Making Water Spin Like Magic, LATITY-002

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Let's review your deepest questions in another "LAst Time I Told You"
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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar

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  • I just realized this video is almost at 200,000 likes meaning electro boom you might have to start working on that heater

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  • Other people: I'm excited to buy a new dress. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Meanwhile Mehdi: I'm excited to have a "FULL BRIDGE RECTIFIER"!!

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  • 8:18 almost at 200K likes, waiting for the induction heater video.

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  • 6:27 Me when I see cursed images in HUworld and I start questioning

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  • 8:32 what is this video and what did the person do to make that explode and what is it about, I have so many questions and I want the video, no memes and only the original one

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  • why do you so crazy for FULL BRIDGE RECTIFIERS!!!!

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  • Every time medhi plugs in something 8:32

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    Khatharr MalkavianKhatharr Malkavian7 napja
  • "Let's pray for a world without borders." Yeah, then we can all be completely fucked at the same time and have no means of leveraging out of it. You need some Chesterton's fence in your life.

    Khatharr MalkavianKhatharr Malkavian7 napja
  • Its not an electroboom video without the boom

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  • my anxiety when he shakes his hand around the scalpel: 📈📈📈

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  • Bro may you live long

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  • Me too are a good teacher for me also.thank you

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  • yeah a world with out borders would solve everything.. what a joke. ignore the real problem

    retsamyarretsamyar12 napja
  • austraila whats protection me fall and puts a fork in the bathroom power outlit nothin pops my friend dead now

    Hayden WoodHayden Wood12 napja
  • lol if i could have anything all i need is a projector so i can project the diagram when i am building somthin to copy it off it perfectly

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  • I don't think a world without borders would be as nice as you think it would be, I appreciate the thought behind it though.

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  • Almost at 200.000 likes!

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  • This video is near 200k likes

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  • 6:35 Guess what, It's a CRT Anode thing.

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  • I am a graduate in Economics. I have always enjoyed studying this subject, but this man makes me wanna leave it all behind and start studying Electrical Engineering.

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  • Mehdi is such a great guy, seeing him try to hide his smile when Lincoln said he was a good teacher was so wholesome

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  • Isn’t it true picture u could sit on a power line and as long as u aren’t grounded u would be fine.

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  • 5000th Comment! Also, We love you Mehdi! You make good videos! Everyone should watch these videos instead of watching PUBG and Brawl Stars!

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  • This is a great example of how 1 man can change the world. Keep it up ElectroBOOM

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  • 4:22. 120V peak? No 120 V RMS. 169V peak.

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