Marvel Studios' The Falcon and The Winter Soldier | Final Trailer | Disney+

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☆ More than a symbol ☆ Watch the final trailer for Marvel Studios’ "The Falcon and The Winter Soldier" and start streaming the Six-Episode Event this Friday on Disney+.
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  • 1:15 spent cartridge cases with bullets - fail :)

    Николай МакаревичНиколай Макаревич9 órája
  • the way Anthony loves Seb and Seb loves Anthony, their chemistry on & off screen is amazing and their friendship is just something else, I love them so much, best duo on earth this is fact not an opinion

    moxuriamoxuria10 órája
  • John Walker : "I'm Captain America." Sam Wilson : "Not Anymore."

    Hisham nctHisham nctNapja
  • Woke Captain America. Lefties are everywhere

    MilesMiles3 napja
  • Whelp...that seals it. I must see this, Disney+ I’m mad I have to subscribe to you now, because you found my kryptonite.😂

    SornbutterflySornbutterfly5 napja
  • Christianity!

    Victor AgustinusVictor Agustinus6 napja
  • Marvel didn't complete without captain America

  • Please please bring this show back. Season 2

    Tanetta johnsonTanetta johnson8 napja
  • Just like bucky was nerfed in that series

    Jeremy BarbadoJeremy Barbado9 napja
  • Captain FALCON NOICE

    sang ngaihtesang ngaihte9 napja
  • Falcon you should wear a helmet.

  • Wanda vision is so boring

    miguel D.miguel D.11 napja
    • Yeah ..this was way more better than that

      Mmmm YanuoMmmm Yanuo10 napja
  • Nice

    หิวข้าว -Anime- K'oNTvหิวข้าว -Anime- K'oNTv11 napja
  • I really wish they're going to continue with "Capital Punishment" after this one Yes, I want Jon Bernthal as Frank coming in

    Ember RoseEmber Rose12 napja
  • 0:41 That's the chick from Solo: A Star Wars Story

    Aayush ChawlaAayush Chawla13 napja
  • It wasn't that good tbh Carly the ginger bad mood Vs Captain BLM and fake PTSD

    L CL C13 napja
  • Sam: We look darn good though Bucky after seeing Sam's captain America outfit: WE?

    Daniel WunderDaniel Wunder15 napja
  • I see this show a ready starting part was good,than started boring talk talk talk n talking no actions I gavi 2⭐

    Sam BharatSam Bharat15 napja
  • Ironman and captain america on one charay

    Cornelio RodaCornelio Roda15 napja

    Tiya RajeshTiya Rajesh16 napja
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Isadora TavaresIsadora Tavares16 napja
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Isadora TavaresIsadora Tavares16 napja
  • What's your superpower Zemo: I have a butler

    Aniket PisalAniket Pisal16 napja
  • Finale was weak tbh

    trevtrev16 napja
  • Coming to Disney+ Finding Zemo

    Peter PaulPeter Paul16 napja
  • Kuch khaas nahi hai yaar

    Manish Kumar Radhey KarnamManish Kumar Radhey Karnam17 napja
  • Load of woke garbage.

    AESCULAPTORmark3AESCULAPTORmark317 napja
  • Didn't know Eminem dissed Captain America

    Daniele RomanoDaniele Romano17 napja
  • YOOO 1:10 that transition

    Timurs SņetkovsTimurs Sņetkovs18 napja
  • doesn’t look good

    bidensucs bigdickskalmadrinkscumbidensucs bigdickskalmadrinkscum18 napja
  • We need more episodes of the falcon and the winter soldier

    Nathan KingNathan King18 napja
  • We need captain American again not sam

    Himangshu chetiaHimangshu chetia19 napja
    • Who is ‘we’💀? Speak for yourself. Both are amazing

      Isha R MohanIsha R Mohan2 napja
    • We don't need him anymore, Sam is perfect for the mantle.

      Zeal XIIZeal XII19 napja
  • I might be wrong. But Captain America, is enhanced soldire and he use shield just as Falcon, but Falcon is normal human being with cool gadgets. It means Falcon is OP AF :D. Cant wait to see more of him

    Good_JoeGood_Joe20 napja
  • and we welcome the new Captain America ♥️

    Subham SinghSubham Singh20 napja
  • Miss you stark

    Tejas GuptaTejas Gupta20 napja
  • Ok now give me season 2

    Sajeel GhumanSajeel Ghuman20 napja
  • We want captain 😭😭😭

    Yasir persian cat DelhiYasir persian cat Delhi20 napja
  • Who started loving Bucky after this show?

