Little Hope - All Endings (Good, Bad & Best Ending) (The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope)

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ALL endings of The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope including bad ending, good ending and Best Ending.
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  • Andrew Shoots VS Don't SHoot Himself ENDINGS:

    BabyZoneBabyZone26 napja
    • r u stupid u can text which one was good better and best

      FaisalFaisal15 napja
    • Anthony*

      G80 GZTG80 GZT16 napja
    • Whats name music 7:29 ???, please

      lucas rodrigueslucas rodrigues16 napja
    • IssaJETSKI Easter egg for the next game. Something about soldiers in the desert or something. It shows more at the end of the credits.

      PlatinumPizzaPlatinumPizza19 napja
    • What was the point of that one flashback or whatever it was of the girl on the rope??? And it split and she fell? No where else in the game did that occur or anything

      IssaJETSKIIssaJETSKI19 napja
  • What i learnt from this game - playing with a heart and a brain is the way to go.. not freaking out and yelling at each other. You end up getting more story, more depth and its just nice to see people finally working together and fighting lol.. - but then again, its just one person fighting all his demons.. but i do think that the spirits can finally help him move on..

    Npc I'm knotNpc I'm knot5 órája
  • Well, I think I finally understood the end of this game. Particularly, I think the idea of ​​everything being the character's own mind haunting him for the guilt that he feels is something great (and more powerful than the man of medan, which the characters were hallucinating because of a gas) No matter what ending you get, it is always sad and makes you think a lot. I felt really bad for Andrew/Anthony. However, while the idea is brilliant, there is no point in replaying this game. Why would I play again if in the end everyone is dead? Why am I going to do quicktime events to trying to save them? Unfortunately, it is a game to play only once.

    LissahLissah8 órája
  • since all of the monsters weren’t real and everything, I wonder how it looked when he tried to help his friends/family from the monsters, or the fog at the beginning when they could only go 1 direction

    insecureinsecure13 órája
  • Main character has a multiple personality thing and is heavily scarred with is showing in the kiddieness of his voice.

    You wot cYou wot c14 órája
  • Oh, what a shitty twist.

    jaredouimette1jaredouimette114 órája
  • Carver's book have diferrent drawings or i'm crazy?

    Maria Eduarda R A SilvaMaria Eduarda R A Silva15 órája
  • Is nobody gonna talk about the rope clue. What the actual fuck does that meen? I thought maybe it was the next game but I have 0 clue. Someone help me out please

    Last, FirstLast, First16 órája
  • the only thing is that this story was really predictable. of course the bus driver was the same dude from the fire by the correlation of events. after that you can just figure out everything is in his head by the fact you saw no one on the bus.

    wolf sunwolf sunNapja
  • Wait it makes SENSE NOW E

    Kenshin SengpaseuthKenshin SengpaseuthNapja
  • OHHHHHHHHH the house is decided by the locked traits, it has nothing to do with whom you interact with within the house does it... All of it is determined by whether they're worthy of forgiveness, have they changed.

    Jay BonnJay BonnNapja
  • ah yes. you are either a crazy bus driver or a crazy bus driver that gets arrested. great game 2/10

  • It feels like there isn’t a good ending

    Posiepie 05Posiepie 05Napja
  • Everything's Happened is just in His Head. SO sad . He lost his Mind Cuz of the trauma

    james Tvjames TvNapja
  • I finished the game yesterday and I loved the plot twist. The thing that spotted me was the logo "Ferriman" on Andrews jacket. The ancient Greeks believed that all human souls went to the mythological underworld Hades. Charon, a minor god, was given the task as the ferryman of Hades who carries souls of the newly deceased across the river Styx that divided the world of the living from the world of the dead.

    Cortana MillerCortana Miller2 napja
  • When you take one too many tabs

    RambolRambol2 napja
  • this guy was going on full hallucination for almost half a day, jesus

    LawgxLawgx2 napja
  • Wait. But where is the scene where the bus driver has a gun pointed to his head? The game hints at a scene like that in a post card but I have no idea what that scene is.

