Making Super Fast Electrons, Cathode Ray

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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar

  • That sure looks like a nice x-ray source!

    autarchexautarchex7 órája
  • 11:30 the mad scientist! 😂❤️

    Vinnit GeorgeVinnit GeorgeNapja
  • 2:00 he knew what everyone was expecting, so since it didn't happen, he put it in post production

    Samuele BigiSamuele BigiNapja
  • This is a very poor vacuum -- unfortunately, the tech for making a really good vacuum is frustratingly expensive and specialized. You can get much better results, and a much better distinction between a cold and hot cathode, with a high vacuum. (you need a much higher vacuum to get truly ballistic flow of electrons, and at that point no current will flow unless the cathode is hot.)

    Ian KraseIan KraseNapja
  • But why doesn't the anode ionize the air too?

  • I'm curious, does the insurance company cover him and (if the company agrees) how much does he pay per month After a decade of making HUworld video, well... he is still alive

    Martin DominikusMartin DominikusNapja
  • What

    rjeptionrjeption2 napja
  • I just realized I'm not subscribed... What the hell is wrong with me?

    SilvertarianSilvertarian2 napja
  • 3:06 he says "See? There is a bit of CORONA Discharge" is what I heard

    Windows 7 UltimateWindows 7 Ultimate3 napja
  • 12:01 Oscilloscopes!

    ShadowoftheDudeShadowoftheDude3 napja
  • Cool

    SevenDeMagnusSevenDeMagnus4 napja
  • Put Helium in the vaccum chamber... see what happens...

    Dalek CaanDalek Caan4 napja
  • Did you purchase a single stage or a two stage vacuum pump? A two stage vacuum pump produces a lower vacuum. Also would've been interesting if you could've modified a camera to image your hand with the x-rays?

    Neil RuedlingerNeil Ruedlinger5 napja
  • 2:52 That scared the SH*T out of me!

    Emmanuel RossiEmmanuel Rossi5 napja
  • 7:11 "Fump!" and the cap is away. It sounded a bit like a desk firework that doesn't work very well...

    Lampe2020Lampe20205 napja
  • Building an ion thruster... Accidentally...

    Khatharr MalkavianKhatharr Malkavian6 napja
  • "I feel a wind blowing on my hand." Yea that's called cell damage from exposure to dangerous particles.

    Warren HarrisonWarren Harrison6 napja
  • So you still have that hairdryer from a few years ago?

    Jason LinJason Lin6 napja
  • this is so funny if elactro boom got shock

    John Marco Dela TorreJohn Marco Dela Torre7 napja
  • No one: Electroboom: "I used the sillicon to destroy the sillicon" xd

  • 12:07 oof, that edge balance :X

    Skooma GnarkSkooma Gnark7 napja
  • You really should be careful regarding your anode voltage there. X-rays... Oh, there you go saying this right as I am writing this. Good man.

    Kayla and Jim BryantKayla and Jim Bryant7 napja
  • Can you make that air go turbulent to act like a electric jet engine 😅😅

    Abhi YadavAbhi Yadav7 napja
  • you can use a flat cathode

    dulitha vithanagedulitha vithanage7 napja
  • Please someone, make Mehdi watch Dr. Stone, i bet he'll love it

    Saïx Lunar DivinerSaïx Lunar Diviner8 napja
  • Talk about nuclear radiation because its fun :>

    evofire115evofire1158 napja
  • did someone say sealicone? xD

    enaecoreenaecore8 napja
  • Why research when you can just build and see what happens? My Moto when building and learning new things. And then I learn the "proper" way and either find out I was an idiot or a genius. Mostly the former.

    Teio ReiTeio Rei10 napja
  • What if someone made a fan useing vary high voltage

    Korbin AdkinsKorbin Adkins10 napja
  • Lololol

    MXICMXMXICMX11 napja
  • DIY X-rays at home! Hope you wore lead-lined underwear 🤣

    Andrew HalerAndrew Haler11 napja
  • X-Rays?

    Matt MeltonMatt Melton11 napja
  • Man flyback transformers scare the crap out of me! lol

    Tech_ 49FPVTech_ 49FPV12 napja
  • I guess you're not worried about the X-rays coming off that thing?

    P. M.P. M.12 napja
  • Cant that levitating paper be turned into a rocket? Like, no oxygen(or any fuel) needed, to escape the earth!?

    Sarthak PokharelSarthak Pokharel12 napja
  • Scanning electron microscope ! Love your videos man ! Salutations from Romania !

