Lionel Messi - All Red Cards In Career

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Lionel Messi - All Red Cards In Career
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  • Plot twist: the referees have autism

    JeffyJeffy2 napja
  • That last one was bullshit it wasn't a red card and if it was a referee with a brain it would've been a yellow for both

    JeffyJeffy2 napja
  • The red card vs chile thats even not a yellow poor 🥴🥴

    Messi KingMessi King5 napja
  • lol shortest red cards vid ever

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  • Make this about Ramos or Roy keane

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  • ronaldo with 11 red cards and messi with 3

    Khamza SaidovKhamza Saidov16 napja
    • Messi better

      JeffyJeffy2 napja
  • The first and last should not have been red cards did nothing wrong. First one player goes down holding his face and didn't even touch his face. Player was just a dirty cheat. Last one nothing in it and other player overacts because he lost the chance to score by bad control.

    Andrew SneesbyAndrew Sneesby20 napja
  • Ronaldo has 11 red cards, we want that in the next video

    NawoditNawodit24 napja
  • First two fair enough, last one was undeserved as HE was the one that got a headbutt

    winner yeahmatewinner yeahmate25 napja
  • Congrats to 4 million subs bro 😌

  • warum so wenig?? der hat locker mehr verdient!

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  • The second one was actually his 3rd red card go do your research

    lofi tokyolofi tokyoHónapja
    • @lofi tokyo pretty presumptuous of you to think that they are numbered in the order of occurance.

      Debanga Raj ChoudhuryDebanga Raj Choudhury29 napja
    • @Debanga Raj Choudhury yes...can’t u count in Roman

      lofi tokyolofi tokyo29 napja
    • Did the OP mention the order of red cards anywhere?

      Debanga Raj ChoudhuryDebanga Raj Choudhury29 napja
  • if this video was about Ramos it would be 20 minutes long

    abdulto5 Gamingabdulto5 GamingHónapja
  • 3 reds ..... 2 very bad calls from the ref.... and one mike Tyson punchout on that snake villalibre...

    Sharad MohipSharad MohipHónapja
  • So negative

    Shahzad ShajuShahzad ShajuHónapja
  • Get 4 million faster bro

  • He is sooo close to 4 mill

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  • Clean hit Tyson would love it

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  • maybe not all, he didn't ended his career yet

  • Soooo shorter 🤣🤣


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  • Honestly his first two red card was a bad decision

    Dhaka Gaming by RajDhaka Gaming by RajHónapja
    • @Muhammad Bilal Rafaqat hmmm!

      Dhaka Gaming by RajDhaka Gaming by RajHónapja
    • Yeah maan!

      Muhammad Bilal RafaqatMuhammad Bilal RafaqatHónapja
  • Ramos and Pepe: amateurs

    Aeris LaevateinnAeris LaevateinnHónapja
  • Sergio Ramos you need a bucket of popcorn to watch. Messi you just need 1 piece.

    Draxler ChroniclesDraxler ChroniclesHónapja
  • Congratulations for 4 M advance

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  • The first one doesn’t even make since lol

    King SodaKing SodaHónapja
  • nice lepa and kop btw zapraszam na kanał

  • The first one isn't even the foul Worth yellow card...fukin blind ref

    Tilak OliTilak OliHónapja
  • @Wrzzer👌🏻your 2 savage🔥that's wussup🥂

    Rose Smith - R7.Rose Smith - R7.Hónapja
  • Messi explained with his slap, do not push to stop the world's best Messi, stop tactically!

    Tanxi's DiaryTanxi's DiaryHónapja
  • Fun fact: you didn't search for this.

    Matt JohnsMatt JohnsHónapja
    • I actually did lol

  • 0:28 oo I like your cut g and the first and the second one arent that red card like the first one he pulled his shirt

    ToxicGambler ToxicGamblerToxicGambler ToxicGamblerHónapja

    Peter ThomasPeter ThomasHónapja

  • Medel deserve red card, Messi yellow

    Pan AnonymPan AnonymHónapja
  • I can see 2 red cards don't belong to Messi Among 3........ This is really disgusting when such a cool and calm player gets red card🧐

    Rahul SarkarRahul SarkarHónapja
  • Song : Tobu - Joy

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    Morgan WestbrokeMorgan WestbrokeHónapja
  • Leo 🐐🔥

    دلوو پاشايىدلوو پاشايىHónapja
  • este es tu idolo el mio no lo es es dieguito maradona

  • Like your cut G

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  • Finalmente el exceso de consumo de hormonas saliendo a la luz

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  • What did Messi do to Medel????? Why red card??

    Mehmet Ulaş МekerMehmet Ulaş МekerHónapja
  • Hi

    Christina LangamChristina LangamHónapja
  • That 2nd one is the one and only red card in his club career

    • Yes!

      Muhammad Bilal RafaqatMuhammad Bilal RafaqatHónapja
  • Well this was a short video

    Junaid ZamanJunaid ZamanHónapja
  • Messi 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

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  • 2nd red for Argentina wasn’t deserved.

    md ayanmd ayanHónapja
  • Great vid well done🤙🤙👌👌

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  • It is wrong side of game.He is very good.

    Jiří VeselýJiří VeselýHónapja
  • 3 red cards, so much!!! 😆😆😆

    Valerie RamirezValerie RamirezHónapja
  • Your video sucks bro

  • Only the Barca one is a red for me

  • The other player aproach Messi, blocking him.

    Oscar OrtizOscar OrtizHónapja
  • Title: Lionel Messi all red cards Video: 1 minute lol

    kalle eprokalle eproHónapja
    • Sergio Ramos 1 hour video

      Kainan SugalKainan SugalHónapja
  • All these red cards are unfair

    Deaker LabsDeaker LabsHónapja
  • 0:31 "i like ya cut g"

  • Hhhh yg 2 juga d timnas min

    Herry HerryHerry HerryHónapja
  • he is doped

    Rover WatersRover WatersHónapja
  • The first red card was not deserved.

