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Alright, I know a lot of you miss the theories, and so do I. So here’s one that at first glance will make you roll your eyes, but by the end of this video, I think you’ll be able to see a lot of the plausibility of things.
The more I write this theory, the more it makes sense, but first we need to understand a lot of lore and backstory, so sit tight, and enjoy this one with me.
In Star Wars Revenge of the Sith, Mace Windu fell out of the window, and we haven’t seen the Jedi Master since. We saw a figment of his return in one of the Vader comics by Marvel which I have full coverage on with voice acting, if you can call it that, now this Mace isn’t really Mace, it’s some weird fragmented animated version of him....can we say he’s truly dead?
In this theory video, I’m going to say he didn’t die that day. The theory I have behind this, is that we heard his voice speak to Rey in the rise of Skywalker. You’re probably thinking, well…that definitely means he’s dead, right?
Sure, maybe, but, how did he speak to Rey? If it wasn’t for Qui-Gon Jinn, no one would be a force ghost. Qui-Gon Jinn met with the shaman of the whills, now these were ancient powerful beings, almost like priests of some sorts. During Qui-Gon’s life, they taught him how to transfer his essence beyond death. However, due to his untimely demise, he wasn’t able to complete his training, therefore only able to manifest his voice as a ghost, and not his body, until much later near a new hope which can be read in the book from a certain point of view. In Revenge of the Sith, Qui-Gon’s force ghost speaks to Yoda, it was cut from the film, but it was dialogued in the deleted scenes and written in the original script. That moment on Polis Massa where Yoda is meditating during Padme’s labor, to which Bail Organa, the future adopted father of Leia, interrupts Yoda’s communication with Qui-Gon. Once Padme dies and obi-wan and Yoda speak, we learn that Qui-Gon is now Yoda’s master, who has taught him how to commune with him in the force. To Obi-Wan’s surprise, Qui-Gon is still very much around in the force.
So, where did he go? The Star Wars galaxy is huge, and it’s possible that he fled somewhere, or went in hiding, just like Yoda, Obi-Wan and the rest of the survivors of Order 66.
What if he went somewhere to some unknown planet in the unknown regions somewhere to hide and train more Jedi? What if he became a Mandalorian? Nothing would suit his scarred and recognizable face better than hiding under a helmet.
This leads me to my next theory, what if Mace Windu is in The Mandalorian? What if he shows up in season2 or 3 or more? Mace Windu was unbelievably powerful, so powerful that he went toe to toe with the Emperor.
Now, if Mace is alive, seeing him as a Mandalorian would not just be cool, it would fit a lot of the story for the Jedi that could help reunite the child with his species. There is no person in the galaxy that knows Yoda better than Mace Windu. He sat with him as second in command, and in some cases, first in command. Mace in a lot of ways, was the chosen one. He used the light and the dark, he was the master of his emotions, and he had surpassed all of his teachers as a young boy, growing to become the most powerful Jedi just before Anakin could see his full potential until he lost to OBiWan.
Let’s say Mando takes The Child to Ahsoka, and she eventually tells him of someone who can really show him the way to reuniting the Child with its species, pointing him to another Easter egg hunt throughout the galaxy, to Mace Windu.Mace could be laying low, perhaps growing his crops and training those who exhibited force powers at an early age. Perfecting his abilities and learning more about all aspects of the force, and eventually along the way, learning a ton from Yoda who communed with him, and Obi-Wan after their deaths. Perhaps even, coming across Luke Skywalker and learning of the fate of Anakin and the Emperor. Teaching Luke so much about his father’s youth.
This could be Mace’s return, this could be how Mace fits into the Mandalorian. So you’re probably saying, well ok, but what about his death…well…What if while the Mando is finding the path to Mace Windu, he is followed by someone notorious flying the Slave 1 ship and once he does leave Mace, with the information on where to reunite The Child with his parents, Boba comes to him. How poetic would it be if Mace Windu’s death came full circle, and what I mean is, Boba Fett finds him, and kills him, transcending him into the force…avenging his father, Jango.

