LUCKY BUT... ! Brawl Stars Funny Moments & Fails & Win #319

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Lucky but.... Brawl Stars Funny moments, Fails, Win. Brawl Stars Montage Ep319.
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  • In the first clip that mortis problebly rage quited

    Frost FamilyFrost Family11 napja
    • @Frost Family bro tell him ur email before its too late Worried bout u bro:) congrats btw

      AclypseAclypse2 órája
    • @Tim Brawl Stars hello tim

      Loli BruhrLoli Bruhr2 napja
    • @Frost Family What's your email?

      Tim Brawl StarsTim Brawl Stars5 napja

      OT NeedLessOT NeedLess6 napja
    • лддд

      Чинга АудиЧинга Ауди7 napja
  • 5:20 let’s delete the game

    BLZGAming LolBLZGAming Lol11 perccel
  • Why there so many name of indonesia laguage

    Kevin ChandraKevin ChandraÓrája
  • es el amo de los amos xd 7:25

    William merinoWilliam merino4 órája
    • i sigue viendo el videa para que entiendas :v

      William merinoWilliam merino4 órája
  • You 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

    Dagan MayorgaDagan Mayorga6 órája
  • el primo is lose

    Sebastián Romero ArguelloSebastián Romero Arguello11 órája
  • lol the 8 bit is a genius

    eight binkseight binks13 órája
  • 15

    Franciszek GrzywkaFranciszek Grzywka14 órája
  • Beautiful bea win

    Евгени ЖековЕвгени Жеков15 órája
  • Like👍

    Мансур МансурМансур Мансур15 órája
  • O. M. G

    Yeşildağ yslYeşildağ ysl18 órája
  • Me learning super dash in frendly: I did it" When I go in a real game: oh shoot it didint work😂

    Darci raverDarci raver18 órája
  • 2:59 Carl i can kill they.

    TheWolfSpider M.TheWolfSpider M.19 órája
  • 0:40 mortis internet is very strong🤣🤣

    Tahir SamilTahir Samil22 órája
  • Клас 1. H

    Юра СушкоЮра Сушко22 órája
  • Me encantan tus videossss :3

    Soy ClaySoy ClayNapja
  • Who is win

    Ivan GonzalezIvan GonzalezNapja
  • 1:44 O nick do Sprout: "Aqui é Xandão"

    Jonaquim AugustoJonaquim AugustoNapja
  • Hello

    Timothy PakTimothy PakNapja
  • Çok iyi

  • 18:35

  • Lol "WHO IS WIN" at the cover of the vid

  • 6:40 that edgar alone kill big bot or what is it

    Iskra ČurdinjakovićIskra ČurdinjakovićNapja
  • Sen america :P

    Marraalves FerreiraMarraalves FerreiraNapja
  • 2:02 tick deleted the game hahahah

  • You know I like your vids since you started No vid I didn't like and its not just saying that to get the brawl pass no I like you btw. This is my first comment in your vids😅

  • 2:52

    Женя БабичЖеня БабичNapja
  • Amazing

    Мастер Shadow fightМастер Shadow fightNapja
  • Nice greed video shshgdhdhdgdhd

    ༆Hyper᭄ŽĮM ØŘŘY༆Hyper᭄ŽĮM ØŘŘYNapja
  • Hi :)

    Arshkhan Paonta SahibArshkhan Paonta Sahib2 napja
  • Hm if i coment a im won 5$ 🤑

    Musti-Brawl starsMusti-Brawl stars2 napja
  • Aqui e xandao kkkkkkk

    Netto NettoNetto Netto2 napja
  • Where

    Mathew VasquezMathew Vasquez2 napja
  • 4:06 "good job" i love iiiiiiit🥰😍😅

    Nikol AngelovaNikol Angelova2 napja
  • 5:45 This Edgar is unique 😳😍

    Nikol AngelovaNikol Angelova2 napja
  • Abi ismimi okur musun

    dersten sıkılan ailedersten sıkılan aile2 napja

    Enes ÖZYURTEnes ÖZYURT2 napja
  • Bea win

  • 0:31 mortis is gonna delete the game lol

    Røsie Pøsie #RespectLisaRøsie Pøsie #RespectLisa2 napja
  • i kinda feel bad for that surge in clip 2

    Tristan NewburyTristan Newbury3 napja
  • Hi!

