making imaginary cake - the Slav Souffle

2020.nov. 4.
450 162 Megtekintés

follow your dreams. especially if they are cake related.
100g halva (sunflower seed preferred)
50g melted butter
100g sour cream (30% preferred)
160g soviet tea cookies (vanilla flavoured)
250g quark/cottage cheese
100g sour cream (30% preferred)
4tbsp sweetened condensed milk
some peel of lemon
half lemon's juice
some milk chocolate
mix together halva with sour cream. mix until blended.
add crushed cookies and melted butter. mix.
put into a cake tin and refrigerate.
mix tvorog, sour cream and condensed milk.
add shavings of lemon and lemon juice.
spread topping on the base evenly.
add shavings of milk chocolate on top.
let cool down in refrigerator.
eat. enjoy. stay cheeki breeki.

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  • I think it should be called "Slav Dream Cake"... because honestly, what kinda slav doesn't like halva? lol

    Lucius DrăculeaLucius Drăculea19 órája
  • Hey Boris, You're a HUworld superstar in my book bro.

    anonymous 11anonymous 11Napja
  • How about chocolate moloko???or just boris or....cheekee breekee????

    misheep amarsanaamisheep amarsanaaNapja
  • When the subtitles said pancake instead of blin it made me think that for 5 years we have been saying pancake every time we say blin

    The BrotherhoodThe Brotherhood2 napja
  • hey boris, i hear in all your videos "Mixer is for weak man!", but i am weak man, and i need help, Can you make a recepie, to make weak men like me, big and strong, and not use mixer like weaklings

    Rutkata BgRutkata Bg2 napja
  • "Cheeky Pussi"

    UptightSuperlabsUptightSuperlabs4 napja
  • bisicly it doesn't exsist but now it does

    Leonard PangLeonard Pang5 napja
  • soft dreams cake

    Leonard PangLeonard Pang5 napja
  • Better name boris's dream cuisine

    K HoutmanK Houtman5 napja
  • Boris has Reached The next level of cooking : being Able to Make Food simply by combining Ingredients In his minds and test it out.

    Sodkumagaras DODSodkumagaras DOD6 napja
  • As a name suggestion: Halva Dream Cake, possibly?

    Æis KaltÆis Kalt6 napja
  • Boris Cake?

    Baby InuyashaBaby Inuyasha7 napja
  • and my mother walked in while he was eating with his fingers- she didn't even question it-

    Comrade EvanComrade Evan8 napja
  • Hm- i want to make it cause it looks rather nice, yet the power to make halva and break my wallet to buy tons of sunflower seeds still beats me, YET i will make this someday blin

    Comrade EvanComrade Evan8 napja
  • If you were to add a couple egg yolks, the base would pretty much be like that of an Italian crostata

    iafozzaciafozzac9 napja
  • The name could be something like "the dreaming moon"

    psychopathicpsychopathic9 napja
  • So you dreamt of cheese cake?

    Fire Fox’s Random CrapFire Fox’s Random Crap9 napja
  • Dream-cake seems obvious.

    JoelJoel10 napja
  • Again proves that Boris probably had culinary experience

    MilkAndBananaMilkAndBanana10 napja
  • This seems more like a cream pie

    Counter BlastCounter Blast10 napja
  • 0:59 He sounds so much like Cypher from valorant.

    pixelplayz34pixelplayz3411 napja
  • But what if I don't have soviet tea cookie?

    Jotaro KujioJotaro Kujio12 napja
  • Cheesecake?

    Alex YoungAlex Young13 napja
  • Prison cake

    J WinfieldJ Winfield14 napja
  • Spiritual Warfare Pie. Because the devil attacked Boris in his sleep thinking he could torment Boris forever with a cake he can never taste irl. But the devil was defeated by Boris and his mad skills at kitchening.

    Coretta HaCoretta Ha14 napja
  • omg, in America we call that Icebox Cake, and it was served at school

    Fiche MicroFiche Micro14 napja
  •'ve essentially made key lime pie...but slavic

    Alfie M but its Tony MontanaAlfie M but its Tony Montana14 napja
  • “And Vadim’s birthday is coming up..”

