Lamar Roasts Franklin in Real Life: Behind the Scenes

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Take a behind the scenes look as we bring the meme to life! The performance capture artists behind both Franklin and Lamar (Shawn "Solo" Fonteno & Gerald "Slink" Johnson) slip effortlessly back into their roles and were really fun to work with.
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  • Get roasted franklin

    Conner VerzijlConner Verzijl13 órája
  • I love it!!! thank you!

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  • lamar being lamar

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  • Yeah

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  • I was waiting for someone to say "woooo honey"

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  • Plot twist , this is Franklin’s aunts house irl

    •Red bear speedo Edits••Red bear speedo Edits•8 napja
  • 0:38 song is called Patrick Patrikios come vibe with me

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  • 2:37 *T pose active*

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  • 3:30 parece GTAVI

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  • Slink Johnson is a great actor! He was voice as Lamar

    Kenny / Tepig 2021Kenny / Tepig 202113 napja
  • Why lamar is bald???

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  • 2:39 the legend is true.

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  • GTA 5 in 5K officially

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  • 3:52 take 2 hasn't have a car take 1 has 3:15

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  • Who else went to see the real version after this?

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  • Incredible

    Janusz FIFYJanusz FIFY27 napja
  • yo what’s up guys

    Franklin ClintonFranklin Clinton28 napja
    • Frank, Frank, Frank... don't you feel bad about being roasted by the entire universe?

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  • Saludos desd Perú!

    Thiago Alessio León Del CastilloThiago Alessio León Del Castillo29 napja
  • 2:42 is funny

    bulchibulchi29 napja
  • 1:46 Lamar roasting John Cena lol

  • They look just like him so strange

    Caps fan 08Caps fan 08Hónapja
  • Amazing work :D

  • I don’t like Lamar’s attitude 😂

    Polymer ToolsPolymer ToolsHónapja
    • Yeah he escalated out of nowhere lol

      PlayStation HavenPlayStation HavenHónapja
  • Gta in real life.

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  • Lamar thinks his voice dope until he meets Ryder 😂

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  • T-pose GTA 7 with RTX on 2:43

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  • Good good now we wait for the movie trailer . I've been waiting for a hint for ever.

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  • i was today years old when i realized lamar is black jesus

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  • neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeguinmnnnnnnnnn

  • It sounds so good tho

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  • Alloy she was fucking with nigaaaaaaaaaa 😂😂😂

    Zaid AnsariZaid AnsariHónapja
  • Love how dedicated they were to this shit bro

  • This shit made me cry (in a good way) juss seeing my childhood characters doing what they love, seeing the whole community comin together to enjoy doing what we love the most... Roasting Franklin yee-yee-ass haircut

  • Lmfao

    Tyler WestTyler WestHónapja
  • Ok

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  • Music used pls ?

    • @PlayStation Haven ty!

    • Check the credits at the end of the video

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  • Lmao the T-pose

    Juan ContrerasJuan ContrerasHónapja
  • Lamar the type of friend you don't want to have

  • **LAMAR**

  • ok the hand movements for lamar made him look exactly like an ai though

    Just A Random DudeJust A Random DudeHónapja
    • Nicetomeetyou.Pleasevisitthesiteforabetterexperience

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  • When they walk, it just looks like in a game xD

  • Yooo y all niggaz hilarious for this

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  • Yo let's apericate how he didn't even forget the lyrics

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  • That’s my birthday January 8

  • 1:20 MV BILL O.o?

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  • Lamer dave

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  • Wow😎

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  • Funny lamar always talking about haircut in the game but in real life

  • Let's take a moment to thank all the people who made the world's most played video game of today

    - willow- willowHónapja
  • 3:50 this one hit different

  • Slick always looks animated

  • Worth the seconds 🙃

  • T POSE!

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  • Next giant RE vampire lady roasts Franklin

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  • black jesus

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  • Wow! This is perfect!

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  • I can’t even watch it cuz their WiFi is ass

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  • ❤️ from Malaysia.

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  • Trash

    • Thanks for supporting it anyway 😁

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  • 2:39 When the game load is buggy 😂😂😂

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  • 1:06 (clap for the NHS)

  • It was the T pose for me 🤣

  • Very clean this real life R☆ editor 😆

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  • 1:50 lamar roasts john cena

    • Relax

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  • Voice Actor Lamar: If she quit fuckin with that brain surgeon loyal she fuckin with... GTA 5 Lamar: If she ever stop fuckin with that brain surgeon loyal she fukin with... Me:There's a difference?

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  • How does the BTS have more views then the actual video.

    • @Horizon no worries lol

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    • @PlayStation Haven lmao I thought the actual video was on Slink’s channel. My bad.

    • The actual video is sitting at 9.2 million so not quite yet.

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  • Hahaa. Yo, th back of Slink's neck look a pack of franks. 😝

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  • Lamar saying the n word to me when I'm in the car

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  • I find it hilarious when the actor of lamar says n*ggaaa

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  • Franklin is wearing a hat because it's embarrassing to show his haircut

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  • This brought back my childhood

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