Making Doritos At Home | But Better

2020.aug. 9.
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Ah the humble Dorito. It's no Michelin starred plate up, but it is a childhood memory driving flavor for many people. Now we have to figure out if we can make our very own homemade Doritos with our very own cheese powder.
Brod and Taylor Sahara Dehydrator:
Cheddar Cheese Powder:
White Cheddar Cheese Powder:
Buttermilk Powder:
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  • Doritos smell like dirty socks

    Draco MalfoyDraco Malfoy7 órája
  • These are the chips from over the hedge 😳

  • Please teach us how to make Flamin Hot Cheetoh powder!

    Kathryn JonesKathryn JonesNapja
  • Mexican spices not just cheese

    Perrfectly PeachPerrfectly Peach2 napja
  • Duritos kind of taste like cardboard, it's honestly not hard to make a better chip, the spices on the other hand...

    Google Is A Cruel MistressGoogle Is A Cruel Mistress2 napja
  • Have you done cereal? I feel like you should do corn flakes or Cinnamon Toast Crunch. And go milk a cow for the video please

    A RobA Rob3 napja
  • Yea I’m sorry but you can never beat Doritos

    TheeMelanin. AdaTheeMelanin. Ada3 napja
  • Why would I have a dehydrater

    Kailah SpoonerKailah Spooner4 napja
  • Nope and my family not eating Doritos

    Gina AmeyGina Amey5 napja
  • thanks papa for metric conversion - metric homie

    Nachiketa KumarNachiketa Kumar5 napja
  • U never thought of using corn tortillas instead of flour tortillas?

    Cessa OlivarCessa Olivar5 napja
  • what do you do with all the oil after frying?

    Fahamida FarihaFahamida Fariha5 napja
  • I was expecting "You what's better than powdered cheese.....? RAID SHADOW LEGENDS"

    ItsTr04keeItsTr04kee6 napja
  • Ppffff jaja when I saw you did dorito y did go pfff I go o my fuking fuck

    cruz jimenezcruz jimenez6 napja
  • who else felt really weird when the theme song didn't play after the intro?

    ridhiiridhii7 napja
  • Proximity has 9 letters Portral has 7 letters 9 - 7 = 2 Two rhymes with the word Tool Tool Tools are for Working Working Working has 7 letters Tools has 5 letters 7 + 5 = 12 There are 12 Months in a year Year has 4 Letters 12/4 = 3 A dorito has 3 sides... DORITO CONFIRMED!!!!!

    αiκσ ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっαiκσ ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ9 napja
  • i just whanna say,papa love u -joshua

    MR.Alexis the nerdMR.Alexis the nerd9 napja
  • Doritos are my fav chip

    Glenda ShahinajGlenda Shahinaj10 napja
  • YES that "gouda" was incredible to hear lol

    Omar ZevsOmar Zevs12 napja
  • Ooo... I Love Doritos 😍

    RummyRummyJoeRummyRummyJoe13 napja
  • The one thing you didn't put in your Cheatos is the chemical in the Doritos that makes your brain crave more. Cheaper for them to get you to buy more rhan to get new customers. Food science is fun?

    Mike Gray-EhnertMike Gray-Ehnert13 napja

    Preston jonesPreston jones13 napja
  • im belgian we speek dutch aswell and the way you said gouda was reeeaaaly good for a non dutch speaker. i mean realy good!

    ianka Viaeneianka Viaene14 napja
  • Do the Applebee’s wonton tacos!!!

    Derek HuberDerek Huber14 napja

    Hanah MarieHanah Marie14 napja
  • ngl the og looks better then yours

    KDLabsKDLabs14 napja
  • Dude u can get sued

    yes noobyes noob15 napja
  • Ur teeth are so clean, it’s satisfying 😂

    GidtinGidtin16 napja
  • Bruh the Doritos look better in the thumbnail

    EhyuEhyu16 napja
  • What Is Your Intro Called I Like It😇👍

    SwaveBlossomSwaveBlossom17 napja
  • It’s not Doritos if you make it yourself

    Notorious BeefyNotorious Beefy17 napja
  • You can beat allot but not sure u can beat doritos they are made so be addictive

    z.1_trapp yz.1_trapp y18 napja
  • Sorry but you did it worse this time

    topik_ 2007topik_ 200719 napja
  • You say Gouda right💪

    MrAlexxis1980MrAlexxis198019 napja
  • You can be funny without playing with food

    9mycool9mycool19 napja
  • If this ediot is better then why doesn't he just sell some of his products and let the people judge

    Melon DoggoMelon Doggo20 napja
  • You said Gouda correct!