    Enzo RenanEnzo Renan3 napja
  • 1:40 o nome do sprout kkkk Kd os brs?

    Renan MathRenan Math3 napja
  • 5:58 do not miss with edgar

    Hasan MstHasan Mst3 napja
  • I need complete quest:come on kill me i am here😆😆

    Riyaziyyat ustasıRiyaziyyat ustası3 napja
  • Duech kaman kill me

    Gaming GameTRGaming GameTR3 napja
  • Who is win???!! Wut??

    Milyu VarionMilyu Varion3 napja
  • Likeeeeeeeeee

    Aqşin MəhərrəmliAqşin Məhərrəmli3 napja
  • Не работает

    Максим ЯшинМаксим Яшин3 napja
  • wtf omg what moments mega funny moments i like game brawl stars

    mukho grdzelidzemukho grdzelidze3 napja
  • Frank’ly im better

    A-A-A :always-awesome-animationsA-A-A :always-awesome-animations3 napja
  • 2:49 i: i want to be polite My teammate:no,I WANT TO BE POLITE

    Gabitzu YayGabitzu Yay3 napja
  • Ok

    abyss : labyss : l3 napja
  • Please come to my chell to see a pro clip my chell name is anabia baig

    Tea GAMERTea GAMER3 napja
  • colt: auto aim failed ME!

    Freddy-Greek Myths and Random stuffFreddy-Greek Myths and Random stuff3 napja
  • 9.49i rushen

    никитос 677никитос 6773 napja
  • O

    Shako GamerShako Gamer4 napja
  • You are so colll

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  • Omg

    Bina JenaBina Jena4 napja
  • Aqui é Xandão kkskskkskss

    recompensa Zerorecompensa Zero4 napja
  • 7:15 Is that called a skil? I played better.

    Nulls GamerNulls Gamer4 napja
  • Labas labai jau gavau labai

    viltė venskuteviltė venskute4 napja
  • 5:13 ←is gay hahahahha

    Unite WolfUnite Wolf4 napja
  • Gcrhib

    Sebastian MaćkowiakSebastian Maćkowiak4 napja
  • 19:00 lol😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

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  • 0 40

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  • Hi

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  • xD HAHAHAHAA 4:18

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  • I like that u asked for 15k likes and now u have 37k;)

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  • Im subcriber

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  • 4:13 bum

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  • Badababum

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  • 3:05 boum bam bam ba

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  • 2:23 is really funny because of the sound: "boum, bäm, bam"

    Nan IXNan IX5 napja
  • Why clickbait? >:(

    Megha ッMegha ッ5 napja
  • So fun

    Minik TatlıMinik Tatlı6 napja
  • And 3:46

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  • Me love 8:0

    frvideofrvideo6 napja

    OT NeedLessOT NeedLess6 napja
  • Like Tá

    Matheus GamerMatheus Gamer6 napja
  • 00:13 1000iq 8bit

    Bater HabtooshBater Habtoosh6 napja

    Аман БолыспаевАман Болыспаев6 napja
  • 7:30 That's noob lol

    3 harf ADC3 harf ADC6 napja
  • 2:40 and 3:47 bruh moment


    Lukas ThamLukas Tham6 napja
  • 1:47 Frank!!!!!!!, Darryl:Frank gud friend

    L KL K6 napja

    Hüseyin ATARHüseyin ATAR6 napja
  • Mal

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  • 5:18 OJ should be proud of this ;)

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  • vtfa im mortis

    lyrizprofànlyrizprofàn7 napja
  • 5:18 what te #@# isde

    leon bsleon bs7 napja
  • 17:40 tick noob

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  • 0:60 wtf

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  • 6:25

    ___SirLanSeLot ______SirLanSeLot ___7 napja
  • #319

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  • 0:50 that mortis delete brawl stars

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