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Life of Artyom
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This is adventures of Artyom the cat. He is a grey cat. That is pretty much all I know about him. He likes to eat pickles, kotlet and carrot. True slav cat. Before he was named Artyom I called him Komrade Kat.
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  • Still thinking about this cat being named Tachanka or Catushya

  • So cute little cat

    GD MasterGD MasterNapja
  • Me want pet comrade cat

    pikachu chuuupikachu chuuuNapja
  • vadims nightmares was an extraordinary suggestion

    chorus manchorus man2 napja
  • 🤣🤣🤣

    Rocks are tip tip tip bobi BabiRocks are tip tip tip bobi Babi3 napja
  • Awwwww his so cute😘😘😘😘😘😘

    kaarel pro gamingkaarel pro gaming3 napja
  • Gib music of intro pls

    PapaZoulouPapaZoulou3 napja
    • Gopnik McBlyat

      Sate Ayyam3Sate Ayyam34 órája
  • Onion is poisonous for kats even slav ones

    Hudhaifah GhoriHudhaifah Ghori3 napja
    • Even slav ones

      Hudhaifah GhoriHudhaifah Ghori3 napja
  • Нормально

    Младший ЛейтенантМладший Лейтенант3 napja
  • The only Artyom I know runs Thru the Metro Tunnels of Moskow with his thrusty Kalash

    Partyon WestPartyon West3 napja
  • Wait till komrade kat becomes putin

    James NerJames Ner4 napja
  • Artiom Iwanowicz Mikojan. класс!!

    MiguddonMiguddon4 napja
  • Борис ты русский?

    Amir SerikovAmir Serikov4 napja
  • Artyom is the cutest fucking thing I’ve ever seen in my life

    AjFanAjFan4 napja
  • hello

    André LamasAndré Lamas4 napja
  • 2:29 "Debil"

    Jan JankoJan Janko4 napja
  • 0:20 lol the subtitles Since day one, comrade cat has had big appetite *and started eating my damn leg*

    Maido BöcklerMaido Böckler5 napja
  • Я люблю Россию Я товарищ коммунизма коммунизма Владимир Путин Россия. жаль парней мой друг заставил меня сказать это

    Sarah ForresterSarah Forrester6 napja
  • and AHH HES GOT BEANS!!!

    Furry Joseph StalinFurry Joseph Stalin6 napja
  • my dog sleeps in my ushanka ;_;

    Furry Joseph StalinFurry Joseph Stalin6 napja
  • I have the same birthday as artyom.

    Alex PopaAlex Popa7 napja
  • Hello Artyom

    William NakadWilliam Nakad7 napja
  • hello god bless

    sortapaulsortapaul7 napja
  • I get that you seem to be a very patriotic Russian, but why do you seen to be so against the West and Capitolism? I mean, yeah, think what you want, but I live in the U.S., which is in the West, but I'm not a typical stinky, imperialist, Western, Capitolist spy, or anything. I don't even consider myself really "American", as I am a man of many cultures and ethnicities. And hey, OK, yes, Capitolism has its flaws, ALL ideologies do. Not everyone who lives in the West is bad. Both Eastern and Western cultures and ideas have their own perks and controversies. Be patriotic for your motherland, yes, but still be respectful of other parts of the world. That's what Democracy is supposed to be. It's supposed to mean being tolerant. Again, all cultures and political ideologies have their ups and downs. Why does Russia and America ALWAYS have to be in SOME kind of conflict with one another? I think that's wrong. It's regressive and outdated. Not trying to sound like a typical Californian Liberal here, but it's true. There ARE parts of American and Western European culture that are truly great, and vice versa for Russia and the East. Why do nations always have to bash each other because of minor differences? It's not right.

    Gabriel Agustinho MasGabriel Agustinho Mas7 napja
  • *plays USSR anthem*

    mark smark s7 napja
  • О товарищ это просто прекрасно

    Дмитрий ПетинДмитрий Петин8 napja
  • Glory to the USSR my dear tovarich

    Артём ГайнияхметовАртём Гайнияхметов9 napja
  • The world's cutest comrade cat

    Nick MooreNick Moore9 napja
  • When he grows up he will be of great help to his mother country

    Joao_GabrielJoao_Gabriel10 napja
  • я один не понимаю - это же русский парень, но канал для англ людей?

    Mr _АНИМ_Mr _АНИМ_10 napja
    • Да я вот тоже хз, но акцент похож

      AleKSeuZAleKSeuZ6 napja
  • 30th day of August?! I have the same birthday!

    Ossum ChengOssum Cheng10 napja

    pumpkin23pumpkin2311 napja
  • he looks like my kitten right now except mine is really fat

    tastyburger 1425tastyburger 142511 napja
  • Hi.

    Zlatan LewandowskiZlatan Lewandowski12 napja
  • This is why cats are the best

    PoweredUp444PoweredUp44412 napja
    • Nah

      Serena BruschiSerena Bruschi12 napja
  • Own que fofo, amei o Artyom

    Rodrigo RosaRodrigo Rosa12 napja
  • 1:34 🤣

    Roos HovhannesRoos Hovhannes12 napja
  • Hello Artyom♥

    wolf Katwolf Kat13 napja
  • I swear this video was 9 months old, holy heck

    Spartan 412Spartan 41213 napja
  • jeremiah babe

    Nishant GuptaNishant Gupta13 napja
  • Artyom is cute cat and not aggressive to his owner he is good komerade kat

    This is A nameThis is A name13 napja
  • His full name is Артём Черный

    Никита Просто НикитаНикита Просто Никита13 napja
  • To jest zwykły kot a nie jakiś (Slav cat)

    gameboygameboy14 napja
  • in the end of this video,the cat just fade away from camera and went on an adventure. oh my,that shot is epic

    jack Duanjack Duan14 napja
  • 😡 👕︻╦╤─ ҉ - 👞👞 ↑ C҉H҉E҉E҉K҉I҉ B҉R҉E҉E҉K҉I҉ I҉V҉ D҉A҉M҉K҉E҉ C҉Y҉K҉A҉ B҉L҉Y҉A҉T҉!

    aicha bekhdadiaicha bekhdadi14 napja
  • How is cat now

    RockyRocky14 napja
  • aww so cute

    Aviation GuyAviation Guy15 napja
  • so cuuuuuuute!!!

