Level 8 Shen Pentakill - Who Does That?! - Best of LoL Streams #1035

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Wickd lvl 8 Shen Pentakill!
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0:00 Wickd
0:35 Froggen
1:10 LL Stylish
1:38 AdrianRiven
1:53 Lacerration
2:04 TWP
2:15 Lordsemilol
2:29 AdrianRiven
2:47 666Sly
2:57 Beardmandave
3:15 Heisendong
3:27 Huzzygames
3:38 Azzapp
4:01 GrossGore
4:20 TheBausffs
4:52 Drututt
5:19 McBaze
5:35 Bettotv
5:49 Karasmai
6:22 Clutchmeiste
6:32 Endercasts
6:43 Erick Dota
7:07 Dobgg
7:28 Metasolaray
7:48 Endercasts
8:01 Konieczaaa
8:21 LL Stylish
8:42 Shiphtur
9:11 GrossGore
9:47 Cookie
10:06 Zuxpepe
10:23 Spooke
10:34 Rezone
10:48 Ihabgamiing
11:09 Missbaffy
11:29 Lowress

Intro by Angrydonat: angrydonat.deviantart.com/art...
Outro song: Battletoads by Tiero
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  • Ahem Shentakill

    TCK NoteFrameTCK NoteFrame14 napja
    • Nice

      __14 napja
    • i was about 5 hours to late

      nuxnux14 napja
    • YOoooooooooooo

      silver samuraisilver samurai14 napja
    • Why. Just why

      VoltaireVoltaire14 napja
    • You made me laugh

      wickdwickd14 napja
  • the last one is precious :D

    mp biggamemp biggame14 órája
  • And Who TF will come all top guys?

    Andrea MorillaAndrea Morilla2 napja
  • ok this thresh hook at 3:27 is just crazy, i would have been tilted the rest of the day LOL

    furu mararafuru marara6 napja
  • 2:52 this E was kinda sus,idk

    SokkinSokkin8 napja
  • man these plays are less exciting when you see their level difference

    ZinceZince9 napja
  • 5:52 song ?

    Michal GalloMichal Gallo9 napja
  • Song at 11:18?

    WCBomber9WCBomber911 napja
  • 11:10

    Alişan PolatAlişan Polat12 napja
  • check out the channel -- -gameplay / league of legends : -@ www.twitch.tv/jibril_ad

    JJ blogJJ blog12 napja
  • 9:20

    MuazxDMuazxD12 napja
  • Karasmai is so cringe

    Brian NuñezBrian Nuñez12 napja
  • 11:29 -> when twitch says they're gonna copyright music so you have to make your own

    Potato ChipPotato Chip12 napja
  • 4:53 for a moment i thought he talk about the hashis drug

    DogzorDogzor12 napja
  • Oh god gross gore is slowly reverting back to his old ways nooo

    FioraneFiorane12 napja
  • 2:15 why not after zooming in on their facecam zoom in and in more on his oracle lens trinket

    TheyCallMeMisakiTheyCallMeMisaki13 napja
  • Froggen is actually so anoying and his 1 trick anivia is super busted and needs a nerf

    Deliri0us -Deliri0us -13 napja
  • when the pills are kicking 7:51

    Kevin DegeringKevin Degering13 napja
  • 5:53 "ain't that a pizza place" - sanchovies

    Jeremy DemersJeremy Demers13 napja
  • 11:12 me when i lose 10th game in a row

    gamerowskigamerowski13 napja
  • LordSemi

    Vinicius FeijóVinicius Feijó13 napja
  • 6:40 me when i die in weird way

    gamerowskigamerowski13 napja
  • 2:50 WTF is that LB?

    Richárd MolnárRichárd Molnár13 napja
  • zed go brrrr

    iReadMusiciReadMusic13 napja
  • 10:04 he gets the minion too 😂

    margofmargof13 napja
  • No jankos

    BearBear13 napja
  • I swear to fucking god, watching those clips I know for a fact playing LoL in high elo is far easier, because you're playing with actual humans and humans are predictable, whilst lower elo is just a bunch of retarded 10-15 y/o animals who need to be reminded about breathing -_-

    ShinigamiShinigami13 napja
  • I hate karasmai

    $wäji K$wäji K13 napja
  • tapora, tem o lordsemen aq

  • 4v5 11 minute on toplane. Now that's the question who does that?

