Max Verstappen Hand stuck in the cockpit

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Max Verstappen Hand stuck in the cockpit
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  • he got his hand stuck in different things lately...

    Sem HofmansSem Hofmans11 napja

      Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger IPanzerkampfwagen VI Tiger I5 napja
  • Imagine losing a race because of this

    --14 napja

    mariostretmariostret14 napja
  • 30 YEARS AGO Niki Lauda told us: "Place a monkey into the cockpit and he will grab your hand

    Victor YepezVictor Yepez17 napja
  • I've always asked myself this

    J CPJ CP17 napja
  • Just like my step sis in the washing machine

    dicky greenleafdicky greenleaf18 napja
  • what happened?

    Irsyad ArhamIrsyad Arham25 napja
  • How do they move their hands in their?

    fakeanamefakeaname26 napja
  • he literally "sit" on pole

    Hc çHc ç26 napja
  • "Our dog ate my homework. Sorry"

    Fevo 61Fevo 6129 napja
  • what are you doing steppit?

  • yeah i'm stuck this is what you get with this ************ honestly - Max Verstappen Tuscan 2020

    Kenny Kent KenkenKenny Kent KenkenHónapja
  • Lewis : "bono my eyes are gone..." *win 7 times world championship*

    no nameno nameHónapja
  • Wow! Congrats to Lewis Hamilton (7x Champ) and Mercedes (7constructor title) !

    Dont even StartDont even StartHónapja
    • Talk to me when it's 8

      last lap landolast lap lando20 napja
  • Think if it happened during a real race

    andrea pellegrinmoandrea pellegrinmoHónapja
  • Step hand : well...

    Dorsalis PenileDorsalis PenileHónapja
  • All I can think of is Peter Griffin saying " HAHA he said cock "

    Zack StoutZack StoutHónapja
    • Cue 15 minute fight scene with a giant rooster.

  • P-Hub: Step-Max got stuck

  • i swear if i click on one more F1 video and the comments are 95% shit attempts at jokes in a " : " format I'm un subbing from all of you

    Chris MChris MHónapja
  • reminds me of the F duct


    Elyes SellamiElyes SellamiHónapja
  • That's it?

  • Verstappen's hand got stuck Hulkenberg:

    DHL maoDHL maoHónapja
  • That's what happens when you look for coins to put in the paddock parking meter when you should just be driving.

    Chris WilliamsChris WilliamsHónapja
  • Who does he think he is? Hans-Joachim Stuck??

  • Typical of an Adrian Newey car - the driver is just an afterthought.

    William StephensWilliam StephensHónapja
  • I know what that's like I got my hand stuck in the cookie jar once ! 😂😂😂😂

    James SmithJames SmithHónapja

    Yes indeedYes indeedHónapja
  • Step sis: :)

    dossi 72dossi 72Hónapja
  • Nice vid. Guys I make F1 and MotoGP Data Charts and visualizations. Pls consider subscribing if you like. Here's one of the vids👇👇👇👇👇👇 #russellvsbottaslapchart

    Solangi RacingSolangi RacingHónapja
  • Hand stuck in cockpit gets 150K views. Me doing a backflip with one leg amputated; 200 views.

  • Good thing his engineer is not his Step Bro😂😂😂

    Alpha WolfAlpha WolfHónapja
  • E r G o N o M i C s

    Luca ZifferblätterLuca ZifferblätterHónapja
  • The cockpit helped him to get pole

    BlueFlag AlphaBlueFlag AlphaHónapja
  • I thought he fall asleep....

    Andi SAndi SHónapja
  • 0:40 she is hot girl and sexygirl.

    Vit VoVit VoHónapja
  • I think to be honest he was having "a fly one" there...I've used that excuse to the wife many times....."what are you doing?!!".." hand got stuck"

    Alan attackAlan attackHónapja
  • "What are you doing step-cockpit?"

    RandomMm FanRandomMm FanHónapja
  • Thank god it was the cock-pit & not just the 1st part 😂

  • we all know where that hand was max. nigga jerking off in a moving race car

    monish deymonish deyHónapja
  • verstappen is learning the ways of lewis hamilton

  • Very tight when you hold the steering.

