LS3 Swapped my Mom's Solstice - Her Reaction Was Priceless!

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I couldn't have asked for a better reaction - she definitely didn't expect it!
Send love to the companies below that helped make this possible -
LeeCParts (For your LS Engine needs) -
Performance Autowerks Solstice LS Swap Kit -
Texas Speed (LS Parts & sweet sweet Cam) -
Fabbot Transmission Adapters -
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  • Just so you know the goose look from top gun make you look like a diddler

    atex 617atex 617Órája
  • Adams so cute

    Abi Sarwan Husaif LakimAbi Sarwan Husaif Lakim3 órája
  • Dude ,you have the COOOOEST MOTHER IN THE WORLD A+++++++++++++++++++++++++

    Buzz MayBuzz May6 órája
  • Think your mom likes it@

    jacob mackeyjacob mackey7 órája
  • What’s next I put a Bugatti engine in my moms solstice now it won’t start her reaction is priceless goodness

    Nathan Leo RodriguezNathan Leo Rodriguez10 órája
  • I wanna do something similar to my mother's citroën c5... But I'm too young, and I don't think that I will have the money to do that in quite some years

    Sebastian CaroSebastian Caro10 órája
  • I just stumbled across this in my HUworld feed. What a cute, cool, sweet mom of yours to put up with this and share your fun. I’m 71, so I can notice these things.

    Patrick RitterPatrick Ritter12 órája
  • I love how she’s just accepting it

    Helge Hoff RoaldHelge Hoff Roald12 órája
  • I've always like the Pontiac Solstice, i always wanted one of them. Putting a LS n it, like gm should've done in the first place.

    CafeNightsterCafeNightster12 órája
  • Awsome

    Reginald MillerReginald Miller12 órája
  • I learned manual on that car

    Talking_Tree_04Talking_Tree_0412 órája
  • Lol should have put a secret nitrous button. Or a remote start she didn't know about and crank it up first thing in the morning. Say I don't know why it just starts on its own now. Its alive!

    85superchris85superchris14 órája
  • Sign me up! I'll adopt you 😂

    Slot DonkeysSlot Donkeys14 órája
  • I wonder if she will like filling it up every 150 miles?

    Toby JoeToby Joe15 órája
  • Nice little race car, mommas gotta learn to bang some gears, car sounds rowdy👌🏼🇺🇸😁

    GreekGreek16 órája
  • Let your mom take it to a shop for a "service". film the reaction of the shop.

    AbteilolAbteilol19 órája
  • “I don’t have my license with me, I’m barefoot, and I’ve had a drink”🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Patrick MckeePatrick Mckee19 órája
  • I haven’t seen my kid since he got ps5 for Christmas, doors always closed to his room and he says he’s tired

    Dan RookDan RookNapja
  • Your awesome :-)

    Mark GravelMark GravelNapja
    • No problem passing somebody now hahaha

      Mark GravelMark GravelNapja
  • That’s not niiiiice, moms should have 4-6 cylinder turbo zippy cars. Not a LS😂

  • ur mom is super cool my mom doesnt even want a remap

  • Only turbo was better.

    Maciek MaciekMaciek MaciekNapja
  • I love that she is such a good sport about all this. If i could id do this to my mom as well. That bucking though 😂. Love it dude!

  • Help me with my Volvo S60 T6

    Aaron OwenAaron OwenNapja
  • She now has a Corvette in disguise.

  • You need to put more turbo

    Simon LaurenceSimon LaurenceNapja
  • No $hit Sherlock lmao

    Fabian GarciaFabian GarciaNapja
  • Hey man I’m new to the car scene but is there anyway you can help me find what I need to ls swap a 2G Mitsubishi Eclipse

    Luis FernandezLuis FernandezNapja
  • Anyone else hoping this was how they were supposed to come from the factory.

    Phil VigerPhil VigerNapja
  • All fun and games till mom hits a tree

  • I love your mom!

