LET’S BUILD LUNA PARK - Boris plays Crossout

2020.okt. 9.
221 794 Megtekintés

Check out Crossout and jump in game: xo.link/BorisCrazyBoost
Game is free to download and play on PC, Xbox One and PS4. Add Boris and Anatoli in game and join the fun!
Brought to you with the support from friends at Gaijin.
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  • I first started playing this game when I saw your previous video. This update is kinda pointless. They should add more guns.

    A.S. PetkovA.S. Petkov11 órája
  • After watching this made me want to get crossout

    B3astcodeer 1555B3astcodeer 155521 órája
  • this is called real content

  • Boris please make more gaming videos :D

    Daniel MelnikDaniel MelnikNapja
  • 9:13 when you finish a enemy with only 12 shields left but they have a fuze car

    Dorian KucioDorian Kucio3 napja
  • I swear sometimes when he laughs he sounds like the gnomed meme

    Firenzar FrenzyFirenzar Frenzy3 napja
  • just realize you will only get like 30% of what he has without shelling out a serious roll of cash

    rubba chickenrubba chicken3 napja
  • Boris: "Get the game, link in the description" Meanwhile the background: dat ass

    Novice LeaderNovice Leader3 napja
  • Boris: * *has legendary and purple parts with thousands of guns,boosters and parts with great value* * Me: * *just started playing the game and has 3 cabins 1 booster and 2 guns with no boosters* *

    Le FrogLe Frog3 napja
  • i once saw this on bing Boris is a contraction (German, Russian, and Slavic) of the Russian and Slavic Borislav. See also the related categories, rulers (king), slavic, son (heir), brother, battle (war), element, russian, actor, kingdom, german, opera, and bulgarian.

    FBI agent 3412FBI agent 34123 napja
  • U know how he as a translation to what he says is it just me or not because I can tell already what he's saying

    captain stick bugcaptain stick bug3 napja
  • Polish clock tyka Russian clock cyka

    BezimiennyBezimienny3 napja
  • Crossout: A post apocalyptic dystopian car shooting game Boris: 5:48 Rocket League

    RandomEggHead -RandomEggHead -4 napja
  • ууу сука кроссовок !!!

    Крутой УокерКрутой Уокер4 napja
  • Gnome? 4:04

    fiya rosanitafiya rosanita4 napja

    KGBKGB4 napja
  • I know this is not a Q&A but here is a question. Im Muslim, i want to be slav but i cant drink vodka. But can i still be slav tho?

    AhzaeeAhzaee4 napja
  • Sry, but where is lada?

    RexRex4 napja
  • ты случайно не русский который изображаеш англичанина

    заброшенный XXXsashaXXX заброшенныйзаброшенный XXXsashaXXX заброшенный4 napja
  • Fun fact : homework is made as punishment

    ConThe _ContentConThe _Content4 napja
  • oh i can make my dream LADA in this game!

    0109 jds0109 jds4 napja
  • Dear Boris,i have a really blyatifull channel that you must react to..i promise it will be entertaining.if your interested the channel is called Nickocado Avocado.he is a fat gopnik that eat junk food.

    19 I Putu Ferdynantha Ivena Maheswara Giri19 I Putu Ferdynantha Ivena Maheswara Giri4 napja
  • Luna Park? Sounds like a pretty good reference imo.

    VerticalPug StudiosVerticalPug Studios4 napja
  • durak tutorial pl0x

    KraznayaKraznaya4 napja
  • Shout me out in next video blin

    Eric De Lima costaEric De Lima costa4 napja
  • I swear I still have problems understanding words through the accent and I have watched so many of these vids.

    Dulcinea ParkerDulcinea Parker4 napja

    Nuno MartinsNuno Martins4 napja
  • Hey Boris, I just found a game called “Boris the rocket” made by indie devs I think it would be funny

    WowaxTGOD KarpoWowaxTGOD Karpo4 napja
  • Thanks for the hat, comrade! It's perfekt

    VikingWarrior HUVikingWarrior HU4 napja
  • where is our comrade?

    diego rossinidiego rossini4 napja
  • İ found out what we need to do boris, we are going to space, moonbase alpha blin on steam.

    Deniz Cem ÇatakDeniz Cem Çatak4 napja
  • Life of Artyom 3 plz

    PatLansOfficialPatLansOfficial4 napja
  • Boris miss you come back comrade

    Panji SetiawardhanaPanji Setiawardhana4 napja
  • Hey, Boris Boris Snow is speak in particular Scandinavian language

    Jeremy SitorusJeremy Sitorus5 napja
  • are you russian or not

    Cúc Trần Thị KimCúc Trần Thị Kim5 napja
  • Boris do something crazy Please teach us "How to Use a Dragunov and how to aim properly to Vadim"

    Cheeki Breeki IICheeki Breeki II5 napja
  • То чувство когда ты один Русский

    FilinFilin5 napja
  • when you come back to Poland?