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  • The uneven caption complimentarily guard because morocco outstandingly stop failing a classy satin. wonderful, imperfect view

    Scott LepakScott LepakPerce
  • Boba is dead lol

    joseph rhoadesjoseph rhoades5 perccel
  • So did you say yodas master. I thought yoda was light years ahead of all the Jedi council

    Mud TherapyMud Therapy30 perccel
  • something I don't agree with when it comes to Mace surviving the fall and order 66 is him giving up and going into hiding. he may lay low for a little while to heal and get an idea of what will happen to the galaxy now but I don't see a walking tank like Mace Windu lay low for the rest of his life. he either would create a new jedi order himself or have one last stand against the empire

    memory man gamingmemory man gaming42 perccel
  • I believe that when Ashoka said that maybe a Jedi will train grougu if grougu chooses, that the Jedi that comes would be mace windu.

    Carman CrestCarman Crest51 perce
  • Great video! Awesome theory!!

    ScottScott58 perccel
  • Didn’t boba fett die in return of the Jedi tho

    Jeffrey MasnickJeffrey MasnickÓrája
  • Now with this episode from last Friday, it is likely possible he will return. Unless if he is dead.

    Jack McFarlandJack McFarland2 órája
  • Im pretty sure mandalarion was before the revenge of the sith or even the beginning of star wars [star wars timeline]

    Michael AbaMichael Aba3 órája
  • This would be amazing

    FallzgrimFallzgrim3 órája
  • Wouldnt want anyone else to train baby yoda

    X x__Dr_Acula__x XX x__Dr_Acula__x X4 órája
  • Okay if mace was the mandalorian don't you think he would have known exactly what and who grogu was when he found him? If that was really mace he wouldn't have been that confused.

    j Cavj Cav4 órája
  • Mace Windu was not more powerful that Emperor but just better light saber warrior. He was probably best warrior of his generation. He was also trained as Jedi Sentinel, a faction inside the order who was more relaxed about things of Jedi Code. Palpatine was not best Sith warrior, his master was superior to him. Darth Sidious was just better schemer. And please remember that Palpatine was still apprentice during SW Ep1. That is why Mace won duel with Palpatine, as superior warrior he was better equipped to cancel superior power of Sith Lord who lacked warrior training. While Yoda was superior with power to Mace, later will win their duels. That is why Mace is second in command in Jedi High Council. Returning to This theory - it will be shock that Emperor did not sense his powers after order 66. After the purge it was easier to sense any disturbance in the Force and Emperor was well skilled in this matter, more than Darth Vader. So for me return of Mace Windu is unlikely.

    Janusz KedzioraJanusz Kedziora4 órája
  • Now, in Star Wars: Revenge Of The Sith Mace Window fell off the Windu

    Skull PumpkinSkull Pumpkin6 órája
  • Last I checked boba lost his armor and the town's keeper took it and used it to help the town and mando kill the kyrat dragon sorry for spoiling to those who haven't seen or gotten to this point

    Levi Samuel KinterLevi Samuel Kinter6 órája
  • meh

    ssaohssaoh6 órája
  • Theory wall mando try to return grogu mace reaches out through the force and tells Mando where to go finally he meets up with mace then mando takes Grogu and Mace to find grogus kind mace tells him where to go and they Reuter’s the child also I think this will happen next season

    Frenchtoast 143Frenchtoast 1438 órája
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  • no, this theory doesn't make sense dude

    GhoouGhoou9 órája
  • It is a great theory but Mace Windu being alive does not make sense to me. I just can't believe he would pull out of the big picture. If he was alive he would have confronted Vader at some point or probably even Palpatine. He needs a real reason why he didn't do that. When Maul returned he got that reason. He turned out to be completely insane because he was stuck at that weird place for 10 years ish and got these spider legs. He has a reason why he didn't seek revenge sooner. He just couldn't. But why wouldn't Mace Windu try to fight back earlier?

    TheFrozenFireTheFrozenFire9 órája
  • 7:40 Anakin will never get the highground😔

    Star wars GamerStar wars Gamer9 órája
  • Mace windo is dead if you watch the new Star Wars movie that just came out you can hear mace windo call to Rey saying her name so this video is irrelevant

    Jared DaltonJared Dalton10 órája
  • Really hope Windu comes back!

    globalchaos1984globalchaos198410 órája
  • That would ruin the show bunch of newbe fans are the only ones that don't laugh at that character -.Purple saber for the racist black guy? lol

    Blue NeptuneBlue Neptune11 órája
  • Has ANYONE ever really died in Star Wars?

