Machine Gun Kelly ft. Halsey - forget me too [Official Music Video]

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  • Not the hero punk deserved but needed.

    BENJAMIN AdamsBENJAMIN Adams3 órája
  • Are we going to talk about how this is all because of travis barker.

    got milkgot milk3 órája
  • Fuck Halsey should change genres. She’s like a mix of flyleaf/evanescence/paramore and I’m digging it so hard

    Sierra BallardSierra Ballard3 órája
  • The best thing about this joint is Travis Barker 🥁😉😍

    Johnnie GirlJohnnie Girl3 órája
  • 😻😻😻😻😻

    Dominick nicoleDominick nicole3 órája
  • Those tattoo's look stupid. His parent's should've bought him a coloring book when he was a kid.

    Nick SchultzNick Schultz3 órája
  • I´m in love with mgk´s straight hair

    Just EllieJust Ellie3 órája
  • In love with this song

    MissElody CamMissElody Cam4 órája
  • This has been done before. Ummmm 90s.

    Scott Lowman.Scott Lowman.4 órája
  • This is my favorite SONG

    ItsAubsItsAubs4 órája
  • Lmao pop punk making a come back in 2020 is just hilarious to me. This is unreal. And the fact that it is rappers who reintroduce it makes it even more hilarious.

    VerbundenVerbunden4 órája
  • 🤘

    Three wheeler boyzThree wheeler boyz5 órája
  • it's funny how he's singing rock now.

    Namielle ConsujiNamielle Consuji5 órája
  • @andreacrespi

    VXLIII 8VXLIII 85 órája
  • Hey it's the dude who got Ended by Eminem

    Truly DrippyTruly Drippy5 órája
  • Halsey was born to sing this kinda song

    Bruno NalettoBruno Naletto5 órája
  • Mgk cool and all but good god can Halsey be any finer?

    TaylorTaylor6 órája
  • I don't usually like Halsey but I really like how she sounds in this genere

    haus-of-gasahaus-of-gasa6 órája
  • *!!!Bi panic!!!*

    Laude CalpenterLaude Calpenter6 órája
  • Sometimes, I forget this man tried to go up against Eminem

    Confxsed PeachConfxsed Peach7 órája
  • Eminem killed him so bad it knocked the rap right outta mgk turning him into an emo punk 💀

    Phil TeeRichPhil TeeRich7 órája
  • Halsey kinda looks like Amy Lee here :,) i live for it

    greeniechugreeniechu7 órája
  • No gals fingered papayas in this video and no one broke an orange ethier so petty that we care about fruit when gals are more than happy to let you do the dutty tho

    Tyler TurnbullTyler Turnbull7 órája
  • Anyone else feel H's voice is unbearable in this song?

    Sara FargoSara Fargo8 órája
    • No

      Archaea ZeroArchaea Zero5 órája
  • I came here right after I saw them performing at the AMA's 2020. I love this song, I think I'm a fan of them now uwu

    Sofia AlvarezSofia Alvarez8 órája
  • spacecadet

    Lau Mat MorLau Mat Mor8 órája
  • Blink meets Avril

    Антон АнтонычАнтон Антоныч8 órája
  • Simple Stan

    MarleyMarley8 órája
  • I listened to killshot the other day and i have to admit... Em really destroyed his rap career

    LONILONI9 órája
    • Who???

      Luis Solis ZuñigaLuis Solis Zuñiga8 órája
  • Wow

    Fortnite It’s to ezFortnite It’s to ez9 órája
  • Eminem fucked u up big time

    Conor GreenhalghConor Greenhalgh9 órája
  • Damn, Em really did end this mans rap career, Halsey is still amazing... MGK gone emo tho

    Josh CoveyJosh Covey9 órája
  • 2008 now

    Alex CarrascoAlex Carrasco9 órája
  • why is this an anime opening

    T3R3Z1 PYROP3T3R3Z1 PYROP39 órája
  • Since starring in the dirt he’s turned into a rockstar

    Zara ParisZara Paris9 órája
  • 0:07 can he really repair a bike?

    lenny108lenny10810 órája
  • Eminem got MGK so shook he stopped rapping and changed Genres what’s a shame.

