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  • The amount of games with NB in them

    František FojtFrantišek Fojt8 napja

    Jayce MejiaJayce Mejia8 napja
  • лол 2021

    ne_go_poznavashne_go_poznavash8 napja
  • 5:16 im sure stylish is dead on this one idk why would he hide it ( or his editors decision idk)

    lucho plamenovlucho plamenov8 napja
  • The unseen bug

    Dmitry MorozovDmitry Morozov9 napja

    OblivionOblivion9 napja
  • Cookie in your team. Not even a shoutout? :(

    Kuhra EzahKuhra Ezah10 napja
  • i habe that bug aswell does anybody know how to fix it

    Strale gtRStrale gtR10 napja
  • The chair: Ok guys today we gonna prrr some people LL: I'm back!

    Jhoan VargasJhoan Vargas10 napja

    Daniel NguyenDaniel Nguyen11 napja
  • Yanni: RIOOOTTTT why is my Game and Pc Crashing Riot: Thats what u get when u dont stop destroying pur Windows with your Q,s

    DragsDrags11 napja
  • 1:27 DUDE I thought it's just me cuz i have shit computer xD

    Younes OutasnountYounes Outasnount11 napja
  • do you even know what Mose Mose means translated from de ?

    MihaiMihai12 napja
  • 💙💪

    Chahine NaounnaChahine Naounna12 napja
  • Stylish show sister again i wanna her thicc a

    consolectter reeconsolectter ree12 napja
  • More urf please

    Andrew HodsonAndrew Hodson12 napja
  • Dodged scrubnoob

    Jason LeeJason Lee12 napja
  • Btw Stylish that crash bug only happens when you dont leave your mouse on the screen league is on when it goes from queue to load screen or you try and click something at the same time the load screen goes black and tries to pop up the load screen data

    Batista BombBatista Bomb12 napja
  • Warzone vidsssss

    Guinea Pig but the real oneGuinea Pig but the real one12 napja
  • when ppl talk abt gear fourth but only mention bounceman and snakeman me : 00:03

    Rayen BeyRayen Bey12 napja
  • Yanni plays adc zed because he's tired of roaming bot so he decided to play in bot

    dexterdexter12 napja
  • F for the editor

    Gaming CatGaming Cat12 napja
  • press F for the editor

    simo takisimo taki12 napja
  • thanks to stylish the window is clean as f now

    leoleo12 napja
  • The bug happened to me too. Had to uninstall blitz for it to stop

    Thomas LeeThomas Lee12 napja
  • i got the deadliest bug watching this vid, I can only see the recconnect screen. Best valentine gift ever

    Vincenzo DangeloVincenzo Dangelo12 napja
  • Filthy Frank!

    TheWiseGoatTrainerTheWiseGoatTrainer12 napja
  • i got 4 in row and get g1 omg rito pls

    Peczu 1906Peczu 190612 napja
  • at 19:10 what is that game on the right screen

    hi johnhi john12 napja
  • i almost died at 17:15

    TroubleZ SloveniaTroubleZ Slovenia12 napja
  • Enemy team can be happy that nightblue was supp, otherwise jg diff would've been in your favor.

    Martin SvilenskiMartin Svilenski12 napja
  • Are u gonna do warzone videos or smthg?

    p_farthouserp_farthouser12 napja
  • i got a bug few mounth ago that i started the game than it close by itself ,it happened like 3 time in 1 day i lose like 2-3 min everygame ,now thnks god it just disappear

    youcef bouroubayoucef bourouba12 napja
  • 17:15 duuuude hahahahah

  • Imagine yanni playing zoe URF xD she's broken btw in URF i played her

    Marie ChaouiMarie Chaoui12 napja
  • i think i have the same bug it just blackscreens and is stuck. only restarting pc helps

    Marciano SmithMarciano Smith12 napja
  • Same, I have the same but from time to time, it just blue screens me and says video scheduler error.