    MR. NOBODYMR. NOBODY11 órája
  • I’d rather mace not die

    Charles O'DellCharles O'Dell12 órája
  • When you just predicted the last episode that came out from what we know hisoka turned down grogu in training him since she sees the anger in him and she tells them to go to a temple and have him choose his path the light or dark and once he picks his side a Jedi or maybe some one from the dark side will come looking for him but we know grogu is to good for the dark side lmfao

    Izilla MonsterIzilla Monster12 órája
  • Boba killing Mace would be so poor of an outcome that I'm not sure I'd be able to continue watching whatever show that happened on. The Fetts are incredibly overrated. As skilled as Mace is, Fett would be dead long before he had a chance to get near him.

    Steven DiazSteven Diaz13 órája
  • While this theory is cool i rather have original characters show up and and movie characters/characters we know show up rarely

    JizzmaJizzma13 órája
  • Mace is definitely more skilled in lightsabers than the emporer .

    Aaron HaganAaron Hagan15 órája
  • me thinking he gonna gave me a spoiler i almost punched his face

    Kauã MedradoKauã Medrado15 órája
  • Mace, should be dead and stay dead. I think having him be alive cheapens the lead into Order 66 and Anakins betrayal. SW theory mentions that Mace talks to Rey, so how could he have learned to do so. But many Jedi talked to Rey in that moment, including Kanen who also wouldn't have had any training. I think all Jedi I preserved in the force, the training just let's you interact with the living. Rey was different, and so could talk to all spirits consciously.

    Alex OsborneAlex Osborne17 órája
  • IF that happens...I can ONLY be insanely ecstatic! SLJ is just M-F awesome! "I want you to go in that bag and find my light saber. - Which one is it? - It's the one that says bad mother f***er on it."

    Victor PradhaVictor Pradha17 órája
  • the tiny problem with your theory is that last time Windu went against a Mandalorian he destroyed him like nothing. I seriously doubt his son would have lasted more than few more seconds than his father. Of course the fall would not kill him he could easily use the force to steer himself to safety or pull something to grab to slow down his fall. I also agree that Sidius could not have lost to Windu for the simple fact that his "loss" happened exactly at time Anakin arrived. It clear that Palpatine timed everything so that Anakin would be forced to attack the Jedi and be easily convinced to join the Sith for good, or should I say for evil ;) The entire scene screams "manipulation" so I am suprised to hear that Lucas intended for the loss to be the actual thing. We should not forget also that Paplatine fought Yoda with ease. Windu may have been more powerful that Yoda fighting wise but I doubt he was that powerful. But then all this is just pure speculation, the story is too vague and unreliable to draw any meaningful conclusion.

    Kilon AliosKilon Alios18 órája
  • Fell out the window lmao that's an understatement

    proper properproper proper19 órája
  • What if that wasn’t boba fett but actually mace windu 😂

    Justin PootJustin Poot20 órája
  • maybe in the heat of the moment mace survives the fall but an injury to the head makes him suffer from amnesia hes been hanging around ever since not knowing he was a Jedi Master

    Jurgen BastianJurgen Bastian20 órája
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  • Dude I watched the last episode of mandilorian and thought the exact same thing GET OUTA MY HEAD!!!!!???!???

    Paddy CooperPaddy Cooper22 órája
    • Seriously stop it bro get outa there

      Paddy CooperPaddy Cooper22 órája
  • If Mace is alive I’m gonna FREAK

    NotSoGoodDreamNotSoGoodDream22 órája

    brocten rhodesbrocten rhodes22 órája
  • The only way this “theory” makes sense is if Disney strokes a HUGE check to Samuel L. Jackson 🤣

    Simple IowanSimple Iowan22 órája
    • Samuel L Jackson has said multiple times he wishes to come back to play Mace, and hopes he is still alive.

      Flipzy18Flipzy1822 órája
  • You have to fall into abyss in order to come back so sounds ok to me.

    snake plisskensnake plissken23 órája
  • Time out! Time out!.... Boba motherfucking fett is alive?! How? Mace not dying I get (weirdly enough) but Boba... He got turned into a flaming snack. (Granted... I did wonder how tf the little dudes got his fucking armor.) But still! Someone clue me in here.

    Nick TaylorNick Taylor23 órája
  • Boba Fett is already dead in Mandalorian. Mandalorian takes place after the 6th movie and Boba Fett died in Return of the Jedi.

  • SWT: Makes a video that is a solid theory and fits in with logic Jon Favreau: Write that down write that down

    Nicholas HawkinsNicholas HawkinsNapja
  • Unless windu is same age as yoda we won’t see him in a show with yoda as an infant

    Justin KarpsJustin KarpsNapja
  • Mace would never lose to a Mandalorian, he would just use the force to crush his armor/chest or just stop him from breathing and kill him, he beat the emperor, no way in hell he's losing to a Mandelorian.

