Making The Perfect Fettuccine Alfredo (3 Ways)

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Fettuccine Alfredo is obviously better when it’s homemade. But... is there a best of all-time version? Turns out... there are multiple versions.
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  • I'm so hungry right now and these look so good I could cry

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  • Watching this while making a peanut butter sandwich

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  • does anyone know what camera set up he uses ?

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  • So as salty as the ocean is a lot of salt... maybe like half as salty as the ocean would be fine otherwise there would be no salt to taste at the end lol

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  • I wouldn't stress the legitimacy of any particular version. I mean, when you look at the difference between types of pizza that we all still collectively call pizza, it is orders of magnitude above throwing some extra cream into the mix!

  • I will actually just marry this man😭😭

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  • Oh my gosh I love your channel.

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  • Heathy Alfredo just is meh. Go for the full version when you are in craving mode. Side note: garlic and thyme in Alfredo? Never had that jam.

    HoigwaiHoigwai2 napja
  • Package isn't french; but the joke is funny anyway !

    ildathetildathet2 napja
  • I feel like American culture is creating things and then crediting other cultures with it lol.

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  • I would argue that the last recipe is the least healthy considering it has less nutrients :P

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  • Fettuccini alfredo stirred under a mic sounds like good pitas.

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  • fetish chichis and frodo! drone slap da queef

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  • Hello, this the real Fettuccine Alfredo!

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  • Bravo per la Fettuccine al burro!

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  • I don’t want to admit how many times I’ve come back to this video for the first two recipes

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  • I find the silent black screen really off-putting, first time it occurred I reached to check my iPad hadn’t reset itself or something. Ok, still watching, finding his antics off-putting too, I certainly don’t want to see some dry retch over food or ever for that matter

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  • Personally I like making the second version since it's a reason to use up any left over garlic. I always end up buy one or two more than I use so it's good cheap meal to make with it If not that and I have some extra money laying around I'll go out and get stuff to make some awesome heavy goulash. I don't make goulash unless I can add peppers. It's good shit

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  • I actually just made the first one, but I tried it with egg noodles...being it sounded like buttered noodles with parm sauce...and booooy does it work!

    time903time9038 napja
  • My favorite part is that he acts like he hates cooking "healthy," but has a cookbook dedicated to healthy eating... lol

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  • tried the 2nd type and gave it to my mom and dad. my dad told he remembered the olive gardens fettuccine and it was tasting the same he really loved it

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  • Made the first one with garlic shrimp tonight. Big hit with the family! Thank you!

    Marie CrochetMarie Crochet9 napja
  • Love your videos.

    Joy ObasogieJoy Obasogie10 napja
  • For a crossover, I think I would mix both the American version and the "healthy" version.

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  • Where did you get that clear saucepan/pot!!!

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  • We need chicken alfredo next

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  • This is almost like Carbonara but without the eggs and bacon 🤣

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  • I tried this recipe and realized maybe I just hate fettuccine Alfredo

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  • Think outside the mind!!!😎🙏

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  • Really! Change it up bro!!👍

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  • No way 😂

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  • We don't actually like alfredo. We make the cauliflower one pretty regularly. We add mushroom paste(umami) and nutritional yeast(cheesy). It is so yummy! The el Burro is our other choice so delicious!

    73Stargazer73Stargazer13 napja
  • In classic Italian fashion, they disown the dish as being beneath them...while telling you you're making it wrong. However, I do prefer the original version, which was Italian...whether they like it or not. :)

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  • "Creamy white sauce" sus

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  • I dont even know why someone would use a cream recipe for alfredo. the original is better and easier and cheaper. so what if it takes more skill, your first three or five pastas are going to be half as good as they potentially could be (which is still better than the shit in a jar) but by the fifth try you should be getting pretty close.... by your tenth try youll have your timing down spot on and youll have perfect pasta. and if youre any good at cooking at all, itll only take maybe 2-5 tries to fucking nail it.

    The Graceful SavageThe Graceful Savage16 napja
  • Do your cameramen eat the left overs of the extra food you eat so it won’t go to waste?

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  • What I LOVE about this is that I CAN SAFELY EAT IT!!! I can't have garlic, onion, or milk/cream thanks to a digestive disorder I've been diagnosed with. But fettucine alfredo is literally my favorite food. That first version is totally safe for me to eat! I'm not kidding when I say I'm about to go make this THIS weekend.

    Carly HauserCarly Hauser17 napja
  • Thyme? Are you fucking kidding me lol Josh you're the man but... not this thyme 🙄

    Dave KesslerDave Kessler18 napja
  • YOU are so freaking funny 🤣 love all the jokes in between! Very entertaining 🤪

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  • Just made it the proper way feeling good, why are Italians such genius's??!

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  • Hey Josh, make OMURICE!!!!

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  • OMG @joshua I will NEVER eat this in a restaurant again, you have changed my LIFE!!!

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  • Quote from transformers Made by the model bumblebee but better in every way (Arby's) Better in every way = ( joshua)

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  • Josh is the “King 👑 of B roll”....I live for these videos!!!

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  • Creamy noods *wink *wonk

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  • Healthy Alfredo 🤨

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  • Salted like the sea, mother father!

