Life of Artyom

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Life of Artyom
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This is adventures of Artyom the cat. He is a grey cat. That is pretty much all I know about him. He likes to eat pickles, kotlet and carrot. True slav cat. Before he was named Artyom I called him Komrade Kat.
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  • Artyom is name of Joseph Stalin's son

    Afan KovacevicAfan KovacevicNapja
  • Is it a scottish fold, british shorthair or a russian blue?

  • Where are the other kittens?

  • a true Slav cat salute 💪🏽

    PackdiditPackdidit2 napja
  • I wonder how the capitalist orange peel even got past Motherland border

    Muhammad HussainMuhammad Hussain4 napja
  • Artyom so cute asleep

    drunk Russian 69drunk Russian 695 napja
  • artyom is so CUTE

    Javaria ShahidJavaria Shahid5 napja

    Samamoto RikoSamamoto Riko5 napja
  • helo future komrade

    Jane HollandJane Holland6 napja
  • Very cute video Boris!! Greetings from Argentina 🇦🇷🇷🇺

    Juan SchroderJuan Schroder6 napja
  • hello

    Amit PatilAmit Patil7 napja
  • 1:31-1:48 i laughed so fucking hard i spilled our mayonnaise.................shit

    Bradyn UrferBradyn Urfer7 napja
  • Very much appy kats

    Son KorindaSon Korinda8 napja
  • He sleep He attac But most importantly *He ate vadim's snacc*

    Antony 303Antony 3038 napja
  • The acent : Russian Me: P E R F E C T O

    darija kusalicdarija kusalic9 napja
  • Cheeki Breeki

    Dragon gamerDragon gamer9 napja
  • Slavs love him capitalists fear him and big brains worship him

    Jack BrookesJack Brookes9 napja
  • * and not without sense of humor * Me: * ALMOST DIES LAUGHING *

    KubaGdyniaPLKubaGdyniaPL9 napja
  • Расти хорошо Артём

    Dr TalonDr Talon9 napja
  • He's so cute ngl -cat lover 2021

    محمد فراسمحمد فراس10 napja
  • My pet cat just gave birth. I may have found a name for him!

    Puss GamingPuss Gaming10 napja
  • 1:50 Metro exoduuus!!!!!!!!!!

    Maks play 83Maks play 8310 napja
  • hi

    Awes UrmanaAwes Urmana10 napja
  • artyrom cute

    Some idiot named Underscores_keeSome idiot named Underscores_kee10 napja
  • Ah yes, the best pass time: shleep

    A Grimm GhostA Grimm Ghost11 napja
  • сука блять your cat is cute

    Katherine MillerKatherine Miller12 napja
  • Love the name from Metro!

    N3XUSN3XUS12 napja
  • Artyom Slav

    Central JeakMCentral JeakM12 napja
  • Artyom and I have the same birthday.

    embarkingoliveembarkingolive12 napja
  • Komrade Kat makes Vadim go splyat!

    Erik HawkkeErik Hawkke12 napja
  • More artyom blyat

    FathomFathom13 napja
  • Shouldve named him victor reznov or just reznov

    Ali EmirmahmutoğluAli Emirmahmutoğlu14 napja
  • He stick his tongue out. He should meet my dog. Her tongue is always out. No matter what.

    RainWolfRainWolf14 napja
  • Why his name not just Joseph Lenin Or Vladimir Stalin?

    TheMixerGameTheMixerGame14 napja
  • Why would anybody feel the need to dislike this?

    L.A. November 2019L.A. November 201914 napja
  • Artyom has the same birthday as mine XD

    Not PotatoNot Potato15 napja
  • i love artyom!!!

    Joey SeffJoey Seff15 napja
  • He looks like my cat but tiny

    Ma77 GamezMa77 Gamez16 napja
  • slab + cat = comrade cat Comrade cat= great

    doom slayerdoom slayer16 napja
  • Best kat

    tanamera miatanamera mia16 napja
  • artyom is the best name ever

    MochaFurMochaFur17 napja
  • Hello Artyom, and He protec he attac But most importantly he fights weather peel

    Akiva RotenbergAkiva Rotenberg17 napja
  • Hello

    LolsteinLolstein18 napja
  • More artyom videos!!! We love u Artyom!!!

    P BP B18 napja
  • 3:39 hahahah

    Imperial NavyImperial Navy18 napja
  • Onions are poisonous for cats

    deku doubledeku double18 napja
  • 0:30

    Ethan LambertEthan Lambert19 napja
  • Is artyom a roan cat? its look like roan cat

  • Vadim:exists Artyom:remeber no russian

    ayoub abdelghaniayoub abdelghani19 napja
  • Artyom vs Donald Trump F I G H T

    Kieran GallearsKieran Gallears20 napja
  • Give vodka to be slavvv

    Farras 23Farras 2320 napja

    David McConkeyDavid McConkey20 napja
  • Artyom the comrade kat 😎

    ZenithZeroZenithZero20 napja
  • Komarade Kat is born time to create a national day.

