King Von - Wayne's Story (Official Video)

2020.dec. 8.
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From the album "Welcome to O'Block". Out now!
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    Onur Y.Onur Y.41 perce
  • this so sad Von was really a voice for the streets🥺😭😭🐐🐐

    ahmed bullockahmed bullock54 perccel
  • Long Live king von 💔

  • K 🖤 🕊🕊

  • 1:54 u can see dude tears fallin down

    Spencer FisherSpencer FisherÓrája
  • Forever Von🥺

    It’s MorenaaaIt’s MorenaaaÓrája
  • 😢😢😢

    punkorn punlumpunkorn punlumÓrája
  • Hi

    Charles PoliteCharles PoliteÓrája
  • When von say "...Now its war outside "... gives me chills

    《Thee Sweet Science》《Thee Sweet Science》2 órája
  • This Man was on his way to becoming a Multi Millionaire Rap legend. My condolences to his Family. May Jesus Christ blessed his son.

    Antonio FelicianoAntonio Feliciano2 órája
  • slide

    pro Streetglopro Streetglo2 órája
  • King von can’t rap

    Gaming with jayGaming with jay2 órája
    • Okay jay

      life of Vadimlife of Vadim51 perce
  • Did he live to make the second partv

    KvngDonnell YTKvngDonnell YT2 órája
  • he slide i slide we slide

    CallMeRawwCallMeRaww2 órája
  • 0:27 this man is not 14

    averyyaveryy3 órája
  • I just subscribe his channel today thinking I don’t wana lose this legend early so imma just follow him but guess what ? I saw down in the comment people posting RIP and I was like fuck man ..

    Hoodaddic NipHoodaddic Nip3 órája
  • Rip king von on god

    Javion BryanJavion Bryan3 órája
  • I was listening to This song and my uncle Wayne von made a song about me

    Jaqualin HowellJaqualin Howell3 órája
  • ilove king von

    Michael LaneMichael Lane3 órája
  • I’m going miss king Von

    Tara TuckerTara Tucker4 órája
  • This about king Von life

    Tara TuckerTara Tucker4 órája
  • RIP to the best storyteller of all time

    thedude dudethedude dude4 órája
  • king von R.I.P hold on to your wings long live the king .

    Viper_ YTViper_ YT4 órája
  • best drill rapper i the world

  • This song has diffrent meaning beceuse he got shot RIP chyraq legend

    | K A R M A || K A R M A |6 órája

    Jesse's ShowJesse's Show7 órája
  • The best story I heared in my life '' RIP LEGEND ''

    Abdelaziz KafiAbdelaziz Kafi7 órája
  • Love you.

    Kristine PittmanKristine Pittman7 órája
  • Crazy story 3

    Landon JacksonLandon Jackson8 órája
  • 💯💔

    Drxp.3kDrxp.3k9 órája
  • Von if you are watching over your comments and wondering how you died durk backdoor you sorry bro but the best quote says trust opps before blood yo opps stay the same they always go hate you but yo blood would change on you for anything money drugs anything yo opps go hate you everyday

  • Who is Wayne

    KN々P E D R O ࿐KN々P E D R O ࿐10 órája
    • A drug dealer

      Mx ClusiveMx Clusive3 órája
  • Where's Pt. 2 ? Jk I ain't that dumb. R.I.P. Von Your music will be heard always.

    Derrick KudlaDerrick Kudla10 órája
  • Real Music made by real ones is rare and we losing the real ones left and right. RIP KING VON.

    lmao oamllmao oaml11 órája
  • he will live forever in my playlist

    VikramVikram13 órája
  • Damn ima miss these story’s some fucking bullshit...

    Lol apsoleLol apsole15 órája
  • RIP Von 🙏🏼

    Chris 2thaChris 2tha16 órája

    PrettyPinkCuddlyPrettyPinkCuddly16 órája
  • Best story teller ever 💙

    Dope KidDope Kid16 órája
  • Who got next 👀? who is the next Deadpool candidate of Young Black Talent to Die over B.S. Place your Bets!

    Jazari StarlightJazari Starlight17 órája
  • story telling legend.

