Little Hope - All Endings (Good, Bad & Best Ending) (The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope)

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ALL endings of The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope including bad ending, good ending and Best Ending.
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  • Andrew Shoots VS Don't SHoot Himself ENDINGS:

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    • 8 bitryan for me

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    • @lucas rodrigues game developers make their own music scores for their games. it isnt a song you can look up anywhere.

    • Thanks guys

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    • Oh nice..

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  • this game kinda..... disappointed me..... long read ahead. It makes sense, every ending does, it does tie it together somewhat, but in the worst way imaginable. A story about trauma, that's fine, a story about fighting your guilt, your regrets, your PAST, that's fine. But what the hell had anything to do with the 18th and 16th century stuff? It ties one event together, and only one (the house burning down) but the other events act as fillers, to give the viewer (the gamer i guess) more to think about and work around. It sets up the story in a way that makes us think it's about a curse, of a family or group of people reliving their deaths each century, always coming back to this place... It makes it seem like it's about all of these characters that we come to care about, are CURSED, in a sense that they all did something at some point in the past so intense and deceitful, so horrible, that they are literally forced to relive all of their deaths again and again, and try to change the past to save their damned souls... and then it's simply about this one guy, who has amnesia most of the time, and it feels cheap. Why the witch stuff at all? Why include it, if not to tie it together. Maybe, if Andrew was a student who researched this stuff could've made it clear why he tried to make it seem (to himself, in his own mind) that this was an outside force, it could've made sense. Hell, the graves are clearly there, the dolls are there, but why is he the only one surviving? Was it because his soul was the only one not damned in the witch trial era? How is his family, who died in that house when he was younger, tied to it? There are no clues that explicitly tells us why his whole family might have died that day. Mary clearly had connections to the devil, and it's hinted at that she's not their real daughter or sibling - but how did she end up there? What is her story? She's clearly the most interesting character out of all of them. I just don't know how the witch stuff could've had anything to do with anything. I reallly enjoyed how well they played into the horror movie tropes, I loved the interractive flashbacks.. But for what reason? Why was Mary so evil in the first place? Who did she talk to in her room the night she burned the house down? There is so much untapped potential and clues, so much so I thought maybe I had simply gotten the bad ending - but it's all the same. A story about trauma can be executed well, it can executed in a way that makes us go "oh yeah! that makes sense!" but this did not make sense to me. This is my opinion though, I understand a lot of people like this and are pleased, but I felt kinda robbed at the end. It just led up to so much, and ended with "it didn't really happen". Reminds me of when I was in middle school, wrote a cool story and had the character wake up at the end, saying "hah, it was all a dream!" and felt so clever. The story could've been better if all witch stuff was scrapped, and instead of having flashbacks to the witch era, there were flashbacks of his life in the house. This would maybe make the game more predictable, but it would also give us a chance to see more of Mary. We could learn more about how she might've influenced the family itself. From the day she moved in, did she stir trouble? Maybe the family died seperately, not all together, and made it look like Andrew was behind it at the end. Maybe she revealed her true self to him, and that's why it's so traumatic to him. Tie the places they go to together with the burned house era or something? Maybe she's a foster child, or an orphan, with a backstory with the church. She broke the family; so why can't we learn more about her? Maybe she is the only spirit being reborn, the actual cursed child of Satan himself. I think this is what they were trying to do anyways, it makes more sense to me that way. Idk tho it's just my opinion, I could've written a whole book on how this game's ending disappointed me lmao

  • That’s why Taylor and daniel try to hide that they are dating in the beginning of the game and i was like why they’re keeping it secret because they all adopted and they been fucking

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  • FaZe Jev

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  • i think my favorite endings are the best ending (everyone lives and vincent helps you at the end) and the ending where everyone dies and vincent helps you at the end.

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  • To me it was always so obvious that the bus driver was andrew in the beginning but i diddnt know how to connect him to present andrew so i diddnt think much of it

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  • Quick question though: Who was Megan talking to before she lit the house on fire? Aren't there really deamons involved? O.o

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  • but i don't get something, it was meghans falut that the family died, so why is the blame of carter?

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  • What do you have to do to get taken away by the cops at the end?

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  • I mean Anthony makes me sad but Vince as well... his girlfriend died in a horrible way and he stayed in Little Hope even after it's just a ghost town adding flowers to her grave and her grave alone... just to see her adopted brother walking through town decades later. He even says drinking is the only thing he got left.

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  • man this game is so incredibly sad🥺

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  • Seeing the best ending really made me think better of it, things got resolved in the end and I think He realised what actually happened, then Vince saying he know it wasn’t him made it much better, the other endings really take the wind out of everything that’s happened.