    Grave MasterGrave Master5 napja
  • Comrade... BLYAT...WHAT IST LOS

    Luke JovichLuke Jovich5 napja
  • Why can't I download it. It say it may harm my device. THIS MUST BE THE WORKS OF WESTERN SPY.

    Afiq Syukri StudiosAfiq Syukri Studios5 napja
  • 0:46 damn she *THICC*

    Noah Ezra FondevillaNoah Ezra Fondevilla5 napja
  • “This is like highschool exam all over again, and then you come to shooting course” ummm

    Salty DesireSalty Desire5 napja
  • I will consider being a Patreon for a long term if Boris considers making a full length film: Boris: The Movie. Starring Boris from Life of Boris. Blyat: The Movie. Starring Boris from Life of Boris. Sir, you have a type of creative genius I have seen once only before, a friend of mine. At the time, he was the youngest person to ever win the Chopin International Piano competition. Thank you for quitting your programmer job to entertain me. I’m not easily entertained. Well done Sir. When you come to visit Canada, my home is your home. Best Regards, Brian

    Brian LePasBrian LePas5 napja
  • Hi

    Julian CiurejJulian Ciurej5 napja
  • Hey Boris :) I started following your channel and it has been cheering me up during this tricky moments, specially the slav lifestlye and cooking ones. Thank you very much for that. Hope to see more content soon. Stay Cheeky Breeky and greetings from Portugal

    Educating RitaEducating Rita5 napja
  • Me:Putin the best My friends:U ARE NOT TRUE SLAVE BEACAUSE LIVE OF BORIS THE BEST cyka blyat

    pulina sieronpulina sieron5 napja
  • “Hit one, hit two, hit four opppppppa” he definitely know how to count

    김한빈김한빈5 napja
  • Hey Boris since you are a real slav you should play Tetris the classic game of Slavs

    Der Nerd Der klugeDer Nerd Der kluge6 napja
  • @Life of Boris can you do Bosnian lessons with Boris? (that will be funny) (xD)

    xX_Borovnica_XxxX_Borovnica_Xx6 napja
  • 4:39... Boris... Why is Anatoli is an enemy?...

    SLSL6 napja
  • I have found Slav king on alexa now I have it in my favorite songs

  • your english sucks

    MetadoMetado6 napja
  • 👍

    kitoshura channelkitoshura channel6 napja
  • РУССКИЕ СКОЛЬКО НАС ТУТ? cheeki breeki cheeki breeki cheeki breeki cheeki breeki cheeki breeki cheeki breeki cheeki breeki cheeki breeki cheeki breeki cheeki breeki cheeki breeki cheeki breeki

    KingOfProKingOfPro6 napja
  • 한국어 자막 넣어주세오 보리스님!

    HK416CHK416C6 napja
  • I don’t know if I should be happy or fearful of a Boris/Robbaz collaboratio

    Evan McCaskillEvan McCaskill6 napja
  • Cooking with tank?

    Vadim NovikovVadim Novikov6 napja
  • what is your pc specifications?

    VanoperZ StudiosVanoperZ Studios6 napja
  • When are you opening your onlyfans acc eh boris?

    crrano322crrano3226 napja
  • Play Boris the rocket

    Duck duck GooseDuck duck Goose6 napja
  • I Think your shadowbanned, i never recive your notifcations

    HjormelHjormel6 napja
  • As someone who actually plays this game daily, I can say its not all that it seems. The creative aspect goes out the window because the balance is so poor, only a few very specific types of builds are actually viable. The developers clearly do not play their own game, and they are known for being super greedy, often releasing super op content in packs and then nerfing it a week later. And recently theyve really gotten into the habit of continuously catering to and buffing autoaim and no skill gameplay, to the point that it is more effective than stuff that takes a ton more skills And the beginner experience is completely terrible, mostly because there is no real tutorial on how to make a proper vehicle, but also because there are a lot of broken builds in low powerscores that cost a lot of money, with which you can just cheese everyone in low ps with no effort I could keep going but I think I've said enough, overall its a game with a really unique and cool concept that got ruined by the developer's greed and terrible execution. That is on the same level as excavating a goldmine for the dirt, that is just pure sad

    Bobbill12345Bobbill123456 napja
  • You should make a quote made from a gordon Ramsay's meme Where is the mayo SAUCE!.*WHERE IS THE MAY SAUCE!?*

    The SirClamThe SirClam6 napja
  • Boris you should try make a car fly and see if it crashes the vodka cooled pc

    Devils DenDevils Den6 napja
  • Can someone tell me if in his cooking videos all the mayonnaise is serious or just something he does or like

    IdenticalGIdenticalG6 napja
  • Dear Boris, If you´re reading this my family is struggling to pay for food if you remember and can make another cheap recipies from babushka family edition you´re gonna help me a lot. Thank you a fan from spain.