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  • Can u send me the Alfredo recipe

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  • I ate alfredo everywhere..... But would not compare to the alfredo in new mexico....the restaurant u say? Haha .....guess....

    Sheldon LargoSheldon Largo23 napja
  • I made the "american" version. And it was the best alfredo recipe I have made so far. It was delicious, no lie. Thank you very much Josh.

    RAQUELRAQUEL23 napja
  • As an Italian, I can say that is a very appetizing fettuccine alburro. The fettuccine alfredo, while a good bit more unhealthy, and a bit more watery, I would eat and enjoy.

    PoisonFatalPoisonFatal23 napja
    • Mexican food>>>>>>>>>

      my assmy ass15 napja
  • Looks basic, I add onion powder as a secret ingredient and it kicks my Alfredo to the next level.

    TheOutsidersPostTheOutsidersPost24 napja
  • I followed the first recipe like you said but when I mixed in the cheese and pasta water I got clumps of cheese. Is it because I bought pre-grated parmigiano reggiano? or am i bad

    Jacob RoblesJacob Robles24 napja
  • Ok... I have worked to make the American version perfect for years... The ‘Italian’ version... it is now my go to.... 1/4 tsp garlic in 1 TBS browned butter, tossed in prior to parmigiana for the win :)

    Gil GrimesGil Grimes24 napja
  • What watch that Joshua bought from the Pride & Pinion shop is he wearing in this episode?

  • Why are you always worried about the "right" way to cook? There is not a right way.

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  • This guy wants to be Andrew Rea so so bad.

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  • Fetuchini al buró was a flop but still tastes amazing 🥺

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  • bro i love fettuccine alfredo its busting

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  • For an excellent recipe of the American version, try Natasha's Kitchen.

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  • Im doing the fetuccini al burro tonight ☺️

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  • healthy... don't!

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  • Really no Garlic? WoW

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  • you got fat, it's not healthy

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  • I love this man so much Lol

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  • " Serving fettuccine with butter and cheese was first mentioned in a 15th-century recipe for maccaroni romaneschi ('Roman pasta') by Martino da Como, a northern Italian cook active in Rome; the recipe cooks the pasta in broth or water and adds butter, "good cheese" (the variety is not specified) and "sweet spices". Modern fettuccine Alfredo was invented by Alfredo di Lelio in Rome. (wiki)

    HoGHoG27 napja
    • ffs, this video for example, is from 2016. It's sad how your "papa knows" attitude and editing gets you 10 times more views in a month on youtube than someone who knows what he is talking about... just sad

      HoGHoG27 napja
  • What if you add MSG to the "healthy" version?

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  • 400 g pasta Salt Soft butter 115 g 175 ml pasta water 250 g cheese Season

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  • Lmao I'm poor and haven't eaten almost anything in a couple of days. I'll never even dream of eating something like this why am I making myself suffer

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  • Vincenzo Prosperi will probably jump into the comments. 😅

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  • that's 1 month of butter right there

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  • Ive never made any of these versions 🤣🤣🤣

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  • I thought I was the only one that liked creamy noods in the dark.

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  • nut milk

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  • That’s what good pu$$y sounds like

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  • I made the 2nd one it was so good👍🏽👍🏽👌🏽

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  • My cheese clumped up in my sauce. I used pre shredded (not powdered) parm. Is that the reason?

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  • Look like one very Delicious foods for everyone .

    Sharon TayebiSharon TayebiHónapja
  • just like how Burritos arent really a thing in

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  • I can't figure out why you drain your pasta .... and then add pasta water. Otherwise, it looks yummy.

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  • I tried this but the sauce just would not reduce. it stayed loose and milky

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  • nut milk haha very funny

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  • No fettuccine Alfredo in Italy? Im-pasta-ble!

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  • Grabs the bowl with both hands, kisses it, and says...."I know it was you, Califredo. You broke my heart!

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  • Right....looks tasty. I like the Rolex, too.

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  • Me after 00:30 seconds! Ok next video!!

  • I tried it and it was deeeelicious.

  • 4:13 🤣

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  • I make my "skinny" alfredo with chicken or vegetable stock, unsweetened almond milk and cornstarch! Had never thought of adding broccoli to it, tbh!

  • Just made the American version and it’s so good!!!!!

  • Is this the same as cacio e pepe?

    Colin RicheyColin RicheyHónapja
  • Hey Josh, how about doing a video of how you would prepare Cacio E Pepe? Please Papa!!!

  • I don’t know if it was the boarshead parmigiana I used but that was terrible. Any brands someone recommends for parm cheese?

  • cauliflower and alfredo should not touch!!! 😈

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  • I like Joshua. I like his stuff. I like ALMOST everything about this channel. Prepare to receive internet high-five! **wha-peeesh** But: fuckin' hell, y'all. Whomever is doing the editing/sound mix on this needs to put a high-pass filter on his VO (100 hz is a great starting point that - if you use it - it will almost completely solve your problem). The constant EDM-level sub drops from him blowing and plosive-ing into the mic KILLS ME. I can't wait to make this but I have to listen to all of these things through my iPad speaker from across the room because the sound in this is obnoxious.