    BMO CaponeBMO Capone17 órája
  • White white

    Chims ChigChims Chig17 órája
  • Rip

    Shauntae DennisShauntae Dennis18 órája
  • LLKV

    Tonya HackmanTonya Hackman19 órája
  • danm they shot him o hell no

    Shyneese Koutur'eShyneese Koutur'e19 órája
  • Rip king von long von hope to see u one day my friend

    Daniel Vega-PerezDaniel Vega-Perez20 órája
  • OTF

    KeVaughn JonesKeVaughn Jones20 órája
  • RIP king von 😥😥😭😭

    DarrenGaming1 YTDarrenGaming1 YT20 órája
  • keep these views goin

    Clarence WagnerClarence Wagner20 órája
  • 😢😭🤴🏽Knig von 🙏🏾

    Kj KjKj Kj21 órája
  • He talking about tooka tooka caught his first body at 14

    Sherrod LeeSherrod Lee23 órája
    • @Wavy Elijah mmm you think so

      Sherrod LeeSherrod Lee13 órája
    • He’s talking about wooski...

      Wavy ElijahWavy Elijah13 órája
  • Banger (DJ on the beat so it's a banger) My young nigga, fourteen (fourteen) He ridin' round with the pole on 'em (uh-huh) See, shorty 'bout that life (yeah) Ain't nan nigga finna go on 'em (nah, nah) We was on the block shootin' dice When some grown niggas just stole on 'em (damn) He hopped up with that pole on 'em He ain't say nothin', he just blowed on (boom, boom, boom) See, shorty 'bout that life (uh-huh) It was five witnesses, local citizens (damn, damn) And shorty ain't think twice (nah) He just up and did the shit like he ain't give a shit Bullets hit his top, open ligament (boom, boom) One to the head, shorty finished him (boom, boom) The whole city know shorty killin' shit (damn) He ain't go to jail, yeah, shorty lit (damn) Five years later, shorty still the truth (huh?) He think that he famous, he be on the news He don't give a damn, he be skippin' school (nah) Breakin' all the rules, givin' niggas blues School or the streets, shorty gotta choose (huh?) He picked the wrong one, shorty finna lose (damn) He don't even hustle, shorty ass a fool And he ain't got no money, shorty shoulda hooped Fuck that, ski mask, quick way Give a fuck what you think, nigga, gotta get the rent paid (gotta the rent paid) Can't get a job, got more bodies than Tay-K (bodies than Tay-K) You was in the safe way, we was in the gang way (gang way) He got the drop, found out where Lil Wayne stay Lil Wayne been havin' bowls for a decade Lil Wayne, he ain't play, he a headache (goddamn) But shorty ain't care, he was ready (what?) Now shorty creeped up to the back door (huh?) And there's cameras all around this nigga crib I don't know why shorty did that for (why he do that?) Lil Wayne saw him come out through the threshold (what?) Couldn't believe, lil' shorty was that bold (what?) Lil Wayne tried shot, shorty let go (boom, boom) Lil Wayne ear bleedin', it was close Few more shots, he looked up, shorty got ghost Now it's war outside (yeah) Get your ass inside (inside) If you ain't tryna ride (tryna ride) Boy, you ain't tryna die (tryna die) They do a homicide (homicide) You better pick yo' side (pick yo' side) Better stay inside (stay inside) Or nigga you gon' die (damn, damn) Wayne mad, this shit gettin' old (huh?) He hot, this beef gettin' cold He gettin' tired shootin' up the nigga home He ain't never there, lil' nigga always gone Every call he get, he thirsty (he thirsty) He saw his cousin and murked him (he murked him) Broad day, driveway, at church (at church) His auntie son, had hurt him (boom, boom) Now shorty cryin', at the funeral, suit and a tie Looked auntie straight in her eyes "Whoever did this shit, gon' die Whoever did this, mama, gon' cry He slide, I slide, we slide Ain't stoppin' 'til one of us die Ain't stoppin' 'til one of us die" (boom) Now it's war outside (yeah) Get your ass inside (inside) If you ain't tryna ride (tryna ride) Boy, you ain't tryna die (tryna die) They do a homicide (homicide) You better pick yo' side (pick yo' side) Better stay inside (stay inside) Or nigga you gon' die

    4k trey4k trey23 órája
  • I miss king von

    coolkidmaciencoolkidmacien23 órája
  • I miss king vo no

    coolkidmaciencoolkidmacien23 órája
  • I like Von's adlib's

    Jose Cruz FloresJose Cruz FloresNapja
  • Lyrics clear asf, talented gifted, original artists are being slaughtered.