    Ricky SpanishRicky SpanishHónapja
  • Rumor has it his hand is still stuck there, all these years later

    Jeroen JJeroen JHónapja
  • Lecrerc drove with one hand and another repair rearview

    Mario AsecasMario AsecasHónapja
  • "I got stuck my hand" Nice captions F1 lol

  • Max: Hand stuck in cockpit. Gets pole. Lewis: Bono, my tires are gone. Wins race.

    Rasal HagueRasal HagueHónapja
  • I thought he said "I got stuck.. my hand in the cockpit out of turn 6... just made it up, its not."

    Some NameSome NameHónapja
  • Step-max are you stuck?

    Itz AyushItz AyushHónapja
  • The car is now stuck on pole

    Joe bidomeJoe bidomeHónapja
  • Olivier Richters moment ;)

    A or TaA or TaHónapja
  • Lmao

    Briana KBriana KHónapja
  • Step Bro i'm stuck in the Cockpit

  • I saw that live. Both commentators missed it. Max got his right hand caught up in the cockpit cutaway section for his hands!!!!

    Mac SixtyfiveMac SixtyfiveHónapja
    • Actually he explained on Dutch tv that his hand got stuck between the steering wheel and his knee.

      Mo voMo voHónapja
  • Mercedes when Max gets his hand stuck: 😂 Mercedes when Max gets pole: 😒

    • @yiouli pa what are you even talking about...his joke was just more then bad and I don't understand who the fuck would like that shit

      JoghurtJoghurt17 napja
    • @chaitra sunil STFU there are people who don't like ver. But I think that's very weird to think isn't it?

      yiouli payiouli pa17 napja
    • @rolly shut the fuck up, you have to grow up and see that people who don't like max(the only one) exists in the world

      yiouli payiouli pa17 napja
    • @Joghurt why are you (and millions others people) so salty and think that only Max exists in your life I'd like to know

      yiouli payiouli pa17 napja
    • Why did that bs get over 200 likes?

  • Max Verstuckpen

    Dev VadchhediaDev VadchhediaHónapja
  • Still got his first 2020 pole Cheeky bugger )

    George DanilovGeorge DanilovHónapja
  • Christian what are you doing?

  • Oh wow i forgot to watch qualifying lolol

  • That's what happens when resetting fuel milage counter while driving.

    my namemy nameHónapja
    • This occured to me once when I just received my driving license. I was driving out of the gas station, and immediately started to press the button for resetting the trip counter through my steering wheel. I did not really think about it while doing it. Then I had to make a turn since the gas station shop was right in front of me. However I couldn't turn since my arm was halfway through the steering wheel. The only option was to slam the brakes, which stalled the engine. Everyone around the gas station was looking weird as I stopped right in front of a blank wall just before hitting it. This memory still haunts me and it wil NEVER happen to me again lol.

      Joost GiesbersJoost GiesbersHónapja
  • Albono, im stuck. Can you help me get out?

  • moments preceding mercedes failure: Part 3

    Super ManSuper ManHónapja
  • Lewis: “Bono... my tires are gone.” *Fastest Lap* Max: “My left hand got stuck in the cockpit” *Gets Pole*

    • @Murci you're right. I don't know if I was tired or what, his next sentence was that Hamilton will not do well. Usually I always read the complete sentence before commenting I disappointed myself by not living up to my normal standards😅

      Sven SchmitzSven SchmitzHónapja
    • @Sven Schmitz i think he means i dont think so, bottas will win.

    • @Sanat Kapur are you saying 'I don't think, so (that) Bottas will win.'? Because otherwise the s doesn't fit into the sentence

      Sven SchmitzSven SchmitzHónapja
    • was the right actually

      Erwann IVErwann IVHónapja
    • @Sanat Kapur I don’t think so either. It’s just a joke

      Bay SeaBay SeaHónapja
  • George Russell was P-18 🤓

  • I read the word "hand stuck" in a German pronunciation lol

    • Welll then it broke right im not good at German although i live in Holland hahaha

      albaa jickinsenalbaa jickinsenHónapja
    • Dieser Bereich für Antworten ist nun eigentum der Bundesrepublik Deutschland.

      General GrievousGeneral GrievousHónapja
  • Super max POLE!!!!!!

