Lando Norris: King Of The In-Car Wave! #Shorts

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Lando: "Hiiii." Everyone: "Hi Lando."
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#F1 #Shorts

  • Top duo ❤️🔥👌

    Tomáš NovosadTomáš Novosad6 napja
  • Adorable

    cjconsolicjconsoli14 napja
  • I love it. It shows that he not just ‘working’, but having fun aswell

    Joe FelonyJoe Felony14 napja
  • Next up: Bottas and Russell waving each other.

    btb300btb30014 napja
  • In the first one its Lando waving at Max and then later its Max waving at Lando. Love it!!

    CaptainRonoCaptainRono17 napja
  • The amazing thing about lando imo is, he knows when to be in "childish" mode, and when to be in "mature" or "competitive" mode

    AZAZ17 napja
  • 8D

    Tzeff's Main ChannelTzeff's Main Channel17 napja
  • Its nice to see drivers casually wave at each other during races

    AirsoftArmour15 96AirsoftArmour15 9617 napja
  • Imagine waving out a car while pulling 5Gs at a tight turn

    Friendzy iReFriendzy iRe17 napja
  • "Do you think that F1 steering wheels have too many buttons now?" Lando: Waves with one hand

    Max BummageMax Bummage17 napja
  • Max ain’t eff’ing around this year, look out Lewis!!!!

    Dirk PackwoodDirk Packwood17 napja
  • Carlooo Landooo

    Rhuan AbreuRhuan Abreu17 napja
  • This is the wholesome version of *SEE YOU F****** LATER SON*

    Karben FeibarKarben Feibar17 napja
  • Landoooooo!

    Ármin TariÁrmin Tari17 napja
  • You forgot sainz and lando in imola

    Salty_The_GooseSalty_The_Goose18 napja
  • Still friends

    Peepee PoopooPeepee Poopoo18 napja
  • Don't let this distract you from the fact that he botchered a drawing of Silverstone

    フォージ4Gフォージ4G18 napja
  • Lando is the king of snacks, saw him sneaking a bite in the red flag at Imola

    Mitchell BakerMitchell Baker18 napja
  • Lando easily became my favorite driver when Sainz left

    Matt HagenMatt Hagen18 napja

    Matt HagenMatt Hagen18 napja
  • Lando could win 10 drivers championships in a row and people would stil lwant him to win with that personality

    Xihilus HepingXihilus Heping18 napja
  • As I have said on twitter and Instagram again and again and again, F1 socials and now HUworld are Lando Norris biggest Fanpages/accounts. Bye.

    Sania ZubairSania Zubair18 napja
  • We gonna have alot more fun w lando, brilliant driver, defo underrated by some !!

    Patrick SchenkPatrick Schenk18 napja
  • Such polite

    Ethan BlomquistEthan Blomquist18 napja
  • Rock on sir LANDO!!! 😎

    Linda MLinda M18 napja
  • LOL Everyone likes Lando isn't it. Bet Vettel watches his streams too igcognito just like Lewis.

    Jet FusionJet Fusion18 napja
  • no entendi

    SebastianSebastian18 napja
  • Lando is the cutest man ever

  • Awesome

    Maxi FMaxi F18 napja
  • I love this so much! Too bad Carlos and Lando are such horrendous mortal enemies... Wait is that drive to survive or real life 🤔

    FrancescoFrancesco18 napja
  • Talk about bottom of the barrel. Lack of ideas, boys? Pathetic.

    TosaTosa18 napja
  • Stunning video, thank you for sharing

    BFC RickyBFC Ricky18 napja
  • I'm pretty sure he thought that was george

    Moritz DreyerMoritz Dreyer18 napja
  • Wow nice to see this from lando and carlos after such a brutal rivalry

    Le SpazLe Spaz18 napja
  • Nice and funny guy, but a great driver.

    al buraqal buraq19 napja
  • The friendship Lando shares with Carlos and Max is impeccable!

    Anamika JoshiAnamika Joshi19 napja
  • Anything to promote British drivers. If they sneeze it's a news conference.

    Peter Porker Esq.Peter Porker Esq.19 napja
  • My streamer, PogChamp

    Dimas Aristyo RahadianDimas Aristyo Rahadian19 napja
  • Murray

    lakshmivallabhlakshmivallabh19 napja
  • Coool

  • Best sportsman ive ever see

    7A_02_Andhika Widnyana7A_02_Andhika Widnyana19 napja
  • You guys missed the one at imola after norris got his podium and waved to sainz

    Saqib SiddiqiSaqib Siddiqi19 napja
  • i came he for DTS meme xD

    SysSys19 napja
  • i don’t know anything about F1 until I saw this tiktok of around 10 drivers in an elevator. George caught my attention but ended up following Lando. Love his chill personality and bromance with Carlos. Been rooting for LN4 and 🧡 fan since Emilia Romagna 2020

    beLLa beLLsbeLLa beLLs19 napja
  • Norris is the most friendly driver on the grid 😂

    TMGTMG19 napja
  • Perfect

    Unimakon Susan UNDIEHUnimakon Susan UNDIEH19 napja
  • At some point in his career, he's going to wave at everyone in the grid

    AK 7563AK 756319 napja
  • What the ...