    AnonymousAnonymous10 órája
    • honestly you don’t know what tf your talking ab 😂😂😂😂😂 mgk never stopped rapping. his next album is a rap album. and mgk isn’t scared of eminem bruh his diss to him may have been trash but he came at a legend.

      shayシshayシ10 órája
  • Such talent, living gods in the pop/punk genre. This is arguably imo the best collab mgk has ever done, hey colson, ashley THANK YOU y’all fr made my day on this song i wish i found about it before

    Mo AlhusniMo Alhusni11 órája
  • Is nobody gonna talk about HOW a magic 8 ball appeared in his spinal cord

    Javier IqbalJavier Iqbal11 órája
  • Where was this when we were all 15 and emo

    Rae BeanRae Bean11 órája
    • Now we can be 27 and emo

      Archaea ZeroArchaea Zero5 órája
  • Wow!! Okay thanks to this song 2020 ends well after all

    LC49LC4911 órája
  • Halsey voice 😍

    Jah DelJah Del11 órája
  • Mgk is such a bitchhhhh, but Halsey is life 😭😍

    Londyn LightLondyn Light12 órája
  • What happend

    CristianGhost modo sexoCristianGhost modo sexo12 órája
  • New music alert! Davina Michelle with her original song Liar!!! This song is amazing! Check it out now!!

    Sun FlowerSun Flower12 órája
  • they should get back together hihi

    Norhan MalieNorhan Malie12 órája
  • Still cant believe that eminem changed this mans whole genre

    Brian CabreraBrian Cabrera12 órája
  • Yeeessss!!!!!

    maura jeannemaura jeanne12 órája
  • go back to 2017 :)

    hh12 órája
  • Cool

    BulkasterBulkaster12 órája
  • You guys can thank eminem for mgk's new style of music... he ended hes rap career so he had to give rock a shot

    el zkel zk13 órája
  • Finally his real music is out

    amber chhetriamber chhetri13 órája
  • damn i was just listening to killshot and this got recommended to me and damn eminem changed MGKs genre

    Hady albaguHady albagu13 órája
  • Paramore vibes came rushing in

    Jonathan Vince CaneJonathan Vince Cane13 órája
  • I stopped listening to mgk after rap devil... what the fuck is this. He does punk? Do you not all remember when he was "hood"?? Oh yeah eminem ruined is rap career lol

  • Halsey

    Марсель ИбрагимовМарсель Ибрагимов14 órája
  • This guy would start putting out polka albums if he thought he could make money doing it. Making it clearer and clearer song by song that he has absolutely zero artistic integrity. I was so pumped on "Chip off the block" but it's obvious that that guy died.

    ryan martinryan martin15 órája
  • I wish this was released before his beef with em

    Mr SpottyMr Spotty15 órája
  • tf... that was sick

    david Taylordavid Taylor15 órája
  • Why don’t he do this more

    TrampleHETrampleHE15 órája
  • Its actually good....I like it 🤩 🤩 🤩 🤩

    queen Bqueen B16 órája
  • Avril Lavigne Vibes...❤️ Halsey is❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Je LaJe La16 órája
  • Loving this... 🤩🤩

    Turkcs315Turkcs31516 órája
  • Real talk tho # Hows the connect between these 2, 🤔🤫 dont tell MFOX 🤫

    Far North Coast KaosFar North Coast Kaos16 órája
  • Remind me of childhood

    alduinalduin16 órája
  • I'm just going to say what noones going to say. Its kinda weird MGK chose to do this whole emo goth blink 182 thing after peeps success with it, MGK when he first came out was trying to be like Eminem now he's just trying to be like peep. Get some of your own originality instead of taking it from someone who's not here anymore and capitalizing off of it and acting like you've been doing it. SMH. Shits commercial asf and it shows. Rather play the fishnarc album wildfire

    Prince PhilipPrince Philip17 órája
  • Lol wtf is this punk pop shit?? Blink 182 ?? This guy is nothing

    The Bald BillyThe Bald Billy18 órája
  • Making songs With G Eazy Ex Girlfriend + Her Ex girlfriend, Meanwhile me i act like a Stranger to my Ex Girlfriend 😄