    Andre RedmondAndre RedmondNapja
  • I have a more solid theory that the kid will likely be brought to, and trained by Obiwan, as the child will make appearances in his standalone...doesn't that make more sense from disney's monetary standpoint? Remember it's disney...

  • Also dave faloni already said that because we heard asokhas voice doesn’t mean she’s dead by that point, and that he’ll continue on as planned. Meaning the whole speaking in episode 9 things isnt really all that finite

    Beckham NoblesBeckham NoblesNapja
  • Mace could be on Tython.

  • Mace could fall and save himself from that altitude but you are forgetting the fact that he was in shock because of the Lightning attack, something that is even seen while he was force push through the window, and that's something that keep me from believe that he could survive the fall.

    Yam DelgadoYam DelgadoNapja
  • He would have deaten him

    Caleb AdairCaleb AdairNapja
  • I thought the same! I think it will happen hehehehe.

    Olivia LundOlivia LundNapja
  • And even to further this point, Samuel L Jackson is an a-lister within Disney's circle at this point. His importance to the Avengers franchise alone would give Disney more than enough reason to want to bring back the character. This to me is simply a matter of what Disney wants to do... they themselves said they want as much SW content as possible. When you weigh all the possibilities, Mace Windu by far is the most interesting one

    22-0 In Cook County22-0 In Cook CountyNapja
  • Boba’s gonna put me in the cargo hold if I don’t sub to Star Wars theory

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  • Mace mothafuggin windu

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  • There is a very good book about obiwan, it’s name is something like Obi-Wan, but it has a couple times with Qui-Gons voice and we see how Anikin (bad at spelling) becomes a force ghost it’s a very good book

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  • mmm preferences dont recommend this channel, done (don't want potential spoilers).

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  • That is a brilliant idea Star Wars Theory. I love the prequels and the tie in idea with Boba Fett vs Mace Windu after all of those years. It could be very fitting.

    Sami CetinSami CetinNapja
  • If Mace actually bested the emperor and it wasn't the emperor faking to put Anakin into that position to turn him then how the heck did Yoda lose?!?!? Yoda wasn't better than Mace?!?!? Or was it simply plot armor for the sake of the storyline?

    Dave GregoryDave GregoryNapja
  • You gave me chills lol

  • Season two already directed Mando after Asohka. So we'll see where this leads him. Boba died in Tatoine though, didn't he? Though technically we was still alive after being swallowed, but what's he' really gunna do with one hand 'ey?

    James MurphyJames MurphyNapja
  • Yup, rolled my eyes

  • I think we are going to see a purple lightsaber at the end of Mando season 2.

    Mara JadedMara JadedNapja
  • BUT WE HAVE ALREADY FOUND BOBAS armor in mando season two episode 1

  • Please one of my most favorite characters would be awesome to get a mini series or movie just about Windu

  • Mace is NOT coming back in future continuity. They may do a Mace prequel, but Mace is dead.

  • Mace isn't more powerful than Sidious. His vision was blacked just as much as every other Jedi, and he really liked Palps to boot. It was simply the way of Vapaad. It literally just reflects dark side energy back at the user, using Mace as a conduit. The stronger the dark side user, the more Mace can reflect it back at them. So its more that Mace had the cheat codes, rather than having more power than Palps.

    Angela InnisAngela InnisNapja
  • I wonder why Qui Gonn never reached through the force to tell OB1 that he was messing up with Anakin.

    Angela InnisAngela InnisNapja
  • If Jedi have been around for thousands of years, why did it take so long for them to learn the force ghost ability? Has this ever been answered?

    Darren TealeDarren TealeNapja
  • IDK... Mace doesn't need to be alive to learn how to force talk... half of those force ghost in RoS were dead either before or during order 66... so that means even in death you can learn how to project your force voice. I'm praying they don't bring back Mace just for fan service... look how that ended in RoS.. and im suprised to see SWT post this video hoping for it.. I guess no one cares how this would impact Anakins turn to the dark side or the general "off screen" deaths. Just because it happened off screen doesn't mean they're alive guys. These are low hanging fruit and there is a better star wars story to tell here. Just keep him dead and give more light to new star wars characters who aren't so tangled with the skywalker saga. Bring Cal or even that padowan that framed ashoka in the clone wars. Anyone that makes logical sense. Don't bring in Ezra and save his return for Ashokas own show where she sacrifices her life to save Ezra. (Because in RoS shes a force ghost so we know shes dead) That woul be such a heart breaking moment for anyone whos a fan of rebels.