    Mark DonaldsMark Donalds19 napja
  • lando will become waving legand

    Legoo JanLegoo Jan19 napja
  • There is. No reason to hate this man

    Harman KhehraHarman Khehra19 napja
  • Lando wearing at Carlos in the Ferrari was pure heart

    Saad KidwaiSaad Kidwai19 napja
    • "The love is still there..." - Max Verstappen, 2018 Abu Dhabi GP Press Conference

      DedMan28DedMan2817 napja
  • Lando you are a great kid! You seem super friendly and easy to hang out with thanks for being part of F1

    Jessiejam21 44Jessiejam21 4419 napja
  • Imagine just casually waving at each other while going into a corner at 80 miles per hour.

    KuzKuz19 napja
  • Mclaren should more focus on why their street cars are catching in fire, not racing in f1

    Water FouWater Fou19 napja
  • That is why we always love Lando. He is a funny, cheerful and adorable man!

    Jean DriftsteinJean Driftstein19 napja
  • lando : just smile and wave boys , smile and wave

    GavrielSCAGavrielSCA19 napja
  • reminds me of how the queen is waving to the plebs

    Vincent FischerVincent Fischer19 napja
  • Wow so exciting. He puts his hand slightly above the cockpit....

    Robert RRobert R19 napja
  • You are tearing me apart, Landos!

  • His commercial worth is huge

    SkyzockaSkyzocka19 napja
  • As a die hard ferrari fan for life it's impossible for me to pull for a McLaren driver but I like this kid.

    Todd WallTodd Wall19 napja
  • Netflix: Lando's Mockery on all young drivers on the grid

    Nicholas David HutabaratNicholas David Hutabarat19 napja
  • Why didn’t they include the Imola 2021 with Carlos?

    Gracia GiselaGracia Gisela19 napja
  • What a genuine guy

    Tristan Ellis GamingTristan Ellis Gaming19 napja
  • Lando "Dapper" Chuck" Norris, King of Cloud City...Drive's an f1 car on his days off.

    Mike MMike M19 napja
  • Drive to Survive: He just waved at me. What is he doing?

    Jabid21Jabid2119 napja
  • I beg you give Lando a horn

    Gamzenur GürbüzGamzenur Gürbüz19 napja
  • Everyone talking about Lando waving, but nobody talking about Sainz playfully flipping him the bird in the Abu Dhabi clip at 0:09 !

    IndiBronyIndiBrony19 napja
    • I think he was doing the "Shaka brah" thing -> 🤙

      Atom5kAtom5k19 napja
  • 🎉🎉🎉🎉

    l Sl S19 napja
  • Now this is the content we needed

    Louie HartleyLouie Hartley19 napja
  • this kid is on the come up

    Bruce BatemanBruce Bateman19 napja
  • Since there is no public in the stands he has to wave other drivers...

    Star TowerStar Tower19 napja
  • you can't tell me that you don't like this man there man I love this guy💪❤️

    #misterdumb 4fun#misterdumb 4fun19 napja
  • This guy has such a lovely personality, wish him all the success

    wonderful human being with a great characterwonderful human being with a great character19 napja
  • I have an idea for a top 10, Top 10 moments of Max verstapen’s brilliance

    Kathryn FosterKathryn Foster19 napja
  • And Valterri is the King of the finger lol

    Graham FGraham F19 napja
  • Max and Lando are my two favorite drivers. Both just kind, funny, and talented guys all around.

    Tony IliasTony Ilias19 napja
    • Mine too, really nice personas and very talented drivers

      wonderful human being with a great characterwonderful human being with a great character19 napja
  • Why is 2/3 of the screen black?

    Kert KuuskKert Kuusk19 napja
  • Lando is gonna wave to every driver

    Richi Ng.Richi Ng.19 napja
  • Lo amoo 🇦🇷

    Laura SantanderLaura Santander19 napja
  • Lando can compete with a focused mind and a happy heart. Gotta love this kid! 🧡

    Renata StecRenata Stec19 napja
  • The darling of formula one

    Bully RankzBully Rankz19 napja
  • Norris seems to be the only one having fun in F1 grid.

    Mustavo GaiaMustavo Gaia19 napja
  • 👋❤

    anon rodoanon rodo19 napja
  • /wave

    robogoorobogoo19 napja
  • This is the new wave .............

    dhanya jayaramdhanya jayaram19 napja
  • Hhhhh👋

    FAST MANFAST MAN19 napja
  • Lando, wave to Mazepin man 😆

    Helton MalambaneHelton Malambane19 napja
  • Lando reminds me of Ricciardo in his early days in Formula 1

    Tony NgTony Ng19 napja
  • Him and max wave all the time during FP hahaha

    chloéchloé19 napja
  • it gives me a smile apon my face ... that kid is awsome i hope he stay a couple years in the F1 :) :) :) realy love that kind of race what he does

    perry050perry05019 napja
  • Latiffi - "dafuq"?

    Nut ChunderNut Chunder19 napja
  • Uhuhuhuhu

    Taiane MirandaTaiane Miranda19 napja
  • Lando deserves a waving trophy !!!!!

    Filippo TodeschiniFilippo Todeschini19 napja
  • Sorry, but the undisputed champion of waving is Heinz-Harald Frentzen from the Australian GP 1995. The 'wave' as he lapped Mark Blundell and caused Murray Walker to say "oh that's not very polite!"

    GuzziHeroGuzziHero19 napja
  • What kind of award is this 😂😂

    Bhushan KosanshileBhushan Kosanshile19 napja
  • 🧡

    Muhammad Raihan FarrelMuhammad Raihan Farrel19 napja
  • Landooooooooooooo~

    tsz25769257tsz2576925719 napja
  • The war begins...

    IdkyIdky19 napja
  • cringe

    GramerDimGramerDim19 napja