Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales Launch Trailer I PS5, PS4

2020.nov. 9.
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Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales comes exclusively to PlayStation, on PS5 and PS4.
#BeGreater #BeYourself #MilesMoralesPS5 Available November 12th, 2020 Learn more:
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  • زق

    Noof AlahmariNoof Alahmari9 órája
  • so, I am actually playing this on ps4 and it is one of the best spider man games ever

    Shadow RedstrokeShadow Redstroke9 órája
  • what is the song?it snice

    ultimate gamerultimate gamer17 órája
  • Плэйстейшн , я знаю что вы не понимаете что я пишу , и даже не прочитаете данное сообщение, но , ВЕРНИТЕ СТАРОЕ ЛИЦО ПИТЕРА !!! прошу .

    Glupy 45Glupy 45Napja
  • Thanks to everyone who directed me to @CODER___HACKER On Instagram Now I'm relieved after he did a job for me he upgrade my Ps4 pro to Ps5 I really can't believe this wow such a great job thanks to @coder___hacker💯

    David JohnDavid JohnNapja
  • Thanks to everyone who directed me to @CODER___HACKER On Instagram Now I'm relieved after he did a job for me he upgrade my Ps4 pro to Ps5 I really can't believe this wow such a great job thanks to @coder___hacker💯

    David JohnDavid JohnNapja
  • Great vid

  • show de bola amei !!!

    ivan zeveteivan zeveteNapja
  • I got the ps5 now and this game is so awesome.

    Junior ArandaJunior ArandaNapja
  • If only I had a Playstation sometimes it hurts being pc elitist

    StarkzenStarkzen2 napja
  • what is the name of this song?

    김성현김성현2 napja
  • Who purchased "Spiderman: Miles Morales" after watching this trailer?

    Sami Ahmed ShaikSami Ahmed Shaik2 napja
  • hoestly when i say Spider-Man nowadays i mean Miles, Y? Because the MCU Spidey is a little disapointing...

    Colin HendersonColin Henderson2 napja
  • 0:03

    Fan FormersBRFan FormersBR2 napja
  • already finished the game 2 times in like 3 days bru 💀

    alexxzalexxz2 napja
  • It's not about the money Spiderman, it's about the swagger.

    coke gamingcoke gaming3 napja
  • Графика на уровне! Игра выглядит круто!

    AReDyGaMesAReDyGaMes3 napja
  • Watching the trailer for the last time before I receive mine tomorrow as a birthday gift

    Aryan GoelAryan Goel3 napja
  • Why can't they just release these 2 games on pc 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    E ME M3 napja
  • Jajaja ahora los latinos nos reímos de los norteamericanos. Tráiler de película doblada al inglés. Ya vi la peli completa.

    Ludwin ArevaloLudwin Arevalo4 napja
  • The 1k dislikes are from the thousand enemies Miles beats up

    Mr HappehMr Happeh4 napja
  • 0:31 gracias mami :')

    Mainque RodriguezMainque Rodriguez4 napja
  • There's so much Puerto Rican representation in this game, and for it to be a launch game with the ps5 🥺

    Wrench JrWrench Jr4 napja

  • Is this an update file to the original game or a completely different game?

    Felix SchaarFelix Schaar5 napja
    • @KMS Bismarck thank uuuu

      Felix SchaarFelix SchaarNapja
    • It's a standalone game to the original

      KMS BismarckKMS Bismarck4 napja
  • Eh. Blackwashing.

    QwufiQwufi5 napja
    • Eh. Stupidity.

      Just KorbiiJust Korbii2 napja
    • It's not political or blackwashing.

      Internet surferInternet surfer2 napja
    • Miles is an original black character. This isn't blackwashing.

      Isaac EinsteinIsaac Einstein4 napja
  • This game..... is a 10/10 it’s perfect

    Abdulla Ghali MubarakAbdulla Ghali Mubarak5 napja
  • Finally exaggerated swagger on disc

    CannedbreadmanCannedbreadman6 napja
  • In my opinion the old face looked better this new face kind of looks like Tom Holland

    Najju SubhanNajju Subhan6 napja
    • @KMS Bismarck stop liking your own comment :)

      Najju SubhanNajju SubhanNapja
    • He looks badass

      Muhammad Alif EndrivaMuhammad Alif EndrivaNapja
    • Quit whining

      KMS BismarckKMS Bismarck4 napja
  • This Trailer is more intense then the actual gameplay lol

    iiGqlqxyGachaiiGqlqxyGacha6 napja
  • Spider Man Into the Spider Verse was made for this game. Miles Morales has awesome features!

    Mad_TechMad_Tech6 napja
  • Sony can you make spider man 2018 game a spider vers suit

    irfan hayderirfan hayder6 napja
  • track?