    Lifeline BangaloreLifeline BangaloreHónapja
  • all ronaldogs barking away, if that was pepe or ramos lol then it was a yellow card but for messi its 10 match ban, jokers

    hani razahani razaHónapja
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  • 👍👏👏👏👌Messi make teams play cowardly but if you want to hurt him he will explode on you, whatever he did or will do I respect him and consider the best player since this sport had been created. Visca Barca

    Spiritual Guitar musicSpiritual Guitar musicHónapja
  • That was comical, like a Laurel and Hardy slapstick custard pie in the back of the head.

    Richard FoleyRichard FoleyHónapja
  • I dont think messi deserved the first one The guy was totally faking

    Nilakshi SharmaNilakshi SharmaHónapja
  • Ramos : ha AMATEUR

    Badr-eddine El afiBadr-eddine El afiHónapja
  • 00:29 oh I like your cut g

    Majd HammodyMajd HammodyHónapja
  • Last is not fair :/

    Albert JommaAlbert JommaHónapja

    Ready to Rock 21Ready to Rock 21Hónapja
  • Referees must not give Messi red cards when he is in Argentina

    Andria KereselidzeAndria KereselidzeHónapja
  • He won't end up in England. His wife will hate the place. He won't be able to handle the physical english league anyway and he'll be getting more of them cards if he does.

    Neil NZNeil NZHónapja
  • 1st (against Hungary) and 3rd (against Chile) were unfair.

    Sól PLSól PLHónapja
    • @Sól PL czerwona kartka była nieuczciwa zgadzam

      Football Till I dieFootball Till I dieHónapja
    • @Football Till I die Polish Messi dostał czerwone kartki w meczu z Węgrami i Chile. To niesprawiedliwe

      Sól PLSól PLHónapja
    • k tell me ur language i will reply in it

      Football Till I dieFootball Till I dieHónapja
    • @Football Till I die i'm sorry, i am not good at english. Cards for Messi against Chile and Hungary were unfair

      Sól PLSól PLHónapja
    • i dont understand what u saying

      Football Till I dieFootball Till I dieHónapja
  • Ohhhhhh messi why did you do that?

  • Disgusting behavior from Messi outrageous

    sean linessean linesHónapja
  • Ha ha ha Ronaldo is the best

    sean linessean linesHónapja
  • 0:36 ref showing red card to Alba and Alba feeling proud to be mistaken as messi

    CallWhatYou LikeCallWhatYou LikeHónapja
    • Please I can't control my laugh, too funny comment

      sayan Joshisayan JoshiHónapja
  • Wrzzer is just one of many haters

    Radhika GupteRadhika GupteHónapja
  • lol to be frank messi is try to be serious and score a goal at the last minute so that they dont lose, but the Atletic player keep on disturb him from moving so he just punch him away and run to get the ball... ntg wrong tho loll

  • How was the 3rd one a red?

    Dylan LopezDylan LopezHónapja
  • all of his reds came from ‘’fighting/punching’’ no tackles

    Meme ReviewMeme ReviewHónapja
    • @Meme Review no coz Messi didn't use his would have been a yellow for both players..they were just at each other without hands..the first one was unlucky too

      Abin JacobAbin JacobHónapja
    • @Abin Jacob he didnt deserve it imo, but i think it would have been given even with var, cause theyre so strict

      Meme ReviewMeme ReviewHónapja
    • If there was VAR..the second one is not a red card

      Abin JacobAbin JacobHónapja
    • @Grant MCD lmao

      Meme ReviewMeme ReviewHónapja
    • Because he never defends so there can't be any

      Grant MCDGrant MCDHónapja
  • Last one wasn’t a red

  • You missed one

  • Can you do a similar video for Sergio Ramos ?😀😀

    * overhaul ** overhaul *Hónapja
  • Almost 4 million! Way to go!!!!

    Gemma FitzpatrickGemma FitzpatrickHónapja
  • 0:29 he only liked his haircut

  • Damn, he smacked him harder than my mom smacks me 😂

    Der KaiserDer KaiserHónapja
  • first of all, the red card he got in copa de el rey the guy literally got into Messi's way on purpose and why the guy is holding his face if Messi supposedly hit him at the back of his head

    said ventura _said ventura _Hónapja
  • the first red card wasn't even fair he didn't even touch the guys face

    said ventura _said ventura _Hónapja
  • Four with the one he got yesterday

    Luis YLuis YHónapja
  • Why was the red card shown to Jordi Alba

    • @sayan Joshi bruh I literally was just asking funny meme

    • Too funny I can't control my laugh, please

      sayan Joshisayan JoshiHónapja
  • If u see the video clearly and slowly u can see Messi just pushed him to go ahead by pressing him in the back( just like when he dribbles and everyone is around him to stop him ) but the opponent reacts a bit like a baby and falls to the ground just for show ...

    Kevin BirkbeckKevin BirkbeckHónapja
  • the last fight 😂😂😂 lmao.. like two 🐔😂😂

  • Messi!!!!

    Martin gamingMartin gamingHónapja

    abdeali alibhaiabdeali alibhaiHónapja
  • If this was about Ramos the video would be 20 minutes long

    Vorname NachnameVorname NachnameHónapja
  • Messi can change the game if he join pep and man city

  • That wasnot enough to be red card,Ref just wanna be one of the 3 who give red card to Messi

    • @Charles Leirman 😂😂 get some sense & get the joke

    • If I was a referee I would not do this for that, all what u are saying are nonsens

      Charles LeirmanCharles LeirmanHónapja
  • I like your cut G, *smacks head*

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