    Chrono SoulChrono Soul2 napja
  • I liked little hope and didn’t like man of Medan for the next game i hope it isn’t psychological like the last two

    Hayden RheadHayden Rhead3 napja
  • Hold up, wasn't Tabatha hanged? Are there 2 different versions of the Tabatha monster or am I missing something :p

    Neo VS NintendoNeo VS Nintendo3 napja
  • questo gioco è merda

    mokey07mokey073 napja
  • Poor Andrew. Probably suffered from PSTD & trauma regarding the death from his Family members. Also have to feel for Vince who suffers as well.. I feel like the good ending synbolizes how he wanted his Family John & Angela (Healthy relationship for the parents) Megan (felt like he took care of her) Taylor & Anthony (good relationship with his other siblibgs) btw great game!

    Henrik MoholdtHenrik Moholdt3 napja
  • makes so much sense now. they were hiding their relationship from their mom even if they were all adopted. kinda uncomf.

    Danielle MurrayDanielle Murray3 napja
  • What was with the one premonition about the girl falling from the rope???

    AoxPanda15AoxPanda153 napja
  • There is no good ending in this game. They’re all depressing asf😔

    Bayside MonkeyBayside Monkey3 napja
  • Gremix ийн бичлэгнээс орж ирсэн нь Like

    Myngaa GanaaMyngaa Ganaa3 napja
  • moin erne

    Adrian LesicarAdrian Lesicar3 napja
  • I think him, hearing the word "Little Hope" brought back the trauma and regrets (most likely, survival regret - regret felt by those who're the only ones to survive something traumatic and the other people with him/her died) to the surface that's why he looked "confused" in the beginning when the officer was talking to him. His head is trying to create different scenarios where he can have a chance to save his family members again and have the hope that, this time, he will be able to. And probably his mind's way to cope with the intense regret, anxiety, and stress.

    Pat ChiPat Chi4 napja
  • All of the endings mean one thing: "No matter how much you want to change things, the past will stay the same." The "double" monsters just ensured it, no matter how hard Anthony tries to save them, or even imagines saving them; the past still happened, nothing can change that.

    TotallyNotSusTotallyNotSus4 napja
  • So what I got is that if you choose the bad ending then all remaining cast members die, wow

    Yeetmaster 69Yeetmaster 694 napja
  • Megan is the Real villain

    Shoddy PeasantShoddy Peasant4 napja
  • "You guys are getting killed?!"

    Ronaldo Briones Jr.Ronaldo Briones Jr.4 napja
  • Hi hi... just curious if you receive any copyright claim from NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc for M roll? I really appreciate if you can give me some idea cause I receive one when I stream the game. sob.. Thanks. :)

    Casual Gamers OnlineCasual Gamers Online4 napja
  • How many HUworldrs did u guys see get the bad ending 😂?

    armand escalantearmand escalante4 napja
  • So wait when Vince was in the bar did he know it was Andrew or did he just see him as a bus driver.

    Ffglihggg SfggFfglihggg Sfgg4 napja
  • 1st ending = beast boy shub

    Cocopie BruhCocopie Bruh5 napja
  • Yo whos the chick on the rope? Where it snaps as she's climbing

    Ranger Danger01Ranger Danger015 napja
  • This game fits perfectly with the ''The accident wasn't your fault, you have to let me go'' meme.

    Chainsaw LoliChainsaw Loli5 napja
  • So is the town even really abandoned? Did the bus driver dude just break into a police station and fuck shit up all around town?

    Geoff EastonGeoff Easton5 napja
  • What gets me is the girl was lead by something to start the fire in the first place... This is a plot hole that never got solved 😂

    Rachel IrwinRachel Irwin5 napja
  • anyone can explain to me what is the demon that the little girl saw behind her at the beginning of the story?

    iTz BelloziTz Belloz5 napja
  • who's here after watching Faze Jevs walkthrough

    David AlvarezDavid Alvarez5 napja
  • BBS army here?

