Making Pizza Hut Stuffed Crust At Home | But Better

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Maybe it really is possible to out pizza the hut.
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    Shaili GaudanaShaili Gaudana3 órája
  • Josh, you have to remember that Pizza Hut is a fast food restaurant so they don’t always have as much time as you

    Wesley ChoyWesley Choy10 órája
  • I wish I knew how to cook. All I use is the microwave

    thsudythsudy11 órája
  • make a dough and take a dump on it. congrats you just made a pizza better than pizza hut.

    lostonelostone12 órája
  • love him cherish him and punch him down, lol. love u bro

    SworDSworD14 órája
  • He’s busted for un pizza the hut

    Johansson MunozJohansson Munoz14 órája
  • Can we make this even if we don’t have a pizza stone? 🥺

    Solarith VanSolarith Van16 órája
  • I’d say it’s pretty easy to out pizza the hut

    Skooty BazoomsSkooty Bazooms19 órája
  • No one fucking out pizzas the HUT.

    Ian VickersIan Vickers20 órája
  • New series idea... “But, best” and take everything to the max.

    Bmoc1995Bmoc199520 órája
  • idk man the thumb nail pizza hut one look better

    Messi RonaldoMessi Ronaldo21 órája
  • Great video, and don't worry, your french is good :D

    Livid .MonsterLivid .Monster23 órája
  • Bro I will come home to you and eat

    Alexander Erdmann - Ekenässkolan 7CAlexander Erdmann - Ekenässkolan 7CNapja
  • he outpizzaed the hut

    Jonathon MaldonadoJonathon MaldonadoNapja
  • Im the only person that gets deadpool vibes😭

    Joezel RodriguezJoezel RodriguezNapja
  • It’s Sanji from one piece !

    Jojo JohnsonJojo JohnsonNapja
  • (at 0:13 of the video) Holy Cow! I always wanted to try that stuffed crust pizza, but Pizza Hut only got it for a very short term around here and never came back! Now I actually will (hopefully) able to try it!

  • Humming your own theme was the best part

    Jazzmyn CarterJazzmyn CarterNapja
  • I am sure Italians prefer his pizza to the other pizza chains haha

    Nawal AldandashiNawal Aldandashi2 napja
  • Looks a bit undercooked ngl

    Ahmed AbdulaiAhmed Abdulai2 napja
  • Vikram throws the slice.. Harsh truth 😂🤣

    Death StrobDeath Strob2 napja
  • we live in a world where the pizza man gets to your house faster than the cops your freaked my boy

    Fashion LawyerFashion Lawyer2 napja
  • Josh: “look we’ve out pizza the hut already, and they didn’t like that” Me: “it probably wasn’t that bad” Pizza Hut: “don’t forget you gave me your address, Josh.” Me: “oh...alright then, we just gunna ignore that threat??” 😅

    KC DreamerKC Dreamer2 napja
  • Never out pizza the hut 🍕 🔪

    Jonathan FloresJonathan Flores2 napja
  • The little baby got me good

    ExoNovaExoNova2 napja
  • To get a lower price you gotta order on the app or website and use the coupons

    Tech2000Tech20002 napja
  • "Wev got sum crisp, sum chrispenis

    A-aronA-aron2 napja
  • 2 medium pizzas for $42 that’s alot

    A RobA Rob2 napja
  • *nobody can out-pizza the hut* oh wait nevermind

    ReflecterrReflecterr3 napja
  • Out pizza the hut bunka who?

  • fanculo pizza hut

    Christian LawrenceChristian Lawrence3 napja
  • From the thumbnail alone Pizza Huts looked better low key

    Logan KnoxLogan Knox3 napja
  • Breaking news Joshua Weissmann has died at the age of 26 years old after choking on stuffed crust pizza.

    Chips AhoyChips Ahoy3 napja
  • Breaking news Joshua Weizmann has gone missing after out pizzaing the hut.