    IwannadieIwannadie13 napja
  • the real queston why are there 5 people top at 11 minutes into a game

    Jackson WolvertonJackson Wolverton13 napja
  • if I was gankplan then I would just go to under turret and wouldn't gave him the penta lol.

    yellow screenyellow screen13 napja
  • Yo

    KacperKacper13 napja
  • What the song in the missbaffy clip at the end ?

    ChestFieldChestField13 napja
  • 11:35

    Muhammet Ali GezerMuhammet Ali Gezer13 napja
  • 11:13 tipical girl support

    Wolf1120Wolf112013 napja
  • Can i ask a no kap serious question? Has froggen gone mental?

    William HarfordWilliam Harford13 napja
  • couldn't watch early because of Pekora's 3d stream. Now i can watch it before sleeping

    Kevin NguyenKevin Nguyen13 napja
  • @7:43 where the hell is he looking lol, is that even him playing

    NooberTrOlLNooberTrOlL13 napja
  • we not gonna talk about how hashinshin and shanchie are mutual friends on discord?

    FedelxXFedelxX13 napja
  • 0:18 when a harambe sees a human in planet of the apes movie

    Shan GamesShan Games13 napja
  • 7:47 when someone first picks teemo in my games. I feel that scream.

    Jarod KachelJarod Kachel13 napja
  • 3:50 why ping flash when no one of them used it lol

    Mathéo StoffelMathéo Stoffel13 napja
  • 6:40 Heil King HISA !

    ArnoDZiacArnoDZiac13 napja
  • 11:18 Missbaffy showcasing how to get her to climax

    Rantufi AlumoRantufi Alumo13 napja
  • 10:50 vayne players be like I shall measure the circumference of the sun divided by the number of moons Jupiter has times the amount of times I have ever sat in a corner and cried to auto someone to death in the matter of seconds cause my champ is pure skill"

    Luke PetersenLuke Petersen13 napja
  • 7:52 me when someone kicks me in the nuts

    elixiris4101elixiris410113 napja
  • No one: MMA commentators: 7:58

    shitfactory007shitfactory00713 napja
  • 11:29, bard when communicating with sona.

    Huba_Kuma Osu!Huba_Kuma Osu!13 napja
  • 3la slaaamtna

    Badr Eddinne GrBadr Eddinne Gr13 napja
  • #FreeHashinshin

    InganhoInganho13 napja
  • 2:15 When they try to steal your jungle but steal your will to live alongside it.

    Dávid BorosDávid Boros13 napja
  • u are roblox exploit

    CoTeŁ!CoTeŁ!13 napja
  • My boy Huzzy finally makes it on Synapse! Hell yea!

    MW3lfredMW3lfred13 napja
  • 4:52 just imagine him, having 222 cs ;_;

    Kenq 36Kenq 3613 napja
  • 11:18 when she asks "what dat mouth do"

    TimboTimbo13 napja
  • Me: Watching this Someone's Daughter: 7:23

    White RavenWhite Raven13 napja
  • Kicks one person into another person with no set-up, just luck, Sylas follows up with Malphite ult after the group up, "What a goddamn kick." like he did everything in that fight

    Aidan Weiss-RiceAidan Weiss-Rice13 napja
  • Love it that u put whats in thumbnail first in the video, respect

    MarinMarin13 napja
  • 1:44 How does he stun the zed without putting his cursor on him ? Key binding ?

    Julien DaguetJulien Daguet13 napja
    • E is just a Buff to your next aa so yeah its a binding 'attack move' or something like that u have many options for bindings

      christopher nothhelferchristopher nothhelfer13 napja
  • Me explaining everything I don't like about League to someone who's not interested: 11:30

    GameboySRGameboySR13 napja
  • 7:25 now we need Trick2G to say Quadruplè

    Marian Gabriel NeacsuMarian Gabriel Neacsu13 napja
  • Shen Gaming

    xwilkowskyxwilkowsky13 napja
  • 11:20 Aesirprenke egirl edition

    Stelios GiamourisStelios Giamouris13 napja

    ShiineShiine13 napja
  • 5:48 holy shit. That is cringe and I hardly ever type that.

    i wont flamei wont flame13 napja
  • Rammus: „Not ok“

    Dragon Of destenyDragon Of desteny13 napja
  • What's the music at 5:35?

