MARVEL'S SHANG-CHI Official Trailer (2021)

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First trailer for Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings Marvel movie.

  • What does this has to do with Marvel lol somebody wants to make $$$ in China

    Zufriedener NutzerZufriedener Nutzer18 másodpercig
  • They actually crushed the i8

  • Random people who like this will be a billionaire someday

    LivingOnMyOwnLivingOnMyOwn2 órája
  • finally, marvel went Asian, leaving haters with only one choice: watching every marvel movie ever

    grazptdgrazptd3 órája
  • Tune is amazing

    Soham AneraoSoham Anerao3 órája
  • actor china...bored

    The GabanThe Gaban3 órája
  • No wayyy bro the Kim’s convenience guys are moving up in the world💪🏽❤️

    Leonard AtencioLeonard Atencio5 órája
  • Saingannya MK?

    Angelo LindoAngelo Lindo5 órája
  • Rip the bmw i8

    Wil ShenWil Shen7 órája
  • Looks amazing

  • Ada Chintya candranaya yaaa

    Rossi AnusRossi Anus8 órája

    Gabby-nal TaurusGabby-nal Taurus8 órája
  • Why does this have more of a DC feel then a Marvel feel? Or that just me?

    Pricefield xPricefield x9 órája
  • This is awesome. Martial Arts movies are always have better choreography with Asians.

    White TigerWhite Tiger10 órája
  • I can't stop seeing the dude in Kim's convienience

    Anna KroftAnna Kroft10 órája
  • Omg finally an Asian presentation in MSU….

    Weird •Weird •11 órája
  • oh no no no noo haha

    Nothingto SeehereNothingto Seehere12 órája
  • So the girl is Chris Tucker’s character in this? It was funnier when it was meant to be funny.

    MrBiggles53MrBiggles5313 órája
  • How to find the cast for this... ah yes.. *throws drawer of silverware down staircase*. Hope this isn't another Ipman racewar flick.

    OeufcoqueOeufcoque13 órája
  • опять китайская левитация?!

    Максим ГловацкийМаксим Гловацкий14 órája
  • This looks dope so happy its not played by whites

    WBT wolfyWBT wolfy14 órája
  • SIMU LEEE❤️❤️❤️❤️ saw him on JK NEWS and have followed his career since! Marvel is lucky to have him 🥺

    Arely AguilarArely Aguilar14 órája
  • I didn't even know this exists until film theory..

    Leon CaplesLeon Caples14 órája
  • Woman: Who are you? Shang chi: Starts throwing gang signs

    Ali ChehabAli Chehab14 órája
  • i like the part where shang-chi

    Ali ChehabAli Chehab14 órája
  • she : who are you? Shang-Chi : i dont know how to pronounce my name but i can pose for you

    Ali ChehabAli Chehab14 órája
  • We can all agree the music for the trailer is amazing!

    Ali ChehabAli Chehab14 órája
  • MASHAALLAH khub valo video..........

    Md.Moinul IslamMd.Moinul Islam15 órája
  • Random lady: who are u? Shang Chi: Aggressively poses😠

    Goluxx KillsGoluxx Kills15 órája
  • They should've at least casted Donnie Yen....these actors are nobodys 😏

    Neth BTNeth BT16 órája
  • This looks insanely awesome.Can't wait.

    James BondJames Bond16 órája
  • We still have to agree, Taiwan number wan !!

    Fr0$tM0UrneFr0$tM0Urne17 órája
  • I can't stop rewatching this trailer. I especially love the song, it flows so well with Tony Leung's voice as he speaks. The action choreography is so awesome! Can't wait

    kouxiong20kouxiong2017 órája
  • ah a new "chan"

    יואב רזיואב רז17 órája
  • This... looks awful.

    DPBDPB18 órája
  • tell you guys a truth CHINESE DON'T LIKE THIS MOVIE

    ken token to18 órája
  • 滿大人 辱華 男主(小鼻子小眼睛 太像習維尼) 辱華 既然怎麼做都是辱華 不如就做到底吧 要嘛賠錢不要播 要嘛忠實原作到底 看你了 Marvel

    masaki kirikomasaki kiriko21 órája
  • They hired Rohit Shetty from bollywood to make this trailer!

    Nilanjan RoyNilanjan Roy21 órája
  • Everybody's got a gimmick now /s

    Ben DoverBen Dover22 órája
  • She: who are you? Shang-chi : I'm steve rogers

    Shone AbrahamShone Abraham23 órája
  • ATTENTION this filthy pathetic garbage movie is nothing but a big lie against the GREAT CHINA by pity pathetic faterica and mcu , to all are born in the GREAT EAST ASIA (SOUTH KOREA , JAPAN , CHINA) or those have eternal respect for them like MYSELF , abandon this pathetic garbage from enemy , what a shame to those pathetic animal traitors which are born nor their parents born in GREAT EAST ASIA and act in this disgusting movie.

  • I thought it's released already on 9th March but it's actually September 3rd

  • Damn! Count me in.

  • Ok., so this is a new generation jackie chan?

    Romel SomcioRomel SomcioNapja
  • Marvel better no use quick cut action for a FUCKING MARTIAL ARTS MOVIE

    Biscotti 9Biscotti 9Napja
  • Jackie Chen for the poor ...

    Marin SrokMarin SrokNapja
  • Sad how people are hating on this movie and it's actor before the movie even actually came out.

    Gabriel AlexanderGabriel AlexanderNapja
  • She : Who are you? Shang Chi: Matt Damon.

    Flóki VilgerðarsonFlóki VilgerðarsonNapja
  • Sisuuuuuuuuu

    Arya HafilahArya HafilahNapja
  • This movie is clearly created for the China market, but why not!

