Lady Gaga - Pepsi Zero Sugar Super Bowl LI Halftime Show

2017.febr. 6.
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On Sunday, February 5th, 2017 Lady Gaga took to the Pepsi Zero Sugar Super Bowl stage for the Super Bowl LI Halftime Show, performing some of her biggest hits including Poker Face, Bad Romance, and Million Reasons off of her new album, Joanne.

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  • one of the best artists and performers of this decade

    meekameeka17 perccel
  • Learn to be calm and you will always be happy

    Best Meditation Relax MusicBest Meditation Relax Music43 perccel
  • Literally the only super bowl performance that didn't disappoint.

  • Besides Adam Levine & Shakira, Lady GaGa is one of the best live singers going for sure. 🥰😘🥰

    Ken ChurchillKen Churchill5 órája
  • Quarantine brought me here.

    viceroyviceroy6 órája
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    All About The FamousAll About The Famous8 órája
    • 93.580.640

      All About The FamousAll About The Famous8 órája
  • The best thing to come out of the 🇺🇸.

    nailler 9nailler 99 órája
  • complimenti,le tue canzoni emozionano.... e poi hai un naso bellissimo

    Augusto Angelo MonticelliAugusto Angelo Monticelli11 órája
  • and that’s how it’s done

    userLG6userLG617 órája
  • I can't stop watching this video #LadyGaGa4everLegend

    roman castorroman castor23 órája
  • Honestly she me to conclusions 🤣🤣🤣

    Dejah ThorisDejah ThorisNapja
  • Amo como se adapta al evento en el que se presenta, aquí los pequeños toques del vestuario y otros detalles, en el VS fashion show muy adaptado el tema de pasarela, definitivamente es buenísima 😍😍😍

    Cecilia Ruiz UrrutiaCecilia Ruiz UrrutiaNapja
  • God bless American 🇺🇸🙏🏻

    Angela Al HajamiAngela Al HajamiNapja
  • Drrd

    Yamilka JuliaoYamilka JuliaoNapja
  • Nepeeoe

    Scottm FranciaScottm FranciaNapja
  • 🤮

    Lahun 37Lahun 37Napja
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    Valerie OrtizValerie OrtizNapja
  • The secret was zero sugar. They added it back in and the half time shows have been awful since

    Raymond StocktonRaymond StocktonNapja
  • iconic. periodt.

    Dhada BalicantaDhada BalicantaNapja
  • Playback in the chorus and instruments.

    Jonathan Duque C.Jonathan Duque C.Napja
  • Nuts!!!!!

    Hey HilHey HilNapja
  • She is amazing!!

    Μαρια ΚοντοπουλουΜαρια Κοντοπουλου2 napja
  • Mmmmmh

    Josesito ComunicaJosesito Comunica2 napja
  • she did all of that and at the end caught a ball... i can't even do that standing still

    Taylor HooperTaylor Hooper2 napja
  • we know we WANT another lady gaga halftime show but the question is do we DESERVE another performance this good

    Lizzie MeinhartLizzie Meinhart2 napja
  • Iconic

    Megan ParkerMegan Parker2 napja
  • The best superbowl performance in new generation so far..💕

    Drin KatDrin Kat2 napja
    • ❤️❤️❤️🤭

      Tiago LeartehTiago Learteh2 napja
  • iconica la reina del pop!

    Cami BTCami BT2 napja
  • Yo wtf lady gaga, that shit was beautiful

    Paola BenavidesPaola Benavides2 napja
  • Super super nice

    Floriano CardosoFloriano Cardoso2 napja
  • is best super bowl of the history

    Bougraou TaharBougraou Tahar2 napja
  • Eye Conn'ed Thi's Ick.

    VJ4rawr2VJ4rawr22 napja
  • the best superbowl i ever watch so many songs

    Raphael InrequeRaphael Inreque2 napja
  • Best Super Bowl Half Time Show ever.

    Peter PitrakkouPeter Pitrakkou2 napja
  • This is the Best Halftime performance ❤

    Jomar R. LumacangJomar R. Lumacang2 napja
  • Is everything ok sweetie? You haven't seen this performance even once today.

