Machine Gun Kelly - Downfalls High

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Downfalls High, a film by Machine Gun Kelly & Mod Sun
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Music video by Machine Gun Kelly, Halsey, blackbear performing Downfalls High. © 2021 Bad Boy/Interscope Records

  • Lilhuddy dose not exists in these comments idk y

    Sarah SarahSarah Sarah4 órája
  • Is it his story?

    danii'sdanii's4 órája
  • This is whiner music

    Sal SalinasSal Salinas6 órája
  • This weak shit blows

    Sal SalinasSal Salinas6 órája
  • Sick.....ssick......sssick.......frikn SICK

    Kyle MonkKyle Monk7 órája
  • I still listen to this multiple times a day ever since it came out ! Thank you MGK for art

    K.K.9 órája
  • 💟💟

    Rosario AldeaRosario Aldea10 órája
  • i love you you saved my life

    Heather MontroseHeather Montrose11 órája
  • Why is it that this movie is so comparable to my life

    RANDOMRANDOM13 órája
  • we just gonna ignore the fact that MGK put so much work in this ? nahhh i respect him for this .

    Laila MooreLaila Moore14 órája
  • Grammy must be yours, MGK!

    EXtraXEXtraX15 órája
  • RIP Charli Damelio

    Saul ReynaSaul Reyna15 órája
  • Crazy this all happened in 8 months

    Saul ReynaSaul Reyna16 órája
  • i hope charli is ok it's 2019 for me

    marinettemarinette18 órája
  • I don't know how to convey these feelings, I'm so sad

    charli_wiffecharli_wiffe18 órája
  • 00:38 - title track 3:14 - kiss kiss 6:20 - drunk face 9:25 - bloody valentine 13:24 - forget me too 17:57 - all i know 21:59 - lonely 24:53 - WWIII 26:45 - concert for aliens 29:57 - my ex's best friend 32:54 - jawbreaker 35:34 - nothing inside 38:49 - banyan tree 41:28 - play this when i'm gone 45:00 - body bag

    Trey DuncanTrey Duncan18 órája
    • Not all heroes wear capes

      Saul ReynaSaul Reyna16 órája
  • The song lonely makes me break down every fuckin time. Like fuckkkkkkk, I've lost too many people too soon 🖤

    Dana TurnerDana Turner19 órája
  • I loved this

    Ava RamirezAva Ramirez21 órája
  • damn eminem really got to him lol

    Drizzy DrakeDrizzy Drake21 órája
  • 0:38 title track 3:14 kiss kiss 6:35 drunk face 9:25 bloody valentine 13:01 body bag 13:24 forget me too 17:58 all i know 21:59 lonely 24:52 WWIII 26:45 concert for aliens 29:57 my ex's best friend 32:55 jawbreaker 35:35 nothing inside 39:23 banyan tree 41:28 play this when i'm gone

    Grayson IsHereGrayson IsHere21 órája
    • ♦️

      NorthStar AnvilNorthStar Anvil12 órája
  • The part with Travis sitting in a toilet playing the drums had me dead

    Willow SowersWillow Sowers22 órája
  • My favorite part is at 10:07

    Daniel NaingDaniel Naing22 órája
  • Every song Travis Barker is on just doesnt need any other instruments. Like BLINK 182 is Travis's band.

    Johnny WallmarkJohnny Wallmark23 órája
  • MGK💥

    EzerGaming_CZEzerGaming_CZ23 órája
  • MGK is a fucking genius. 🔥

    Beth BlodgettBeth Blodgett23 órája
  • 🖤

  • i don’t understand.Nothing

    Adriana DakotaAdriana DakotaNapja
  • This is amazinggggg, unreal.

    Rachel RanjanRachel RanjanNapja
  • Anyone sees Lil Huddy

    Ami SouAmi SouNapja
    • Yeah thats the main guy

      Saul ReynaSaul Reyna15 órája
  • Soy el único Latinoamericano que escucha a Machine Gun kelly??