    M. AwaterM. Awater20 napja
  • Help, i dont exist anymore :((((

    Przemysław JaroszPrzemysław Jarosz21 napja
  • Your good but not that good

    Allan DeltacoAllan Deltaco21 napja
  • Gouda 10/10 really nailed it

    Mees TrouwborstMees Trouwborst22 napja
  • Nice recipe with even nicer video, but I just wanted to tell you that you bought the spicy version of Doritos and showed a recipe for the cheesy one. Can you make another video with a recipe, but for the spicy one?

    У22В Светлозар ЦветковУ22В Светлозар Цветков22 napja
  • nahh this guy shit, fake, didn't think he make it better.

    nasran ridernasran rider22 napja
    • self-praise

      nasran ridernasran rider22 napja
  • No. No, you can't improve doritos. Why did you even try.

    c00lmikec00lmike22 napja
  • I appreciate you use the MSG. Literally every clone recipe skips it but if the restaurant uses it it ain’t a clone if you skip it

    MaxMax23 napja
  • Ngl tortilla chips are easy to make

    JesseOOFJesseOOF23 napja
  • As someone that worked in PepsiCo plant where Doritos are made, I can offer a rare insight into Doritos monkey business. The most important feature of the Doritos making process is this : they not made from flour, the grains were coming to the plant in some kind of storage liquid, the liquid was weird, odorless and did not react with corn since it was perfectly clear. Probably some kind of high tech naxtamalization. The liquid seemed very valuable the way they recuperating it. The grains were drained, rinsed, then dumped into a mixer with other ingredients, turned into paste then fed into a rotating mold, similar to Candy press , that would lay them into a conveyor belt that would drive them into an oven, Yes the chips are not deep fried, the process is closer to making hash browns the way you ddid in another vid. The oil is put directly in the paste, hence the bubbling. From start to finish it takes less than 10 min to do a Doritos. It’s understandable if you struggle to replicate the appearance of them. Édit : I’m relatively sure they put a bit of vinegar powder in the seasoning. I breathed enough of that stuff and had nose burns that can only be explained this way.

    Nashtark 111Nashtark 11123 napja
  • ok but is this guy going to fight on the josh fight? he could bring a pasta weapon

    Luna MotaLuna Mota24 napja

    depressionbombdepressionbomb25 napja
  • Don't mind me, I'm just here to help the random guy helping the random guy who wants Josh to make the book "A Weissman Once Said"

    JPJP25 napja
  • best pronounciation gouda I ever heard good job lol

    FireSaderFireSader25 napja
  • can you do this for chilli heatwave

    ZaynZayn25 napja
  • Thousands of companies have hired seasoned(bad pun intended) experts to duplicate Doritos for years. All have failed. Also NOBODY really uses nutritional yeast as a flavor ingredient in chips. You have conflated nutritional yeast with torula yeast which is a very common flavoring ingredient in chips and other snacks(but not nacho cheese Doritos).

    Moto ShopMoto Shop27 napja
  • Doritos. People say that the ingredient "disodium guanylate" is the way of the food industry giving a different name for bat guano. But it is actually a flavor enhancer derived from dried fish or dried seaweed.

    Jason RaperJason Raper27 napja
    • the red and green bell pepper powder also stand out.

      Jason RaperJason Raper27 napja
  • sorry man but no way u can beat doritos

    Adrian ChavezAdrian Chavez27 napja
  • Doritos have red and green bell pepper powder and tomato powder in there, maybe if you added those to the cheese mix they would taste more like doritos

    Jane DoeJane Doe28 napja
  • sorry this is one thing you cannot do, doritos were given to us directly from the gods

    miniharezminiharez28 napja
  • How are you going to beat doritos if you are not even fighting the best flavor

    Ilanbron06 BronsteinIlanbron06 Bronstein28 napja
  • i think i like doritos more than that

    Mat YTMat YT29 napja
  • Eee

    Odell EnriqueOdell Enrique29 napja
  • Doritos are corn ground up and pressed into a chip shape I doubt you can match texture and or taste with a cut and fried tortilla. Even though tortilla is in fact ground up corn seems like matching the effect of the factory in a kitchen would be out of the question.