    Mohammad Mujtaba AliMohammad Mujtaba Ali2 napja
  • Came here for annual viewing😂😍😍Paws up🐾

    John Maraña ManggohomJohn Maraña Manggohom2 napja
  • my gosh, i was not a lady gaga fan, but woww i think i am now

    Hamza C.Hamza C.2 napja
  • Mi lady Gaga

    Space X StarkSpace X Stark3 napja
  • But how could they play a football game in the middle of a Lady Gaga concert?

    Brinhyld ArellanoBrinhyld Arellano3 napja
  • 2021.?

    René López MelgarRené López Melgar3 napja
  • No soy de USA, pero por ver tanto este video ya me se todo el corito que canta Gaga al principio JAJAJA

    Zuleyka ZambranoZuleyka Zambrano3 napja
    • Pero si sos de america latina ya esta jaja

      Alejandra CalvoAlejandra Calvo8 órája

      alexis veraalexis veraNapja
  • 超好聽,台灣peple

    柯里昂 昌柯里昂 昌3 napja
  • Caramba una pena ojalá vuelva renacer es maravillosa no ha duda y voz maravillosa y ese esenario

    mary mejiamary mejia3 napja
  • A concept: Lady Gaga & BLACKPINK Superbowl LVI Lady Gaga - 911 Lady Gaga - Bad Romance Lady Gaga - Poker Face Lady Gaga - Sour Candy (with BLACKPINK) BLACKPINK - How You Like That BLACKPINK - Kill This Love Lady Gaga - Rain On Me

    Baru94Baru943 napja
  • 3:20 what is song's name?

    თემო რცხილაძეთემო რცხილაძე3 napja
    • 🤭🤭

      Tiago LeartehTiago Learteh2 napja
    • Born this way

      U VU V3 napja
  • Te amo gaga 🇧🇷❤️

    Hariel AbreuHariel Abreu3 napja
  • Марионетка

    Изольда АрчибальдовнаИзольда Арчибальдовна3 napja
  • Amazing talent!

    Sable AnnSable Ann3 napja
  • Yassss SHE IS LADY GAGA!!

    Khusus OppoKhusus Oppo3 napja
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    Poloki ManPoloki Man3 napja
  • After watching the documentary again, I felt how much every moment of this (and all of the years she poured herself into becoming the Lady Gaga we all know and love) has given her so many realizations on what she really is at the end of the day. Even after seeing her so happy with meeting her fans or just straight up making magic in front of the piano, I couldn't help but cry to hear her say how she felt this chasm inside her whenever she's alone. It's not pity, but how much I understand the vulnerability she feels. God bless her.

    Alethea RebuaAlethea Rebua4 napja
  • 10:08 “caught in a bad romance”

    Mini CrossingMini Crossing4 napja
  • perfeito

    isoilles silvaisoilles silva4 napja
  • 1:09 spider doing its thing over my head when trying to sleep

    WW4 napja
  • Hey Mr Sugar Mountain Lady Gaga needs Phone. You got one for her?

    Peter JongsmaPeter Jongsma4 napja
  • I honestly don’t know why I missed this show when this SB was on......which game was this? Lol

    Felicia DuffinFelicia Duffin4 napja
  • Lo q me ha emocionao, la amo

    valeria garciavaleria garcia4 napja
  • Come back..flawless

    Crystal MorelandCrystal Moreland4 napja
  • Lady Gaga’s songs= ICONIC, AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL Lady Gaga’s performances= BOMB, FIRE 🔥 Lady Gaga= intelligent, kind, beautiful, inspiring, lovely ☺️

    Grace NanceGrace Nance4 napja
  • Its been a year when lady gaga did bad romance 2009-2017

    Leila CalayagLeila Calayag4 napja
  • I really thought she killer herself 😂

    ChuckChuck4 napja
  • Seriously, someone dares to say that this is better than Katy Perry's

  • REPLAY ,REPLAY...(4 years later))....REPLAY REPLAY

    ms darcyms darcy4 napja
  • _hi_

    Jeric FolienteJeric Foliente4 napja
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    Huynh Huu KhangHuynh Huu Khang4 napja
  • This was exactly 5 years ago🥺

    SpotlightSpotlight5 napja
  • Really I love it!! Love you Lady gaga!! 👏🏼🤩😍❤️✨

    Lou LaraLou Lara5 napja
  • Just realized the audience is dancing too like synchronized

    Jade BeaJade Bea5 napja
  • As time goes by, I appreciate this halftime show more than ever. She is indeed iconic. What a talented woman

  • Oh No You Didn't!!! Yes, you did! Killed it!

