Lance Stroll's Crazy Pit Stop Drama! #Shorts

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Lance Stroll's pit-stop at the 2020 Emilia Romagna GP didn't quite go to plan after cold brakes caught the Canadian driver out... Luckily the mechanic was OK and back up on his feet again soon after!
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  • ⛪⛲💐😁🙏😂. 😇👍👍.

    Ydi Novianto PadangYdi Novianto Padang22 napja
  • Hope he is ok

    Kyle GreyKyle Grey25 napja
  • They definitely hurt, him tripping on the cable and stuff, but was there a need to 7 people to tend him, like, 2 should be enough to carry him to the medics.

    IanSdSIanSdS25 napja
  • At first I thought he was being dramatic, then I saw the cord pulling on his legs.

    Daniel RodriguezDaniel Rodriguez25 napja
  • first replay was slowmo, on the second one you can see how fast stroll was going and also he tripped because of the wire

    Yassine B.Yassine B.26 napja
  • Can mazepin even finish a race this season? Or hit the wall after turn 1

    Tyler WTyler W26 napja
  • He must play football. The car barely touched him 😂😂😂

    Olava OlavaOlava Olava26 napja
    • If you look closely there's a cable which he trips on

      NameLess_ViewerNameLess_Viewer22 napja
  • That was faster than a stroll...😂😂😂

    Bapeti Uys-KoswetiBapeti Uys-Kosweti26 napja
  • Please dont use landscape view like this

    Muhammad NaufalMuhammad Naufal26 napja
  • I haven't seen that bad of acting since Captain Marvel

    ROB112ROB11226 napja
  • his team mate finished P4 that season and he didnt even finish in top 10,...nuff said

    Alex xoloAlex xolo27 napja
    • To be fair, his teammate topped the midfield and earned a premonition as only Lewis, Valtteri and Max finished ahead of him. Plus Lance tied for points at 10th place

      Metrofilmer88Metrofilmer8826 napja
  • Kimi at ferrari couple years back, leaving the pitstop to earlie while one of the members was still in the way. How fast that leg snapped was insane. really showed the danger those guys too are operating in. Allso the guys of the teams that are next to the accelerating cars holding those cables, when a driver leaves the pitstop, its always superclose when they ride by them.

    LunaJunoLunaJuno27 napja
  • The thumbnail shows scheco but ok 😂

    Mr SpinoMr Spino27 napja
  • His talent (cof cof), I mean breakes were so cold,

    Thebassist NoeveThebassist Noeve27 napja
    • To be fair, talent didn’t have much to do with it as you can see that he had broke but the car just wouldn’t stop

      Metrofilmer88Metrofilmer8826 napja
  • The hit is acceptable as a fool, but the roll is the real drama.

    Hiren KidanHiren Kidan27 napja
  • Hmmmm, I just came from Cameron McAdoo getting rag dolled , body slammed and flipped on top of and smashed into the landing of a jump. AMA SX, Georgia. He Insisted on racing and did. But this is F1, in Pink and Halo's. And many medics

    TheHypnotstCollectorTheHypnotstCollector27 napja
  • Lance takes out the jack man and everyone piles on Mazespin. Love it.

    Keith HepworthKeith Hepworth27 napja
  • Top

    Fabriciogomesdossantossilva2318 GomesFabriciogomesdossantossilva2318 Gomes27 napja
  • Max Verstappen sends IT... .. .. .. .. Lance Stroll sends THEM...

    Tomek B.Tomek B.27 napja
  • 😆okeyyy

  • Drove too hard in ....

    MrSmitiGameMrSmitiGame27 napja

    Fresh HunterFresh Hunter27 napja
  • Sure he fell over the cable and rolled backwards but what did he need carried into the garage for. Didn’t look that painful. Is he looking for a compo payout 😆

    smythie888smythie88827 napja
  • WOOOOOOOW 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Yiannis HayabusaYiannis Hayabusa27 napja
  • Pit crew must be related to rick flair....😅

    Vic De La FuenteVic De La Fuente27 napja
  • And going that fast

    ConproConpro27 napja
  • Why i can't play the video?

    GoxillazGoxillaz28 napja
  • Wrong Racing Point on thumbnail lol

    Luis RomanLuis Roman28 napja
  • What is that flag used? Is it specially made for the emilia romagna gp?

    Karlo VelikiKarlo Veliki28 napja
  • 😂😂

    Tomáš NovosadTomáš Novosad28 napja
  • this is nothing near takuma sato in silverstone 2012

    Rafael TeixeiraRafael Teixeira28 napja
  • Pit man reminds me of Neymar jr famous rolls 😂

    Cesar BolañosCesar Bolaños28 napja
  • Bad acting.

