Making Mead with Anatoli - Cooking with Boris

2019.ápr. 3.
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Making Mead with Anatoli
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3KG honey
20L water
1 packet of mead yeast (also can use wine yeast)
Wash your container.
Add water.
Add honey.
Mix yeast with warm water.
Add yeast-water mix to container.
Close container.
Wait 2 weeks.
Stay cheeki breeki.
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  • 00:53 for the Anatoli shrug

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  • I tried it , it is nice thanks for sharing the recipie

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  • 0:59 1:00

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  • What is on Anatoli's necklace...behind the arm?

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  • Boris is a descendant of the Rus.mead,good very good.👍

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  • So did Koreans get fermented cabbage from Slavs?they call it kimchi in their language.

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  • Everyone forgot that boris threw a vodka bottle, made from GLASS on the floor

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  • He protec he attac but most importantly he drive t 55

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  • Use a large pot to make five to six gallons of must with the water and honey, while that boils, use warm water, honey, and the yeast to start a starter. When the must has boiled and then cooled to warm, add the starter and cap with the air lock. I'm actually surprised you didn't boil or make a must first. I'm used to letting natural yeast make my alcohol but I still make a must first.

    SkyBrigidRainSkyBrigidRain29 napja
  • Нихуя не понимаю, но блядь интересно.... (Я подписался) ))))

    Bekzod AbduvakhabovBekzod AbduvakhabovHónapja
  • Anatolia this is vodka still uses it in drink

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  • cousin: ok im here *enters with rifle wich is normal *

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  • I like how boring is da chunker and anatoli is the skinny one

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  • lol I have the same phone as boris

  • man i also want to have a cousin who drops with a fucking SVD dragnov...

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  • All you repeating machines are trash, I just want to know if I can use regular yeast and how to make the airlock valve

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  • Если ты из себя такой славянин, бля, говори на руском

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  • Hey Boris can I use normal yeast?

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  • Game theory: Anatoli is just a defective Boris clone from an old USSR super soldier program

  • where do you get your weapons from 4:22

    Jude CollumbineJude CollumbineHónapja
  • 2:20 Boris : *Talking* Anatoli : *Grabs a spoon and takes off the lid* Boris : *Wondering* Anatoli : *About to taste it* Boris : *Turns around and see his cousin about to taste it* "WHAT THE BLIN"

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  • Instructions unclear...accidentally detonated Tsar bomba

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  • Anatoli looks like Russian man faught in Vietnam and just came home and forgot his helmet on

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  • 1:16 "But most important is warm temperature"

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  • BORIS BLYAT! you Put the Lid the wrong way. I have the Same one for 8 years now

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  • Finally someone who makes drinking water looks cool lmao

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  • чеекибрееки донка

  • 3 kg honey for 20 liter vodka lite?! I thought you slaves liked "strong" alcoholic beverages, Slave mead seems we're weak too me. Me poor viking, but I still know how to make strong good mead! So I only used 2 kg of honey for 8 liters of vodka lite. 🍯🐻👌

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  • Boris good actor

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  • Where can I get me a cheap setup like that that the government won't tax me an extra 50% of the price.

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  • hardbass makes good mead da?

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  • Boris I like watching your cooking videos for the tasty food and good humor but this one I'd like to know, since I am a home brewer myself, what was your starting gravity? What kind of yeast did you use? Did you add any fermaid or other nutrients? It looks like you're making a 5 gallon batch, how often do you plan to degas it?

    Eric CadmanEric Cadman3 hónapja
  • you corrected yourself, but a litre of water is also a kilogram, because metric.

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  • The gact that part ond has 1.9m views and part 2 1.6m, it means that 300.000 people drank mead halfway throufg the process

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  • Boris: I don't make a lot of money. Also Boris: massive container of honey. Yes. I know he is in Europe.

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  • True family reunion at it's finest

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  • Howtobasic:loves to throw egg Life of boris: *mayonnaise*

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