    KaytexKaytex21 napja
  • О метро история Бориса

    Пледик ПледиковПледик Пледиков21 napja
  • I didn’t realise he’s speaking English OMG

    Crabbby PocketCrabbby Pocket21 napja
  • the birth of a star

    Xxmkay XxxXxmkay Xxx22 napja
  • BEAN

    Zapp UtubeZapp Utube22 napja
  • Who is Vadim?

    artosartos22 napja
  • У артема не будет детей...

    Абдрашев ШынгысАбдрашев Шынгыс22 napja
  • Happy Cat

    Mirza5Mirza522 napja
  • I was born on the 31st of August lol

    Joax 101Joax 10123 napja
  • "capitalist orange peel" xD

    chOco lattechOco latte23 napja
  • Cheeki breeki i v dame

    Seán De MháirrSeán De Mháirr24 napja
  • Life of artyom or boris?

    Таракан СерёгаТаракан Серёга24 napja
  • Artyom is strong cat with the motherland on the side of him

    OfficerSuperAdminOfficerSuperAdmin24 napja
  • hodně šťastná kočka

    ibrahim khālil allahibrahim khālil allah24 napja
  • hoooooooooo kut kat

    le serbele serbe24 napja
  • me and artyom share a birthday pog

    spebbololspebbolol24 napja
  • He should've been named putin

    I LOVE MUDI LOVE MUD24 napja
  • 2:32 DEBIL love that word

    blu dragon lunga cungablu dragon lunga cunga24 napja
  • My real name is Артём lol

    TrollhammarenTrollhammaren25 napja
  • Поздравляю! Ты обнаружил русский коментарий!

    Dark the hedgehogDark the hedgehog25 napja
  • Mate 0:33 was my childhood!

    ShearwoodShearwood26 napja
  • hello artyom

    meme lordmeme lord27 napja
  • i will make a python script to spam to make a happy kat

    Cole BartlettCole Bartlett27 napja
  • A Slav with a cat

    Exotic AppleExotic Apple27 napja
  • Hey i got a Komrad kat too :D his name is Muro like true slovakian slav (btw I'm from slovakia) and why he is a second of the protector of the mother land? Because for test I played western song and he was angry and and he was biting the computar and when I played "Parking lot" or "74 47". He was calm and was dancing for some reason :D so I'm proud on him and he is 4 months old so he's a young kat but It's better to protect the mother land from young age right okay cheeki breeki my slav komrads and uvidíme sa nabudúce (That means "see you later")

    rado .crado .c28 napja
  • Baby

    Natalia RamirezNatalia Ramirez28 napja
  • That little komrade kat, im gonna find a better little blyat that can squat like me.Bye Slavs :)

    Muhamed RepuhMuhamed Repuh28 napja
  • who are those poor souls that disliked this video?

    Abraham LincolnAbraham Lincoln28 napja
  • I just realisied that my birthday is the 30th of August. Love to Artyom

    Heppan PcHeppan Pc28 napja
  • Hello comrade kat

    DaveeMoo OwODaveeMoo OwO28 napja
  • Hello

    Leonardo DiegoLeonardo Diego28 napja
  • _We need Comrade Kat update_

    Random ÑēssRandom Ñēss29 napja
  • He found Cat-Chanka unsuitable........... HOW DARE U DISRESPECT THE LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But either way Artyom is a cute name :)

    Aleah AquinoAleah Aquino29 napja
  • Привет товарищ кошка

    Darwin DyDarwin Dy29 napja
  • This is the cutest cat(kitten?) I have ever seen

    Darius RochaDarius Rocha29 napja
  • Boris i am spanish slav,i am making Orange Kompot with my mom

    Victor Jacob Vivar GarciaVictor Jacob Vivar GarciaHónapja
  • Ahh it ye lil pet russian...

    Adrian JohanssonAdrian JohanssonHónapja
  • 5:22 the kitchen is holy

    Matthew SheydaMatthew SheydaHónapja
  • Can someone tell me the breed?

    Alexandru TengherAlexandru TengherHónapja
  • Hello artyom

    roy hanroy hanHónapja
  • Hello

  • привет артём!❤🇷🇺

    Memevel StudiosMemevel StudiosHónapja
  • Artyom has ascended

    Coyote KyleCoyote KyleHónapja
  • Artyom is a Russian blue cat

    Colin RamzelColin RamzelHónapja
  • If I was a cat I would want Boris to be my owner

    Timo PetersTimo PetersHónapja
  • I have a cat that is same as Artyom

    Maraks _15Maraks _15Hónapja
  • Egg,vodka and comrade K A T

    Tiffany Chatham-PardusTiffany Chatham-PardusHónapja