  • first time he did not say “VON” in is music we miss you🥺🥺😭

  • He was the best storyteller Rapper

    Jeremiah MarcJeremiah MarcNapja
  • Am I the only one whos reminde of young pappy - shorty wit da 40 from this?

  • Like dis if your a fan or king von (rip king von)

  • I love vons' stories in all his tracks He was so fucking talented

    OJrichard OJrichardOJrichard OJrichardNapja
  • LLkv

    richard reidrichard reidNapja
  • Durk said that this was favorite song by his twin #LLKV

    Perkins AhmareePerkins AhmareeNapja
  • 💙

  • I'm watching like it's a movie

    Choose WiselyChoose WiselyNapja
  • '' To be continued ''... damn now he aint even see it coming

    Samaria KnightSamaria KnightNapja
  • Who ever did this shit gon die who did this mama gon cry we slide I slide

    Aidan YeagerAidan YeagerNapja
  • Rest up Big Von 🙏🏾😇

    4k Ultra View4k Ultra ViewNapja
  • R.I.P. king 👑 von

    King KrisKing KrisNapja
  • Dam I wanted to see part 2. O well.

    steven sherriersteven sherrierNapja
  • V

    Sonia jaquelin Blandón merloSonia jaquelin Blandón merloNapja
  • who is here after BTS?

    Chris SanchezChris SanchezNapja
  • Why this shyt got so many dislikes 🤔

    Dell DysonDell DysonNapja
  • good life king von RIP LOVE.

    Carleeta ColemanCarleeta ColemanNapja
  • 0:13 Anyone else see the dude who finna get shot head move and look at the camera

    James HarrisJames HarrisNapja
  • I just realized He was bringing back storytelling to hiphop. Loke 80s and 90s.

    MR. LEE 100MR. LEE 100Napja
  • King

  • Lit timmy killed king von i hate him lit timmy is do dead when he get out of jail and NDA young boy is in the death of king von

    Gaming_with_ KMGaming_with_ KMNapja
  • He is not die he alive how because is bless him

    Julien VumiliyaJulien VumiliyaNapja
  • Me watching this in 2021

    Yourmum cruzYourmum cruzNapja
  • there is something in his music that i love

    Lemar HarriotteLemar HarriotteNapja
  • Long live von

    Space OverSpace OverNapja
  • 0:53 fire

    K2 KartelK2 KartelNapja
  • Alive he a legend dead he a legend rip von 🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊

    Ag gAg gNapja
  • Rip Von but quick question who y’all think more savage Von or tay k?🤔

    Reggie HarrisReggie HarrisNapja
  • why is this video so wide lol

    Jin LeeJin LeeNapja
  • Why this dude rapping like Ace Hood

  • If he was still was alive after he would make pt4 and pt5 of crazy story

    Axton WhaleAxton WhaleNapja
  • We miss u gang 😞❤️😢🕊

    Shirley TaylorShirley TaylorNapja
  • Rip💫

    Dexter MyrieDexter MyrieNapja
  • Maaf ya allah hamba liat ini.

    Kristine PittmanKristine PittmanNapja
  • Yea we lost some great... Painted a visual of our life with no glorifying

    King FelixKing FelixNapja
  • My young nigka 14

    Tana 2xTana 2xNapja
  • You never gone until you are forgotten 💯 cheer up

    Olie RamirezOlie RamirezNapja
  • Rip king 👑

    Brandon PattersonBrandon PattersonNapja
  • If your whatchimg this right after he died your not go 👀

    Zahyyir HunterZahyyir HunterNapja
  • Dbz sounds is 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    monday fundaymonday fundayNapja
  • King con didn’t die at all he made it to 2021 in our hart we can still see him and pray to him

    Iyannah ForemanIyannah ForemanNapja
  • I love hin🥰

    Stephanie LeeStephanie LeeNapja
  • long live von

    K'harri TurnerK'harri TurnerNapja