    Yann GilbertYann GilbertNapja

  • I want them to make a movie about that dragon named Fing Fang Foom

    Smirking ManSmirking ManNapja
  • ...brought to you by BMW But seriously, this movie looks like a lot of fun!

  • she : who are you? Shang Chi : fingers muscle cramp

    Pablo PeraltaPablo PeraltaNapja
  • Hell Yeah!

  • What is the Name of the Song ?

  • omg the dude from kim's convenince

    Wolf OxGWolf OxGNapja
  • she: whu are yu? him: ✋🤚🤟🤘🖖👐✌

    fahim allyfahim allyNapja
  • *NOICE*

    Ameerun begumAmeerun begum2 napja
  • super star Vijay do better than this. fk holly wood.south indian movies for life.

    focus maiboifocus maiboi2 napja
  • i hope Tony Leung's in his own voice though

    GerakanLelakiSejatiGerakanLelakiSejati2 napja
  • I’m excited for this movie but kinda worried because the writer who wrote Wonder Woman 1984, Mortal Kombat 2021 and is probably gonna mess up Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse 2 is writing this movie. All of those movies I referenced got less than 60% on rotten tomatoes, I did like the Mortal Kombat movie but if you see the fan base, a lot of people hated it even though the trailer looked awesome and Shang Chi’s trailer looks awesome but what if the same mistake happens to this movie like Wonder Woman 1984 and Mortal Kombat.

    Ethan HighsmithEthan Highsmith2 napja

    FitFilms21FitFilms212 napja
  • Finally... someone to bring an end to all the horrid recent Asian hate crimes in the U.S !

    HollaifyahearmeHollaifyahearme2 napja
  • QPark

    CJ MontaosCJ Montaos2 napja
  • Kannada language trailer please

    Shridhar SubedaramathShridhar Subedaramath2 napja
  • The juicy character feraly soothe because divorced wailly bubble to a coordinated end. maniacal, lively prose

    Lkima DeyalLkima Deyal2 napja
  • Tony Leung!!!! i can't believe it, thio bu ki is here. sangchi actor looks plain. no charisma

    zenfone davidzenfone david2 napja
  • Wow, not one black person in the trailer. So damn racist.

    CornPop 1962CornPop 19622 napja
  • She(Katy): who are you Shang-Chi: I’m JoHn QuInOnEs FrOm WhAt wOuLd dO

    Livey SMLivey SM2 napja
  • BAD. Boycott Anything Disney.

    Bill HarmsonBill Harmson2 napja
  • Jung Kim!

    Gary CGary C2 napja
  • Oh thank GOD Marvel movie. Im waiting for the movie where its stars one of the victims in the comic book. Maybe some blonde that almost got ran over by rhino

    Jimmy JAMESJimmy JAMES2 napja
  • this shit feels so real... so awesome 😍

    Faiza AfzalFaiza Afzal2 napja
  • Who Are You? Answer: I am Raya and I'm looking for the last dragon.

    El Cid SecundoEl Cid Secundo2 napja
  • Played everywhere where the CCP can not touch.

    El Cid SecundoEl Cid Secundo2 napja
  • Goosebumps

    RealTimeXRealTimeX2 napja
  • this fall : helicopter landing

    Misael HendirkusMisael Hendirkus2 napja
  • quello non assomiglia neanche nei tacchi a Shang Chi --- that doesn't look like Shang Chi in heels either -- ruined the image, missed an opportunity

    Scuola Italiana Skateboard . Francesco UgoliniScuola Italiana Skateboard . Francesco Ugolini2 napja
  • Awkwafina is the only thing that makes this look watchable.

    Kenneth LasyoneKenneth Lasyone2 napja
  • Jackie chan should be there!!!

    JanRoi GUITARJanRoi GUITAR2 napja

    The White BeatThe White Beat2 napja
  • Shang she go Kung flu fighting dat china virus was fast as lightnin

    S LS L2 napja
  • Mortal Combat ?? :)))

    tâm đàotâm đào3 napja
  • 1:00 Mandarin

    Vedant KulkarniVedant Kulkarni3 napja
  • wohooo on my birthday!

    SlimJimSlimJim3 napja
  • Yo Shang Chi, I’m really happy for you, I’ll let you finish, but Mulan has one of the best fighting of all time. One of the best fighting of all time!”

    LaLa LaLaLaLa LaLa3 napja
  • Shang Chi Who??

    sprakle ecsprakle ec3 napja
  • This is no longer convenient for Kim

    NaveenNaveen3 napja
  • Man that song in the trailer was cringe.

    JordieJordie3 napja

    marvelkidstvmarvelkidstv3 napja
  • Is that LONDON?!?!?!

    JDM EngineuityJDM Engineuity3 napja
  • Damn they just had bimmers to wreck for days

    40oz4hunnidblunts40oz4hunnidblunts3 napja
  • This trailer looks awesome..but In a way it does give me black panther vibes...the fathers over voice similar to black panther in the trailer...even the beat sounds a beat similar...but it still looks insane 👌

    Jack FrostJack Frost3 napja
  • Who are you? I'm Batman. (Michael Keaton)

    Vic D'AngeloVic D'Angelo3 napja
  • i just realized the person narrating is the actor in Wong Kar-Wai films 😩

    ourrohaourroha3 napja
  • That girl who asked who is he was the actress in Ocean's 8, right?

    Random PersonRandom Person3 napja

    AshleyAshley3 napja

    Pajeet SinghPajeet Singh3 napja
  • I miss these type of movies, been a long time now to see a good one.

    Ondin DinescuOndin Dinescu3 napja