    Kevin IbarraKevin IbarraNapja
  • Honestly that was preaty sad

    chop sueychop sueyNapja

  • I agree with this first intro

    Terri LeepTerri LeepNapja
  • “Roll One” by Double G is better

    Tyrian JonesTyrian JonesNapja
  • Not a fan of this

    Tyrian JonesTyrian JonesNapja
  • The ones that gas you up only come around when the gas is on. I felt that.

  • chase can act tho

    -_- stfu-_- stfuNapja
  • i cried like a 100 times watching this

    flotschki kapotschkiflotschki kapotschkiNapja
  • What a beautiful interracial couple

    Economia Não É Jogo de Soma ZeroEconomia Não É Jogo de Soma ZeroNapja
  • fcking masterpiece

    Ivan CamposIvan CamposNapja
  • Is that lil huddy or what?

    • yes

      Brandon JohnsonBrandon Johnson13 órája
  • This video hit the highest bars of all time. Idk anyone else who will make a masterpiece this good, I’ve watched it 3 times and I started a band bc of it. We are recording soon and I just wana say thx to mgk for this

    Kings Silver 🤟Kings Silver 🤟Napja
  • MGK? Gone Punk? Alright.

    • @Chad Peterson I didn't know that. I hadn't heard anything from him in over a year.

    • He's been for over a year now tf

      Chad PetersonChad PetersonNapja
  • He should collab with camila Cabello again👏😂😡😎😹❓

    sam Jordansam JordanNapja
  • i Watched the movie 8 times the is the 9th time

  • Tem que apoiar esse maluco, vamos lá joga o rock na mídia de novo!

    Vitor DanielVitor DanielNapja
  • This is the best thing i heard and watched for a while

    Тимофей ТруновТимофей ТруновNapja
  • MGK Cinematic Universe when?

    Dave CrosshawDave CrosshawNapja
  • why is this like some YA book i read in the early 00s?

    lilith violet harmonylilith violet harmony2 napja
  • Does anyone know where you can get a pair of those white trousers he had on in title song they was sick and would look dope in a full white outfit

    Flip Playz gamezFlip Playz gamez2 napja
  • Ngl watching this made me feel something

    Elizabeth Omar'sElizabeth Omar's2 napja
  • Was gonna watch this again, then remembered how sad it was and don't feel like crying in bed for the next 3 months lmao

    Caitlin ThomasCaitlin Thomas2 napja
  • 0:38 title track 3:14 kiss kiss 6:35 drunk face 9:25 bloody valentine 13:01 body bag 13:24 forget me too 17:58 all i know 21:59 lonely 24:52 WWIII 26:45 concert for aliens 29:57 my ex's best friend 32:55 jawbreaker 35:35 nothing inside 39:23 banyan tree 41:28 play this when i'm gone

    IronWRLDIronWRLD2 napja
    • Thank you man

      Jassir MedinaJassir Medina18 órája
    • Love youuuuuuuu❤️

      Dharshith RaviDharshith Ravi19 órája
  • “If I’m a painter, I’d be a depressionist” 🤮

    ObservetteMARCHObservetteMARCH2 napja
  • Sell out!

    Bssin-sifuBssin-sifu2 napja
  • ✨masterpiece✨

    Llamagirl eLlamagirl e2 napja
  • Bro, been a fan since day one. Loved it all, the good, the bad, this is you. Dont stop.

    Joey TomasoJoey Tomaso2 napja
  • what a masterpiece, Holy F**$ truly amazing. Thank you for this

    Black ReaperBlack Reaper2 napja
  • He could use a little more fat on his bones....then it's grrr

    Dana C.Dana C.2 napja

    Bliep BloepBliep Bloep2 napja

    Bliep BloepBliep Bloep2 napja
  • My Downfall will never run out

    Isabella GuevaraIsabella Guevara2 napja
  • I prefer this genre

    fredy liconfredy licon2 napja
  • I wish I could talk to you MGK about how much this movie means to me.