    Dynamics WorldDynamics World28 napja
  • kkkk

    AlessandroAlessandro28 napja
  • Pit crew is not an imposter 2 imposters remain

    Anthony SngAnthony Sng28 napja
  • Hulkenberg wouldn't have done that. No brainer to flick out Lance and get Nico back in

    87JUZZIE87JUZZIE28 napja
    • This was beyond Lance though. He tried but the car just didn’t break quick enough

      Metrofilmer88Metrofilmer8826 napja
  • Still faster than Vettel's 😂🤣

    Wesley ChongWesley Chong28 napja
  • Did someone mentioned to him it's F1 not soccer?

    Dan KronDan Kron28 napja
  • Somebody give that man an Oscar. Flop of the century

    Jason BarkerJason Barker28 napja
  • The thumbnail shows Perez' car

    Debdeep DattaDebdeep Datta28 napja
  • Xd

    game xgame x28 napja
  • Stroll : sorry, my bad

    Achreza RezaAchreza Reza28 napja
  • Idk but for a second I thought it was Stroll laying on the grond

    That's not the pointThat's not the point28 napja
  • It's *Rawe* *Ceek* 🤩

    Mikhail FernandezMikhail Fernandez28 napja
  • Neymar inspired pit crew!!!

    SagarSagar28 napja
  • Stroll: "Out of my way peasants!"

    Cypress77Cypress7728 napja
  • Hope that person is OK.

    Richie BlytheRichie Blythe28 napja
  • He broke his ankle, most likely his knee.

    TundeTheEpicTundeTheEpic28 napja
  • That's why the "Slow button onn" message is so important at Ferrari.

    Ferid NawooFerid Nawoo28 napja
    • I think everyone should do it (if they already aren't) because mistakes happen.

      YKMYKM27 napja
  • That front jackman has the talent to be a football player.

    BhrzBhrz28 napja
    • judo instead

      Glatze MetzgerGlatze Metzger28 napja
    • The cord behind him made him fall

      Its AllanIts Allan28 napja
  • Suddenly, so many people have become crew experts. 🙄

    sharpie fatahsharpie fatah28 napja
  • This is me doing an insurance scam to pay off my bills.

    dingdongdingdong28 napja
  • Ferrari has experience with that

    Geo MetallGeo Metall28 napja
  • Que va, ese día de veraz que lance se comportó como un verdadero idiota. Saludos Desde Panamá.

    Lian SummerLian Summer28 napja
  • Thumbnail be perez 😂😂

    ONLY F1ONLY F128 napja
  • Imagine F1 teams hiring retired NFL linemen for that specific job.

    aeipee13aeipee1328 napja
    • They wouldn't let Kimi drive through the pit lane

      Yang WatanabeYang Watanabe2 napja
    • That actually might not be a bad idea. That car isn’t going anywhere lol 😂

      Metrofilmer88Metrofilmer8828 napja
  • This is really an accident.😅

    狂猫/スペック狂猫/スペック28 napja
  • Lance, chequecito Stroll

    AlejoAlejo28 napja
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    Evelyn LynchEvelyn Lynch28 napja
    • I've been visiting Mr Oscar Anderson weekly and my pockets feel lighter already!

      RaikuRaiku28 napja
    • @Olivia Jayden Thanks

      Kelly LaCalliKelly LaCalli28 napja
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      Olivia JaydenOlivia Jayden28 napja
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      Olivia JaydenOlivia Jayden28 napja
    • I wanna Invest too, how do I get to Oscar Anderson ?

      Kelly LaCalliKelly LaCalli28 napja
  • Medics for what???

    Wiz WisdomWiz Wisdom28 napja
    • @gorilla gaming there ain't no way that car was going 50mph at impact.. more like 5 max..acutally no less than that. it stopped within 1 foot after impact

      Wiz WisdomWiz Wisdom27 napja
    • Idk? Maybe a jack to the collarbone, which was pushed into you by a car going 50mph

      gorilla gaminggorilla gaming27 napja
  • Sorry about that, brakes are really cold!

    Kt TanKt Tan28 napja
  • Football simulation ????? 😆

    BNJ74DBNJ74D28 napja
  • I just only realised he tripped because of the cable.

    Aizuddin FahmiAizuddin Fahmi28 napja
  • He flooppped like LBJ

    Capt LazerhawkCapt Lazerhawk28 napja
  • Watch my first video for EFFECTIVE STUDYING!! 😃

    tommyBAtommyBA28 napja
  • that looked like a soccer flop

    Robin RaphaelRobin Raphael28 napja
  • Perez in the thumbnail

    Cole Custer & Noah Gragson Fan 41 9Cole Custer & Noah Gragson Fan 41 928 napja
  • Ex soccer player works in F1

    Cameron1411Cameron141128 napja
  • Strolls excuse was that the brakes were still cold, like just say sorry, don't make some lame excuse😒

    Diederik TroostDiederik Troost28 napja
  • Kimi once killed the guy who was changing his tyres

    abhishek makhijaabhishek makhija28 napja
  • Is that a women that felt?

    wessel tabakwessel tabak28 napja
  • What a drama queen!