    Motya W.Motya W.7 napja
    • This Is My Time - Lecrae

      KMS BismarckKMS Bismarck6 napja
  • This has a lot of exaggerated swagger

    seemsseems7 napja
  • Dude I wanna see this on Xbox :(

    Alexgamer368proAlexgamer368pro7 napja
  • What’s the song in this trailer called

    Juicy OrangesJuicy Oranges7 napja
  • Actually,the game looks more realistic than the movie😂

    Alen Abraham AjayAlen Abraham Ajay7 napja
  • Me: "this is cool" me sees spidercat: I'M RAIDING YOUR ENTIRE STOCK

    TheShadowNinja _YTTheShadowNinja _YT7 napja
  • I don’t play video games but this looks amazing. This needs to be turned into a movie.

    Alexia BennettAlexia Bennett7 napja
  • Yu

    Behnoosh NoorbeheshtBehnoosh Noorbehesht7 napja
  • Old is gold old spider man game of ps4 is just another level 🤯

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    Woodworking ProcessWoodworking Process8 napja
  • Song

    Anime BOgiEAnime BOgiE8 napja
  • Who else got chills while watching this

    Levi LucasLevi Lucas8 napja
  • Battle music and graphics ARE AMAZING!

    Ark GameplaysArk Gameplays8 napja
  • i love the exagerated swagger of this black teen

  • Chale no tengo money

    Hector BustamanteHector Bustamante8 napja
  • playstation plzzz make one this game on phone the name game spiderman miles maroles mobile in years 2022 4.6GB plzzzz make it this game not everyone have ps5 or ps4

    • LOL that will never happen.

      Internet surferInternet surfer2 napja
    • Lol

      Manith Reddy MManith Reddy M6 napja
  • exaggerated swagger of a black teen

    C1B-7- Manith ReddyC1B-7- Manith Reddy8 napja
  • triste: el muro de la muerte @

    start tradingstart trading9 napja
  • Is this on ps now?

    Jasmine SumsionJasmine Sumsion9 napja
  • Me: I don't know what I want for Christmas Me 2 minutes after: I'm decided

    • You'll need to add a ps5 to that list too though

      Spidey fanSpidey fanÓrája
  • I beat the game was excellent really great game

    Mike lopezMike lopez9 napja
  • Make the game multiplayer

    Damita LittleDamita Little10 napja
  • 2 weeks ago? nono feels like 2 months.

    iiDream CakeiiDream Cake10 napja
  • thiss trailer is better than the hole MCU complete

    Franco NievaFranco Nieva10 napja
  • it would be cool if they made a spiderman game Gwen version

    Lucu732Lucu73210 napja
  • I just dowloded the game and are so hyped. Hope it goes well for miles

    benjamin Kbenjamin K10 napja
  • iam iam trippin ps4 ps4 rly

    Exdits_xn_ pcExdits_xn_ pc10 napja
  • Op

    sanidhya joshisanidhya joshi10 napja
  • This trailer really encapsulates the exaggerated swagger of a black teen

    Steamy NinjaSteamy Ninja10 napja
  • I love the way he expresses the exaggerated swagger of a black teen

    Mr GrapeMr Grape11 napja
  • this trailer gave me more chills than I can count

    Cole MCole M11 napja
  • I think Sony will make another new Spider Man game for PS4/5 with all spider man.

    Joemark San PedroJoemark San Pedro11 napja
    • Oh they definitely will.

  • This is an amazing game, it's just way too short. I finished the game in around 1 to 2 days, but never the less, it's really great. I most definitely reccomend it if you want to have fun with a great game.

    R3ADYR3ADY11 napja
  • Can't wait to Use the into the Spider-Verse suit and put on "Wassup Danger" to recreate "A leap of Faith"

    Kaden RenKaden Ren11 napja
  • Should've used the same voice actor

    jah Manaiajah Manaia12 napja
  • Everything about miles is amazing and like in spider man Into the spider verse 🕷️ miles use his venom puch on king pin but in the game when he venom puch all his enimeies and he saves phin and saved harlem and the fresh suits

    Jean JeffreyJean Jeffrey12 napja
  • Black spider man 🤦🏻‍♂️😂f%#@ing correctness

    Foot BallFoot Ball12 napja
    • You just racist and you know nothing about Miles Morales' origin in the comics

      Muhammad Alif EndrivaMuhammad Alif EndrivaNapja
    • You know this is a different Spider-Man right? And that there are many different variations of Spider-Man? Have you never read the Miles Morales comics? Hes not a new character at all, and hes existed for a long time, only recently has he gotten any mainstream attention. It is neither black-washing nor political correctness, its an original character, do your research moron. And Peter Parker is also in this game too. If you want to be triggered by black people existing fine, but save it for your echo chamber, no one wants to hear it here

      wopwop10 napja
    • @Internet surfer Spiderman has always been white since I remember as well as Captain America but now we live in such times that the leftist propaganda forcibly Pushes blacks everywhere, even in Europe Where Chernobyl broke out and a film was made about it, people on the left have a problem that there are no blacks there

      Foot BallFoot Ball10 napja
    • @Foot Ball Uh they're are actually a few Spidey's that are female(no they don't like woman). You have the internet at your fingertips do some research before you comment things like this.

      Internet surferInternet surfer10 napja
    • @Internet surfer I'll let you cut my hand that the next spider man will be a woman who likes women. you are short-sighted

      Foot BallFoot Ball10 napja
  • ayo he using hamon

    Patrick StarPatrick Star12 napja
  • Just started playing and.......... Pete's....... Faaaaaaace!

