Making The Chipotle Burrito At Home | But Better

2020.aug. 2.
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Look, I'm actually a fan of Chipotle, but it's high time to do it to em as we say. I'm talking homemade tortillas, beautifully marinated chicken, and perfect rice. Once everything is said and done, you're left with quite possibly one of the best burritos you'll ever eat.
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Cast-iron Pan for Tortillas:
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  • 9:41 LOL Joshua has a Apple Microwave LMAO

    S . I . 7S . I . 7Órája
  • The chicken is delivered pre-seasoned. How was it under-seasoned?

    bailey brittenbailey britten5 órája
  • “yes”Joshua-

  • I would love to see a but better Hot Pocket edition! Love the content!

    Tasian ArjesTasian ArjesNapja
  • Chipotle FTP your local taco truck or tienda with a kitchen is always mas rico

  • Bro you made tortillas from scratch might well gone all the way and steep your beans(dry) overnight and done the whole process. Haha looks good though.

    Ralf RodriguezRalf Rodriguez2 napja
  • Not better since I don’t have the hours prepping and cooking this burrito. It looks like it’s incrementally better than Chipotle’s burrito.

    EV or not EV that is the question for my next rideEV or not EV that is the question for my next ride2 napja
  • Jack in the box ultimate breakfast sandwich-on A crissont

    Kevin RamosKevin Ramos2 napja
  • DAD why you use canned beans ?!? you be extra on everything minus that??? make your own tortilla but no dried beans?? HAIYAA

    Sar GSar G2 napja
  • You recommend the worst oils lol canola! Vegtable! Horrible for you

    Party FeversParty Fevers3 napja
  • Love your vids! And, yes homemade is way more sexy. I'm doing the Chipotle thing for my hubby's birthday, but as tacos with homemade corn/flour mix tortillas. You crack me up!!

    ZenFitZenFit3 napja

    Jose Pagán-OrtizJose Pagán-Ortiz3 napja
  • 2:30 i heard him saying human seeds lmao

    Sherlock AZSherlock AZ3 napja
  • Joshua thank you for this delicious video. You always make every recipe look simple. I’m definitely going to make this chicken burrito.

    Emily EvetteEmily Evette3 napja
  • so weird that the day he has to make one better, the food he likes, just happen to be bad that day... weird

    Vincent CordiVincent Cordi3 napja
  • Can’t believe I’m just now discovering ur awesome channel 😆🥳🤩

    Feona Lee JonesFeona Lee Jones4 napja
  • the backround music in this video gave me anxiety because I thought there was an alarm going off in the background somehwere

    Jared FisherJared Fisher4 napja
  • Hummm nope

    Omar MagañaOmar Magaña5 napja
  • a better experience, a better Burrito - Papa Weissman

    Beau ToblerBeau Tobler5 napja
  • Omg the strainer,haiyaaaa

    Dana PaulaDana Paula6 napja
  • Nice

    DietaryLemurDietaryLemur6 napja
  • all these videos are so biased it’s annoying. Like how do they just happen to make the food bad every time you make a video on it😂😂

    Kaedan JemisonKaedan Jemison6 napja

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  • Dear friends, please watch this video and think about what has been said This man speaks the Truth

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  • Ur mouth doesn’t believe your brain??! You meant your brain doesn’t believe your mouth lol

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  • Bru that's more onion than bean.....I like it

    tyler hicklingtyler hickling8 napja
  • Chic fil-a please

    T to the KT to the K8 napja
  • Bro.. love your presentation, love your cooking style, and I love your hair! Ha. Nah but for real.. I just cooked this and it was amazing! Side note: I’m Puerto Rican, so I changed up how I completely made my beans and I cooked my rice in a pot like I always do but still came together amazing. Keep up the good work bro. I appreciate you.

    Tee ColibriTee Colibri8 napja
  • Did you let the chipotle burrito sit out longer than an hr before the taste test?