    韩依洛泰韩依洛泰12 napja
  • love u bro

    abdalrhman bettarabdalrhman bettar12 napja
  • "The unseen bug is the deadliest."

    Boomer_OfficialBoomer_Official12 napja
  • i got the same bug and it's really annoying

    AaronAaron12 napja
  • last 2 patches i have bug game just freeze and restart.... i lost so much cause of it

    SenseiSensei12 napja
  • Shoutout Yanis Editor for reminding us that Papa Frank loves us all

    Josip PasalicJosip Pasalic12 napja
  • I really don't like that W-Q-R combo. Febiven was the first one i ever saw doing it but it's so unreliable. You're losing so much damage potentially and completely throw your triple Q chance away. Imagine if they have good footwork and dodge that Q...

    Vasilis GreenVasilis Green12 napja
  • wqrqw

    darakin nerubdarakin nerub12 napja
  • i love how yanni says "youtube" like "Utah" XD

    Emil ._.Emil ._.12 napja
  • 13:25

    Micheal JacksonMicheal Jackson12 napja
  • The bug happens to me too! It just restarts the pc when is loading game..always start late

    tomas antunestomas antunes12 napja
  • love ur laughing style xD

    Memaromedaro XMemaromedaro X12 napja
  • Hey man tbh that bug use to happen to me all the time but it only started a while ago when they updated the client from the old one to the new one so I know your pain

    alexandre allairealexandre allaire12 napja
  • Had the same problem in season 10 after one update and they fixed it later

    HobixHobix12 napja
  • Best moments 14:43 17:17 18:21 hehehe

    Cristofer GarciaCristofer Garcia12 napja
  • The bug is happening to me every time man, good luck, love your videos

    Monarch 18Monarch 1812 napja

    Renz GamingRenz Gaming12 napja
  • Why u dont join esport team?

    The JugglerThe Juggler12 napja
  • Awww, you're a great editor Forsakayn, XOXO

    biobio12 napja
  • F

    иван мироновиван миронов12 napja
  • me too bro this hapend all the times

    Tarek MnassriTarek Mnassri12 napja
  • MAYBE HELPFUL... I used to get this bug, and it did go away eventually. However, what may help to use the windows ten feature of multiple desktops. Press "windows"+"tab" and look top left. I know that this can prevent crashes in some cases.

    CRSTOS KCRSTOS K12 napja
  • The exact same bugged happened to me and i was so fucking pissed man

    KadoudianKadoudian12 napja
  • 17:18 lmao

    MerlinTheWizardMerlinTheWizard12 napja
  • i also spent valentine watching yanni

    Mohamed HassanMohamed Hassan12 napja
  • props to the editor man

    Cloud :DCloud :D12 napja
  • Had this bud too, try to ctrl alt delte and just logout from your windows, its faster than restarting whole computer. Maybe can save u some Lp

    Jakub KlasJakub Klas12 napja
  • Yanni returned to the game in time* Riot games: lucky bastard

    abdo zouitineabdo zouitine12 napja
  • Alicopter and LL stylish duo is the best

    Renz GamingRenz Gaming12 napja
  • Riot bugs him with a bug no caps bro

    Jay GamboaJay Gamboa12 napja
  • I think Yanni pays the editor with something else on valentine's day, therefore the f*ck me in the a*s jokes ;3

    David CevallosDavid Cevallos12 napja
  • I’ve been having the same bug for a while now. Only seems to really happen when I have my face cam on though. I loaded up a custom game without my face cam on to see if I load in ok, and everything was fine. When I turned my face cam on however. As soon as I clicked or tried to alt tab in loading screen, crashes. I then tried to touch absolutely nothing with my face cam on, it worked and I loaded in till I clicked while in game. I have no clue why or how. But if you play league, turn your face cam off. That’s all I know and I hope it helps. Sorry for the long comment.

