 perce
  • still watching

    Jennifer VillartaJennifer VillartaÓrája
  • olodum ta diferente

    Matheus BispoMatheus BispoÓrája
  • Que show MARAVILHOSO foi essa Brasil??? 😻😻😻😻

    Ana CarollineAna Carolline8 órája
  • 腿好粗啊哈哈

    toys Mccoytoys Mccoy9 órája
  • I cannot believe that Taylor let the Billboard Music Awards be a part of her concert.....she is so generous

  • If you didn't get goosebumps watching this we can't be friends

    Afsha NaazAfsha Naaz11 órája
  • Who can stop staring at her thighs xD

    Hải LamHải Lam14 órája

    the seven moons of saturnthe seven moons of saturnNapja
  • The performance, visuals, outfits, vocals!!! 🙀😻

  • I fell in love with this BBMA performance of taylor 💞

    sumita goswamisumita goswamiNapja
  • How did I only now realize Brendon is wearing heels???

    Aneet MAneet MNapja
  • “How many umbrellas do you want?” Taylor: *yes.*

    Jessica AbbottJessica AbbottNapja
  • 😍😍 and thts call a performance

    HeLiX VoRTeXHeLiX VoRTeXNapja
  • hoping they collab again in a panic! album

    Francine AbigailFrancine Abigail2 napja
  • Opening drums sequence sounded like adaption of Indian Nashik Dhol.

    R PR P2 napja
  • This makes me so HAPPPPPPY everytime I watch this! Thanks for the smiles (all the way from the drummers to you two artists)

    brooke heckelbrooke heckel2 napja
  • She’s definitely SWIFT enough... Luv luv and more luv. She feels me no one can be just like MISS SWIFT enough ✌🏾she always get at us incognito but a LOUD peaceful masterpiece. My T 😎😍🥰🤩 STAY SLAYING WOW 🤩🙌👊🏾

    Mirrors WisdomMirrors Wisdom2 napja
  • this is so gorgeousss

    Sultan AliSultan Ali2 napja
  • 2:01 Maluma!❤️

    Sima BoseSima Bose2 napja

    Lillie WilkinsLillie Wilkins2 napja
  • she has a whole band😭😭😭

    Lillie WilkinsLillie Wilkins2 napja
  • 2021? Really?

    Rizky IrawanRizky Irawan2 napja
  • montok amat

    DEV: SerangDEV: Serang2 napja
  • I saw bruce wayne at 3:30

    Jati KristJati Krist3 napja
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    sky leesky lee3 napja
  • can’t believe this was almost 2 years ago.. it feels like yesterday 😭😭

    Naz TemelNaz Temel3 napja
  • ♥️

    jhay min seokjhay min seok3 napja
  • Who are the drumgroup?

    PikachuHDPikachuHD3 napja
  • Words can't describe how much I love this song and this performance. Look at Taylor and Brendon just LIVING!

    sims2lovealotsims2lovealot3 napja
  • History says:Best performance on billboard music awards show

    Dilruba AfrozDilruba Afroz3 napja
  • If I was there, i'd be truly confused where to look at...above, beside me, in front of me...THiss is so COOOL!!

    Niva Gracielle SamonteNiva Gracielle Samonte3 napja
  • Can you imagine the castle of Queen Taylor with those colorful marching bands??

    Niva Gracielle SamonteNiva Gracielle Samonte3 napja
  • Hey be Honest, it's not your first time to see this...

    Niva Gracielle SamonteNiva Gracielle Samonte3 napja
  • Whoaaaa.... Spectacular, I drop my jaw at the overall performance from the moment Taylor Entered until the the ala-Mary poppins umbrella dancers...

    Niva Gracielle SamonteNiva Gracielle Samonte3 napja
  • I know that even TS haters attending the Billboard Music Awards are enjoying....

    Niva Gracielle SamonteNiva Gracielle Samonte3 napja
  • Whooaaaa....Recreating the MV on stage??? ILOVEEEEEEIT!!!!!!!!!!

    Niva Gracielle SamonteNiva Gracielle Samonte3 napja
  • I love the way she said "Hi, I'm Taylor", as if people doesn't know her and she constantly does that each time she performs...i love her down-to-earth attitude...Hail to Queen Taylor!

    Niva Gracielle SamonteNiva Gracielle Samonte3 napja
  • Imagine how lucky the girl at 2:11 is!!

    SanjanaSanjana3 napja
  • they have such great chemistry! i would love to see them collaborate on another song!