    Sean JoyceSean Joyce9 napja
  • the accent in the beginning had me cracking up 🤣

    Shannon AdamsShannon Adams9 napja
  • let do this shal we

    Mr_ DepressionMr_ Depression9 napja
  • See I love chipotle but I have never understood the lime rice. It doesn’t bother too much anymore but I’ve never wanted to eat sour rice.

    Miner NolMiner Nol9 napja
  • 07:42 best voice crack my king 👑

    Merari JemimaMerari Jemima10 napja
  • imagine chipotle actually adding this to their menu loll

    Karan GurbaniKaran Gurbani10 napja
  • yeah man ima need you to make me one of those bad bois

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  • Give life to Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus

    Jesus Loves youJesus Loves you10 napja
  • @LifeRx true you can just buy ant fast food that he makes for like less than have the price.

    Lemon LIMELemon LIME10 napja
  • whos here just because they saw it on clumsy

    Ashvini PeterAshvini Peter11 napja
  • I didn’t know rice cookers were like $20. Guess I’m eating rice and chicken for the next year

    Logan KnoxLogan Knox11 napja
  • smh you didnt make your flour or rice smh how dare your unsub

    TheSpaghettMasterTheSpaghettMaster11 napja
  • Ooof when chipotle threatens you.. watch out here they come

    Devon NoelDevon Noel12 napja
  • I’m only here for the rice recipe.

    Donnie GarciaDonnie Garcia12 napja
  • Well Joshua, making it at home makes it safe to eat..... Plus you don't have to mortgage your house to add guac and sour cream.

    Augustus McClainAugustus McClain13 napja
  • bruh what is that intro music, it's so relaxing and such a bop to listen to

    Mohamed SaalifMohamed Saalif13 napja
    • @Tømatø Thank you, Godspeed my friend :D

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    • Cayman instrumental

  • Chocolate chip cookies!!!

    Kaitlyn HarringtonKaitlyn Harrington13 napja
  • Perfect rice in the pan : 1- dont need to remove the starch. 2- add it to the pan and water to cover it ( 1 pinky line deep. 3- cook high heat until water starts to show the rice and set it to medium heat and cover that baby until water is all gone

    Hudson NicolettiHudson Nicoletti13 napja
  • makes a mexican burrito*, "taste like curry"

    XRP PAPIXRP PAPI13 napja
  • I like this taste tester bc he is Christian

    Jediael BenjaminJediael Benjamin14 napja
  • Can u get sued for this? Any law school students here?

    yes noobyes noob14 napja
  • Annotation: Using aluminium foil is ecologically horrible and also not good for your body. I am pretty sure, baking paper will do the job as well and it will be less harmful for you and your environment.

    Markus K.Markus K.14 napja
  • Stuffed crab shells

    CeCe Keeping it realCeCe Keeping it real14 napja
  • joshua weissmam x penguinz0 -> but better tier list

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  • papa dont pinch my cheeks just dont

    BJJ AlldayBJJ Allday14 napja
  • But better = but butter

    The Idiotic-ProfessionalThe Idiotic-Professional14 napja
  • Can you make the red hot sauce though? 😋

    Valentina AlvarezValentina Alvarez14 napja
    • Well there are several red hot sauces

      sucevic predragsucevic predrag14 napja
  • Weird how HUworld recommends this to me when I just started working there 🤨

    NotGabrielNotGabriel15 napja
  • Every time I hear him talk, specially “Papa”..I have Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool) vibes!

    Miss YMMiss YM15 napja
  • As a chipotle worker (I am actually a griller/morning prep) we actually do most of this

    Henry CebulaHenry Cebula15 napja
  • You dared touch chipotle... would you make a whataburger but better?

    FMZoroasterFMZoroaster15 napja
  • Whoah!!! This white boy blew this Hispanic woman out of the water!! Shoot he can cook! I WILL subscribe right now; GRACIAS AMIGO!!!! Much love from New Mexico!!

    Las Cruces, NM 411Las Cruces, NM 41115 napja
  • All ima say is that rice aint mexican rice

    HTX_ CarlosHTX_ Carlos15 napja

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  • Love it.

