finally leaving our college campus...with a stranger

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  • Is this just me or was that Falafel guy pretty cuteee LOL

    Sathvi DobbalaSathvi DobbalaNapja
  • How much I love your vlogs 😋!

    Fan AnFan An5 napja
  • Bourjou Je Indonesia

    Maher BaequniMaher Baequni7 napja
  • Her best friend (idk her name, pls tell me): What are friends for? Halle: *They lift you when you’re down.* 😂💗

    t.b.t.b.14 napja
  • i want her to be my best friend so badly

    Kiana MarieKiana Marie15 napja
  • I love the "hi everyone" in the intro

    jupiterjupiter20 napja
  • OMG you are soooooooooooooo goood . your videos arre so chill and relax and feel AMAZINGGGGG keep up the goods

  • the ending...was supreme

    Kristy LinKristy LinHónapja
  • you always have a positive vibe every time..,

    preciouswinx josepreciouswinx joseHónapja
  • did they say alabama? she is there?

    Alexandra MayaAlexandra MayaHónapja
  • i cant even express the joy your videos give me

    Aoife CollinsAoife CollinsHónapja
  • you wont see a soul in birmingham on an ugly day, but on a beautiful day it looks like a movie set. glad y'all enjoyed your trip here :)

    Natalie CampbellNatalie CampbellHónapja
  • did you ever read the book guy are from mars and girls are from Venus fly trapper or something like that

  • where is halle’s mask from?

  • The song u played in the background of the plant shop sequence hit DIFFERENT bruh.

    Cori DewriCori DewriHónapja
  • 8:48 i’m crying

    windex volleyballwindex volleyballHónapja
  • Rainy Huntsville, Alabama

    Roy WatsonRoy WatsonHónapja
  • I can't afford going to therapy and honestly halle works just fine

    Carmen AlonsoCarmen AlonsoHónapja
  • That falafels looks so bomb

    Dave the Uber SlaveDave the Uber SlaveHónapja
  • you would thrive in austin, tx

    Kayla HinojosaKayla HinojosaHónapja
  • Halle ..u are incredible

    LM10 VamosLM10 VamosHónapja
  • halle i wanna be just like u when i grow up lol

    Miley RogersMiley RogersHónapja
  • I’m from WV!!!

    Emily PavlicEmily PavlicHónapja
  • Does anyone know her major?

    Soccer LegendSoccer LegendHónapja
    • She's doing communications

      Lyna SofiaLyna SofiaHónapja
  • oh my god this made me miss seeing my friends so much

    Jenna StraughanJenna StraughanHónapja
  • Yo halle how come your not snatched up ,your clearly awesome.

    my surly truckermy surly truckerHónapja
  • This video made me feel better 💕

    Lavínia VieiraLavínia VieiraHónapja
  • Halle!!!!!!!! Thank youuuuuuuu!

    September EndsSeptember EndsHónapja
  • i love your town it looks so peaceful

    Sofia JSofia JHónapja
  • halle burns u are the friend i wish i had

    grayson ameliagrayson ameliaHónapja
  • When her friends are cool too

    Papa RiaPapa RiaHónapja

    Papa RiaPapa RiaHónapja

    Papa RiaPapa RiaHónapja
  • It's still a ghost town there? Here in LA people thought COVID was over. Difficult times coming

  • Like you, Halle, travelling to new places clears my head too. But since the pandemic, I haven't made any travel plans and it sucks but I am still happy and grateful that I am healthy and so does my loved ones :)

    Christa DanicaChrista DanicaHónapja
  • So refreshing thx

    islamdo goislamdo goHónapja
  • I love you ❤️

    Suvarna MisraSuvarna MisraHónapja
  • Hey Halle! If you decide to come back to Homewood, you should come to Greenhouse (yes I work here) we’re a salad place and we also have some vegan sandwiches and other things, I think you’d might like it. Anyways, love your videos :)