    Andrea FAndrea F3 napja
  • 2:36 I see Nick Jonas but it’s a little blurry

    Alexander IndayaAlexander Indaya4 napja
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    pamala kamanipamala kamani4 napja
  • I like starting music with drums and all because it's quite same as Indian music playing in many functions...hope some Indian do feels same or it just me 🤨😅

    Dhruti RathodDhruti Rathod4 napja
  • the most expensive show.

    ludfi mohamadludfi mohamad4 napja
  • Are you cheating I see something in your ear

    Heather HassebroekHeather Hassebroek4 napja
  • 1:57 I see my Bangtan boys

    Celine BautistaCeline Bautista4 napja
  • "VEGAS IS FUN" I guess spelling is no longer fun

    WangaWanga4 napja
  • Ship Brandon ANd TAylor

    AJ KylleAJ Kylle4 napja
  • es simplemente hermoso

    Catalina ChiodiCatalina Chiodi5 napja
  • i’ll forever be a ME! stan idc about yall

    luvluv5 napja
  • I don’t care what y’all say, THIS SONG SLAPSSS

    Rosa R.Rosa R.5 napja
  • What’s the name of the guy at 2:02

    Nonthachai SaksriNonthachai Saksri5 napja

  • This is grand! 😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Learning with Sir ArielLearning with Sir Ariel5 napja
  • Who's else mood is also ruin by Justin Bieber song advertisement just before it

    aditi saxenaaditi saxena5 napja
  • My amazing taylor 😍😍😍💥💥

    نازنین حسن پورنازنین حسن پور5 napja
  • Wow,, Stunning performance .

    M GeeM Gee5 napja
  • I love perfomance 💛

    Jor AcostaJor Acosta6 napja
  • I love you💖

    Diamond GuerreroDiamond Guerrero6 napja
  • Anyone notice at -0:20 (3:57)they suddenly look at each other, as if oh shit this was the choreo. They look so immersed and happy in this performance

    Nia MangfiNia Mangfi6 napja
  • You're here because of after Mr. Perfectly Fine, aren't you?

    Katrina VillasotoKatrina Villasoto6 napja

    #teamtaylorandhalsey#teamtaylorandhalsey6 napja
  • That one guy eating the strap from his hat😂(0:36)

    Sophia VegaSophia Vega6 napja
  • Even used pink. It's a great song though.

    Chaeli St. BernardChaeli St. Bernard7 napja
  • Came here after Sophie and Tay's interactions to Mr. Perfectly fine song.

    Ella babeElla babe7 napja
  • Brendon is rlly pushing his feminineness flying down like Mary poppins

    HiHi7 napja
  • Diva,star, beautiful

    KathillNewsKathillNews7 napja
  • i wanna be the girl that got that umbrella

    Marek TóthMarek Tóth7 napja
  • Amazink Performers , ligting,sound,grapick, of course Artis 💝

    Herru KeyswHerru Keysw7 napja
  • me before watching this performance: 😞 me after: 😃

    C HoodC Hood7 napja
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    Meimei HanMeimei Han7 napja
  • Me when i was little baby watching barbie movies and seeing them perform by flying thibking hope it's true Me after seeing this oo so this thibg is real 😳💜💜

    Gaming LifetimeGaming Lifetime8 napja
  • One of the most beautiful thing in this video is the dancers are happy as taylor and brendon 😌

    Selin DağıdırSelin Dağıdır8 napja

    A D A M !A D A M !8 napja
  • 1:06 that drum guy must living in his best life 😂

    June WangJune Wang8 napja
  • This was supposed to be how the Lover Fest looks like 😭

    Daniel AnthonyDaniel Anthony8 napja
  • ~Tay~Tay~ 🔥❤️

    Prachi RajawatPrachi Rajawat8 napja
  • Love ya...❤️❤️❤️

    Prachi RajawatPrachi Rajawat8 napja
  • They dont belong together Like a raindow With all of the colors Cause you say cant to anyone And they want to defy you? Not Me? ME E capotilize my eyes

    Zach MalanoskiZach Malanoski8 napja
  • 💔😍💞💘

    watch aNd LeaRNwatch aNd LeaRN8 napja
  • I miss pre covid award shows

    AbelAbel9 napja
  • I love the song seven letter you are a star at it

    hal shepherdhal shepherd9 napja
  • Taylor did a parody cover of nine in the afternoon? How nice.

    CRz GangsterCRz Gangster9 napja
  • Who didn’t like this incredible show?

    Özge ErgüçÖzge Ergüç9 napja
  • WOW. TAYLOR never ceases to amaze me.

    Chloe KralChloe Kral9 napja
  • dear person reading this, ur so loved and worthy 🦋stay safe!!

    KatelynKatelyn10 napja
  • Queen ❤️👑🇧🇷

    Davi CarvalhoDavi Carvalho10 napja
  • Did I just turn into a swiftie?

    Ines PalominoInes Palomino10 napja
  • 😍😍😍😍😍

    anonymousanonymous10 napja
  • Are you married

    Jess LowryJess Lowry10 napja
  • sds😄dhsh

    vanilla covanilla co10 napja
  • Now imagine what a LOVER tour would look like 🤯

    Beatriz DamasoBeatriz Damaso10 napja
  • I feel like their mics weren’t up high enough

    Emma Denton SnapeEmma Denton Snape11 napja
  • It's 2021 and this is still GREAT!

    Ane OliveiraAne Oliveira11 napja
  • La mejor 😍

    Marvin JimenezMarvin Jimenez11 napja
  • Tylore is such a talented singer So bad she had to go through the Kanye West's drama😭😭 👇

  • Nobody: Audience: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA 💆🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️😤

    Swiftie ReputationSwiftie Reputation11 napja
  • IM GAY

    Vanya ShroffVanya Shroff11 napja
  • This is my favorite song

    Rachel’s WorldRachel’s World11 napja
  • Taylor’s outfit is soooooo pretty

    Rachel’s WorldRachel’s World12 napja