    Harshit BishnoiHarshit Bishnoi21 napja
    • Lol I loved him from Captain America: The First Avenger.

      TiJah DesignsTiJah Designs19 napja
  • I need captain America not falcon marvel avenger vapis lao salo

    wave sonicwave sonic21 napja
  • What background music is this? Where can I get it from? It’s awesome!!

    Anish MauryaAnish Maurya21 napja
  • Winter falcon soldier fusion would be better

    Kratos Of riviaKratos Of rivia21 napja
  • Trash woke show. Awful writing awful casting and so much blm pandering. Not even worth pirating.

    disdis22 napja
    • @dis did you even watch the show? After Thanos snapped everywhere had half as many people so people were free to move to countries they previously would not have been able too. Once hulk snapped everyone back to reality the people who came back were displaced so the Global repatriation community was made and they wanted to bring back the status quo before the Thanos’ snap which would mean forcefully relocating millions of people to countries that they were able to escape from during the snap. Karli wants a world without boarders, she is a freedom fighter going against international politicians who want to roll back human rights. Her motive and ideology are solid and noble but her actions are less so.

      James Ratman the Time TravelerJames Ratman the Time Traveler7 napja
    • @James Ratman the Time Traveler and what's her ideology? Explain it and you haven't addressed how she's supposed to be sympathetic after killing x amount of people.

      disdis7 napja
    • @dis the show makes it clear her ideology is solid but her methods are too extreme.

      James Ratman the Time TravelerJames Ratman the Time Traveler7 napja
    • @James Ratman the Time Traveler Progressive sure but nihilist? Since when. Carli for example. Explain why we're supposed to embrace her as a "sympathetic villain"

      disdis7 napja
    • @Dante King LOL Sure. Enlighten me shortstack.

      disdis7 napja
  • *The First 3 Episodes were great just like the Winter Soldier movie, but the last 3 turn into a platform for racial politics.*

    Tnn DllTnn Dll22 napja
    • @Tnn Dll well Sam isn’t enhanced like Steve was. This evens out the power difference

      James Ratman the Time TravelerJames Ratman the Time Traveler21 napja
    • @Tnn Dll Well, it happened in the comics, so that’s a pretty good adaptation

      CarpetCarpet21 napja
    • @Tnn Dll Both socially and artistically, Sam will be the best Captain America

      Rajat JaysRajat Jays21 napja
    • Well, I think this is one of the best show. And involving Black politics considering lives of Black people in America was a brave and great move. I literally cried at the museum scene

      Rajat JaysRajat Jays21 napja
    • ***SPOILER ALERT!*** Kevin Feigi made a writing decision 2 years ago to give Sam Cap's Shield. and he's been trying to explain why ever since. The decision feels socially driven rather than artistically driven. and why the new falcon design feels forced.

      Tnn DllTnn Dll22 napja
  • We Want Chrish Evans Back🥺😭

    Zaid SiddiquiZaid Siddiqui22 napja
  • Can someone appreciate how marvel has hidden john walker in all trailers so fan can't get any spoiler!

    Message Giver & EntertainerMessage Giver & Entertainer22 napja
  • 0:00 WTH?! 😑 what did that tree do to deserve that?!?

    william fieldwilliam field22 napja
  • Who’s here after the final episode?

    Jeevan RattuJeevan Rattu22 napja
  • Yes for sure marvel did a great job making falcon captain America . I mean people would be racist in real world if they did it first. but bringing john walker in was clever idea

    Baker GamesBaker Games23 napja
  • This could have been great but Marvel are more concerned with political agendas than telling a great story. When Falcon got the shield in the comics, comic book fans didn't care what colour his skin was. When Cap gave him the shield in Endgame, movie fans didn't care that he was black. So why is it a problem now? Oh that's right, it's not. Good job though Marvel, let's keep telling people that him being black is a problem. That's sure to bring people together. Good job!

    rickymcn1rickymcn123 napja
    • @rickymcn1 they focused terrorism, corruption, grief, etx

      Siddharth BiswasSiddharth Biswas16 napja
    • @rickymcn1 Reflecting the world around us has never been a priority? Are you kidding. Professor X and magneto are literally based on MLK and Malcolm X. Mutants represent black people. 31 years reading comics and you don’t seem too educated. And well the main characters of marvel haven’t been black until black Panther and now. So it wouldn’t be important. You wouldn’t understand. You don’t understand what it’s like to be black in America. Bucky literally said that in the show he didn’t think about how Sam would feel because he was black. He couldn’t understand it and apologized. You’re literally doing the exact same thing. Everyone doesn’t see the world like white people do. Representation matters. So seeing Sam experience what it’s like to be a black man in America is accurate. It’s crazy how uncomfortable white people get when race is involved in something. When white people literally made the world about race.