    Amy SlaterAmy Slater5 napja
  • La segunda canción que canto lady Gaga fue la más hermosa se escucho espectacular

    Space X StarkSpace X Stark5 napja
  • you're Lebanese , You're orient

    MaryMary5 napja
  • ♥️

    miriã borgesmiriã borges5 napja
  • 1:11 the spider in my room when I'm not looking

    giskigiski6 napja
  • I just realized that the reason people went wild when she sang "I wanna hold 'em like they do in Texas please" is because she's literally in Houston, Texas LMAO

    Jerwin DapitanJerwin Dapitan6 napja
  • Amo a lady

    Jefson LoboJefson Lobo6 napja
  • Wow voice amazing and good performanced💖🌹🌹🌹🌹🖐🖐🖐🖐🖐👌👌👌👋👋👋👋👋👋👋👋

    Luzviminda Dela CruzLuzviminda Dela Cruz6 napja
  • I will watch this untill I die

    Michelle LawlessMichelle Lawless6 napja
  • At the end AhhHhHHhHhHhHhHH the super bowl is on fire hdhfgdhfjcjdj FY gfhfh Meanwhile it is just fireworks

    Destroyed GagaDestroyed Gaga6 napja
  • OMG! I never saw that show! Fantastic!

    Roy BiankaRoy Bianka6 napja
  • Le Christ est ressuscité. Vraiment ressuscité

    Vasil KOKORAVasil KOKORA6 napja
  • Remember when this ICONIC SHOW happened and then the next day the whole internet was calling Gaga fat and picking apart her body? like bitch where? She looked AMAZING 🔥 and preformed AMAZING. She is a living legend, our grandkids will be talking about her and she'll forever be one of the most iconic, original, rule breaking ARTIST. OF 👏 ALL 👏 TIME 👏

    Shelby McPhearsonShelby McPhearson6 napja
    • @Lu~! ikr!! She looks healthy, that's all that matters to me

      Gabriel RodriguesGabriel RodriguesNapja
    • She have a little bit of fat but that's normal. I would be more worried if she didn't have any.

      Lu~!Lu~!3 napja
    • I was like : people who are complaining are probably over weight fat and ugly eating French fries 🍟 and chicken wings drinking beer in their couch 🛋 judging a performer who did a whole 13min of cardio nonstop while singing and remember every moves and every words 🤯🤯

      MathieuMathieu4 napja
  • Imagine putting Lady Gaga and Beyonce together on the halftime. I will go crazy for sure.

    Louver PerezLouver Perez6 napja
  • My anxiety when she always jump hastily

    Wai MagnayeWai Magnaye6 napja
  • Muhteşem bir kadın gerçekten.

    Nermin BoraNermin Bora6 napja
  • There is a BIG controversy with gay, transgender, people etc. but lady Gaga makes them feel equal and loved

    Grace NanceGrace Nance6 napja
  • Lady Gaga is a TRUE star 🌟

    Grace NanceGrace Nance6 napja
  • 🅰️🅰️🅰️

    GRæ XGRæ X7 napja

    Luis Eduardo Diaz MartinezLuis Eduardo Diaz Martinez7 napja
  • Lady Gaga is so elite

    Lixsy MejiaLixsy Mejia7 napja
  • 8:39 my fav part 😭

    AumpkinMeAumpkinMe7 napja
  • I'd kill to be a dancing mic stand for the queen

    Pugette PugsPugette Pugs7 napja
  • 💗💓💕💞💘💖

    Fee MarçalFee Marçal7 napja
  • Pepsi, zero sugar. Then Lady Gaga is so sweet- it's tricky advertising, yessir

    Andy HarrisonAndy Harrison7 napja
  • fuck corona, i want that back

    TexusTexus7 napja
  • She is an icon, she is a legend.

    LeonLeon7 napja
  • Queen

    LeonLeon7 napja
  • 와~우 카리스마!!!!!!

    김진이김진이7 napja