    Chips AhoyChips Ahoy3 napja
  • Oh my gosh!! You should do Marcos pizza bc they have pepperoni just like the one on your pizza!! But I’m shure yours is better

    Annabeth TaylorAnnabeth Taylor3 napja
  • A pizza that should have never existed in the first place? *Gonna have to buy a Hut pie in protest.*

    Cid LuniusCid Lunius3 napja
  • 4:09 that was very aggressive😂

    Siezed ChampSiezed Champ3 napja
  • He won, but at what cost.

    vulkaiZvulkaiZ4 napja
  • in Paraguay instead of using mozzarella for the crust they use katupiry cheese which is infinitely better

    Sofia VSofia V4 napja
  • Oh now I’m so hangry....

    LuAnne McCleneyLuAnne McCleney4 napja
  • I love how Domino's, Little Caesar's, and Pizza Hut are in this comment section trying to cover their tails lmao

    Wonderland WhispersWonderland Whispers4 napja
  • Never had Pizza Hut don’t know if I want to

    D!v3rsion_D!v3rsion_4 napja
  • watch pizza hut steal his recipe. :|

    stormiifxreststormiifxrest4 napja
  • 2:10 when you're excited to see pizza but pizza isn't excited to see you.

    Fuyumi NekimayaFuyumi Nekimaya4 napja
  • Everything homemade but papa why tomato?

    ꧁samriddho Goswami ꧂꧁samriddho Goswami ꧂4 napja
  • But Josh, I thought you weren't suppose to cook sauce for pizza.

    JoeJoe4 napja
  • 42 dollars???? That’s insane

    Francisco VelásquezFrancisco Velásquez5 napja
  • Thank you kind sir, because of this video I totally despise cooking in general! Thank you for this life changing moment!

    DamianDamian5 napja
  • You cant outpizza the hut

    Juancho De LunaJuancho De Luna5 napja
  • $42.2 for a pizza!!! What??!!!

    james0807james08075 napja
  • 42 dollars for a pizza ?!?!?

    Seneli KumarasiriSeneli Kumarasiri5 napja
  • Don’t try to outpizza the hut. They’re dangerous, and even if it’s better, you can’t beat it

    Cr3w IronWolfCr3w IronWolf5 napja
  • You know what’s even better? B-roll

    Vincent HanVincent Han5 napja
  • 42 dollars???

    BedbugsBedbugs5 napja
  • 0:03 Josh, are you preparing to meet Jesus?

    azucena moran fenteazucena moran fente6 napja
  • Fat with fat inside and fat on top and fat puddles inside the peps. Nice

    FelixTOFelixTO6 napja

    MattGAMERzIRMattGAMERzIR6 napja
  • you should do Panera pizza its good (in my opinion)

    Runnic SledgeRunnic Sledge6 napja
  • Am I the only one that thinks in the thumbnail that Pizza Hut actually looks better

    SenoSeno6 napja
  • Call me a heathen, but I like my Pizza cold

    Agnt Vermont PFAgnt Vermont PF6 napja
  • 3 hours for 30% better… I would take hut any day

    Frankie MalekFrankie Malek7 napja
  • the best way to make a stuffed crust pizza better, is making a normal pizza with no stuffed crust

  • Papa John’s stuffed crust >>>>>> Pizza Hut stuffed crust. We make it exactly like he did

    Colonel SandersColonel Sanders7 napja
    • Except we have a fancy ring that holds the crust in a perfect circle and a tool to crimp the seam so there’s no leakage. I will say one thing he could have done to improve it is roll out the very edge of the dough super super thin because otherwise the crust is way too dense with the double layer of bread. Also you don’t want to get sauce on the crust because that’s just ugly and also it probably burns or something lol

      Colonel SandersColonel Sanders7 napja
  • Josh- "But this time not only im gonna out pizza the hut, we're gonna STUFF EM" Pizza Hut- "yeahhh, we wish"

    Mr.KMr.K7 napja
  • It’s all fun and games till josh out pizzas the hut...

    AstroidzMCAstroidzMC7 napja
  • This might be old and I'm late on this, but can you try to replicate Pizza Hut pizza...from Japan?! Yes, Please try to make one of the Japanese Pizza Hut pizzas! It doesn't have to be exact.