    IoIo28 napja
  • When I first watch it I was thinking what is this nonsense...didn’t realize it was slowmo 😂

    Shaun PShaun P28 napja
  • What's up with the edgy edit which makes it look like a phone?

    InfuriateInfuriate28 napja
    • Uh, because its for shorts?

      gorilla gaminggorilla gaming27 napja
  • ASPECT RATIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Derek McCordDerek McCord28 napja
  • This is from a year ago, don’t defame your own drivers

    KaskaKaska28 napja
  • Sorry guys brakes were super cold

    Alan GamingAlan Gaming29 napja
  • Weakling, it was a little tap.

    JFomoJFomo29 napja
    • Are you forgetting that was hit at 50 mph?

      gorilla gaminggorilla gaming27 napja
  • What a flop. He must play soccer as a day job.

    brettwrbbrettwrb29 napja
  • Plot twist.. It was Neymar

    Liju RLiju R29 napja
  • Actually the mechanic trips over a cable behind him. He did not fall from the impact.

    mogaka samwelmogaka samwel29 napja
  • That was Jason Derulo dressed like a RP pit crew

    Di MDi M29 napja
  • 🤣🤣

    علی ویسیانعلی ویسیان29 napja
  • Well i see that cable

    PipitteuPipitteu29 napja
  • Vertical? Really? Enjoy your downvote.

    Rodger BolesRodger Boles29 napja
    • Its for youtube shorts? Are you dumb. It has shorts in the title.

      gorilla gaminggorilla gaming27 napja
  • Football style

    IexaJazz LIexaJazz L29 napja
  • Stroll gets a tonne of hate but proved himself with pole and few podiums to be fair

    Mufc RacerMufc Racer29 napja
  • F1 straight up wanted to just roast Lance for a second

    Logan Reid MediaLogan Reid Media29 napja
  • This mecanic is the flopping's King. Ok stroll hit him, but he if you look closely, he falling down by himself...

    Rio 1984Rio 198429 napja
    • @Rio 1984 No, he definitely tripped on that cable.

      MonkenationsMonkenations28 napja
    • I don't think so...even if he tripped a lilbit on the cable, i think he fall down for the drama, like football players( soccer), period.

      Rio 1984Rio 198429 napja
    • and maybe u are the blind king.

      xxx zzzxxx zzz29 napja
    • No he tripped over a cable

      DerNutellaBoyDerNutellaBoy29 napja
  • *Lance Stroll Crazy Pit Stop Drama* Thumbnail: shows Sergio Pérez car Ok

    PFM21PFM2129 napja
    • How would they know They wouldn't know🤣🤣

      Bruno ZanniBruno Zanni28 napja
  • Frontjackman: Aston Martin Stroll: 2021 regs

    Dr_VidyaGeamDr_VidyaGeam29 napja
  • He looked like he fakes it

    Muhammad AliMuhammad Ali29 napja
    • He tripped over a cable

      DerNutellaBoyDerNutellaBoy29 napja
  • Plenty of better and more qualified drivers but daddy's paying the gas bills.

    FaceValueFaceValue29 napja
    • Wow, the F1 expert has spoken

      Rahul77_ YTRahul77_ YT28 napja
  • Quel intérêt de poster cette vidéo ? On l’a déjà vu De plus ça laisse entendre que gros c’est un pauvre naze Vous participez pas à leur image de cette manière

    T̸o̸m̸m̸y̸T̸o̸m̸m̸y̸29 napja
  • Daddy’s money

    slimfatmemesslimfatmemes29 napja
    • I mean a worse accident happened with kimi. It can happen with anyone

      Metrofilmer88Metrofilmer8828 napja
  • This cropping makes me mad. Quit ruining the footage.

    VuusteriVuusteri29 napja
  • Faster than Vettel‘s normal pit stop at ferrari💁🏼‍♂️

    Nomir MerchantNomir Merchant29 napja
    • and faster than Latifi and Mazepin COMBINED

      SK - 08KJ 762349 Roberta Bondar PSSK - 08KJ 762349 Roberta Bondar PS28 napja
  • He rolled because he felt the cable and knew he can't stay there, so he had to do it and then recover fast and move out of the way. The part where he is limping....idk looks too much :)

    DragosDragos29 napja
  • This is not drama. This is pain

    Enrico TraicaEnrico Traica29 napja

    Mitrut BurduhosMitrut Burduhos29 napja