    Dont PlayDont Play2 napja
  • Colombia está siendo sensurados ya que en estos momentos pretende el gobierno poner reformas. De más impuestos al pueblo y está masacrando jóvenes en las calles por órdenes del gobierno

    Carlos RojasCarlos Rojas2 napja
  • i gotta be honest, i‘m only watching this for sydney sweeney

    valentina gvalentina g2 napja
  • This was insanely amazing. The story line went so perfect 🙏🏽🤞🏽

    RockStarrFXRockStarrFX2 napja
  • that's genius.

    Fatou-tomota OumarFatou-tomota Oumar2 napja
  • I only came because I'm in love in the chase

    Isadora GoncalvesIsadora Goncalves2 napja
  • been listening to this non stop since march, Someone get me music help

    vin grizvin griz2 napja
  • Just watched it for the millionth time on acid. Colson mod sun and Travis are fucking gods

    lil palm treelil palm tree3 napja
  • big up from Italy 🇮🇹

    Giulio BuonannoGiulio Buonanno3 napja
  • rockstar

    IndieIndie3 napja

    Michael DeBylMichael DeByl3 napja
  • Pizz hobelongt ther unime

    moserpaul99moserpaul993 napja
  • This reminds me of Metallica Through The Never and it’s a fantastic formula they both follow

    Cameron SCameron S3 napja
  • This is the dumbest shit ive seen.

    Charles MorgCharles Morg3 napja
    • It’s good

      Holden CamposHolden Campos2 napja
  • Megan fox chose good

    Jake FarmJake Farm3 napja
  • Man I miss lil peep

    Nicholas GalvanNicholas Galvan3 napja
    • we all do

      DennyDenny3 napja
  • This is my vibe right now and it inspired me too make my own music gave me that last push i needed to do the things i love. Thanks @mgk for building my soul and giving me a voice when i was speechless Big love from soam Harley B

    Harley BTCHHarley BTCH3 napja
  • This is amazing 😻

    Olivia ParrOlivia Parr3 napja
  • I watched it all I loved it the even songs I did not even know about lol is amzing

    Chloe LeannaChloe Leanna3 napja
  • Really inspired ❣️

    Allexis FawxAllexis Fawx3 napja
  • conozco a machine gun Kelly desde hace como tres años y me enteré hace unos días que es el el que interpreta a Tommy lee en la película de motley crue, me siento una mala fan tanto de machine como de motley crue :c

    Fernanda Ruiz ArratiaFernanda Ruiz Arratia3 napja
  • 10:00 - 10:08 dude - "do you like airplanes?" girl - "i fucking hate airplanes" dude - "same" Kelly - "what the fuck" why is that so funny

    Tim PostTim Post3 napja
    • it's even better knowing that line was improv-ed lmao

      AnyaAnya2 órája
    • right so good one of my fav bits

      Thewookie TTVThewookie TTV2 napja
  • Was that lil huddy?- omg and trippie- best video I’ve ever seen 💀💀

    Aubrey WatermillerAubrey Watermiller3 napja
    • Ya

      Holden CamposHolden Campos2 napja
  • Спасибо мгк

    Саня ПитерскийСаня Питерский3 napja
  • Но треки бомба

    Саня ПитерскийСаня Питерский3 napja
  • Он хочет объединить направления?

    Саня ПитерскийСаня Питерский3 napja
  • Прям не понял причем тут рэп

    Саня ПитерскийСаня Питерский3 napja
  • Это самая крутая тема что я видел

    Саня ПитерскийСаня Питерский3 napja
  • I love this track i listen to it and it doesn’t even feel like i have listened to music for an hour…

    Candace KershCandace Kersh3 napja
  • sos sos

  • i love this song its so fucking lit

  • i watch this over and over and over again. thank you kells

    jadejade3 napja
  • omg。。

    栗原絆栗原絆3 napja
  • no entendi nada pero ta prity la cancion xd

    paulina Victoria arauz Barriapaulina Victoria arauz Barria3 napja
  • 5

    adam přibiladam přibil3 napja
  • Sick. Just sick. 😎 absolutely love this masterful piece of art. Great work! 🤟

    Diblios NarcamaDiblios Narcama4 napja