Learn Low Poly Modeling in Blender 2.9 / 2.8

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Expand description for timestamp shortcuts! This is a long video but it goes through all the techniques that I've learned about low poly modeling in my 5 years of using Blender. I use Blender 2.83 with default keys:
00:00 Intro
00:55 Basics (navigation, viewport)
02:12 UV Coloring Technique
04:46 Shiny Edges - Cavity in Viewport
06:14 Object vs Edit mode
07:21 Move
07:28 Move Gizmo
08:10 Slide
08:27 Scale
08:55 Pivot Point
09:16 Extrude
11:26 Extrude along Face Normals
11:50 Extrude Individual Faces
12:25 Extrude with Ctrl Right Click
13:11 Rotate
13:49 Lock Move/Rotate/Scale on axis
14:42 Inset
15:52 Inset Individual Faces
17:36 Inset with Boundary On/Off (remove center face)
18:18 Proportional Editing
19:49 Making a Low Poly Crate
20:28 Bevel
21:06 Shrink/Flatten
21:34 Create Mesh
22:16 Place 3D Cursor
22:44 Snap
23:26 Center 3D Cursor
23:54 Making a Low Poly Tree
26:00 Select Linked
26:45 Duplicate
28:19 Connected Proportional Editing
30:32 Loop Select
30:53 Circle Select
31:42 Ring Select
31:56 Select Shortest Path
32:17 Box Select
32:38 Xray
33:26 Lasso Select
33:54 Grow Selection
34:22 Shrink Selection
34:43 Select Random
34:57 Select Similar
35:46 Snow capped trees
36:39 Checker Deselect
37:17 Hide/Show Selection
39:12 Loop Cut
39:47 Scale on Axis
41:36 Knife Tool
41:50 Colorizing Crate
45:40 Knife Tool Snap to Center
45:54 Knife Tool Angle Constraint
46:26 Making a Low Poly Rock
46:26 Subdivision Modifier
49:10 Flatten
50:09 Orientation
51:30 Vertex Snapping with Ctrl
52:05 Auto Merge Vertices
52:43 Merge by Distance (used to be Remove Doubles)
54:28 Fill / Create Faces
55:13 Triangulate
56:51 Recalculate Outside - Flip Normals
59:22 Bridge Edge Loops (connect meshes)
01:00:06 Making a Low Poly Computer Table (using face duplication)
01:03:26 Separate meshes into objects
01:04:53 Merge meshes into single object
01:05:28 MODIFIERS
01:05:40 Mirror Modifier
01:07:02 Auto Mirror Modifier
01:08:33 Displace Modifier
01:12:10 Skin Modifier
01:13:30 Vertex Snapping on Axis to align
01:14:57 Loop Tools / Circle
01:15:42 Bool Tools
01:16:33 F2
01:17:03 Parallel Faces
01:18:22 Duplicate Vertices
01:19:00 Faces facing the wrong way
01:19:20 Misaligned vertices
01:19:43 Insetting is not uniformed
01:20:36 Viewport not rotating around selection
01:20:49 Subdividing object is too round
01:21:21 Inset creates a center face on mirrored objects
01:21:38 Boundary for inset is not working
01:21:42 Summary / Outro
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Thanks guys, happy modeling!

  • At 49:10 I cant seems to get the Flatten from F3, it only shows "Mesh Select Linked Flat Faces" & "Mesh Shade Flat" on my screen... Did I missed something?

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    • add loop tool addon, then in prefernces - interface - enable developer extras and it will appear in f3 search

      Aksel AkselAksel AkselHónapja
    • @TheMaskedPlayer ...that's 'Z' in countries that speak the Queen's (UK) english.

      Rico KanthathamRico KanthathamHónapja
    • yah it happens to me as well it turn out all i need to do is go to Edit>Preferences> search for ToopTools add-ons and enable it

      ZCoreZCore2 hónapja
    • @Imphenzia What does "zed" mean? I feel really dumb rn

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