Making the McDonald's Filet-O-Fish Sandwich At Home | But Better

2021.ápr. 4.
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A sandwich that should have never existed? The decision is up to you... but can we top it with our own homemade sandwich?
How to Make the Greatest Dinner Rolls Ever:
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  • Is it possible to make it without beer?

    that guy you knowthat guy you know4 órája
  • The intro of prematurely speaking milliseconds before the cabinet fully opens always cracks me up somehow

    Ferro HerreFerro Herre8 órája
  • It's definitely Mac Donald's. Source: The Big Mac.

    Tiff J.Tiff J.11 órája
  • Mans just cursed in irish

    BlooBloo14 órája
  • I looooooooove McDonald’s filet o fish sandwiches 🥺

    Scarlett AEScarlett AE18 órája
  • Where I'm from we pronounce it Mc Donald's (on the beat)

  • McDonald's is always bad lol

    sweetninasky 9sweetninasky 9Napja
  • You can make the best fish sandwich in home better then McDonalds but, what is the point of fast food if your gonna take long time to prepare.

    saudi gtasaudi gtaNapja
  • The raccoons and possums can eat that filet-o-garbage

    Geraldine FieldsGeraldine FieldsNapja
  • My little sister could do better then filet o fish

  • I do highly enjoy the Filet-O-Fish Sandwich, but yours looks incredible. I had been thinking about creating my own, so I am super happy you made this video!! yay!!

    K SK SNapja
  • I want to eat everything you cook

    RealityCodeRealityCode2 napja
  • Is there a non alcoholic version of this

    Blueberry CanonBlueberry Canon2 napja
  • Here in Australia, we call it Maccas.

    James BowditchJames Bowditch2 napja
  • okay but a series where he redoes recipes from but better on live stream called Even Better where he makes a version of the dish but customized to his specific personal taste

    Gee TVGee TV2 napja
  • Make a video on pollo loco (Baja Shrimp Tacos)

    Eliel HernandezEliel Hernandez2 napja
  • You didn't make it better, you nuked it from orbit!

    Killermike2178Killermike21782 napja
  • McDonald's steam the bun. If you get a freshly cooked FOF, with a steaming hot bun, freshly fried fish portion it's a delight. Unfortunately you usually get a piece of fish that's been cooked 30 mins ago and kept in a warm cabinet and a luke warm bun that bounces off the floor. When I worked for them 35+ yrs ago the fish was South Atlantic Cod, now it's just Hoki or Pollock, inferior in taste IMO.

    Andrew LawAndrew Law2 napja
  • I like his questioning of Mic Donald's vs Mac Donald's. In England we say Muc Donald's.

    PMabbzPMabbz3 napja
  • Hey Joshy Boi...can you like *smirks while sliding hair behind ear* adopt me...?

    Kole FordKole Ford3 napja
  • I’d like to see you make your version for half the price and within a certain time. Kind of like a Top Chef quick fire.

    Sillie BearSillie Bear3 napja
  • And then there is me, who always get Fillet-fish at McDonald because I hated everything else at McDonald...and I can't afford to eat more expensive things.

    Yu-ChengYu-Cheng3 napja
  • Proof?

    VenicalFeb GamingVenicalFeb Gaming3 napja
  • Why haven’t you done g to he Big Mac yet?

    Andy HeleniusAndy Helenius3 napja
  • Wow I wish I could work for you so that I could taste them

    Dan PewpewmanDan Pewpewman3 napja
  • You know what after watching 20 episodes form this series the rinsing your mouth out was like forcing me to press the sub button. Thus I had no choice.

    Silvers Anime101Silvers Anime1013 napja
  • 🔥🔥🔥

    NarreshNarresh3 napja
  • What kind of watch u wearing?

