League Of Legends Syndrome

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This is League Of Legends Syndrome
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  • The first 1000 people to use the link will get a free trial of Skillshare Premium Membership: skl.sh/rav01211

    RavRav12 napja
    • you know whats funny my name is Boogrs in league and i had 4x more kills than my teammates in that faithful 4v5 loss where we were the 5

      Alex PilotinAlex Pilotin9 napja
    • How do you make your robot voice?

      Vali_BGVali_BG10 napja
    • @Rav Had a dream about you, posted it in the AP NUNU is the new river shen video. Sorry for betraying you in my dream.

      Ty TaylorTy Taylor10 napja
    • @Darkd3rp2005 is it the content itself getting old or just the title/thumbnails, because the content isn't any different than any of my other videos that I have posted in the last year.

      RavRav11 napja
    • @Derwent Francis don't worry about mastery levels if they're getting matched with you. unless you played your first thirty levels exclusively with your friends who have actually been playing the game for a while, the people in your games aren't that great if they matched with you. just focus on getting better, usually that just means farming better and you win :D

      shadowfox933shadowfox93312 napja
  • E

    TimotheusTimotheus32 perccel
  • Bruh a sett lost to a gang plank

    Local RiceDealerLocal RiceDealer20 órája
  • I was just playing jg and I was legit 22/0 18 mins. .. we lost that game

    Evering HallEvering HallNapja
  • How is this thing so mf accurate?

    J OJ O2 napja
  • When WILD RIFT Rav? pls

    cgvds045cgvds0452 napja
  • this is the main reason why i dont play lol lik tha

    luv animeluv anime3 napja
  • This is 90% of my games. I just assume riot is trolling me at this point

    Bygone HopeBygone Hope5 napja
  • I think you need to do a speed syndrome with me.. on aram.

    Tha_Monsta88Tha_Monsta885 napja
  • I always say, “win lane, lose game.”

    Bygone HopeBygone Hope5 napja
  • had three games in a row where I was 5/0 in mid and got the first tower. Then by 12 min, I realize that Darius was feeding off the top and JG and the whole game was over.

    AkmenAkmen5 napja
  • Batch im going too just stop you right there and send you home lmfao 🤣😂🤪

    cannabinecannabine6 napja

    Jay BearJay Bear6 napja
  • "whose birth certificate is an apology letter from a condom factory" dead body reported

    Rude ElvisRude Elvis6 napja
  • Could be just me but i love everything about Ravs videos except when he spoils whether or not he is getting creampied or creaming pies in the end screen

    Brick ManBrick Man6 napja
  • some people are lux and zoe, im nunu

    PelPel6 napja
  • In my last ranked game I had a WW jungler that had smite but only bought the jungle Item at 15 minutes into the game.

    ShinigamiShinigami6 napja
  • me laughing hard on nunu idiotic play...

    John DooJohn Doo7 napja
  • Watching rav miss every single skill shot but still manage to get rakan at the beginning gave me hope that I might not suck as much as I thought

    Carson BCarson B7 napja
  • after 2 week being alive syndrome :

    Raiden siRaiden si7 napja
  • The kindred Is bulding bloodthriste i think And the #1 rank kindred builds Its weird build path the kindred Is just dum

    Studio 27Studio 277 napja
  • Rav is best league youtuber thus far

    Sweet ChilliSweet Chilli7 napja
  • honestly, everyday i meet people with similar syndrome, and what is more disgusting, my friends tell me that i lose such games because supports can't carry and not because no one can carry the game where 4 people out of 5 are genuinely fed by my teammates

    Мария НикитюкМария Никитюк7 napja
  • i've been experiencing league syndrome for like a month straight... i swear 10 games lose streak cuz my braindead pancake teammates feed their assesssssss offfff then it's all good for 3 games before it all starts again

    Armo TomkoArmo Tomko7 napja

    MajinVenixMajinVenix7 napja
  • 3:06 for straight fire bars

    Hi Ich Bin BarneyHi Ich Bin Barney7 napja
  • So many unique zingers, love it

    nfc14gnfc14g7 napja
  • this is why i stopped playing this game, it was a fun time, but sinds they released bambi the game just went downhill way to fast as a unbalanced, way to many damn particles, one shot. dumb game, and the items changing didnt make it any better, thats when i stopped. maybe if they fix the items i will return

    FrendermanFrenderman7 napja
  • This is legit why I've played 2 less than 10 games of league this year. I played a ton last year but I can't handle winning lane and 3 ppl on the team just don't everything they can to lose

    jolteon03jolteon038 napja
  • Blah blah blah, and more blabbity blah.😐 we get it. You love LoL too! lol🤣

    LowGhostLowGhost8 napja
  • Lol i experience this Syndrome every game xD ... ok maybe it's because I'm the one who causes it.