    Afghan CountryballAfghan Countryball14 napja
  • Now if only I could get halva within a 1000 miles radius of my home.

    Lars Erik VestergaardLars Erik Vestergaard15 napja
  • 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

    Yavuz ÇelikYavuz Çelik17 napja
  • 2021?

    Kaka_Kocak 10Kaka_Kocak 1018 napja
  • I cant remember anything in my dreams while boris is out here remembering the texture and flavour of something he never expirienced.

    James WillisJames Willis20 napja
  • h a l v i c c a k e

    Joshua GrahamJoshua Graham21 napja
  • boris: dreams of a cake also boris: makes pie

    rafaela costarafaela costa21 napja
  • "Very Nutritious Cake"

    AliasUndercoverAliasUndercover26 napja
  • This guy is over here, making imaginary food, while the best I was able to dream up that resembled food was turkey and pizza flavoured toothpaste.

    Terrific TapeTerrific Tape26 napja
  • 15 Years, no 15 HOURS ago

    B SLB SL26 napja
  • "the boris" there your name for the cake

    USS YorktownUSS Yorktown27 napja
  • In short: The Slav version of a Cheesecake It beautiful :>

    S1LENT GHO5T OfficialS1LENT GHO5T OfficialHónapja
  • Boris!! Making a cook book and selling it would solve the demonetisation problems!! =P

    Mikail OzturkMikail OzturkHónapja
  • The question of the year :its boris big fat russian or tru skinny slav?

  • Babushka say Shit = Gavno

    Artful DodgerArtful DodgerHónapja
  • so more dream inspired recipes for the cookbook...

    Chadx MChadx MHónapja
  • Who needs Disney movies when you have Boris to follow your dreams

    Cesar STCesar STHónapja
  • Not imagine is you... GUILTY!

    Vincent RayVincent RayHónapja

    B SLB SLHónapja

    B SLB SLHónapja
  • you mean ....a pie?

  • Boris bakes better than my town bakery

    freakyflame 0409freakyflame 0409Hónapja
  • Boris makes dreams come true.

    Yandere _ PainfallYandere _ PainfallHónapja
  • Man literally made cheese cake

    Zain NiznikZain NiznikHónapja
  • * slavic applause * I congratulate you boris that deserves an hour of cake, vodka (or kvass) and good hardbass with anatoli greetings

    the gopnik squadthe gopnik squadHónapja
  • Isn't this cheesecake?

  • As people say, third time never lies

    Sausage PeelsSausage PeelsHónapja
  • a freaking no-bake túrótorta (творог is basically the same as hungarian túró). you just made it fancy by putting chocolate on top. does hungary still haunt you? :D

    thër Sthër SHónapja
  • that condensed milk is 18k roubles.

  • your cooking videos make me a new level of hungry

    steve Jonessteve JonesHónapja
  • Slav davai

    Oscar SanfilippoOscar SanfilippoHónapja

    Gabi GarzonGabi GarzonHónapja
  • Russian howtobasic

  • this video made me unreasonably happy to watch. The russian spirit of your channel got me in the mood for a bit of vodka and this is a perfect video to binge at 2 am. thank you boris, you glorious bastard

    John MagerJohn MagerHónapja
  • So what the fuck is quark, because there is no way cottage cheese is going into a cake topping.

    Jake NichollsJake NichollsHónapja
  • If Boris actually made this cake from his dreams, then he is extremely talented. Seriously, being able to make something from your dream is a very, very special ability. He might do well as an engineer, because engineers need to be able to make something without instructions. This is the next level of that, because he doesn't even fully know what he is making in the first place, as he got this cake from a dream. P.S. I think you should have just kept the name "Imaginary Cake"

    • Completely agree. I think a big reason why this channel took off is that the guy behind it is pretty darn smart

      mistyandtogepimistyandtogepi7 napja
    • It’s true. If I tried to recreate my dream from last night then we would all be under attack by genetically modified brain eating monkeys 🐒.