    Sifran MirSifran Mir5 napja
  • Yep once again Dark Pictures mindf**ked me completely, didn´take hints from curator and in the end lost taylor & got arrested .. great game !

    JohnySVK / Cold JunctionJohnySVK / Cold Junction5 napja
  • 12:27 If look closer, Only Andrew who has a shadow there, what a sad detail😭

    Pencoba 1Pencoba 15 napja
  • Jse got rid of the preist but still everyone died apart from the woman?

    Faye WeatherFaye Weather6 napja
  • The game clever and all but god these endings felt so fucking cliché, I cared about the characters only to have the "it's not real lol all just a dream" thing happen, but it kinda stinks like the Man Of Medan ending where the simplest dullest ending is the answer, with MoM it was "actually no super natural just bad gas :)" and in this it's "actually no all that shit didn't matter this dude is just sad" and altho I sorta like this ending in a vacuum, within the game it makes all the stuff with the little girl mean nothing, all the character development mean nothing and ALL that leaded up to just, not an ending I enjoy in the slightest. I really hope the next dark pictures is good cuz so far these have been real stinkers, MoM saying "not real just gas" and this saying "not real just trauma" have put me off... it was nice in Until Dawn when intrigue and clue collecting and finding evidence lead to interesting stuff, where my fav youtuber squad (scary game squad) guessed the monsters and the actual story before it happened, and it was so fun and exciting! With this it just drops red herrings and a lot of stuff only really makes sense with full context rather than being able to piece it together just... ugh, frustrating. Particularly when the monster design in this was so stellar - tho the jumpscares were some of the least scary things I've seen.

    Dux WontobeyDux Wontobey6 napja
  • WOW!! I completely understand it all now. The blank stares, slow movements, awkward pauses, and dialogues have finally come to a place of understanding. In the beginning of the game it starts in the 70s, where the actual incident that caused all this trauma to Anthony and Vince started. He made the choice of saving Tanya and not the little girl even though he wanted to save everyone. The mother suffocated from the smoke( drowned from water in her lungs), his father was crushed by the wood planks that fell on him(crushed by rocks laid on his chest), Tanya was hung by her own scarf breaking her neck(was hung to death in her trial), The little girl was burned alive(burned at the steak), and the brother Donnie I believe was impelled by a gate (impelled by the gate he fell on). Witnessing it all, Anthony, runs in thought to save his mother who is already gone. He is rescued and is the only one to survive, but with bad amnesia and hallucinations. The horrific death of his family plays over and over in his head, and he blames himself for it all. The witch trials were merely there for game play however it was set in place to kind of give Anthony a since of a "healing process". He is trying to figure out a way to save everyone. Reasons why in the last trail of Mary she says, "You saved me" and Anthony responds with, "But I didn't", and that is because he didn't in the 70s. Mary or Morgan died in the house with his family. The amount of grief and guilt he feels brought forth the "demons" haunting him, or after him and the others. The mention of Little hope automatically struck a cord in Anthony causing his immediate confusion. Its sad how the game speaks volumes on tragedy and its effects on people. I believe Anthony went into the fire to die too, but he instead survived with wounds deeper and beyond simple repairs.

    Christine WootenChristine Wooten6 napja
  • The curator said "forgive yourself" He knows that Andrew is just hallucinating trauma from past and needs him to let go of his guilt because it's not his fault Just move on

    Aldo the LizardAldo the Lizard6 napja
  • After my first play through I really liked my theory. This just feel like a bit of a cop out for what’s meant to be a “multiple ending story”.

    Crying is the Nosebleed of the HeartCrying is the Nosebleed of the Heart6 napja
  • Don’t forget to thank the bus driver

    PinkKnight 42PinkKnight 426 napja
  • I guess the cop only recorded the intro. They keep reusing " You ok buddy? You seem a little confused."