    Naomi TaylorNaomi TaylorHónapja
  • Hey there! I just saw your tiktok of your cute little Amazon Student haul - PLEASE for the love of god DO NOT HANG THAT HAMMOCK OR ANYTHING/Body off of that pipe. That is a building water pipe, and if you break it not only will your ass be grass, all of your shit will be ruined. Even if you’re as small as you are those pipes or not made/fitted for more than like 30lbs to be hanging. Like just a super horrible idea. And basically if that pipe breaks while you are in there and they see that video, you WILL have to pay to get it fixed. 🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈

    Anne MurphyAnne MurphyHónapja
  • Not me using context clues to figure out what school Halle goes to...

    Sophia MuroffSophia MuroffHónapja
  • ur a model 😣🤚

    nicoletta raenicoletta raeHónapja
  • her eyes tho

    Soup ToothSoup ToothHónapja
  • theres a place like that here in LA called hummus republic and its so good

  • which state ; come visit cali 💜🥺

  • this video had charlie brown vibes

    Mya BMya BHónapja
  • I like first, I watch second 🙂

    Fean BoamFean BoamHónapja
  • i go to that park almost every day 😩

  • Halle and Grackle are my comfort youtubers

  • pls come to Pennsylvania that would be so cool!!!!!!

    Elizabeth KowenhovenElizabeth KowenhovenHónapja
  • Why does this actually make me want to move to Alabama

    Jackson JacobsJackson JacobsHónapja
  • now we know who in th put the muffins in the freezer

    Mariona LópezMariona LópezHónapja
  • that backflip!!! impressive!!!

    Doing Dental SchoolDoing Dental SchoolHónapja
  • Halle: hello 🙂 me: hi beastie!

  • Definitely come back to Bham again! I can show you all the best coffee shops and plant stores

    Hannah BreierHannah BreierHónapja
  • Falafel is my fav food ever, you just inspired my dinner :)

    Audrey BradleyAudrey BradleyHónapja
  • xoxo come to cali:)

    A.M. SanchezA.M. SanchezHónapja
  • Could be us🥺

    Flxxco BrazzyFlxxco BrazzyHónapja
  • Absolutely loved this!!

    Tyler ZwirzTyler ZwirzHónapja
  • Halle u look so pretty omg and ur hair has gotten longer aw

    L HennL HennHónapja
  • Hello everyone :)

    the holythe holyHónapja
  • Bom

    Gabriel SilvaGabriel SilvaHónapja
  • I want one of those falafel pita thingies so bad!!!!

    Briana BudgetsBriana BudgetsHónapja
  • Your outfit is giving off I’m going to eat banana bread in the garden with my fairy friends for some reason idk my brain said it and I love it lol

    Lydia WillowLydia WillowHónapja
    • hii unrelated but if you have time and if your comfortable would you like to talk about Jesus sometime 💓

      disciple of Jesus christdisciple of Jesus christ13 napja
  • I liked the video even before watching, I know it’s gonna be good >.

    Joy OjehnJoy OjehnHónapja
  • So sweet how you talked to the guy ar the falafel restaurant. You are so wholesome 💛

    Emilia BurgosEmilia BurgosHónapja
  • Beth MBeth MHónapja
  • The backflip oh my god hahaha

    Celine DCeline DHónapja
  • Boys featured on Halle's channel: I do not approve.

    Google UserGoogle UserHónapja
  • Once a week isn’t enough 😭❤️

    Stephanie SpivakStephanie SpivakHónapja
  • Ok I'm sad you didn't make it to Reed's Books on 3rd Ave! Next time you're in Bham, you must go!! He's the sweetest man, and his store is full of cool finds

    Colleen MayColleen MayHónapja
  • well you could try some novocaine injections between your legs so you can do splits again - but your always going to think about the time in the hammock chair - need pictures

  • halle got some cinematographic shots in this video. Proud mom

    Sarah MenezesSarah MenezesHónapja
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Martina Garcia SantandreuMartina Garcia SantandreuHónapja
  • so was you getting that air plant for your pepper hole -well it isn't peyote - well maybe you can make something like mescaline - so what your saying is the pepper injected suppository was to much of a jolt for your wiggly legs

    • @I'll change my username when I think of a good one. why you ask

    • Are u ok

      I'll change my username when I think of a good one.I'll change my username when I think of a good one.Hónapja
  • Maine, please Halle!