    Patrick BrownPatrick Brown29 napja
  • JW Please do a BK Whopper

    NebulousTvNebulousTv29 napja
    • BUT BETTER!!! Yeaaaaahhhh!!

      NebulousTvNebulousTv29 napja
  • The real one looks better in the thumbnail 😐

    Elliot OmedoElliot Omedo29 napja
  • Msg nice

    I’m not dreamI’m not dream29 napja
  • 👄👄👄👄

    troll smiletroll smileHónapja
  • Thank you for using nutritional yeast! I loooove nutritional yeast! Yum!

    Eilish McCahillEilish McCahillHónapja
  • 5:02 you actually said it pretty well!

    Noud 2007Noud 2007Hónapja
  • You should try flamin hot cheetos

    Breanna ArnoldBreanna ArnoldHónapja
  • doritos chilling in the back like 0_0

    Cody HicksCody HicksHónapja
  • Team Doritos y'all!

    Jennifer FJennifer FHónapja
  • WOW! Your pronunciation of Gouda was actually extremely good!

  • Bruh whyd you try to win so bad😭

    Ricardo CamargoRicardo CamargoHónapja
  • Gekoloniseerd makker

    Omer TaskaleOmer TaskaleHónapja
  • i feel like the dorritos are better

  • No one can beat Doritos idk how you make it

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    Jimmy JohnJimmy JohnHónapja
  • The secrete spice is literately just MSG. No joke. Add some MSG from walmart and you're golden.

    Meep ChangelingMeep ChangelingHónapja
  • Msg needs to be put in everything

    Logan Mega The WolfLogan Mega The WolfHónapja
  • You stay taken L’s

    Santiago 69Santiago 69Hónapja
  • This guy sucks. He’s a hater for a purpose and it shows.

    Luke RossiLuke RossiHónapja
  • Nearly 4 mill well don 😅😅

  • I think Doritos won by texture

  • disliking this video cuz throwing and disrespecting food is baad jst give your thoughts to the hungry natuves and homeless people in many countries

  • Ngl the doritos look better than the better version in the thumbnail

    Pieter SlinkmanPieter SlinkmanHónapja
  • I did not even understand the first time he said "gouda" btw its almost impossible to speak dutch as a outsider so dont worry

    Dinand van DorpDinand van DorpHónapja

    Sam WagnerSam WagnerHónapja
  • Me who is allergic to yeast: imma head out

    qwerty qwertqwerty qwertHónapja
  • Idea for new series: Cheap but better

    Faridahayu IderisFaridahayu IderisHónapja
  • Doritos win at being Doritos

    go go bootsgo go bootsHónapja
  • Neighbours me like: Oh dear, he's talking to his best friend cabinet again.

    Email SenderEmail SenderHónapja
  • No

    Francisco Javier Ríos MartínezFrancisco Javier Ríos MartínezHónapja
  • For me the best doritos is the one who filled with cheese

  • bro why the fuck does he sound like deadpool😂😂😂 kinda

    -Minimalistic --Minimalistic -Hónapja
  • making doritos at home \worse

    lisa chinerylisa chineryHónapja
  • *gourmet doritos*

    Cliff MaceCliff MaceHónapja
  • Doritos aren't iconic. They're itriangular.

    Cole McCarthyCole McCarthyHónapja
  • Bro this is unfair your suppose to eat them right after you buy them your opinion is not valid

    silver wolfsilver wolfHónapja
  • Bro mans made cheez-its while making doritos BUILT DIFFERENT

    Tyler Berkheiser VlogsTyler Berkheiser VlogsHónapja
  • Gouda! You did well! nice

    Pringl3s 86Pringl3s 86Hónapja
  • nah just stick to fast food cheif no one out doritos the doritos

  • i wanna live in america look at the amount of doritos they have at the store :o