    Ex-Navy SpookEx-Navy SpookNapja
  • Creepiest person on HUworld thumbnail, video concepts everything combined with the rape stache extremely off-putting.

    Buster CherryBuster CherryNapja
  • Dude your mom is freaking awesome

  • Sooo coool!!!!!

    John McGinnessJohn McGinnessNapja
  • Mom🖤

    Igor DobrowolskiIgor DobrowolskiNapja
  • Should have put quiet muffler

    Inspire MediaInspire MediaNapja
  • The gift that keeps on giving.

    Frito FreshFrito FreshNapja
  • Stupid

    matty dmatty dNapja
  • Guess your mom will only ever use 2 gears

    Mark O'ConnellMark O'ConnellNapja
  • How much would something like this cost?

    pho taipho taiNapja
  • I really like the kind of person your mom is 🙌

  • Why do this to your mom's car? Lol she never asked for this.

    Hush The Myth Official PageHush The Myth Official PageNapja
  • you must put a better brakes...

    Alfredo Elías BarbosaAlfredo Elías BarbosaNapja
  • Next project, 2jz swap with wide body kit

  • Moms got a mini Corvette now

    Brittany GraggBrittany GraggNapja
  • Brilliant. love your Mum, swears like a trooper & is so honest with her replies, really enjoyed your video, it was a blast.

    Chas CarpenterChas CarpenterNapja
  • Your mom is so chill about it, like on the inside she’s giddy but the outside she’s still your mother

  • Can u ls swap my 97 Honda accord Oh, and its a waggen😂

    jack Medfordjack MedfordNapja
  • I think you did this for yourself not for your mom you better get her back into a 4-cylinder before something happens😠💥😝

    Bohemia LiteBohemia LiteNapja
  • Lol, you should probably put some quiet mufflers in it... And the big cam was a bad idea. You probably don't understand, but moms actually don't like aggressive and rough vehicles... You got a big reaction, but the chances are she legitimately liked it the way it was BETTER than what you've done to it. Especially with it being so aggressive. Seriously, put 4-6 mufflers in any nook you can, put a stock cam in it, and she'll be 1000x happier with it.

  • U should put a 2jz on it next time

    Ricky PJRicky PJNapja
  • What the solstice should have been like from the factory.

    Jesus AmadorJesus Amador2 napja
  • You are going to turn your poor mum's hair white. I know you love her though.

    nick vinernick viner2 napja
  • 2025: Selling my kidney to buy my mom an R34 Skyline GT-R Prank.

    MashimaruMashimaru2 napja
  • Blown away by how great a relationship you have with your mother, cherish that!

    David TaylorDavid Taylor2 napja
  • I would do that to my mom for my birthday

    Randy GarbrechtRandy Garbrecht2 napja
  • Alternate title: "Ruined my mum's Solstice with a stupidly loud V8 - She hated it!"

    WO0fw0OfWO0fw0Of2 napja
  • You need to sell it. It's not what she wants and it's going to loose traction.

  • She got into it right away, if she gets the feel before does a cookie at 60mph she'll be a legend.

    Grant W. WhitwamGrant W. Whitwam2 napja
  • Slowly but eventually his moms car will be a drift car or sum like that

    Itz HowiesItz Howies2 napja
  • @7:59 she's like BRUH

    carlnigguhcarlnigguh2 napja
  • omg....omg...freaking awesome!

    Morgan HaynesMorgan Haynes2 napja
  • Legend has it, when he rolled the car off the trailer IT KEPT ON ROOOOLLLING, still chasing it, trying to stop it O.o

    WizdomtrekWizdomtrek2 napja
  • Your Moms a cutie!!! This was awesome!!!!👍😀

    Matt HarbisonMatt Harbison2 napja
  • You did what GM should have done.

    Unavailable UsernameUnavailable Username2 napja
  • She clearly just wants a normal car. Why do this?