      Godspeed TrailersGodspeed Trailers21 napja
    • @Godspeed Trailers Really? Did Marvel just forget about that during there first 10 years of movie universe building. Did they only just get the memo? Look up Stan Lee's take on how he put social issues into marvel comics. In his own words you should never "hit the reader over the head with them". Marvel has been about telling fantastical tales, reflecting the world around us was never a priority. I've been reading Marvel comics for 31 years and your statement couldn't be more wrong. As for the world being outwardly racist I believe that there has never been a time in human history were racism is so despised in the western world so for Marvel Studios to all of a sudden make this a significant plot point in their latest series must mean they missed the boat by quite a stretch and are not really that 'reflective'.

      rickymcn1rickymcn121 napja
    • Marvel reflects the world around us. The world is outwardly racist so...

      Godspeed TrailersGodspeed Trailers21 napja
    • @Lovely Minx They aren't hard to find because the media and websites love to signal boost racism for clicks. Fans (which is what my post refers too) with an overwhelming majority, do not care what his skin colour is. Contrary to what the media wants you to believe racists are not descending on you like a zombie hoard.

      rickymcn1rickymcn123 napja
  • “ That Shield means a lot of things to a lot of people “. Finally !

    Michael E.K.Michael E.K.23 napja
  • Marvel you gave this series such a human undertone that I cried...and cried hard! You did well! Please give us more of Bucky and Sam...please.....

    Ellemphriem NilEllemphriem Nil23 napja
  • looks good

    Natural Sounds of GaiaNatural Sounds of Gaia24 napja
    • Bro this series is already out

      RixxZRixxZ23 napja
  • those bullet =)))))))

    Sĩ Đức HồSĩ Đức Hồ24 napja
  • You no captain America

    Arvind RabariArvind Rabari24 napja
  • Where real captain

    Arvind RabariArvind Rabari24 napja
  • Is it real

    IMANIMAN24 napja
    • Yep

      yololyolol24 napja
  • I still Don't Prefer Falcon As New Captain America I only Prefer Chris Evans aka Steve Rogers as Our Captain America

    Naman AryaNaman Arya24 napja
    • @Naman Arya ok. Its your opinion that sam isn't fit the Captain America name. And i respect that. But please don't spread toxicity if you hate the idea that doesn't mean everyone else need to hate it aswell.

      Dante KingDante King21 napja
    • @Dante King yes Off course I hate Him More Any Person !! He Kill a person with Captain's Shield

      Naman AryaNaman Arya21 napja
    • @Naman Arya what about John Walker did you hate him when they call him Captain America?

      Dante KingDante King21 napja
    • @Dante King oh hell noo !!! no way but Think about it If Someone Give Ironman Title to another person !? Did u still accept that !!

      Naman AryaNaman Arya21 napja
    • @Naman Arya oh let me guess because hes black?

      Dante KingDante King21 napja
  • so sad to see this end, see you again marvel this june!

    spoolersspoolers24 napja
  • Your here after the finale of the show

    Retro ScootRetro Scoot24 napja
  • Still missing iron man

    Nadim NirobNadim Nirob24 napja
  • Love this series 🤩

    J. LyonJ. Lyon24 napja
  • Congratulations Anthony Mackie, congratulations Marvel Studios. Captain America 4 on the way ❤️💙🤍

    Ben MillsBen Mills24 napja
  • the new captain America is Sam willson

    Luis DelgadoLuis Delgado24 napja
  • Thank you marvel for amazing 6 weeks . I can't wait for LOKI IN 7 WEEKS

    Londwa NgcoboLondwa Ngcobo24 napja
  • we sure do miss Sir Stanley in every episode of Marvel.... 🙏 😔

    N E U T R A L B A L A N C EN E U T R A L B A L A N C E25 napja
  • I need that angry bucky not the soft one

    Hilaal AhmedHilaal Ahmed25 napja
  • Banger show🔥

    Retro Hero 276Retro Hero 27625 napja
  • Please marvel

    Azam KhanAzam Khan25 napja
  • And endgame iron man

    Azam KhanAzam Khan25 napja
  • And Avengers endgame captain America

    Azam KhanAzam Khan25 napja
  • Please please please please please please please 🥺🥺🥺 please 🥺 please 🥺