    Wes MantoothWes Mantooth6 napja
  • It's a nice, atmospheric story but I am a little afraid that their future games will all be "its all just a dream" .

    Alexandra PippanAlexandra Pippan6 napja
  • I dont get what the bus driver means, can someone explain?

    A Bizarre YoutuberA Bizarre Youtuber6 napja
  • The ending was stupid

  • Me coming here after finishing the game myself

    Creepy QuacksCreepy Quacks6 napja
  • Kinda conflicted on the endings after playing this, on the one hand yeah it's a foreshadowed twist and I did like the story. On the other hand unlike Until Dawn were i replayed it to save characters i liked that died on my first playthrough (and in one case, not do that) it has less replay appeal as they aren't actuually there story wise.

    Jason BalbuenaJason Balbuena7 napja
  • This game has nailed the attention to details. Since everything is in Andrew's head, they used fog as an interpretation of how his mind works. Then the faceless people in the trial.

    Nevermind EZNevermind EZ7 napja
  • It’s like the movie Identity

    anonymous useranonymous user7 napja
  • Who was that girl in the premonition of her cable snapping?

    Charlie CastroCharlie Castro7 napja
  • I just dont get that I get the bad ending even when I condemned Carver. all because I shot at the demon behind Vince

    mahalodst 6mahalodst 67 napja
  • Man, I just want one of these games to actually have a supernatural element to it again. Man of Medan was drug induced hallucinations, this was all in his head. Still good, but Until Dawn in still the best game. (Even if it's not technically part of this series) The twist with Josh was good, plus the Wendigos. Here's hoping there are actual monsters in the next one.

    Mediocre DetectiveMediocre Detective7 napja
  • did we ever figure out what the reverends secret was with Mary?

    Raina MermaidRaina Mermaid7 napja
    • She was molested by the reverend

      Wilson TheRichManWilson TheRichMan3 napja
  • What I don't understand is why does the game have you play other characters if they're a figment of Andrew's hallucinations?

    chynachyna7 napja
  • It sucks that he blames himself for their deaths, while it was Carson who actually instigated the entire situation by manipulating Megan. He was convicted of satanic worship or w/e but never of a proxy murder.

    GenGen7 napja
  • Is nobody gonna talk about Ashley Tisdale being in this?

    Aya MoralesAya Morales7 napja
  • Can't believe it took me that long to realize that the deaths during the witch trials mirror the ones that Anthony's family suffered (suffocation, burned alive, impaled, crushed by the building collapsing) 🤦🏽‍♀️

    EnaEna7 napja
  • If you don't stick with Taylor she just strangled by a really long tongue instead of getting burned btw

    CheekboneTombstoneCheekboneTombstone7 napja
  • its just as if the bus driver was going to his own silent hill (little hope).. plot pretty much silent hill.. facing your fears/regrets

    Julius Cesar ClaroJulius Cesar Claro7 napja
  • 21:33

    Abandoned AccountAbandoned Account7 napja
  • When Mary was being dragged away she said this is all in your head

    Mara HaldfordMara Haldford7 napja
    • 21:33

      Abandoned AccountAbandoned Account7 napja
  • Alle die wegen Erné hier sind - haltet es noch etwas aus!!!!

    MILIMILI8 napja
  • I get that the characters are based on his family, and the hallucinations are caused by a combination of the concoction from the accident and possible schizophrenia from his childhood, but what’s all that have to do with the witch trials, accusations, etc???

    King 0n1King 0n18 napja

  • Why can we not just get something as good as Until Dawn? There was a real physical threat and a real sense of danger throughout the story. (Most of) the characters are memorable and every little detail added to the world the game set up. I hate these cheap cop-outs of "hallucinations" and "it's all in your head". The Wendigos were actually scary and you could tell the developers cared so much about making people like them. They drew inspiration from native American legends but also made it new and exciting. I just want something like that again.

