Learning to Fly Like IRON MAN!

2019.márc. 7.
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FLYING LIKE IRON MAN RETURNS! Gravity Industries & Richard Browning have successfully flown like Iron Man with their custom jet suit that uses kerosene jet engines! I flew (punny!) down to California to meet them and try out the jet suit for myself! Stay tuned for the next video where we turn his system into a true Iron Man suit, complete with a metal iron man helmet!
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  • Stay tuned for next weeks video when we upgrade the suit with an Iron Man helmet! And please, please, please watch the whole video before asking questions :)

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    Jonas D AtlasJonas D AtlasHónapja
  • Does anyone know how loud this things are exactly while operating? Tried to get some info on that matter, but it seems like I've gotten too dumb to use Google over the years. :

    • @Hacksmith Industries Shame, thought so. That might be the reason why the areas where you can put on these things for a Sunday fun ride will be very limited due to noise annoyance, in most European countries at least.

    • Loud. They're jet engines. 90db?

      Hacksmith IndustriesHacksmith IndustriesHónapja
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