Making High Voltage Arcs with ZVS Circuit

2020.nov. 6.
868 149 Megtekintés

I DID IT! I used my flyback transformer and ZVS circuit to make SUPER ARCS!
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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar

  • You should remove the metal clip that holds the core closed, because it's made of iron and it wastes power

  • Yesssssssssssss mad scientist time mhahahahaha.

    Kyle ArneyKyle Arney6 órája
  • when thumbnails

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  • Rip transformer from Kacper 6:25

    Alecy WestAlecy West13 órája
  • Nicw

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  • "don't do this at home. but if you do. check my last video" x'D

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  • Your face was lol

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  • This is non ironically my favorite channel on yt

    Mábio RodriguesMábio Rodrigues22 órája
  • uhmmm....... you're aware that it was arcing off of the blastic case of your transformer and not a pin right ?

    logan grahamlogan grahamNapja
  • I paused halfway, got laid, came back Hello again

    Beans VapesBeans VapesNapja
  • Dear Mehdi, please make Russian subtitles, I am from Russia, and I am interested in what you are saying.

    Roma ShenshinRoma ShenshinNapja
  • Who is mehdi?

    Altair ArattoAltair ArattoNapja
  • Would be nice to find girlfriend who watches me same way as Mehdi looks at high voltage arcs. 🥰

    Juho JutilaJuho JutilaNapja
  • Which music at last?

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  • 5:36 smile of an angel

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    • @Liquid Honor yes

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    • No

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  • This is how many times he got electrocuted ↓

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    • Not many times 🤣. Less than me at this moment 😜

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  • umm i built a table

    Phantastic GusPhantastic Gus2 napja
  • ASS!

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  • this video si weird for some reason

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  • brought to you by soviet-era polish technology

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  • Arcs freckin hurt, heres me getting a little toasted.

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  • Nice thumbnail tho

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  • Hoax, keperluan konten

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  • I thought you were an Indian🙂😅

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  • Don’t apply this effect thumbnail do it as it was before

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    • I just subscribed to your channel

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  • The frequency to pain graph is the funniest thing I've seen in a while.

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  • The thumbnail is why I watch him

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  • 2:42 the smoke is coming because the metal pin holding core together is heating due to inductance of primary. That is why you have current draw without arc. In second transformer there is no metal pin so it is not heating that much.

    SalubraSalubra4 napja
    • I just subscribed to your

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  • Will zvs work with microwave transformer?

    Maciej KwiatkowskiMaciej Kwiatkowski4 napja
    • No, because it's a mains transformer - it's made for low frequency (50 or 60 Hz). This circuit operates at tens of kilohertz if not more, so you need a transformer with a ferrite core.

    • I just subscribed to your channel

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  • You've heard about pyromaniacs. Now see Mehdi the Arcomaniac.

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    • I just subscribed to your channel

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  • I did it with an audio amplifier and 15khz tone from my phone

    Constantin JitariuConstantin Jitariu4 napja
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      Dylan Trash mintDylan Trash mint3 napja
  • Sir you're literally one of the best intellectual comedian 😂 and a genius who let's us fools learn so much without actually opening a book

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  • Everything that he try to make always have a problem before it work normaly

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    • I just subscribed to your channel

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  • 日本人いねぇかなぁ

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  • This dude makes satan scared

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  • 6:51 in fact, the inductor that you created in the flyback core causes the output to be alternating current because the original primary of the flyback has several components to rectify, while the one you created does not have any component to rectify, so the output is alternating current. you can see that by the noise of the arc, which is a very high frequency in alternating current that makes almost no noise and is silent, if the output was in direct current, the noise of the arcs would be loud and annoying

    RetroGamerCXRetroGamerCX5 napja
    • You are not right, the original primaries don't have rectifiers in them. The rectifying diodes are on the high voltage secondary coil. There is still a chance he had AC on the output because those diodes could have failed short-circuit due to overvoltage.

      RoboTRoboT59 perccel
    • and the arc color is yellow and purple, (yellow means high current, and purple means high voltage), if the output was in direct current the arcs would be a little bluish white

      RetroGamerCXRetroGamerCX3 napja
  • He literally made the Sun in his home.

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  • sir, please could you make a humidifier marketing video. it will be very helpful for me. thank you.

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  • I'm surprised that this guy has hair on his arms from all the shocks and exsplodeing things

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  • Absolute Madlad

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  • This could almost certainly kill you

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  • It’s a smoke alarm

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  • Your power supply will blow up

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  • I would like to to give you 10000 like 👍 but it’s not aloud more than 1 . You are my Hero

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  • I don’t know a single thing this dudes talking about

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  • Hello #Electroboom

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  • That thumbnail Looks like teenagers making fortunate videos

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  • I like how he has th OG play buttons in the background

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  • "HAHAHA look at this" me: on fire.. 3 sec later, goes on fire* me: of course it does

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  • Sir thank you so much. I've build my own zvs driver instead of buying from online after watching your video. And it works like charm😍😍😍

  • It not doing much pzzzzzzaaaz.

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  • 2:23 freaking seals. makes my heart almost pops.

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  • Can you make keyboard that shocks you every time you type

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  • minute 5:36 the face of a sicopth

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  • Someone please tell me how he is still alive.

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  • Mehedi is electroman The superhero we all needed.

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  • 5:32 6:09 7:05 7:32 7:55 that's we are here all along. The kid inside him speaks in this moments and that's more than... beautiful or maybe... ingeniously beautiful! 😎

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  • isnt this the same stuff in eletric stoves?

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  • 6:47 when the first human discovered fire

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  • Mehdi sadagar is Crazy Science man

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  • 2:53 WINDY!!

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  • 2:40 Ants: ok, MY HOUSE IS ON FIRE!

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  • Don't learn from this gye

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  • 5:35 that right there is a face of accomplishment, right after the Jacob's Ladder incident.. i'm still proud of you.

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  • “And please don’t try this at home” Also Mehdi “anyways if u guys wanna build this thing watch my previous episode”

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  • Back in my younger days, I built a circuit that drove a flyback transformer like this. And connected the output (roughly 12KVAC) to a 20-stage Cockroft-Walton multiplier built out of doorknob capacitors and microwave oven diodes. It arced a solid _10 inches._ (Around 250KVDC.) Part of the multiplier array disconnected while I was playing around with it, and I discovered the circuit break when it arced several inches to my hand, which was rendered numb for several hours and ached for a few days afterward.

    OddlyIncredibleOddlyIncredible12 napja
  • Things are burning,good thing I got that fire alarm out

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  • KH kill hurts of course it dose

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  • It smells like me

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  • this is actually amazing! U can use this the heat rusted bolts on used Car! They have a tool like this that costs 500$ cause its still "new tech" theres no knock off. If you make one for cheap i will buy it for my rusty jeep bolts

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  • 2:10 Awesome but...... is failure

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  • If the electrons that jump that far have 30-60kV as you say, would that release EM radiation(X-rays) with 30-60keV of energy when it's arcing like that?

    AvowooAvowoo12 napja
  • 7:07, *that's how the demon under my bed looks...*

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  • 5:10, #69

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  • 2:49, I thought he turned into a fan..

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  • Can you make an E. D. S

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  • Teacher: How are you learning Voltages, and Energy and other crap like that? me: ElectroBoom

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    • I passed a basic electrical theory test because of his video's.

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