    Sgt Breacher93Sgt Breacher9312 napja
  • Next cathode ray tube or (crt)

    Sunu AnantoSunu Ananto13 napja
  • I mean HUworld should pay him much What about his electricity bill I wonder how much it would be😂😂

    Lone WasiqLone Wasiq13 napja
  • I really enjoyed that. Thanks you

    Billy DoyleBilly Doyle14 napja
  • Ko gleda od nasi ljudi neka lajka

    emsad Redzicemsad Redzic14 napja
  • Use a magnetic field infront of the anode.

    Zekerias VargZekerias Varg15 napja
  • 3:28 so this is where he got the idea for the next video, the dild- sorry, the "magic wand", right?

    RodderRodder15 napja
  • The fancy flood fortuitously meddle because fowl progressively divide by a high-pitched scene. curly, nondescript married

    Jasper LowJasper Low16 napja
  • This guy always hurt himself in every video 🤣🤣🤣

    Chirag VhatkarChirag Vhatkar16 napja
  • "Cathode tube might have niche applications..." *All us guitar amp nerds* 👍🤘

    AftB TVAftB TV17 napja
  • Mehdi build a SEM like applied science!

    Raul BloodworthRaul Bloodworth17 napja
  • Tesla coil video when XD

    Anonymouse V2Anonymouse V217 napja
  • The answer for the bladeless fan.. I think this is the reason

    sekai mahousekai mahou18 napja
  • you're so funny 😁👍

    Tudor356Tudor35618 napja
  • 10:25 can we run CFL at lower voltage by passing high amps through coil? 11:55 "modern silicone components"on a something what is a simple diode. IS HE TALKING ABOUT LEDs? are LEDs and cathode ray tube similar?

    59 Paras Ahlawat59 Paras Ahlawat18 napja
  • Blade less fan

    Deranged OvenDeranged Oven19 napja
  • Hi, I think you might have a Geiger counter whilw doing this experiment...x-ray are made when a warm piece of metal project electrons vs anode and if a HV is while discharged by the filament to another metallic element in a vacuum it will emit x.rays

    Giovanni PGiovanni P19 napja
  • he used the silicon to rectify the silicon

    10 F 15 Mathusuthan Venkatesan10 F 15 Mathusuthan Venkatesan19 napja
  • With all this experiment and accidents, Mehdis electrical bill must be huge - not to include the bills he pays to repair and replace items he damages.

  • ElectroBOOM will electrocute us worse than ElectroCUTE!

    CasamSaturnBOİ is cutie - EnjoyCasamSaturnBOİ is cutie - Enjoy20 napja
  • Now make a tv receiver

    Captain RetroCaptain Retro20 napja
  • This guy is amazing 😊

    Shahid ParvezShahid Parvez20 napja

    kim John kennethkim John kenneth20 napja
  • those look like some high waveforms

    XR6 XR8XR6 XR821 napja
  • I 1000% agree with that the makers table should look like that!

    Zoiberg3000Zoiberg300021 napja
  • Next project after the Magic Wand - X-Ray Gun !

    3dfx3dfx22 napja
  • I use the silicon to seal the silicon

    KTOWNPUNK jr.KTOWNPUNK jr.22 napja
  • Hi Mehdi! Over here at UVic you have become a favourite for entertaining links to send around. Keep up the good work and laughs :)

    Mike PflegerMike Pfleger22 napja
  • Oh!

    Me is Nice24Me is Nice2422 napja
  • Nice work! From the amount of Plasma I would expect a pressure of somewhere between 10 mbar and 0.1 mbar. For electronbeams that are used (either in Electron Microscopes (SEM/TEM) or for Electron Beam Epitaxy) in Lab settings we usually have vacuums around 10^-5 mbar, since in those the electrons flow much easier and are well behaved so that you can control and detect them accordingly. For demonstration purposes a vacuum of ~10^-3 mbar should be enough, use some Argon to show the path of the electrons. Also if you use a Helmholtz coil setup you can actzally adjust the path of the electrons into a circle and use that to correctly measure the charge of a single electron.

    MetalhatMetalhat23 napja
  • Why is it so purple?

    Kieran RamnarineKieran Ramnarine23 napja
  • The quirky character postprandially trace because toilet monthly love inside a mushy law. dead, piquant kiss

    Kelly KapoorKelly Kapoor23 napja
  • 3:19 and im confuse now..are you building gun or ion thruster?

    Jasson QuillJasson Quill23 napja
  • Hair dryer? For Mehdi ? I mean why 5:25

    Aayush Katoch 10-BAayush Katoch 10-B24 napja
  • Be careful with the x-rays from shooting electrons in a vacuum...