    Victory LaneVictory Lane2 napja
  • That poor woman! Lol

    Ken WelchKen Welch2 napja
  • What does that do to the insurance cost?

    Peter SPeter S2 napja
  • How long will it take me to work off an LS swap in my Jeep. I'll work hard (and I'm smart!!!)

    Chris CarrChris Carr2 napja
  • Too loud. She'll get annoyed and embarrassed with it like that. Quiet it down and it'll be perfect.

    Nodak81Nodak812 napja
  • Laughed a lot watching this. Thanks

    n300zx931n300zx9312 napja
  • You want Mom to be happy ? Stop forcing your life on her.

    Austin L.Austin L.2 napja
  • Man that's sick. One lucky mom lol!

    907AlaskanBull72907AlaskanBull722 napja
  • Its a very very safe and dialed set up !!! 500 hp in this little car loll Go mom you will be the envy of all others lolll.

    Mike PMike P2 napja
  • Excellent job! Really, as a present for your mom you couldn't do better. My hat is off to you. Liked and subscribed. Rick from Fort Worth Texas.

    Wideawake TotruthWideawake Totruth2 napja
  • Get some real exhaust and she won't know any better that to Naturally adapt. That way any other car she drives she will rip the tires off 😆

    day dazedday dazed2 napja
  • You got a new this a new that a new car

    day dazedday dazed2 napja
  • A buddy of mine said he could drop a Corvette engine into my 2014 Malibu. I'm not gonna' do it but, man, that'd be insane...

    Steve ParrSteve Parr2 napja
  • no disrespect intended toward you are your loved ones.... but your Mom is HOT

    Rusty VaughnRusty Vaughn2 napja
  • What a waste.

    motophilemotophile2 napja
  • Moms cough sounds rough! Hope she's okay.

    Crisco JesusCrisco Jesus2 napja
  • She's going to get 50 tickets. 🤣

    John SteedJohn Steed2 napja
  • Next video : I put a jet engine in my mom's car

    George ReginaldGeorge Reginald2 napja
  • Brother you have the coolest mom on the planet that's awesome

    Patrick KennedyPatrick Kennedy3 napja
  • Wow bro that sucks man all that and you can totally tell she liked it better before

    Mike PfrienderMike Pfriender3 napja
  • Dude, did you take out a big insurance policy on your mom?

    cedric edwardscedric edwards3 napja
  • Lowers voice because the car is loud🤣😭

    Jx GlennJx Glenn3 napja
  • Momma LZ is adorable 😂

    VQ PerformanceVQ Performance3 napja
  • its awesome but shes never gonna drive it...

    douglasdouglas3 napja
  • 13:05 mom starts getting wet.

    El GuapoEl Guapo3 napja
  • If its to loud your to old and your not old so enjoy👍

    10223220102232203 napja
  • Tuning needs work. Reach out to us for your projects. I'm also in FL and we are the best in FL hands down. Check out my reviews.

    John GattoniJohn Gattoni3 napja
  • That's funny

    jorge NUNEZjorge NUNEZ3 napja
  • You're mom's insurance just went up about $500 every 6 months!

    jim mayorsjim mayors3 napja
  • This is the biggest laugh out I've had in a while very coolll!!!

    jim mclaughlinjim mclaughlin3 napja
  • If she liked the turbo sound that should be her next gift. Toss in a automatic transmission and the bucking will stop. From my vantage point it is a win win, I just love a happy ending.

    Sux2bu !Sux2bu !3 napja
  • Oh shiiiiit... she raced a Corvette before.... I love your mom dude... She'll be out there hunting someone to chase and beat.... ❤❤❤❤❤

    Kagiso RapooKagiso Rapoo3 napja
  • lucky mum good son

    JEN'S DENJEN'S DEN3 napja
  • What a good son.

    Neil S.Neil S.3 napja
  • That lady is very attractive. Wow!

    mario chavezmario chavez3 napja