    Lyndon GordonLyndon Gordon16 napja
  • I knew Josh would win with bacon in his beans😋plus his chicken was marinated with that barria look 👍I never seen chipotle meat look like that. Looks good 👏God bless in Jesus name

    Nspired DishezNspired Dishez16 napja
  • Did I miss how to make the steak burrito?

    JTJT16 napja
  • me: *flours ball* *watches rest of vedio* *realizes he meant flour ball*

    Ra-id jawwadRa-id jawwad16 napja
  • Canned beans 😂

    SamSam16 napja
  • Lol do you think you can make a simpler version for us ordinary boring people please🤣😭

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  • 마리네이드에 재료 많이 들어가는 거 보고 기겁... 요리란 정말 손이 많이 가는군요... 부리또집이 너무 멀어서 만들어보려 했는데 ㅠㅠ

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  • Crumbl cookies would be awesome if you could do it “but better”

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  • He is the papa

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  • That burrito must have 800 calories.

    Oscar PesantesOscar Pesantes18 napja
  • what other chillis would you recommend if I don't have the chillis Josh is talking about?

    muntumuntu18 napja
  • My arab muslim tummy watching this during ramadan and silently crying

    Mayar ZeyadMayar Zeyad18 napja
  • When the time came... he chose content over Chipotle he showed no mercy...😔😔😔

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  • Where do you live?... I’m hungry. Make mine for me

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  • make the chipotle bowl!!!!

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  • Aint nobody got time for this.

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  • Hey Joshua....dont break the commenter's kneecaps. One desenter doesnt stop your show.😀 Let them have their chipotle. We...we 've got your B-roll!

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  • why the fuck you add butter to something that already has bacon greaseeeeee

    Goat on the RoadGoat on the Road18 napja
  • Hi Joshua I'm no chef but I can give you a tip as a Mexican, when doing tortillas I recomend you doing them with render pork fat, here we call it"manteca" because they will be so much better!

    KruxteazeKruxteaze18 napja
  • Tortia or chapati

    AaronAaron19 napja
  • HMPH!!!!!!!!! TOO MUCH WORKY DIS BIG!!!!!!! ur making me insecure!!!!!!!!

    mini bearmini bear19 napja
  • tj is delusional.

    Panda 7Panda 719 napja
  • Josh: “ rice is very important and that’s coming from a white boy” Me :” they are self aware!?”

    I hate Fox'sI hate Fox's19 napja
  • I didn’t know apple made microwaves

    MariMari19 napja

    ClaymorePvPClaymorePvP19 napja
  • can you make the chipotle bowl but better?

    Siobhan SmithSiobhan Smith20 napja
  • Homemade is always better than the restaurant. Now that we have you, there is no comparison!!!!

    Jen 84Jen 8420 napja
  • I'm Mexican and his burrito looks like trash

    anthony Romeroanthony Romero20 napja
  • So much butter..

    anthony Romeroanthony Romero20 napja
  • he literally just put rice and curry in roti

    sanojasanoja21 napja
  • I unwrap a whole banana then eat it

    PlasmaCattoPlasmaCatto21 napja
  • That black bean combo looks boom Shaka Laka. You had me at Bacon.

    Patrick KnowdPatrick Knowd22 napja
  • Yours are always better👌

    Oromo ChicOromo Chic22 napja
  • Wow, great cooking skills and great videography skills!

    OatmealOatmeal22 napja
  • can you do birria?

    Andrew PsheAndrew Pshe22 napja
  • Everything sounded amazing until you added the Devil’s Dandruff otherwise known as cilantro

    PhoenixHealingPhoenixHealing22 napja
  • These black beans are the best I’ve ever eaten!

    Joseph SpenaJoseph Spena22 napja
  • POV: You are here for the chipotle comment because you saw it when watching a meme compilation

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    • @ThiccPgains yep same

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    • @Ethan Taylor yea

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    • clumsy?

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