    Moritz GastMoritz Gast8 napja
  • every game like this, nice

    Dare DeviLDare DeviL8 napja
  • Why does Riot expect its playerbase to put up with this?

    David AleksidzeDavid Aleksidze8 napja
  • Citing a certain comment from an earlier video - "That feeling when you play so poorly, somebody makes a video just to flame you"

    Athena TennosAthena Tennos8 napja
  • It's everyday bro

    FriedCrumpetsFriedCrumpets8 napja
  • my top laner feeds goes 0/13 in 13 min then the enemy toplane comes botlane for 5 minutes farming the retards that wanna fight 4 people 1 by 1. And because I'm playing ashe i get 1 shot by everyone on their team so I get annoyed and put an ff vote. I had said nothing prior and throughout the game i didn't flame anyone but because i put out a vote once i get blamed for the loss (the enemy gnar ended up being 32/8)

    Ubai HayatUbai Hayat8 napja
  • the length of the video is 11:11 couincidenc i think not

    lombard dinolombard dino8 napja
  • Glad I quit League six years ago.

    Lens HunterLens Hunter8 napja
  • it's even worse when you realize these aren't even the worst players

    meian •meian •9 napja
  • I just got in a match with lol syndrome and yasuo syndrome in my team 😫

    PabloPablo9 napja
  • Its a great video, but there is no mystery to "lol syndrome". 1. It was a normal game, not ranked so there is literaly almost no matchmaking mmr system. 2. Best way to prove that is the fact that youre Plat IV while your Nunu was Bronze II ;) 3. Surprisingly enought, statistically this game was prety close to call it fair: - they got 2 champs matchet against feeders [top and mid], but your team also got 2 champs matched agains feeders, on botlane. Xayah has 400acc.lvl being unranked and didn't play A SINGLE ranked game in her entire life, also being a premade with Rakan Silver III [and they got 20% winrate as premade]. - Kindred having 1:9:6 still did twice as much dmg as enemy Trundle 3:4:5. Overall bot teams had a situation where: 2 people played agains someone much worse than themselves, 2 people played agains someone much better than themselves and jungler was simply stupid but contributed more than enemy jungler into the game. This video doesn't prove that: "Most of the time I'm the one trying to carry but team is stupid and only feeds". The real thing it shows is that Zoe and Lux are not supercarries, but Cassio is and thats the real difference .___.

    SyllphidSyllphid9 napja
  • Fucking speak in your own videos

    Mr MinceMr Mince9 napja
  • A: player worry to much about end damage credits like it even matters you did more than "X". B: every game is different, with different players of different skill and game knowledge level. C: hard stuck syndrome is just lobby luck!

    Antonio GarciaAntonio Garcia9 napja
  • Rav, Nunu is a boy. Hence, the boy and his yeti, not a girl good vid tho

    KingNecro's GameShackKingNecro's GameShack9 napja
  • How the feck do you lose with Sett against GP?

    Márk BlahóMárk Blahó9 napja
  • League of legends syndrome? More like a regular day on EUNE

    not even clownnot even clown9 napja
  • This is basically every game I play

    MDenRyuMDenRyu9 napja
  • I'll donate free chromosomes to some yasuo mains and other players that have syndromes related to league

    BenBen9 napja
  • well i got demoted from bronze 3 to bronze 4 last game cause ahri fed pyke 16 kills then went afk... he then proceeded to get 36 kills in a RANKED game. really thought this season would be my chance to finally get out of bronze.... and eventhough i did 6-5 in my placements, i got put to bronze 3. love you riot

    Alex HartleyAlex Hartley9 napja
  • kindred gave me second hand embarassment

    Ace UyAce Uy9 napja
  • please we want full version of Rav's hardstuck song

    IMventionIMvention9 napja
  • Next time a ""Gamer-Syndrome" episode?