    Kwame G.Kwame G.3 napja
  • R the McDonald's that bad in the US? Its pretty decent here in Singapore 🇸🇬

    Amos TeoAmos Teo4 napja
  • Mc Donald's apple pie

    jimmy zhangjimmy zhang4 napja
  • Love how you demolished that fillet o fish to show how shitty it is🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Sairam SuperSaiyanSairam SuperSaiyan4 napja
  • McDonald's just ripping us off at this point 👁️💧👄💧👁️ J u s t W h y

    KR_KpopKR_Kpop4 napja
  • im eating fish filet while watching this

    CloudCloud4 napja
  • This is the only time “we have food at home” is acceptable

    Funni internet ManFunni internet Man5 napja
  • Dont have time for this... Filet-O-Fisch will do

    ImploisonImploison5 napja
  • i love McDonald's Filet-O-Fish lol

    Nichole LiNichole Li5 napja
  • call me a hater but the way joshua reacts to mcdonalds is so over the top. like we get it bro ur a fancy chef and ur above people who enjoy mcdonalds

    Yama SultaniYama Sultani5 napja
  • For the religious people, what can we substitute for the beer in the batter?

    kalifate 23kalifate 235 napja
  • Filet-O-Fish. now eject me from my house.

    Flseuo PlayzFlseuo Playz5 napja
  • McDonalds is just straight up garbage. One of the worst fast food chains along with Subway and Wendy’s.

    Sam ClarkSam Clark5 napja
  • Can you do the honey shrimp from Panda Express ? 🙏

    Elisse KimElisse Kim5 napja
  • as a german who eats an unhealthy amount of filet o fish, i ask why the fuck the american filet o fish looks like that

    ShadowMellowShadowMellow5 napja
  • Isn’t that the only thing at McDonlads that has to be made fresh 💀

    Mike OxbigMike Oxbig6 napja
  • The McDonald's Filet o Fish is my favorite burger of all time. Here in Germany it doesn't look that gross like yours. I think it depends on where you get your burger. I like fish and chicken burger, but I dont like a normal Hamburger or even a Cheeseburger that much.

    Instinct23Instinct236 napja
  • The whole philippines calls it mAcdonalds or mAcdo 🤣

    Andrei ValerioAndrei Valerio6 napja

    justjimbeamjustjimbeam6 napja
  • Relax drama queen it’s a good burger

    justjimbeamjustjimbeam6 napja
  • Throwing food like this, is disrespectful and stupid.

    Ahmad 007Ahmad 0076 napja
  • I need to tell you that I love the Filet-o-Fish, which in my country was named McFish, but I also need to tell you that yours look so good, and that is something I'm going to try to make.

    Icaro PaivaIcaro Paiva6 napja
  • Ryan Reynolds vibes over here

    Tristan PonenTristan Ponen7 napja
  • "a-" -Josh 2021

    Happy April fools day! Enjoy your stayHappy April fools day! Enjoy your stay7 napja
  • Wait I have a question, when you put the dough inside a bowl with foil, how does it expand.

    Eduardo LaraEduardo Lara7 napja
    • Pls comment.

      Eduardo LaraEduardo Lara7 napja
  • 4:50 thanks for clarifying 😏

    I Am The MarbleI Am The Marble7 napja
  • Can I make bread without that giant pricey kitchen aid thing?

    Bee MeBee Me7 napja
  • Can you use anything else other than alcohol

    Doctor_ PhsycoDoctor_ Phsyco8 napja
  • hey i don’t drink beer, is there any replacement for it?

    Ahmad SAhmad S8 napja
  • BigMac but better, pleaseeee!

    Lets LucyLets Lucy8 napja
  • I love ur cooking i hope to be a chef like you someday

    Allison LeeAllison Lee8 napja
  • Gordon ramsey be like reacting to this: THIS IS HORRIBLE JUST LOOK AT IT Gordons brain: this is actually pretty good i wish i could buy this

    TutUTutU8 napja
  • 5:33 in my country we don't have beer is there anything that can replace it?

    niveaulegendniveaulegend8 napja
  • Mick Donald’s? Really...

    Adam OwenAdam Owen8 napja
  • make a video on "vada pav" mumbai , India

    spirit voicespirit voice9 napja
  • Man made the sauce other day. It was a blast. Thnx

    Mark LetusariusMark Letusarius9 napja
  • You should do animal fries

    Knightkill 912Knightkill 91210 napja
  • This dood doesn't wanna make it, but he loves everything he makes lmao

    Gabuda IchamudaGabuda Ichamuda10 napja
  • I'll take 2.