    WendigoWendigo13 napja
  • That LEC caster is annoying holy shit

    Toeto ToetoToeto Toeto13 napja
  • 4:50 I started saying joking solobolo and the next clip made me laugh so hard

    Chillwind YetiChillwind Yeti13 napja
  • 7:49 guy thought the Sylas ult was his kick, talk about ego

    PixxlatedPixxlated13 napja
  • Luke combs is really good using that shen

    Andy DelphineAndy Delphine13 napja
  • That Grossgore kekw HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Cheese BurgerCheese Burger13 napja
  • Cookie put ur headphones on

    YviosYvios13 napja
  • everyone hates this guy for stealing other's content.. Well if youtube permits this then who cares? As far as I'm concerned this guy is making millions in a year based on the interaction on this channel. He's a f***ing genius

    leeggomyeggrollleeggomyeggroll13 napja
  • Garen: I am a knight Shen: I am a ninja Lissandra: I am a mage A sol: I am a god Viego: I am

    Minic_XenoMinic_Xeno13 napja
  • 6:15 popping off when you are fed with an elder drake... cringe af

    LlawgyffesLlawgyffes13 napja
  • 6:41 every kid that got outplayed really hard.

    BotBot14 napja
  • On God 666Sly is so underrated, I've been watching his streams for awhile and they're always so super fun its insane.

    Insomniac RosesInsomniac Roses14 napja
    • Legit!

      ShiineShiine13 napja
  • 6:30 nope it's nashor steal

    Mr. VolXMr. VolX14 napja
  • Huzzy!

    Nicholas WangNicholas Wang14 napja
  • Maybe I should watch that Drututt Camille guy 🤣😂🤣 The peepo camille drawing alone always makes me laugh, his voice and accent are also funny... *BUT* Him singing "awaken" while he was killing Jhin almost killed me... And now him quoting thebausff tiktok 😤👌

    Kretaros DarkerKretaros Darker14 napja
  • ok.

    RammusRammus14 napja
  • 10:19 when u see yourself on tv

    Andrei AndrianAndrei Andrian14 napja
  • Wrong title it should be "level 8 shen pentasteal"

    GangMember THCGangMember THC14 napja
  • yayks, obi-van kenobi got a penta

    Sarp Bilge SenkardeslerSarp Bilge Senkardesler14 napja
  • Jesus I am tired of these imbiciles -_-

    Alexander GudymAlexander Gudym14 napja
  • Why is everyone top that early in the game for that penta to even happen

    funcerealfuncereal14 napja
  • 6:38 that's a pro cater right there

    עפרי רוסעפרי רוס14 napja
  • Why is there 9 people top at 10 minutes with both bot towers and dragon up? lol

    Travis HanceTravis Hance14 napja
  • 2:20 My disappointed Dad when he finds out I’m gay.

    Pitman856Pitman85614 napja
  • Pls make next brrrr from yanni go blue screen bro

    Soul ALtaSoul ALta14 napja
  • Lordsemi e seu crime de cada dia

    Kéven C.PereiraKéven C.Pereira14 napja
  • no one literally no one every league streamer: 6:26

    KeniKeni14 napja
  • But the beatbox guy is so annoying

    McAroneMcArone14 napja
  • lol synapse stop reusin that adrian riven clip, love u tho

    Lewis BergerLewis Berger14 napja
  • i was having a good day until i was reminded of hashinshin again. you should keep references to him out of ur videos he's a creep

    Joey LoweyJoey Lowey14 napja
    • @winter XI hes admitted to it lol

      Joey LoweyJoey Lowey14 napja
    • unless hes been actually proved to be guilty id shh he could be innocent for all you know

      winter XIwinter XI14 napja
  • 11:13 song?

    Lukas BLukas B14 napja
  • 3:56 singed after flipping enemy like burger

    givekillsgivekills14 napja
  • those froggen fog kills are insane lmfaoooo, nerf anivia wall drop time

    Lewis BergerLewis Berger14 napja