    Eraser LpEraser Lp9 napja
  • I got trolled two ranked games in a row by someone picking ADC and then playing Nunu who spent the whole time eating minions and running away from the enemy team. Because of those two four versus six games I got placed in Silver instead of Gold. This was before the Nunu rework about 4 or 5 years ago.

    Michael MutranowskiMichael Mutranowski9 napja
  • Exsuse me Mr. Rav sir but do you take video submissions? Because id really like to give you my full game for a new video "Darius Syndrome" Thanks!

    RomanLegion GamerRomanLegion Gamer10 napja
  • Literary a description of my solo q experience

    LangosLangos10 napja
  • Hey guys, just a person who plays League and have the feeling whether I should or shouldn't kill myself playing the game . Today I will be telling you an experience I had today in my normal game today. Alright here we go, so I was playing Tahm Kench top lane ( He's fun and he's cool, shut up about his dueling potential. Tip just don't fight him by yourself. He will make you regret playing League and that can be applied to all the new league characters as well, but I digress) I was against a Yi top ( It's normal so it's not too weird seeing something like that) and I did good against him. My other lanes kept underestimating the champs they were going against and the jungler kept dying. So I fought and Udyr who was fed and the same level as me and I beat him, I was low and the fed Irelia comes to kill me but I pressed buttons and I won against a full health fed Irelia with only like 25% of my hp. But I lost anyway because bot didn't play safe. I only play norms and this is what happens, in almost every game where I actually do good. I get teammates that just die and I lose as a result because I play juggernauts and I can't either catch up to the fed enemy or I can't move. My luck with League is really shit. If you read this entire thing, what are you doing with your life and thanks, I guess for listening to my League experience. Also if you actually care to listen to this but um, should I try ranked? Just so I can be fitted with people my skill level instead of going against what feels like smurfs every normal game I play.

    Justin NguyenJustin Nguyen10 napja
  • I can be under tower for five minutes with the ability to cc the enemy but my jungles with more cc than a hospital will just toot on by.

    KarrotKarrot10 napja
  • I felt this video in my soul. I was 18/1 on Samira but the mid had a 10/0 LeBlanc and my top/jungle gave darius 16 kills. Even a batshit broken champion can't outplay that combo of fuckery.

    Kc 2Kc 210 napja
  • Hey Rav, can you do a syndrome video on KDA? not the group, but the dumb players that care more about their K/D/A than actually winning and do nothing but flame. That would make my year man. So far, if there is a syndrome you have covered, I have had it in my games. It is priceless. Including... unfortunately... having the wind twins on my team plus an AFK player AND a trolling support.

    Anthony LeigersAnthony Leigers10 napja
  • This is every game here in gold.

    Exitium MLBBExitium MLBB10 napja
  • This is literally every game

    KuramiKurami10 napja
  • Jesus, does everyone aim abilities like this in NA? your global mechanics in leauge is fine but u gotta practice with more champions and to master them

    Tomer FeldmanTomer Feldman10 napja
  • 2 mages 1 adc reference ol... only legends will get.

  • man... nunu sucks lol

    Azathoth PrimeAzathoth Prime10 napja
  • this is way to many ranked games in a nutshell

    tsuma kanatsuma kana10 napja

    Angel OrtizAngel Ortiz10 napja
  • love the transition from content to ads.. true skill.... you deserve more subs and views...

    BigBoi1290BigBoi129010 napja
  • 5:43-6:33 is just a black screen for some reason, I can't see anything

    J XJ X10 napja
  • Legit stumbled across you yesterday morning and I haven't stopped watching absolutely incredible, keep this shit up man absolutely love it!!! Best video's I've watched in a very long time

    AwkwardLPAwkwardLP10 napja
  • Last night I was playing adc with my premade as supp. At 18mins I was 9/0/6 and teams were 17/34 so yeah you could Say I have encountered this

    Jasper ÖsterlundJasper Österlund10 napja
  • "Hitting a field goal with her Q" Lmao dead.

    420 Habicht420 Habicht10 napja
  • from 10 games 9 gemas are like yours /goldelo

    Miha GeorMiha Geor10 napja
  • My team experienced this syndrome 5 games straight

    BadChesserBadChesser10 napja
  • Where's the song at the end tho?