    Ws Nivia21Ws Nivia2118 órája
  • 100% they still fuckin LUL

    franz009franzfranz009franz18 órája
  • Best song in ages

    Daniel KavanaghDaniel Kavanagh19 órája
  • Nice

    J PJ P19 órája
  • well, he does wear ear rings, not for me.

    woody Vallallellalungawoody Vallallellalunga20 órája
  • Raise the flag puts this to shame

    Music is Life ProductionsMusic is Life Productions20 órája
  • New Kelly's album will be in this style for sure:

    Paweł ZielińskiPaweł Zieliński20 órája
  • dude I just found out this, I know him from the small issue (BIG) with know who and didn't know this guy could actually rock like this, I thought he was one of those trap rappers and shit, but this is GOLD

    die Klubdie Klub21 órája
  • Halsey and Kells arguing and pushing at each other... Travis: I Must Drum...

    Drunken CenturionDrunken Centurion21 órája
  • Did they include the bass player?

    Nos VorlightNos Vorlight21 órája
  • looks like a girl has muscles like a girl sings like a girl you shouldn't pay any attention to this left subject. Coming generations are lost if it goes on like this xD Such broken people are deliberately dragged into the public to manipulate people. This has not only worked perfectly since Woodstock.

    O D NO D N22 órája
  • HJC rpha @1:20

    V Man of CebuV Man of Cebu22 órája
  • This song and “Clover Cage - Monster” are the only two things keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better...We are in this together...I love you.....

    Hollagrl0999Hollagrl099922 órája
  • Am I the only one who has supported him since 2012? Watching him finally get the recognition he deserves!

    Racheal BlairRacheal Blair22 órája
  • Mgk is a wannabe rockstar. And no, hes not a rockstar. Generic and blah

    peter breiterpeter breiter23 órája
  • Halsey looks so tall and skinny in this video.

  • Ya know, a few years ago, the last thing in the world I would have expected would be that MGK and Halsey would collaborate on a punk rock song. AND IT ACTUALLY SOUNDS GOOD!! I don't believe it

  • Jesus is this considered music now?

    • Boomers gonna boomer

      Unsilenced NationUnsilenced Nation19 órája
  • Damn Eminem did this nigga so dirty he switched from rap to punk rock 😭

    Gajshhs HahahdhGajshhs HahahdhNapja
    • glad for it tho its amazing

      shayshay23 órája
  • Just imagine, what a great show it'll be when this song is performed live by MGK and Halsey.

    Tejaswi PurushothamTejaswi PurushothamNapja
  • Damn... Eminem fucked up you that bad you had to change genres.... RIP Wildboi

    RF DaOneRF DaOneNapja
  • MGK lang Malakas 👊👊🇵🇭

    Raffy BoiRaffy BoiNapja
  • 😂😂 this guy cant even take the seat off a motorcycle 😂😂

    niko Supniko SupNapja
    • Fire 🔥

      wnnalis cioovwnnalis cioovNapja
  • I'm mot family with this dude or with the current music trends, but isn't this guy a rapper?

    Dan LDan LNapja
    • Good job 👌👍

      wnnalis cioovwnnalis cioovNapja
  • Ok

  • Did Eminem bully u that bad

    sad potatosad potatoNapja
    • listen. just because he had beef with eminem doesn't mean his music is bad

      shayshay23 órája
  • This is more like a breakup punk rock song that led both MGK and Halsey to not be in love anymore. Travis Barker is good with the drums there. Good music video, MGK! : )

    Osagie E. GuobadiaOsagie E. GuobadiaNapja
  • Need more of this collabs with Halsey!!!!!!!!!

  • my goodness, I really really love this. i wish you two were a band now hahahahaha

  • I like his punk music wayyyyyyy more

    Laela WolvesLaela WolvesNapja
  • love this

  • Take notes people. This is what happens to your career when you fuck with the G.O.A.T from a shit rapper to what ever the fucking this bullshit is..

  • Watching this in 144p feels like watching an early 2000s rock song on a bootleg vcd.

    Lawrence SantiagoLawrence SantiagoNapja