    Azam KhanAzam Khan25 napja
  • Please marvel come back with Robert Harvey junior

    Azam KhanAzam Khan25 napja
    • Who ??

      yololyolol24 napja
  • That's a 10/10 for Captain America and the Winter soldier🔥🔥

    Prannav RPrannav R25 napja
  • You’re telling me this ISN’T the Marvel release kicking off the summer with the first big box office weekend in May? And that I can’t watch it in Dolby?? And that it WON’T make $750m worldwide??? 😩😭

    NoliMeCalcare86NoliMeCalcare8625 napja
  • 0:55 is such a simple and underrated moment. Love the directing in this series

    NoliMeCalcare86NoliMeCalcare8625 napja
  • Watching this one more time before the finale🙌🏻

    Retro Hero 276Retro Hero 27625 napja
  • I don't know about you all but after watching this series I can surely tell that choosing Sam and Bucky as partners was the best choice cause they are real partners. Aren't they? Do you agree?

    Harshit TiwariHarshit Tiwari26 napja
  • Waiting for tomorrow! 😘😍

    Ultimate SpidermanUltimate Spiderman26 napja
  • They do look dam good ❣️

    Juh FloresJuh Flores26 napja
  • why i disagree for new captain america what i feel is noone can replace chris evan

    Angelina BluecountAngelina Bluecount27 napja
  • WandaVision is better

    Adolf HitlerAdolf Hitler27 napja
    • That's your opinion and i respect that

      Dante KingDante King24 napja
    • Both are different type a show... And I know you watch WandaVision because you are Wanda fanboy so I understand

      yololyolol27 napja
    • 😂😂😂😂😂 nice joke

      ashley benashley ben27 napja
  • Sebastian stan as bucky is audition for captain america the first avenger for being a CAPTAIN AMERICA but she doesen't enter for being a cap and she go fot bucky. and then now wile cris evans is not there the next cap is falcon sebastian is doesen't being a cap so sad hhahahaha

    Lei MontojoLei Montojo27 napja
  • Upload all episodes

  • 1:16 Unfired rounds are thrown on the floor.

    Trần Tiểu BìnhTrần Tiểu Bình29 napja
    • Ya that was in this last episode lol. What’s your point?

      Demonvampire 5Demonvampire 528 napja
  • Oh my..... Emily!!!! Wish to see more of her in Marvel!!! 🥰😍

    Aiza UrsulumAiza Ursulum29 napja
  • i want steve rogers not falcon ☹️☹️

    Mohiz AliMohiz AliHónapja
  • Marvel will never stop AVENGERS WILL BACK

    dr .pranav kumardr .pranav kumarHónapja
  • I just can't wait to see an MCU movie in the theater again

    iKh4ever StudioiKh4ever StudioHónapja
  • Jesus Christ is great

    Browns 05Browns 05Hónapja
  • God bless y’all

    Browns 05Browns 05Hónapja
  • Hit☹️

    Papula BoroPapula BoroHónapja
  • I was waiting for this series when it was first announced excellent work Marvel entertainment I'm really moved by the performance of Carl Lumbly as Isiah Bradley truly magnificent,episode 5 truth was amazing can't wait for episode 6,i really wish this series would go longer i just hope the conclusion will answer all my question and end gracefully

    Coman MontezComan MontezHónapja
  • The wings of falcom are broken by John walker. But falcom is now our new captain amarica

    • The moment Sam say "keep them", the hype BLAST!!!

      Roy _CyberRoy _Cyber29 napja
  • So anthony playing a rapper in 8mile to playing the greatest rapper tupac, and now hopefully being the new captain America...that’s a amazing ladder to have climbed

    Archer SmithArcher SmithHónapja
  • They are great. But why every single movie/series has to follow the plot of a woman, preferably of mixed race and probably not heteroxual, turning into the hero (with superhuman strength and amazing fighting abilities) that the world needs? It somehow makes every movie the same, and probably underperfom the actual talent of these actors (including the girl's).

    Iñigo Sebastián GarayIñigo Sebastián GarayHónapja
  • Join me in welcoming your new Captain America.

    Luis DelgadoLuis DelgadoHónapja
  • The background music is really good. Is there anyone who knows where to find it or the name of it? Thanks.

  • I don't know why but this show feels so gimmicky.

    Gamer SpamGamer SpamHónapja
    • What do you mean?

      Paul H.Paul H.Hónapja
  • Wow 1 month ago, 😟

    Retro ScootRetro ScootHónapja
  • We need captain kong, the world need him.