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  • “This is how commercial planes land today” yup, commercial planes roll completely sideways on landing

    jameson beckjameson beck7 órája
  • I love how you used the guns as breaks

    Nova RizeNova Rize12 órája
  • Not sure whether to be scared or impressed..l..

    The Chronicle GamerThe Chronicle Gamer15 órája
  • IS THAT REAL??!?!!??!

    ExernalExernal21 órája
  • When i saw the thumbnail. I said outloud. What the actual f*** is that

    CeramicArrow_MCCeramicArrow_MC21 órája
  • 11:20 idk but this made me laugh so hard

    Nameless AbominationNameless Abomination22 órája

    Cheryl CoxCheryl CoxNapja

  • Double flak cannon turrets?

  • 2 minutes into the video and already 2 separate ads wtf is this

    Benjamin SatterfieldBenjamin SatterfieldNapja
  • reminds me of tomekian airships from nasuica valley of the wind

    Audrey GrayAudrey GrayNapja
    • oops didn’t mean kind of copy a comment

      Audrey GrayAudrey GrayNapja
  • Am I drunk or is this real. 😂

    Oskar AxelssonOskar AxelssonNapja
  • 12:31 World War II hadn't even started jet in 1934 if it was that you were referencing

    elektriko the electricelektriko the electricNapja
  • Crew inside : *Vibing in the back*

    FBIFBI2 napja
  • Hey, it has minibar! Wait, no: it's actually full-size bar.

    B'ars NIB'ars NI2 napja
  • }}}}}}}}}}}} что это за лютая херня )))))))

    Дмитрий ГлущенкоДмитрий Глущенко3 napja
  • Fun fact: some conceptualizations of the Kalinin also had cannons mounted on the landing gear itself.

    Mission CtrlMission Ctrl3 napja
  • A few of these planes could replace an entire B-17 squadron

    CatGoesGames IDKCatGoesGames IDK3 napja
  • how do we get this?

    Mr BluurgMr Bluurg4 napja
  • someone's wife if they were an aircraft:

    jack tripperjack tripper4 napja
  • :O is big plane yes?

    robscherobsche4 napja
  • Takiego czegoś nie ma w tej grze

  • Czy tylko ja tu jestem jedynym POLAKIEM?


  • I love how the cockpit of this plane is more complete than every other bomber in war thunder

    android.__android.__4 napja
  • I don't understand how the crew survives.

    Emilio Melendez 507Emilio Melendez 5074 napja
  • A normal KSP plane.

    SN9SN94 napja
  • Looks like the russian just made this from simply planes or somethin!

    Tie PilotTie Pilot5 napja
  • Looks like something that would be in Attack on Titan 🧐

    Roe JoganRoe Jogan5 napja
  • Does it crush into millions of peices when a fighter shoot at it 🙂

    Oshan GamingOshan Gaming5 napja
  • Thing looks like a satellite

    RabbitRayRabbitRay5 napja
  • is it a bird, is it a plane, it is the flying elephant of death

    Jamin WrenJamin Wren5 napja
  • Bruh i can see your GeForce NOW

    xAlex YTB ツ 卍 父 冬xAlex YTB ツ 卍 父 冬5 napja
  • looks like something out of star wars

    Mine Gaming 452Mine Gaming 4526 napja
  • This can not be a real plane. At most it is a prototype that was never built irl. Like hold your horses how come anyone could have ever thought of this

    Gleb GordonGleb Gordon6 napja
  • HOW

    ERENEREN9 napja
  • You don't even need to read the video title and you can clearly see that it's a russian plane just by the thumbnail

    SaymonekSaymonek10 napja
  • I would love to drop bombs on that shit

    Christopher ArmstrongChristopher Armstrong10 napja
  • Of course it's Russian

    Nomadic MedicNomadic Medic11 napja
  • This looks like some Warhammer 40k sh*t, with a cathedral in the front

    Lukas BLukas B11 napja
  • Gaijin will add

    Frank NilssonFrank Nilsson11 napja
  • We definitely need Ace Combet Bosses raid in Warthunder.

    Touhou LoveTouhou Love12 napja
  • BIG Brakes proven to be influential!!!!!!!

    Ali MuhammadAli Muhammad12 napja
  • Is this flying monster 👹💀 premium?

    Santanu SenguptaSantanu Sengupta12 napja
  • Man, I had a dream once where I was on this maaaassive airship thing.. I remember standing at a railing looking down at the food area like it was a mall, with these huge windows that looked over the ginormous wings, and the sky below... They had a McDonalds on it. It was a pretty cool dream.

    Nelson3300Nelson330012 napja
  • "Uhhh . bail out!! bail out!! BAIL OUT!! All the crew survived" :')

    TheRagingCreeperTheRagingCreeper12 napja
  • Phly: Oh this is how modern commercial planes land. (While his plane is 100% vertical.)

    Ezra SadekEzra Sadek12 napja
  • Next thing they’ll add is a pp plane

    omar altheebomar altheeb12 napja
  • is this a mod?

    Semi Truck47Semi Truck4712 napja
  • Plane; 180° Pilot: this is fine

    nicolinz_nicolinz_13 napja
  • How about Ekranoplan?

    Seth BettwizilchSeth Bettwizilch14 napja
  • бред, блять. не было на этом самолете пушек и башенных установок.