  • Aahh my city!

  • I was rewatching all you videos last night and then I refresh my youtube this morning and an upload has occurred and I couldn't be more happy :)

    Allison PerksAllison PerksHónapja
  • this makes me so so happy!

    zoey womickzoey womickHónapja
  • Halle and friends just living life. Truly awesome 😊

  • Thank you for giving me an escape opportunity from all of my daily problems and for making me feel like I am watching my old fun life with friends which I don't have any of them r now.. You are a pure soul ily

    Serra Nur YararSerra Nur YararHónapja
  • Where is ava’s jacket from??

    asfsf ssadsdasfsf ssadsdHónapja
  • Your videos are SO therapeutic, love your vibe. Kisses from Brazil! ❤️

    Karol MerryKarol MerryHónapja
    • Mulher, não é! Tem canais pra indicar?

      Izabelly MarquesIzabelly MarquesHónapja
  • halle is one of the the person i can’t live without 💗

    • hii unrelated but if you have time and if your comfortable would you like to talk about Jesus sometime 💓

      disciple of Jesus christdisciple of Jesus christ13 napja
  • i hope she won’t change her calm nature 💗 she’s such a therapist 💗

  • she’s so chill & sweet 💗 i love her!!

  • Yes, finally another fun vlog!

    Kevin Willys HofmannKevin Willys HofmannHónapja
  • love social media for bringing me some free therapy :D

    daily madison beerdaily madison beerHónapja
  • all halle’s video’s feels like small segments of a movie. it’s like all my stress goes away, so thank you for bringing such positive vibes to social media. love youuuu ❤️

    daily madison beerdaily madison beerHónapja
  • i loved this video :( please make a road trip across the country HAHAHAH

    Elodia Cañizares GarcíaElodia Cañizares GarcíaHónapja
  • Highly suggest the song: Road Trip - Skegss

    Lewis PriestLewis PriestHónapja
  • "Do you call him Rem?" "Rem job" Girls know what up

    A. KhojaA. KhojaHónapja
  • Your videos are what I look forward to every week and I want to be your friend 🥺

    gabrielaa 000gabrielaa 000Hónapja
  • The cartwheel was ever graceful 🤸‍♀️

    Li Arolf ReyLi Arolf ReyHónapja
  • Ily🥺❤️❤️

  • this is so wholesome 🥺

    Noemi KNoemi KHónapja
  • your videos are always so calming and fun to watch!

  • Her voice restores my health.

    • lemme guess, JESUS CHRIST!

      Valentino MagallanesValentino Magallanes12 napja
    • @disciple of Jesus christ yeah what’s up

      Valentino MagallanesValentino Magallanes12 napja
    • hii unrelated but if you have time and if your comfortable would you like to talk about Jesus sometime 💕.

      disciple of Jesus christdisciple of Jesus christ13 napja
    • @Valentino Magallanes that’s correct. She posts videos on there also.

    • @Stannis i did some furthermore research and it’s basically vine but instead of 6 seconds it’s 1 minute videos.

      Valentino MagallanesValentino MagallanesHónapja
  • Does she respond to the comments?

  • was that black flip real it looked so smooth and effortless I’m astounded

    • hii unrelated but if you have time and if your comfortable would you like to talk about Jesus sometime 💕.

      disciple of Jesus christdisciple of Jesus christ13 napja
    • yes 🙂

      Halle BurnsHalle BurnsHónapja
  • I'm in love...

    Jason IJason IHónapja