  • One of the worst Theories I have ever heard from you👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽

    Whor dellWhor dellNapja
  • Force.

    oiuet souiuoiuet souiuNapja
  • Do you have a vid on Y tf obi wan didn't take a Anakin with him after beating him on Mustafar?

    Noobly SmNoobly SmNapja
  • bobafet is dead mando have his armoor

    Maggy BosMaggy BosNapja
    • He probably just landed on a flying car...

      oiuet souiuoiuet souiuNapja

    n kn kNapja
  • Wow... just wow... that would be incredible and very energetic to see in The Mandalorian.

    Somar and The Astronaut ApeSomar and The Astronaut ApeNapja
  • Hey during the mandolorian episode that they take down the sand dragon thing at the end it pans over to a man walking on the dunes and is is boba fett, boba is alive just no longer a bounty hunter

    Sam LudolphSam LudolphNapja
  • no he doesnt and no he never will

    Dynamite MartiniDynamite MartiniNapja
  • Am i the only one who can't wait for resee the armorer ?

    Maul 266Maul 266Napja
  • Solid theory and one that funnily enough I was discussing just the other day. The last episode left open the segway into Obi Wan series, I think that's too obvious. Definitely on to something mate 👏👏👏

    Matthew WilkinsMatthew WilkinsNapja
  • I’ve always hated that the clone wars only had two movies. I wish they had made more clone wars movies before turning into the empire😩

    Snax ReactsSnax ReactsNapja
  • Didn’t boba die when Han Solo was going to be killed by Jabba and he was eaten

    • No he survived

      akidim13akidim1320 órája
  • I don't know because Disney isn't smart like this unless they watch you but they should do it

    Master GamerMaster GamerNapja
  • Where was all that Jedi during rebelion? Asoka and others?

    Jack MonteCristoJack MonteCristoNapja

  • I like your theory and hope that could be the case, but like Palpatin said to Ray, he was every voice in her head that she ever heard guiding her to that point in time.

    Robert NilssonRobert NilssonNapja
  • Want to learn to be one with the force? Join my discord page

    Meditate For AwarenessMeditate For AwarenessNapja

    Ian barberIan barberNapja
  • For Fill Your Theorys...✋🤯👈 I like the idea of mase windu coming back in the mandalorian.. And bobafet coming back to seek revenge for his father! It would fit.. Mase could have come back to saved the child when he was still on corrasunt. Before order 66 to recover? Then had a vision of what was coming for the jedi. Then later on was found by Boba so he could seek his revenge for his father. This would explain how the child got into the hands of the empire..

    Victor VazquezVictor VazquezNapja
  • He probably just landed on a flying car...

    Ultra KeyzUltra KeyzNapja
  • What if, now hear me out, JJ Abrams was a CRAPPY writer and he put Mace's voice in Rey's scene without really thinking it through. Like he did on the REST OF SW:TROS.

    Sean PowellSean PowellNapja
  • Disney seems to want us to keep watching through fan service

    Blake LangBlake LangNapja
  • I’ve been into hiding for quite some years now. Been doing some work for a different army in another galaxy far far away

    Mace WinduMace WinduNapja
    • Well. Time to get back over to the temple

  • i dont think mace is dead cuz a jedi can survive lightning and survive a high fall becouse anakin survived a high fall in episode 2 so i think he survived

    Deus JakobssonDeus JakobssonNapja
  • Pfft, as cool as Boba Fett is, if he defeated Mace Windu, that would be blasphemy of the highest order.

    Chris Van DurmeChris Van Durme2 napja
    • I liked that sneaky little “not yet” you added in there.

      Adobe ReviewsAdobe Reviews21 órája
    • Rey Skywalker-level blasphemy

  • If darth maul can survive and the emperor can survive then why not mace

    Information UnavailableInformation Unavailable2 napja
  • Except Boba Fett is already dead by the time of The Mandalorian. Din Djarin recovered his armor in the first episode of the second season. If Mace Windu shows up in the third or fourth season of the show, then obviously Boba Fett never got his revenge for his father's death at the Jedi's hand.

    Error Code: 616Error Code: 6162 napja
  • I don't think they can afford Samuel L. Jackson even with Disney fitting the bill

    Existential8NihilismExistential8Nihilism2 napja