    Kacper PokoraKacper PokoraHónapja
  • Lewis : Bono, my right hand is gone *finishes 1st anyway*

    • VERNALTA SUKA F1?? Gabikin konten f1 bang

      Now MotorsportNow Motorsport8 napja
    • Robert Kubica : *why must u hurt me in this way*

      Curtis TangCurtis Tang17 napja
    • Kubica is that you?

      SulphurousSulphurous20 napja
    • I think George Russell at Sakhir proved Lewis isn't that great and it's mostly the car.

      phunkdoctaspockphunkdoctaspock23 napja
    • @FN2ning how did he ? He’s a great driver

      Get me to 100 FollowersGet me to 100 Followers24 napja
  • Always wondered if this could happen. I mean there is only just the bare minimum room for their knuckles to go through when turning the wheel.

    • @Raditya Indera xmas does that to you i suppose :/

    • He got fat.

      Raditya InderaRaditya InderaHónapja
    • yes me too, I always wondered how this hasn't happened before, because there's just barely any space between the hands and the car

      Super KatSuper KatHónapja
  • Stuck in step-cockpit gone wrong

    • What are you doing Bono uwu

      Zakwan NazmiZakwan NazmiHónapja

  • Then he decided to stick the car on pole.

    • Nice.

  • And now he's on pole

    Bhargav PanchalBhargav PanchalHónapja
    • @Dont even Start you’re clearly a sensible and non bias supporter...

    • And still no championships LMAO

      Dont even StartDont even StartHónapja
    • He won!

  • Last time I was so early, Verstappen had only 2 career pole positions and (edit) 9 wins

    Rapper HenkRapper HenkHónapja
    • @Magical 😂

      Rapper HenkRapper HenkHónapja
    • And only 9 race wins 😂


  • oh no guys he's stuck

    Seth GraySeth GrayHónapja
  • Verstappen pole!!!

    Nikolaj GeorgievNikolaj GeorgievHónapja
  • You know what his stepsister is thinking about :O

    • @Rem Zinovyev do yourself a favour stop taking everything so serious

      Heavy FlowHeavy FlowHónapja
    • @Tipblookje so what? Thats their parents fault, they are not our kids

      marcos gonzalezmarcos gonzalezHónapja
    • What is wrong with you? Children can also read the Comments.

    • @P. Patrick Tukkers deep

    • @Rem Zinovyev Watching people fight is normal but watching people having sex is a problem... ...Yep, we're Chimps and not Bonobos.

      P. Patrick TukkersP. Patrick TukkersHónapja
  • Early

    Presidents singPresidents singHónapja
  • How does that happen? I'm confused

    HighSpeed NerfHighSpeed NerfHónapja
    • On dutch tv he said his hand got stuck in between his knee and the steering wheel so the car kept turning right

      A.E. BastenA.E. BastenHónapja
    • he tried to change some settings on his steering wheel using his thumb then lost grip on the wheel

    • The cockpit is really small as the drivers JUST fit inside the car, so maybe for the only space left for the hands you need to slide the hands and in that case he slipped

      3213232 12312233213232 1231223Hónapja
  • What are you doing step engineer

    • @Sreejith I got what you meant, it wasn't rocket science. But it was nevertheless a dumb joke (Unlike your first joke). You could do better.

      alireza rezaeialireza rezaei18 napja
    • @alireza rezaei sorry if you got offended. i don't want to explain what i meant now . Edit - I'll do it anyway , i meant that you are soo pure that you didn't understand a dirty joke .

      SreejithSreejith19 napja
    • ​@Sreejith That's a pretty retarded thing to say, don't you think?

      alireza rezaeialireza rezaei19 napja
    • @alireza rezaei Thats ok , keep reading your bible mate .

      SreejithSreejith19 napja
    • It took me a whole minute to get it, I don't know if that's a good thing or bad.

      alireza rezaeialireza rezaei19 napja
  • Oh one of the first comments yass

    Airbus XWBAirbus XWBHónapja
    • Don't care mate - Bo'om Gear

      I know I'm stupid butI know I'm stupid butHónapja
    • why do you care about that?

  • First

    Gaming NewsGaming NewsHónapja
  • Super early

  • Never been so early mate

    Ljutica DZAJICLjutica DZAJICHónapja
  • don't remember me hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

    Max VerstappenMax VerstappenHónapja
    • *hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah*

    • *s u r e*

      Marco ImanuelMarco ImanuelHónapja