    No NameNo Name11 napja
  • Im getting tired of this josh

    Mc DonaldsMc Donalds11 napja
  • This is my favorite FF sandwich.

    SoleftimrightSoleftimright11 napja
  • I messed up on the bread. Didn't use a dough hook. I used a cake mixer. Didn't even know my mixer had a dough hook until it was too late.

    DetroitLuv82DetroitLuv8211 napja
  • Ahh sad you used bear what would be an alternative, bc Filet-O-Fish are such a staple Muslim has no choices at McDonald’s so I eat this one

    Sincerely, JiiSincerely, Jii12 napja

    That GuyThat Guy12 napja
  • Why did 1k people disliked this video? Does burgers offend you that much?

    Vylyn PhamvVylyn Phamv12 napja
  • I didn’t know fillet o fish was that bad

    Nadiah Nor RoslanNadiah Nor Roslan12 napja
  • thats my favorite item :(

    2Noobs2Noobs12 napja
  • I am literally vibin on the intro of every "but better"

    Habib HassanHabib Hassan12 napja
  • My bad bro. I watch the your videos all the time and I noticed I wasn't subscribed....well now I am.

    DetroitLuv82DetroitLuv8213 napja

    N O O RN O O R14 napja
  • 1:23 You totally sounded like Sam Kinison lol 2:11 I swear those buns are like plastic I don't even eat at McDonald's like the last time I had some I was like I totally had to Google McDonald's food tastes like plastic...

    Record Lock BoxRecord Lock Box14 napja
  • My device is listening to me. I mentioned a restaurant and got an ad for it in his video.

    AirmandAirmand14 napja
  • it your servers that make your burger, the only way to get good burgers is to be lucky

    Saksham SharmaSaksham Sharma15 napja
  • I still prefer McD 👍

    austin reinhardaustin reinhard15 napja
  • Why don't you try Indian food?

    Pavitra LohaniPavitra Lohani15 napja
  • Ah one more thing 5:33 can we use different ingredient other than beer

  • I think Malaysia fillet O fish is better than US

  • Girl I got filets 🐟

    limelime15 napja
  • Jojo's bizarre adventure golden wind

    Parth AmteParth Amte15 napja
  • What could be a substitute for beer?

    Ahmad HusainAhmad Husain15 napja
  • 1:48

    ItzCyberItzCyber15 napja
  • It's like having a fight with preschooler

    Konrad JurgiewiczKonrad Jurgiewicz15 napja
  • I can't decide if I come for the recipes and cooking tips or comic relief. Both are TOP NOTCH.

    Granite MossGranite Moss15 napja
  • Perico's next to a McDonald's? This guy lives in Houston?

    Neil UsherNeil Usher16 napja
  • Fillet o fish is delicious

    Ehsan MusicEhsan Music16 napja
  • Can anyone recommend a good substitute for the beer? :(

    BanananielBanananiel16 napja
  • I love me an OcEaniC sandwich.

    Anya TAnya T16 napja
  • Imagine not being able to have beer, heh heh heh...

    CherryBearieCherryBearie16 napja
  • This is my childhood in England since a lot of the Mcdonald’s were not halal

    HaseebHaseeb17 napja
  • That's COD. We can't blame him he's just being 100% sure

    Samuel RichardsonSamuel Richardson17 napja
  • im trying to make this, but i am muslim and cant use beer, what can i replace the beer with? any suggestions? thank you.

    EnderXEnderX17 napja
    • @Gocty360 thank you so much, I will try it as soon as possible, you made my day :)

      EnderXEnderX15 napja
    • You could probably use a Japanese-style tempura better! These batters use water instead of alcohol. Or, if that's not your style, you could always use panko breadcrumbs, which is different from a tempura or beer batter, but it's still very tasty. If all else fails, you can also add baking powder to your fry better to give it the light texture beer batters normally have.

      Gocty360Gocty36015 napja
  • 😂😂😂😂 love this!

    hendrick32hendrick3217 napja
  • the thing is filet-o-fish is the only halal thing on the mcdonalds menu in the uk

    RogueメRogueメ18 napja