      Coretta HaCoretta Ha14 napja
  • Tell me im not the only lunatic who thought of the ''Soramimi cake'' from Azumanga Daioh Also, for the cake name, since its from a dream, why dont we call it something from the slav folktales? just sayin

    Badea IvanBadea IvanHónapja
  • Make the cake Slav's Dream

    DjordjeTheGreat 60DjordjeTheGreat 60Hónapja
  • I do stuff like this too, once in culinary class we had a “do whatever you want” day and I wandered around adding random ingredients to a bowl until I was satisfied then I cooked it and ate it and it was good

    Zyanid WarfareZyanid WarfareHónapja
  • Today I watched a man teeter on the edge of madness as he strove to follow his dreams.

    Ykaterina ColeslawYkaterina ColeslawHónapja
  • 1:52 Wait...thats a Western Spy designer bowl! This is plain treason!

  • A bored, sleep deprived Boris is a dangerously delicious thing.

    Matt Carding-WoodsMatt Carding-WoodsHónapja
  • is this how Kalashnikov conceived the AK-47?

  • Committing a whole video just for the punchline "Follow Your Dreams"... *Respekt +100*

    Ken TKen THónapja
  • Dreampie. МечтыПирог

  • Oh so that's why our slav parents always tell us to follow our dreams Ngl they are correct

  • Gaming, cooking, and cursing and stuff.

  • Most HUworldrs: share a cake recipe Some HUworldrs: share a cake they pretend to make up themselves. Boris: "I had a dream. Lets try to recreate it"😂

    Jesus ChristJesus ChristHónapja
  • Bring it to babushka and watch her make it better.

    Aiden shortAiden shortHónapja
  • I think hes trying to make cheese cake....

  • How did he know the taste of it in his dream and in video

    Slavic GodSlavic GodHónapja
  • Dream cake

  • 4:24 Rich CEO's shitty 23 year old son: "Hold my trust fund"

    Jacob CottomJacob CottomHónapja
  • Halva Custard tart with chocolate shavings.

    Luis PereiraLuis PereiraHónapja
  • 6:39 *Slavic exciment noises*

    Local KøMRADE BackLocal KøMRADE BackHónapja
  • 3:35 skip to Vadim BLYAT scene

    kamerad hazelkamerad hazelHónapja
  • Sorry boris i was had to do it

    Vadim GestatVadim GestatHónapja
  • this is basically a cheese cake

    • I love cheesecake

  • Slav Souffle, gotta remember that for my wedding. Thanks, Boris.

    Varangian Huskarl 0114Varangian Huskarl 0114Hónapja
  • soft slav

  • We have 145 western spys

    Ethan EnglerEthan EnglerHónapja
  • Boris, what type of cookies actually you use?

    First Run Tanker ̈First Run Tanker ̈Hónapja
  • the cake should be call "Boris's Special Vodka"

  • How about something like: cheeki breeki dreamcake?

    Dennis AlacahanlıDennis AlacahanlıHónapja
  • 3:38

  • Mabye it is cheese cake just made with non bake cheasecake

    shenron 1199shenron 1199Hónapja
  • Slav dream... Sounds good!

    Peter RudenkoPeter RudenkoHónapja
  • - me, 2020

  • Could you try making a "Chocotorta" (Argentine food) Version Gopnik with vodka or something

  • Strelok Cake. Just like Shadow of Chernobyl, ya have great memories and come back to it for the umpteenth time.

    Puppet PuppetPuppet PuppetHónapja
  • Russian ork Ok because in 40k orks if they think hard enough anything comes true . but Russian orks they dream of something they know how to make it

    Doge41 -thedogemakerDoge41 -thedogemakerHónapja
  • wait guys Boris is cooking a lot of stuff slav cookbook

    keith hancockkeith hancockHónapja
  • I suggest these (just pick and comment which is best): 1.) Бабушкин райский торт = Babushka's heaven cake 2.) Сонный мягкий торт = Sleepy Softcake 3.) Советская зима = Soviet Winter 4.)Славянский кремовый торт = Slav Creamcake 5.) Cheeki Breeki Boris иди спать = Cheeki Breeki Boris go sleepy

    Jason TipayJason TipayHónapja