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  • how did jev not get the first ending if he picked the same options 🤨

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  • Wait I’m confused still I played the whole game and I don’t get it.

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  • So basically everyone dies in the end.

    Someone.Someone.25 napja
  • Am I the only one that still can't piece together what the witch trials have to do with anything?

    Trevor GentryTrevor Gentry26 napja
  • I can’t be the only one that’s Jets from faze jev

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  • This isn’t even all of the endings.

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  • So how you get these ending?

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  • I came here after watching audity stream.

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  • I'm not usually against "All in your Head" stories, but when it comes to games, it's not a good thing to do. Any desire to replay to save everyone just goes down the drain because it doesn't matter. None of it matters. It was all just really a waste of time. Man of Medan was probably worse in terms of story, but at least things still mattered. The decisions you make or don't make could result in the deaths of actual people you may care about. This game had great characters, great relationships, and then it all just fizzled away into nothing. Plus, this is literally the second game in a row where there wasn't actually a supernatural element to it. Can we please just get a supernatural horror?

  • So basically jev got a garbage ending

  • Did anyone else think the bus driver was crazy at the start. Even though it didn't show any people, you can't hear them at all.

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  • i came here from faze jev after he got every one killed

    Josh CJosh CHónapja
  • Really hard to understanding all the ending. Gg i also confuse 😂😂

  • the bad ending is so sad and depessing im so glad I got the best ending in my playthrough.

    Giovanny BonillaGiovanny BonillaHónapja
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  • hahahahahaha

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  • I love thi dGame!

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  • I can never look at this game the same way again. I got so used to the characters, especially Andrew just to find out that they actually never existed. That kind of makes me sad. But it's such a good story and so emotional. Much better than Man of medan.

    Alexander 16Alexander 16Hónapja
  • This game looks so boring 😒

    Elwich ByasElwich ByasHónapja
    • @Elwich Byas well if you talking about until dawn , that doesn't count, Cause it's not part of the anthology, it's on their own budget , 8 games instead of 1 every few years , so it's not that bad and it's better than MoM in its ways

      Casey ByrneCasey ByrneHónapja
    • It definitely is compared to other games they made

      Elwich ByasElwich ByasHónapja
    • It's not

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  • I got the "Lost" ending

    Jose LealJose LealHónapja
  • I'm so mad. I would have gotten the best ending if it wasn't for Taylor telling me to stop calling out the Reverend.

    A MA MHónapja
  • Hands down, John/James’ double was the most terrifying

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  • Honestly, Vince had no right to act like that to someone that lost his entire family, when all he lost was a girlfriend, like tf?

    • His girl was Anthonys sister(as you know) ,and Vince and Anthony got on good as its said in game and everyone thought he burned the house down including Vince, so he felt like he killed his girl and most of family too, depending on how you speak and act with V you'll get a good outcome or bad

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  • I just finished the game today ughhh totally didn’t expect the ending but I really enjoyed it I loved it

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  • This is just my interpretation before watching an explanation video but it seems like the bus driver aka the kid who survived the fire imagines equivalents of his family and the monsters are all dead equivalents which haunt him. At his burned childhood home, he sees them all die again and there’s nothing he can do (Dependent on the ending). I have a feeling Vince blamed him for the fire that’s why he calls him a murderer. There’s probably a lot more I’m missing so I’m excited to find out more especially why the bus driver is reimagining everything in such a way. I feel like this is the most complex of the other dark anthologies.

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  • I’m still confused 😭

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  • Damn, my ending was a mix of some of these endings lol

  • The first time I saw eyebrow kid (as Gally) wield a revolver it didn’t end well. Turns out, didn’t end well here either. Pro tip: don’t give eyebrow guy a gun

    Destructive LightDestructive LightHónapja
  • Damn, it went from exciting action horror to sad and depressing real quick

    Devin HendersonDevin HendersonHónapja
  • The only thing I have a hard time wrapping my head around is why a witch trial? Is it assigning guilt or something? Like why are the other characters killed in flashbacks that apparently never happened?

    Devin HendersonDevin HendersonHónapja
  • Wait at 24:27 why was Taylor burned? In the ending i saw where she dies she gets choked because her double was hanged, was her doubles fate different?

    Angie FairleyAngie FairleyHónapja
    • At the beginning of the game Tanya could’ve died from burning alive by going back into the house or by being hung when she tried to climb down the pipe. How she died determined what Taylor’s double would be.

      Smushed BearSmushed BearHónapja
  • Anthony really went “colonial OC’s for me and the fam ☺️💕✨”

    Emma KjaersgaardEmma KjaersgaardHónapja
  • Anyone else here after watching Jev play through the game?