    Gerard PadróGerard Padró7 napja
  • 0:44 you just got gnomed

    Milan MitrovicMilan Mitrovic7 napja

    Slob 187Slob 1877 napja
  • Boris I enjoy your content but this game is so pay to win so I just can’t play it and farm for couple days or weeks worth that’s equivalent to a credit card swipe plus every time I join a game against other players I get sweats with shotguns from the fire bandit faction you know one of the endgame factions

    Alex A JohnsonAlex A Johnson7 napja

    wtb karlowtb karlo7 napja
  • Dobry, kurwa

    suchyhugosuchyhugo7 napja
  • 😂😂

    Dani K. HDani K. H7 napja
  • Boris have you tried roblox studio? It's quite fun

    oofing oofoofing oof7 napja
  • Wow, was told that this guy is hilarious. I really don't think so, his jokes are childish, his fake russian accent hurts my ears. But 3million sub good for yhim. He must be doing something right. Guaranteed most of his subs are children. Won't be coming back.

    Michael SchudlakMichael Schudlak7 napja
  • Oh

    BingusBingus7 napja
  • Give me your money

    Repulsive PotatoRepulsive Potato7 napja
  • Hey boris, Deutsche living in America unfortunately, but politics aside I've been subscribed to you for over a year now, and I have to say thanks for bringing me joy through your videos love the comedic genius you have just keep up the good work

    Der Deutsche-ScotsmenDer Deutsche-Scotsmen7 napja
  • I have three things to say here. One, Boris singing ‘Lalalalala’ is now my favorite song. Two, When my parents heard me dying of laughter, they thought I was crazy. Three, Boris’ videos are the best thing that ever came into my life.

    Zephyr 257Zephyr 2577 napja
  • Kan you go to latvia agen only to aizpute?

    Mariss StankevičsMariss Stankevičs7 napja
  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R Anomaly gameplay when? (it's free)

    TacoTaco7 napja
  • Bro can we play CSGO together and btw is vladmir putin under that mask

    BlackBurnBlackBurn7 napja
  • I love cross out

    E621_OwOE621_OwO7 napja
  • Can we have a Slavic house tour boris? Edit: could it also be possible for boris to teach us russian

    the guy that plays gamesthe guy that plays games8 napja
  • Привет из Чернобыля Борис. Клёвые видио 🇷🇺🍸

    LiDeR !LiDeR !8 napja
  • good job boris veary nice content

    calvin gamingcalvin gaming8 napja
  • Can you pls do more of these just love them

    DestroyerDestroyer8 napja
  • It will be good if Boris made full series of learning russian language, so when we learn it we will remember it fun.

    duckduck8 napja
  • Boris, best cooking recepie for 0.20$ at the end of month is 2 or 3 grated apples and 3 spoons of sugar in a bowl... u will like it

    iNoobSoSubiNoobSoSub8 napja
  • Hey Boris! I know this is not the correct video or even the correct video list to say this...but you should visit Argentina, and more specific, Ushuaia (which is the most southernmost city in the world -until I'm writting this comment). There are some good handcrafted beer (and very cheap, taking into account that you have got some European -or maybe northern american spy- currency in your bank account...ah, and don't expect 800 different beers like in Belgium, but they are as nice as those) and some nice places to visit too...I bet you'll enjoy them very much. If you dare, just DM me and you will have a personal tourist guide. We need the Slav King to teach the Slav Way in this side of the world!

    Lucas BaimaLucas Baima8 napja
    • I'd love so much to see the Country review in some time in YT 😋

      Lucas BaimaLucas Baima8 napja
  • boris hasnt done a gaming vid in awhile. opaaahh. i miss gopnick gaming. bet boris is excited about the new stalker game coming.

    lenni weelozzlenni weelozz8 napja
  • the most russian weapon: *cyka zooka*

    micro 11micro 118 napja
  • Everything at his amusement park is free because there's only a 99% chance that you'll die.

    Collin FilmsCollin Films8 napja
  • We have trained him well.

    Joseph StalinJoseph Stalin8 napja
  • Fun fact:Luna park is named after the futere rocket from Russia called Luna 26

    Vhynz Joseff GarciaVhynz Joseff Garcia8 napja
  • Has Hermes booster **chooses the weakest boosters**

    Miranda PlayzMiranda Playz8 napja
  • you should play Day R survival

    I Fucked your Mom on SaturdayI Fucked your Mom on Saturday8 napja
  • Really cool!

    OfficialMixVChannelOfficialMixVChannel8 napja
  • make a Lada

    DimiladaaDimiladaa8 napja
  • Life of Lada

    DimiladaaDimiladaa8 napja