Making Lego Car CLIMB Obstacles

2021.jan. 2.
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Testing a Lego car against different obstacles and improving it until it becomes a capable climber.
Demonstrates what you need to consider: wheel diameter, gear ratio, 4-wheel drive, tire grip, breakover angle, weight distribution. Enjoy!
Base rules for all builds:
-4 wheels
-no steering (to simplify the builds)
-only Lego parts used
Remote control:
BrickController 2 app (Android)
PlayStation 4 wireless controller

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  • It's one of the best training videos I've ever seen. Where and under what name can these mechanical elements such as helical gearbox and ........ be purchased? I want to buy to teach mechanical engineering students. Please advise where and how the whole collection can be prepared?

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  • please tell me how can you Controll with the controller of playstaion

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