    Aaron_GKVAaron_GKV15 napja
  • i just wanted to go this video on 25.200 comments i have ocd

    MTF 17MTF 1715 napja
  • he is so cuuuuteeee

    MTF 17MTF 1715 napja
  • Найс кэт)))

    Игровой КотейкаИгровой Котейка15 napja
  • (:D (:0

    Игровой КотейкаИгровой Котейка15 napja
  • 2:26 Kute komrade kat

    cold war veterancold war veteran15 napja
  • What species is this cat

    iPanzershreciPanzershrec16 napja
    • @Esteriix Thanks

      iPanzershreciPanzershrec15 napja
    • looks like a Russian Blue

      EsteriixEsteriix15 napja
  • I already named my cat comrade cat

    Joey BennettJoey Bennett16 napja
  • Life of Artyom actual channel when?

    Clickerty GamingClickerty Gaming16 napja
  • Komrad Valdimir Kattov

    Ricky RickRicky Rick16 napja
  • Hello

    Velayutham CVelayutham C17 napja
  • You inspired me to name my new cat Nikolai.

    Shrek 46Shrek 4617 napja
  • Happy kat

    Jay CubertoJay Cuberto18 napja
  • +rep for Master of Olympus: Zeus

    Eugene BabkinEugene Babkin18 napja
  • De "bleb" (👅 thing)

    knutzzl Rampspoetnikovknutzzl Rampspoetnikov18 napja
  • Hello Artyom from Kazan. (It's Tatarstan)

    op jop j18 napja
  • Next kat named *Katyusha*

    The Soviet UnionThe Soviet Union19 napja
  • This is the first video i watched from this channel and i love it

    Máté FerencziMáté Ferenczi19 napja
  • 4:50 prity much like it is toy XD I play with my cat a bit dinmular to this Hahahaha

    Patrik ČargaPatrik Čarga19 napja
  • privet artyom

    Rek ManRek Man20 napja
  • bories: i have to go comrade cat: its raining western spys bories: ... go get ready for anti-western spy music

    Zachary InmanZachary Inman20 napja
  • How is your cat so chill??? My cat parkours all the time and always bites my feet

    Riko PõldRiko Põld21 napja
  • 0:26

    cameroncameron21 napja
  • Comrades this is OUR cat.

    Dr.khatra ADr.khatra A22 napja
  • I see him a lot at comrades bar

    0 IQ0 IQ22 napja

  • He is so cute I wish he stills the best comrade cat ever

    Dragontuber MDragontuber M22 napja
  • Is so cute

    french gopnikfrench gopnik22 napja
  • Cute and тупой!!!

    Margana FataMargana Fata22 napja
  • Your vids are like a melody to my ears

  • hello

    MR GLITCH 10MR GLITCH 1023 napja
  • Happy birthday, little comrade

    Ignazio P.Ignazio P.23 napja
  • да это ж я (я артем)

    justjust23 napja
  • in Russia u throw potato and eat grenade

    Jonte Playz 2020Jonte Playz 202024 napja
  • I research time crystals on youtube and this pops up as a related topic. lolwut

    AcronymicalAcronymical25 napja
  • Он такой милыыыыый! Надеюсь он вырастет в полезного товарища ^^

    gf f55gf f5525 napja
  • I cannot fathom who are the 1.2 K people who disliked Artyom ? I wish an asteroid smites them all down to smithereens! .. They must be some fat rare-bearded ISIS pimpleboys..... Or some Chinese

    FirestartermanFirestarterman26 napja
  • Does he sit on your shoulder?

    King JulianKing Julian27 napja

    knitroknitro29 napja
  • 2:32 Watcha lookin' at

    Sun Nyan MinSun Nyan Min29 napja
  • Лвлатыыдчдьмьмьызузжужадпгпоцоуоаоя

    Juan WijayaJuan Wijaya29 napja
  • Hello Artyom

    Father PFather P29 napja
  • Kartyom

    Pleb PlaysPleb Plays29 napja
  • I also have Kat and now it squat :D

    Andrijana ŠajnAndrijana Šajn29 napja
  • nobady: russian cats 1 day after being adopted by russian: after 1 day:learn to squat after 1 week : like to hear hardbass after 1 month: steals computer stick to watch boris after 1 yeat: speaking russian with owner and talks about stalker 2

    Andrijana ŠajnAndrijana Šajn29 napja
  • metro needs to add character customization and one of the hats needs to be Artyom's ushanka or a ushanka that looks like him

    13th Century Vice13th Century Vice29 napja
  • You should have named him серый кот

  • Hello Slav cat

    Ib Racer4Ib Racer4Hónapja
  • Hello kat

    The EncoreThe EncoreHónapja
  • I love to squat like slav

    Steve HighlightsSteve HighlightsHónapja
  • Boris should get a dog and name the dog Adidog

    Colin ChungColin ChungHónapja
  • He is literally a combination of my two cats.

    Dino StudiosDino StudiosHónapja
  • after this i built mega box mansion for my strong komrad kat

    Christopher NickolChristopher NickolHónapja