    Leopard GamingLeopard GamingHónapja
  • can anyone read his patch, my eyes are just bad in general but the lines make it hard to read

    Bo MooreBo MooreHónapja
  • i only ever got the old andrew gets arrested ending

    Bo MooreBo MooreHónapja
  • Coming here to see if H2odelirious and cartoonz did the good ending 👁👄👁

  • Hahaha, o final do Alan é tão ruim que nem está aí 😂

    • logico que tá. a diferença é que o cara do video não matou a angela, entao ao inves de falar com o vince que ele nao matou a angela e foi um acidente, ele somente disse que não matou ninguem

  • I cried like a bitch

    REEFREEF2 hónapja
  • 1:21 God DAMN, you know her back pain is out of this world

    Gaming TheoryGaming Theory2 hónapja
  • Question: I love that it was all in his head and he was just traumatized by what happened to his family as a teen, but I’m wondering: was the ghost they showed with his sister at the start also in his head?

    Nathan GuerraNathan Guerra2 hónapja
  • Who's the blond girl 0:35?

    Lala :3Lala :32 hónapja
    • That’s a preview for a different game coming out

      Smushed BearSmushed BearHónapja
  • Who is the chick at 0:36, dont seem to recall her in the game

    Anaki99DKAnaki99DK2 hónapja
  • I hate how man of Medan and little hope ended both of them finished with it wasn’t real and for them to do that twice makes me think the company lacks creativity

    RubyissonotcoolRubyissonotcool2 hónapja
  • Wow this is crazy

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  • Quem mais veio dps que o Alan jogou??

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  • I think its very interesting that Taylor/Tanya's monster changes based on your decision at the beginning. If you tell her to go down the drainpipe, you get the hovering, rope monster and if you leave her? I think or tell her to go through the window or something, her monster is a the burned one

    Totally Out Of ItTotally Out Of It2 hónapja
  • The acting and the graphics are really bad

    JON ALEXJON ALEX2 hónapja
  • So which one was the best ending??

    B1ue W4v3B1ue W4v32 hónapja
  • The abrasive prose connoly employ because cymbal routinely risk onto a complex bus. unique, bad scarf

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  • Who are you, I'm from colonial America!

    Alex U.Alex U.2 hónapja
  • at 27:53 seconds you see, behind the carfer pastor the person behind him, having problems and changing, position

    Rumba BapiakRumba Bapiak2 hónapja
  • So basically no good endings.

    xves themessxves themess2 hónapja
  • i guess my final question is how did the fire start? because the little girl(forgot her name) didnt move the doll so was it really witchcraft or did he really start it?

    Sparpasws 2Sparpasws 22 hónapja
  • All endings are the same ending though. In every scenario, you have a deeply troubled grieving man hallucinating his whole family. You could try and save all the characters but at the end of the day, they were only alive in Andrew's head, so whether or not you "saved" them won't have any effect, they'll just disappear. It's a "choose your own ending" game that only has one ending 🙄

    Florence D.GFlorence D.G2 hónapja
  • Kelimeler yetmez bazen sadece üzülmek gelir elinden

    Furkan FurkanFurkan Furkan2 hónapja
  • ok but whats up with the girl falling down from a cliff after her rope got cut ? Anyone explain ?

    iTeamiTeam2 hónapja
  • It's actually sad seeing them died the same way they were killed at their past lives.

    hoely onehoely one2 hónapja
  • So the bus driver is Andrew grown up...

    Christan DillowChristan Dillow2 hónapja
  • first ending definitely is the best one

    HeinHein2 hónapja
  • how did andrew know there would be satanic writing in carver's book?

    ItsMaribellItsMaribell2 hónapja
  • i still don't understand how do character traits judge their death or lives?!

    InvisibleInvisible2 hónapja
  • all endings are suck i hate "it was all in your head" endings

    bubblegum sadnessbubblegum sadness2 hónapja
  • I think Little Hope is probably my favorite, even more than Until Dawn. The psychological take in this was just brilliant and done very well.

    SalazarSalazar2 hónapja
  • did i miss something?? where/who are Mary's parents??

    • Only the intro and the endings are completely real. The witch trials are Andrew, or the bus driver, coping with the devastation of the house fire by assigning guilt to either Meghan I think her name was, or her pastor who may have abused her. It's also implied at the very beginning that those aren't their biological kids when the father said something like "Maybe if we had kids of our own this wouldn't have happened." The events that take place throughout Little Hope are basically like the bus driver dealing with this pain and running from it and the pain he originally blamed Mary for. Mary is basically the "witch trial" version of Meghan

      Devin HendersonDevin HendersonHónapja
    • I think parents. Mary is josept and amy. Kid's betrayed.

      Ghazy AzzamGhazy Azzam2 hónapja
    • Mary was being taken care of by her sister Tabitha because her parents were killed.