    Crispy GamingCrispy Gaming8 napja
  • this ending is right exact as the movie dream house this is a dream house movie made into a game

    Shaheer MaharShaheer Mahar8 napja
  • I'm here after watching MiawAug game play ☺️

    Nurul AINurul AI8 napja
  • So Marry isnt evil?

    EqualizerreazonEqualizerreazon8 napja
  • This game was like silent hill but shit

    Beta Ray Bill FanBeta Ray Bill Fan8 napja
  • Admit it, you all wanted to kill the kid

    Matt LoyMatt Loy8 napja
  • So it turns out Mary is not the bad one, but rather, she was blackmailed.

    Jonson1oJonson1o8 napja
  • I'm so confused what makes him get arrested

    spungbuspungbu8 napja
  • Oooookay... Not what I was expecting...

    Nebula WingsNebula Wings8 napja
  • wait so did mary kill taylor??? Wasn't taylor hang from a tree ?

    kayandrae brownkayandrae brown8 napja
  • I got the ending where Andrew watched as John and Taylor got killed in the house. What the hell was the all their personality traits popping out in dialogue boxes on the screen about ?

    MrHaz1993MrHaz19938 napja
  • Alright, it was cute the first couple of times, but I swear, if they try to pull the "PSYCHE! Gotcha! There's no supernatural threat at all!" twist in the third game in a row, me and Supermassive gonna have some _words._

    jabberwagonjabberwagon8 napja
  • Why tf do I love Abraham so much?

    Bird BrainBird Brain8 napja
  • Came here from slimecicle

    Bearfred956Bearfred9568 napja
  • Anyone here after jev played thus

    Ghost ManGhost Man8 napja
  • If it's all in his head, then why do we see scenes where he isn't present? Makes no sense. Also why is he imagining his brother and sister dating?

    LiqouriceLiqourice8 napja
  • My oh my, how bad can this thing be? Medan was a mess, this is plain crap. Hope they get real better or give up already.

    zerf sefozerf sefo8 napja
  • Xqc is still pepega XqcL

    Joseon DynastyJoseon Dynasty9 napja
  • it makes us learn something important, which we often don't remember ... so their eyes have a word ,,, such as: deceitful, indecisive, fearful, arrogant, uncertain, dismissive, and derisive ... well there we are. told to learn not to be like them ... little hope means little hope, so on the contrary, we must avoid these negative words ... So the moral message is: never give up and be grateful for what happened, lest you get time a difficult future and we also have to be sincere no matter what, we can't prevent the past ... so we need to be more careful in the future because we already have experiences in the past ... that's what the message from this game wants addressed to us ... hopefully we all are not as bad as before :)

    Purple FlowyPurple Flowy9 napja
  • I see lots of people crying because this game had a more logical reason then until dawn when we find out it’s all in his head but the thing is a horror game doesn’t need to be all supernatural, Trauma and ptsd are really big things to people who have it and you might realize it but they live their life in fear and it’s really scary and stressful on them and I personally really like the ending.

    Jaden HallidayJaden Halliday9 napja
  • Andrew looks so much like will poulter

    ΟραματιστέςΟραματιστές9 napja
  • feel so sad for mans

    ΟραματιστέςΟραματιστές9 napja
  • is it just me who thinks it is weird that the police officer at the beginning who re directs Andrew into little hope wasn't weirded out about how there wasn't even any people on the bus... like if I were that officer I woulda thought he was on something.

    SpencerSpencer9 napja
  • lol 27:14 Andrew starting to headbang for no reason xD

    Siddharta DelarueSiddharta Delarue9 napja
  • I still don't really like the "It was all in his head" twist. I mean it's neat but... Kinda lessens the game for me.

    Cameron WileyCameron Wiley9 napja
  • Am I the only one who noticed that Taylor's double doesn't appear in the house

    AbsentiaAbsentia9 napja