    Pasta LinguinePasta Linguine12 napja
  • yanni : im trigger of this fucking bug me who gets this bug everyday of league : uhhm intresting

    yaskyask12 napja
  • I fucking died during the Moe babooee 🤣🤣

    Hunter HendersonHunter Henderson12 napja
  • really Yanni i whant too donate for this video... :) one of the best!!! Gj LL Stylish...

    alexander Gerolumatosalexander Gerolumatos12 napja
  • Yo forsakyn whats that game you were playing on the right moniter, it looked interesting?

    MrSimba0MrSimba012 napja
  • Is he not using obs?

    QopaQopa12 napja
  • this leaverbuser and yanni, DUDE hahaha

    evgenixfulevgenixful12 napja
  • btw im on losers too smth like 15 in a roll

    Drowzy Sailor230Drowzy Sailor23012 napja
  • yo Stylish did you learn Zed from Jankos's Nidale or he learnt Nidale from your zed (especially the q part)

    Drowzy Sailor230Drowzy Sailor23012 napja
  • The 1st 2 games he wins in this video are against NB3!

    sixytysixyty12 napja
  • I have had that exact bug and it sucks dick

    Anthony BentivegnaAnthony Bentivegna12 napja
  • if you encounter the bug that yanni mention in the beginning of the vid, just simply ctrl+d+window, low dat you open up another window

    Lucas GuanLucas Guan12 napja
  • Watching a 20 min video while waiting for a 20 min low prio queue 🙃

    King Karlo ComadizoKing Karlo Comadizo12 napja
  • Yo @LLstylish.. You should reinstall the league from the official site.. Sometimes, that bug might get stuck in your league file..

    KyuuuMaruuツKyuuuMaruuツ12 napja
  • That bug happened to me and my teammate twice in ranked I lost lp and got leave buster I sent riot a ticket and they removed leave buster no lp tho.

    HamadaHamada12 napja
  • Take the last breath from.... Skipping games

    Godwie _Godwie _12 napja
  • LL Stylish waiting for a PC sponsorship

    Shinoa HiiragiShinoa Hiiragi12 napja
  • I have the same prob with lol in my pc.. i made a full repair and its ok now

    Papadatos NioniosPapadatos Nionios12 napja
  • valentine's day ? what is that?

    doğancan çelikdoğancan çelik12 napja
  • Sounds like riots spaghetti code

    Hunter HedigerHunter Hediger12 napja
  • stylishs NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO at 7:30 sounded like anakin waking up as darth vader in his black suit for the first time hearing about padmes death.

    scrymzzscrymzz12 napja
  • that bug happened to me once i just alt f4 and reconnected and it was all fine

    Petar MileševićPetar Milešević12 napja
  • 10:36 so its going on in Russia they (government) fuck us up and then punish

    Андрей ПеровАндрей Перов12 napja
  • Holy shit its ScrubNoob!!!

    林郁辰林郁辰12 napja
  • that seraphine charm was the most majestic thing i've seen

    LUI LAM, Sean HendrickLUI LAM, Sean Hendrick12 napja
  • Did you get tired of playing zed every game?

    Doichin DimovDoichin Dimov12 napja
  • I never tought i would see Yanni to play Zed ADC, and NB3 Nautilus supp. I tought the dude is insta dodger if he doesn't get jg.

    Aron KoncsekAron Koncsek12 napja
  • more urf

    OmarOmar12 napja
  • ty Forsakayn for the videos

    DireWolfDireWolf12 napja
  • f for the editor guys please

    ϻӾRЄŁ lϻӾRЄŁ l12 napja
  • Stylish when he play rankeds, Zed: "The Unseen bug is the deadliest"

    Oscar InterianoOscar Interiano12 napja
  • Guys, what's the game at 19:06 on the right screen? is that a game?

    KyoshiKyoshi12 napja
  • Man I love the content your video always makes me smile a lot

    hunter vnhunter vn12 napja