    VM MoviesVM Movies10 napja
  • ok wtf is that nunu doe, run it down with mid just to take one cs

    Amaraa Was HereAmaraa Was Here10 napja
  • went 23 and 2 in the first 23 mins in the game as draven but lost 2 minutes later

    ppPergappPerga11 napja
  • Can you please do a sett syndrome video, I would sell my kidney to see one of those videos

    Inting YoneInting Yone11 napja
  • As an adc main I agree

    RPenguinRPenguin11 napja
  • "trying to flee from his own ineptitude" XD

    NoahramaNoahrama11 napja
  • I love when my jungle decided to contest 4v1 while I'm backing

    Mookie SheMookie She11 napja
  • I started a game mid way on this vid and...let's just drop a hint: My support thought mythic items are 5th built

    SawnMC SSawnMC S11 napja
  • im thristy for ur vids

    Joshua YoonJoshua Yoon11 napja
  • to which Nunu says "snow problem" lmao

    Will StephensWill Stephens11 napja
  • honestly want to see some lux zoe bot content that doesn't end up like this now

    Bell The Almighty LordBell The Almighty Lord11 napja

    Kaden Larson • 11 years agoKaden Larson • 11 years ago11 napja
  • Feet diff ahahahah boot diff

    Drew KunDrew Kun11 napja
  • ^hahahahaha golds so bad hahahahahahaha worth loling over 1000 times hahahahahahahaha

    Da BenDa Ben11 napja
  • this nunu😂😂

    patricepatrice11 napja
  • is there on skilshare a course for tax ecasion?

    Larry MadLarry Mad11 napja
  • ever thought of switching to DOTA? supposed to have less brainlets in it (though playing the roguelite may make you think otherwise)

    kang dangalangkang dangalang11 napja
  • Really thought you could sneak that ad on us by putting it in the Middle of the video...

    Olubunmi OlajideOlubunmi Olajide11 napja
  • I'm done 😂😂😂 Haven't laughed in a while

    MILIMILI11 napja
  • Do lee sin syndrome feat Heiz ♥

    Héctor Mikhail CastilloHéctor Mikhail Castillo11 napja
  • can anyone tell me the name of this voice tts please?

    100 Percent Outward100 Percent Outward11 napja
  • Literally yesterday. Had an adc who was conveniently under tower every time i hit a stun, and spent half the game 1/8/0 with 11 cs complaining about how bad the support was because I was going into the river and jg (course dummy doesnt use his map, so he doesnt see the wards pop up), top was a Sett that decided a ranked game was the best place to try out a champion for the first time, jg had to be someone in their first match because they stood at chicken camp and watched mid die at least twice and never once ganked a lane. I was only hitting about half my stuns as lux, but if i used my e to slow and damage, I got bitched at for using my abilities wrong, and yet still did more damage and gold than our adc. Only one in the game worth a damn, including myself, was our mid. They only died like 3 or 4 times before base tower broke despite having no ganks and getting ganked, and had most kills on the team. Shoutout to that syndra

    dajordanatordajordanator11 napja
  • Yasuo

    CopyCopy11 napja
  • I was playing thresh (my main, and im m6 whit him, so you probably understand that im good whit him) whit a lucian adc, this lucian was really good, and we where winning until a warwick tried a stupid play, i tried to save him from an ovbious death trowing my lamp so he can escape, but he did not grab the lamp, (like, the 80% of the time) and he was such a dumbass: always doing dangerous plays but he was feeding so he always died, he was 1/11 and i was near to him but he suddenly tried to 2v½ (because im a fucking support and he is literally 1/11 so we aren't worth a player) and i almost died for he's fault for his stupid plays we lost the game, if we had not even a good jungler, a just non feeding jungler, we could win but due to stupid people like him i lost a ranked game WHO TRIES THAT PLAYS WHEN YOU ARE FEEDING IN A RANKED? Well, ovbiously i reported him, its better to report this players, i dont want anyone to play whit such a dumbass, no one deserves it, not even serial killers

    Lmtcain uwuLmtcain uwu11 napja
  • A idea i came up with to win a match when teamates feed or i feed i asked the enemies strongest players to 1v1 me at baron or drake pit and some times it works so my team wins the 5v4 and starts winning. I only used this like 5 times and like 3 people went to a area just to not see me there.

    Benjamin DionBenjamin Dion11 napja
  • every single day this type of stuff happens basically all games but its League that's how it be

    Gidf JoshGidf Josh11 napja
  • It's the worst feeling when you win lane hard, but the team is too heavy. Feels bad man.

    Cheese DipCheese Dip11 napja