    Otis BlacksackOtis Blacksack12 napja
  • Is this on ps4 ???!

    Jonah UrbinaJonah Urbina12 napja
    • Yessir

      IdkIdk12 napja
  • круто

    Костя СереброКостя Серебро12 napja
  • Dude wth why you misleading him He ain't Spiderman he is kid arachnid

    Sameer MusicSpaceSameer MusicSpace12 napja
  • 👍👍👍

    SamuSamu12 napja
  • 👍👍

    SamuSamu12 napja
  • 👍

    SamuSamu12 napja
  • Gracias por traer este contenido bro!

    TanqRTanqR12 napja
  • Automatic game of the year award

    Bonnie ConteBonnie Conte12 napja
  • Wish I wasn’t poor so I could afford this game.

    Awesomecreator 65Awesomecreator 6513 napja
    • it's just $50 and it's on ps4

      Exotic ToastExotic Toast4 napja
    • Same

      Xelium,just a communistXelium,just a communist5 napja
    • U don’t have 50 bucks

      Rachard SingletonRachard Singleton6 napja
  • In Loving Memory Of Our King Chadwick Aaron Boseman (11/29/1976-8/28/2020).

    Jason ‘Jay’ Fox, Jr.Jason ‘Jay’ Fox, Jr.13 napja
    • ?

      detective_ fmwalrus_4587detective_ fmwalrus_458712 napja
  • if they put the camera a little closer to Spider-man, it would have been better. then you had more view in the world and character itself like The Amazing Spiderman 1 (it was not perfect but the camera was close to the character which made it realistic)

    Emrah DoganEmrah Dogan13 napja
  • This is literally one of the most badass trailers, for a game, I’ve seen in my 23 years of existence on this planet.

    Cesar CastroCesar Castro13 napja
  • Everybody gangsta til spiderman starts using hamon

    Its a med YTIts a med YT13 napja
  • Ganke’s inspirational “your spider-man your can fix this, your way

    BigJSpiderBigJSpider13 napja
  • Wish I could get this game but... I have parents

    AlexanderAlexander13 napja
  • At least it's on ps4

    Paidamwoyo MagigaPaidamwoyo Magiga13 napja
  • Spider-Man is WHITE

    Jon CampoJon Campo13 napja
    • Falalala timmy is racist

      Muhammad Alif EndrivaMuhammad Alif EndrivaNapja
    • Timmy is racist

      Muhammad Alif EndrivaMuhammad Alif EndrivaNapja
    • Wait maybe i can call you Timmy

      Muhammad Alif EndrivaMuhammad Alif EndrivaNapja
    • Jon 'Timmy' Campo is racist

      Muhammad Alif EndrivaMuhammad Alif EndrivaNapja
    • Racist

      Muhammad Alif EndrivaMuhammad Alif EndrivaNapja

    mxtualmxtual13 napja
  • Why is blackie as spiderman? spiderman has always been White. dumb woke devs strike again

    Pek VekPek Vek13 napja
    • LOL, spider-man can be loli, peni parker =))

      pham thangpham thang3 napja
    • "Spider-Man has always been white", uhhhh you're actually very wrong. There's more than one

      KMS BismarckKMS Bismarck9 napja
    • Man you're out of touch arent you

      Pake JaulPake Jaul10 napja
    • Wow you have the internet at your fingertips do some research before making dumb comments like this.

      Internet surferInternet surfer10 napja
    • He's Miles Morales, not Peter Parker

  • For y'all that know this, is this a new update of Spider Man PS4? Like do I just need to update the game or I need to buy the disc again?

    Kevin1450Kevin145013 napja
    • No this game is stand alone so u can either buy spider man miles Morales digital on the PlayStation store or buy a disc on ps5 or ps4

      Sensei Green42Sensei Green4213 napja
  • I got turned off after he said “you’re spider man” lol

    Jacob SJacob S14 napja
  • This could be a film it sick

    Candice DefreitasCandice Defreitas14 napja
  • Lets see the soundtrack...Jaden smith, Lecrae. WAIT LECRAE?

    Royal PancakeRoyal Pancake14 napja
  • 2022

    Janaina MartinsJanaina Martins14 napja
  • ps2 spider man miles morales 2022

    Janaina MartinsJanaina Martins14 napja
    • Ps2?

      detective_ fmwalrus_4587detective_ fmwalrus_458712 napja
  • Take my money!!!

    Beast ModeBeast Mode14 napja
  • I love ps5 but i don't have ps5 😐

  • 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗲𝘅𝗮𝗴𝗴𝗲𝗿𝗮𝘁𝗲𝗱 𝘀𝘄𝗮𝗴𝗴𝗲𝗿 𝗼𝗳 𝗮 𝗯𝗹𝗮𝗰𝗸 𝘁𝗲𝗲𝗻

    Henry DavisHenry Davis14 napja
  • Ohhh spiderman movie?

    • Game

      Muhammad Alif EndrivaMuhammad Alif EndrivaNapja