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Zefir. This slavic marshmallow is made from eggwhites, sugar and apples. Simple recipe but preparation takes some skill. Follow this video and you will get a nice smooth zefir every time.
You can replace self made applesauce with your own jam of choosing. About 200g will do fine.
Thickening agent you can choose of your own liking:
pectin - plant based. used in store bought zefir, makes the hardest zefir and fast. hardest to find in store.
agar agar - seaweed based. makes medium hardness zefir and fast. should be available in a variety of stores worldwide.
gelatin - animal based. takes extra step to add to mix. takes longer time to set and makes softer zefir. sold in most shops anywhere.
powder gelatin needs to expand in a 1/4 glass of cold water. after that it needs to warm up in waterbath. and then finally added into whisked eggwhites same time as sugar syrup (don’t boil gelatin!).
1 egg
2 medium apples
300g sugar
100ml water
2tsp thickening agent (gelatin, agar agar or pectin. choice is yours)
pinch of salt (optional)
some lemon juice (optional)
powdered sugar (somewhat optional)
big bowl for mixing
whisk (or mixer if you are low on energy)
measuring cup (or scale, but not necessary)

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