      Zach McclamZach Mcclam2 hónapja
  • Wait *I'M* the bus driver?! *Always have been*

    Avery MartinAvery Martin2 hónapja
  • I was hoping that there would be one version where the siblings in his head are not dating.

    theacer250theacer2502 hónapja
    • I agree. It's so unnecessary and gross.

      ItsMaribellItsMaribell2 hónapja
  • Wtf?!? These are all shit ends

    Nouria OfficialNouria Official2 hónapja
  • I convicted Carver in the end, but my characters were still killed in the house. Interesting. Could be because I didn't have all of them alive when I got to the ending.

    Starshine OGStarshine OG2 hónapja
  • Seriously hated the ending it’s a good story just not for a video game based on decisions.

    Ava DruryAva Drury2 hónapja
  • ''You've lost everything?!'' ''bitch my whole family died in front of me and I couldn't do anything about it and you think you deserve sympathy because you lost your shack job.''

    KingEhrys98KingEhrys983 hónapja
  • 27:15 cue Andrew's weird bobbing head.

    Aya PapayaAya Papaya3 hónapja
  • Imagine seeing your boyfriend getting brutally murdered and your reaction is: Meh...

    La lumière qui fait venir l'ombreLa lumière qui fait venir l'ombre3 hónapja
  • What happens if andrew saves megan from that fire?

    Galan drielGalan driel3 hónapja
  • whenever that dramatic music comes on, the first thing I hear is "yee-haw"

    mold pagan :-0mold pagan :-03 hónapja
  • Sad

    Douka DaPlugDouka DaPlug3 hónapja
  • This video sort of makes it look like if you condemn Mary, then Taylor, Angela, Daniel, and John (or whoever you haven't managed to kill by that point) will be trapped in the house. But I've seen a playthrough where Mary was saved, Angela got out of the house, and everyone else died. That's a matter of what your relationships are like with those people, not what Mary's final outcome is. Also interesting that in that one, Taylor's demon was fiery. I guess that depends on whether or not you tell Tanya to shimmy down the drain pipe (which causes her to get hanged by her scarf). I guess if you tell her the other option, she dies in the fire.

    purpleiguanapurpleiguana3 hónapja
  • And the judge was the neighbor who came to check on the family house while it was burning.

    Sara vandomSara vandom3 hónapja
  • Honestly I don't like the endings of how it was all in his head but I do like the horror feel

    Animetrio animationsAnimetrio animations3 hónapja
  • I got a weird glitch where i saved and forgave Mary but the bearing said that i saved her AND got her killed which didn't make any sense

    Aiden NicholsonAiden Nicholson3 hónapja
  • Can someone tell me why i got two bearings that contradict each other? I beat the game and had everyone die in the house besides Andrew. I had one bearing that said "Andrew advised abraham to destroy marys doll" and one that said "Andrew chose not to intervene when abraham asked for his advice" like these completely go against each othee

    Aiden NicholsonAiden Nicholson3 hónapja
  • Anyone know what the premonition at 0:33 was for? Their next game maybe?

    Zachary ButterfrasZachary Butterfras3 hónapja
    • The next game House of Ashes

      Zach McclamZach Mcclam2 hónapja
  • Can we get some actual monsters next?

    TelsaWolverine -TelsaWolverine -3 hónapja
  • How isn't the ending with the bible in here? Isn't that the actual best ending. These are all bad endings.

    moogle sandwichmoogle sandwich3 hónapja
  • Agora sim sei todos os finais, vlw

    Gabriel CostaGabriel Costa3 hónapja
  • No, I'm am not okay. And I'm very confused!

    Zion FreemanZion Freeman3 hónapja
  • So there’s two versions of Taylor’s monster depending on what you tell Tanya to do in the 70s? A burned one of you make her stay up and a hanged one if you make her try to get off? So I guess it means Tabitha is either burned or hanged depending on this choice. I think it’s cooler to have her hang because then it gives everyone, including (possibly) Mary, a different death in the Witch Trials. Also, I’m guessing that Andrew’s relationship with everyone is what influences on who dies at the end, if anyone. Speaking of which, does condemning Mary, burning the doll or condemning Carver actually have any bearing on the present ending? Also, one more thing, in the bad ending where everyone died, why did the monsters have fire in their eyes when showing the locked traits? Sometimes I see that ending, but the monsters didn’t have fire in their eyes. Does it need everyone (besides Andrew ofc) to be in the house for this to happen?

    Rafi KaziRafi Kazi3 hónapja
  • That premonition at the end is that a hint to the next game? where the girl ropes gets cut and she falls.

    MitanooMitanoo3 hónapja
    • Yes! The game is called house of ashes

      Zach McclamZach Mcclam2 hónapja