    Roman SturisomRoman Sturisom14 napja
  • Me seeing theres a little red star on the wing knowing its russian:*happy su-152 noises*

    Polish CowPolish Cow14 napja
  • Soviet style penthouse with wings. Ediotic: 12:36 - It occurs to me only now, that this thing even has guns on its landing gear XD

    danyael77danyael7714 napja
  • Me who is overobsessed with survivability to borderline mental disability: *THERE IS NO WORD ON GOD'S GREEN EARTH THAT CAN DESCRIBE HOW SPECTACULARLY ERECT I AM*

    NovaAgeNovaAge15 napja
  • i have absolutely no clue what wt you play but this is not in my game lool

    pizza 47pizza 4715 napja
  • this is what u get when u put tank connons on a plane. A FLYING TANK.

    Ryūji TakasuRyūji Takasu15 napja
  • Air artillery

    alex wolfalex wolf16 napja
  • *whips out comically large plane*

    Phoenix WrightPhoenix Wright17 napja
  • He can't talk

    Gio MacaraegGio Macaraeg17 napja
  • can I play this?

    felipe alvitefelipe alvite17 napja
  • ah yes a soviet bias plane in berlin. seems right to me.

    Rokakoma [HUN]Rokakoma [HUN]17 napja
  • Is this really in the game?

    Christopher Blomenberg-ShererChristopher Blomenberg-Sherer17 napja
  • 2:43 Phly: "...and carry 19 *thousand* kilograms of bombs." Me: If all of that was TNT & blew up at once... WTF Russia? You'd have a Little Boy before it was a twinkle in D.D. Eisenhower's eye.

    TheLonelyBritTheLonelyBrit17 napja
  • Mmm aerodynamics: -500000

    Modern Being Team RuffModern Being Team Ruff18 napja
  • The fuck is this thing it looks like a boss fight ace combat if it was set during the second world war!

    telenNGtelenNG18 napja
  • A rock taped to a paper airplane would fly better than this thing

    PlebulusPlebulus18 napja
  • Muzzles are a dragging

    K. W. ChurchillK. W. Churchill19 napja
  • This is no battle craft. This is a *FLYING AIRPORT*

    Porp 27Porp 2719 napja
  • HeHe Russian bias go bRRRRRR

    Brady PrinceBrady Prince19 napja
    • Especially because this aircraft was so unstable, it broke itself apart before it's 10th test flight.

      Brady PrinceBrady Prince19 napja
  • Grandpa of the Gleipnir from Ace Combat X.

    Daniel KlarkDaniel Klark19 napja
  • Every phly thumbnail be like: oh thats clickbait 100% after watching video: Holy shit

    timmytimmy20 napja
  • If Texas was a plane:

    Estrella Piojo GuanzonEstrella Piojo Guanzon21 napja
  • This thing is a flying fortress?

    Joey H LawrenceJoey H Lawrence21 napja
  • The windshield makes it to look like a flying office

    saifulbrine ,saifulbrine ,21 napja
  • tf what the heck ls that thing it has cannons and ls a THIC plane

    Karol Josef ArboledaKarol Josef Arboleda21 napja
  • Nodak could land this

    DeckedOutPistolDeckedOutPistol21 napja
  • russias theory for ww2- present IF VEHICLE TOO BIG, MAKE BIGGER, ALWAYS WORK

    fg aircheesefg aircheese21 napja
  • This thing has to as slow as the American PBY5

    Phoenix SmallPhoenix Small21 napja
  • When you build your first bot in Robocraft

    GetchewableGetchewable22 napja

    doctor FOOLdoctor FOOL22 napja
  • Looks like something out of a WW2 version of Ace Combat

    Anthony VelasquezAnthony Velasquez22 napja
  • Its a mod right?

    cr1pton1ccr1pton1c22 napja
  • What's 2x10? lol Dude forget the Math just play the game.

    SR71BETASR71BETA22 napja
  • 0:10 Jesus christ its Jason Bourne

    Aguila MAguila M22 napja
  • tf is that...

    matjaž kralj gamingmatjaž kralj gaming22 napja
  • Day 12: Phly play the Sd.Kfz. 140/1 you never reviewed it

    FeuerfesteUnterhose08/15FeuerfesteUnterhose08/1522 napja
  • This kplooks like it was made in russia

    Czhenxis Roblox Rp and gameplayCzhenxis Roblox Rp and gameplay22 napja
  • This is the most cursed design ever

    Cesar STCesar ST22 napja
  • Is that a bird? Is that a plane?! No its a fcking flying building with guns!!!

    Jeffrey DalumpinesJeffrey Dalumpines22 napja
  • It’s like a 5 star hotel

    James ColeJames Cole23 napja
  • Arsenal bird?

    Lt-General_GoonLt-General_Goon23 napja
  • That shouldn’t fly

    LockedSocksLockedSocks24 napja
  • My own plane 😎

    Iuri Kalinin KissnerIuri Kalinin Kissner24 napja
  • I want

    blake scroggieblake scroggie25 napja
  • Phly, you kept speeding up trying to change elevation but you didn't think to slow down because the elevators were locking up

    SwaffyXSwaffyX25 napja
  • What is fucking going on with russia

    pracownia krakowskapracownia krakowska25 napja
  • wtf my demon is learning shit

    Anvith M. WhyAnvith M. Why25 napja
  • thats a fucking office building

    Ray AlexanderRay Alexander26 napja
  • The two light cruiser turrets are obviously bullshit, but this thing could have carried a trio of naval length 10cms and have load weight left over for over a hundred rounds of ammo. Imagine that fucking thing providing artillery support in ww2.

    I need no channel youtube!I need no channel youtube!26 napja