    AJ Kam1kaz3AJ Kam1kaz37 napja
  • As italian, the huge ammount of garlic bothers me more then the cheese stuffed crust

    Enrico MontanariEnrico Montanari8 napja
  • Gordon ramsey be like reacting to this: THIS IS HORRIBLE JUST LOOK AT IT Gordons brain: this is actually pretty good i wish i could buy this

    TutUTutU8 napja
  • Thank you josh I lost 70 pounds over the last two years and you have helped me gain it all back and I hate life can you do a recipe for perfect carne asada fries please

    Jack AlanJack Alan8 napja
    • That was a rollercoaster of emotions

      Nawel HimeurNawel Himeur21 órája
    • Lmao

      ProGamer99ProGamer992 napja
    • Bruuuhhhh... 🤣🤣🤣

      Juliana SemedoJuliana Semedo4 napja
  • you use Kraft cheese for pizza lmao 😂

    DaBaby ConvertibleDaBaby Convertible8 napja
  • I got a Domino's Pizza ad with this video and it made me laugh so hard

    Palash MahajanPalash Mahajan9 napja
  • Its wierd that pizza hut, little Caesars and dominoes commented on this video

    unevenuneven9 napja
  • Lmao I got a Pizza Hut ad right before this

    Breeze The Golden pikachuBreeze The Golden pikachu9 napja
  • not me getting a pizza hut ad..

    ItzNateItzNate9 napja
  • Okay 5:10-5:15 gave me nightmares

    Ky SmithKy Smith9 napja
  • I know i'm late but I can smell the pizza from here thats how you know its better

    Light TheAngelLight TheAngel9 napja
  • Give life to Jesus Jesus Jesus

    Jesus Loves youJesus Loves you10 napja
  • I did papa proud 😁

    David RamirezDavid Ramirez10 napja
  • i added sausages ,instead of cheese in the borders! it right ?

  • Bro....$42 for two medium stuffed crust pizzas????

    Ryan WalkerRyan Walker10 napja
    • I'm glad im not the only one that thought this... like bruh wtf lmao

      Z BZ B9 napja

    MoryvMoryv11 napja
  • Good things will happen next week

    Milhouse Van houtenMilhouse Van houten11 napja
  • Long John silvers but better

    Braeden MatthiasBraeden Matthias11 napja
  • this was posted a day before my uncle passed away

    BigNoob546BigNoob54611 napja
  • He did it, he out pizza'd the hut

    YeetusMcFoetusYeetusMcFoetus11 napja
  • Next up: None pizza left beef

    That GuyThat Guy12 napja
  • Uhh hello

    Burning ManBurning Man12 napja
  • please never say crussy again

    Juno CooperJuno Cooper12 napja
  • Love how I got a pizza hut ad

    MadamegroovilleMadamegrooville12 napja
  • Let’s keep in touch kid

    Papa John's PizzaPapa John's Pizza12 napja
    • Papa John's is good pizza but bad price.

      ArthurArthur12 napja
  • 9:24 friday with pewdiepie

    ulTimateLokalulTimateLokal12 napja

    PurenialPurenial12 napja
  • I had a whole ass add from Pizza Hut in the middle of this video lmao

    Lolo ArredondoLolo Arredondo12 napja
  • Bruh, 2 mins in the video and I got a Pizza Hut ad LOL. What a coincidence.

    Shihab ChowdhuryShihab Chowdhury12 napja
  • No one out pizzas the hut 😠

    ShynckPlaysShynckPlays13 napja
  • josh is like me but older and with much more confidence and much better culinary skills. both southern boys though thats all that matters

    JoshTMJoshTM13 napja
  • Lmao “ god dam”

    Frank JacksonFrank Jackson13 napja
  • The thumbnail makes it look like you have them beat on performance while they have you beat in size

    Hi HelloHi Hello14 napja
  • Why does the Pizza Hut pizza looks worse than what I usually eat? Guess it’s difference in the us than Malaysia 🤷‍♂️

    Sean GohSean Goh14 napja
  • That totally sounded like you got the call center that backs us up when we are to overloaded to get to the phones

    Rusty RowanRusty Rowan14 napja