    TiagoTiagoTiagoTiago24 napja
  • It would not be a electro boom video whith him getting shocked

    Gg MateGg Mate25 napja
  • When I was a kid, TV's weren't LCD yet. We watched from Cathode R** Tubes.

    Jacque CorpoixJacque Corpoix25 napja
  • Your anode sketch looks like a sphincter.

    Ay AyAy Ay25 napja
  • You are basically making a x-ray tube

    posttop streetlight105posttop streetlight10525 napja
  • What was that flute music in the part where he was cleaning?

    Seema YadavSeema Yadav25 napja
    • This man a real life elektro

      Seema YadavSeema Yadav25 napja
  • You can greatly improve the seal on your vacuum chamber by wiping a thin film of Vaseline around the lower rim of your clear container, laying a wet ring of RTV silicone on the base, and gently pressing the container into the goop. The Vaseline prevents the RTV from bonding to the glass. When the RTV cures (give it a full week), remove the container and wipe all the vaseline off both surfaces. You'll now have a custom-made airtight gasket.

    The Devil In The CircuitThe Devil In The Circuit25 napja
  • conclusion one is not suck fingers where it is not necessary

    Тимофей ВышегородцевТимофей Вышегородцев26 napja
  • 2:52 he just touches the arc and the microphone implodes

    Joyful Kiddo 2Joyful Kiddo 226 napja
    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣👍 finger stuck

      Тимофей ВышегородцевТимофей Вышегородцев26 napja
  • If invert the polarities of the electrodes, you will create an "Anode Ray" and a purple glow will emerge from the hole in the cathode (Originally the anode). Great video as always!

    ElectroManElectroMan26 napja
    • Exactly. Since positively charged particles (Protons) are much larger than electrons, they 'Fly' through the hole in the anode and collide with particles of nitrogen still left in the vaccumm chamber. As they are forced to stop through these collisions, the kinetic energy they had is released as light and heat. Due to their greater mass relative to electrons, the energy that they had stored through motion is much greater than that of an electron moving at the same speed thus a much brighter 'Glow' is achived and seen exiting from the hole in the anode.

      ElectroManElectroMan11 napja
    • Also don't comment without knowing about the subject.

      ElectroManElectroMan11 napja
    • Of course you can. Just search "Anode Ray" on youtube.

      ElectroManElectroMan11 napja
  • Me seeing little spark at 2:47 Mehdi: I can hear it but idk where? *It was that moment we knew he f up*

    Newdy KungNewdy Kung26 napja
  • 5:26 You guys confused why he's got hairdryer? Well that's for the hairs on his hand.

    Sandesh GautamSandesh Gautam26 napja
  • oww , , u r alive?

    Mr. XMr. X26 napja
  • If you put a white projection screen on the glass behind the anode you might be able to see the glow through the hole.

    DragonXflyerDragonXflyer26 napja
  • Can this electron gun be used to make a metal EBM 3d printer?!?

    Sushovan PaulSushovan Paul27 napja
  • I’ve seen some other videos on cathode rays, and they typically have a tube or ring of glass between the cathode and the anode so the electrons don’t just go directly to the anode

    OrangeIsBetterOrangeIsBetter27 napja
  • Try wrapping coils around the vacuum chamber

    Mark HodgsonMark Hodgson27 napja
  • какое напряжение было в итоге?

    Игорь ГодинИгорь Годин27 napja
  • omg... make a whole TV :D

    samljersamljer27 napja
  • It would be interesting to see if you could make it into a triode!

    cainghorncainghorn28 napja
  • how much electro power i need to make a electron gun run ,do i need more then 24v ?

    Rege StaffRege Staff28 napja
  • Odin: Are you man Or god of Thunder (Thor)

    Bitu SarpalBitu Sarpal29 napja
  • Odin: Are You man or god Of Shock

    Bitu SarpalBitu Sarpal29 napja
  • he is enjoying with current

  • Cathode ray tube tube

    Stoner Snek LadyStoner Snek LadyHónapja
  • If one of my bulbs burns out you're the one I will call for help it's for sure... Do you have a hotline?

    Babala HabalaBabala HabalaHónapja
  • 2:52 z a p

  • Sometimes i think hes a sociopath but a smart sociopath

  • I love this guy he is probably the smartest HUworldr i watch

  • why is your vaccum case hanging on the edge!

    NineTails *GamingNineTails *GamingHónapja
  • Electrons go brrrrr

    Minke LupaMinke LupaHónapja