Khabib Nurmagomedov Announces Retirement | UFC 254

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After defeating Justin Gaethje and improving to 29-0 at UFC 254, Khabib Nurmagomedov announced the performance would be the last time he fought in the Octagon. The lightweight champion won 13 contests while with the UFC.
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  • Conor mc Gregor made 11k HUworld account just to press the dislike button 11k times

    michael grebyonkinmichael grebyonkin2 órája
  • A reason none of his fights ever make it in to top fight lists hes soooo boring to watch. Super happy hes retired.

    Tyler BrowneTyler Browne6 órája
  • Khabib one ufc president champion

    Taaka CaliTaaka Cali12 órája
  • I really love you dear khabib you are one of the greatest unbeatable UFC championship 😊😁💐💐✊👍

    Manish BasumataryManish Basumatary19 órája
  • My Sacrifice by Creed goes good with this. He retired for his dad and his mother. He sacrificed what he loved to do for his loved ones. That's what real men do. Sacrifice for their family. I hope this guy has a great life. And I hope he has a son or daughter who will dominate the UFC like him.

    Michael BennettMichael Bennett20 órája
  • Salute to the Legend and the MMA's GOAT

    Beast ModeBeast Mode21 órája
  • Well deserved

    tofu dostofu dos21 órája

    Colton DavisColton Davis22 órája
  • Masha Allah Allah bless you khabib bro❤️

    shahi siddiquishahi siddiquiNapja

  • GOAT

    Fauzan MuhammadFauzan MuhammadNapja
  • The only time i seen him sound gassed out is after crying

    riya ariya aNapja
  • We're so proud for you from all muslims lots of love and Allah always with you and God bless you bro

  • GGS my brother GGS

  • Jesus Christ has blessed Khabib with greatness! There only one GOD our savior Lord Jesus Christ and it shines within Khabib !!

    ReviewsLane ReviewsReviewsLane ReviewsNapja
    • @F. Cherkaoui He thinks he is muslim however the body and bloody of christ runs through his veins

      ReviewsLane ReviewsReviewsLane Reviews7 órája
    • He's clearly muslim.

      F. CherkaouiF. Cherkaoui13 órája
    • The one who according to jesus called father according to great and is God

      Waheed RehmanWaheed RehmanNapja

    plox boxplox boxNapja
  • Is Khabib the Imam mahdi we are waiting for? The prophet sallallahu ailahi wa sallam said:his name wil be like my name and his father's name will be like my father's name?

    Mr Green 99Mr Green 99Napja
    • @فهد الشهري i love jokes but not this one brother...

      Mr Green 99Mr Green 99Napja
    • Tell me ur joking .....

      فهد الشهريفهد الشهريNapja
  • Allah o Akbar I Love ❤️ khabib

    Ishtiaq BukhariIshtiaq BukhariNapja
  • There is no such things as "friendship" and "family" according to the big companies. It's all about making money.

    Office ManagerOffice ManagerNapja
  • Incredibly disciplined character .. a man who values his parents! Also khabibs entrance song gives me chills! I used it for my last fight entrance too 💪🏽

    Orphan MuscleOrphan MuscleNapja
  • mashallaAllah. Tengkyu khabib. You are beautiful moon. Tengkyu justin.. you are a champ und a good man. Khabib Malaysia love you. oya dana white... fakkkuff

    sharifah hawasharifah hawaNapja
  • Khabib ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👍😍

    Brawl stars Bro kingBrawl stars Bro kingNapja
  • khabib's last message, "Appreciate your parents while you can". Like if u agree

    Nuh RemyNuh RemyNapja
  • It's was my Father my Father dream what else

  • 💗💗💗

    Renz Efren DomingoRenz Efren Domingo2 napja
  • the undefeated on UFC undisputed khabib you are my idol on UFC...

    Renz Efren DomingoRenz Efren Domingo2 napja
  • Khabib is best 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    shaikh shakershaikh shaker2 napja
  • For the sake of this video being about Khabib I decided to share a top 10 list I once made for absolutely no reason because I was bored in quarantine. Top 10 greatest Russian combatsports athletes of all time 10. Artur Beterbiyev. This Russian boxer is the light-heavyweight champion and currently holds the IBF, WBC and linear titels. He is 15-0-0 and all of his fights have been finishes by KO. 9. Alexandr Povetkin This Russian boxer fights at the heavyweight division and is a former WBA titel holder. He has won the gold medal in the olympics in 2004. His record is 34-2-0 and he has 24 KO's. 8. Makharbek Khadartsev He is a Russian wrestler who won Olympic gold medals and won the freestyle wrestling championship five times. 7. Dmitry Bivol He is currently undefeated. He holds the WBA light-heavyweight title and he has a record of 15-0-0 with 11 knockouts and an amateur record of 268-15. 6. Nikolai Valuev This 7 ft monster fought from 1993-2007. He has 2 WBA world heavyweight titles and a professional record of 53-2-1. He weighs in at a whopping 328 pounds making him a force to be reckoned with. 5. Kostya Tszyu This boxer is the first 140 pound boxer to unify 3 titles. He won the undisputed and lineal titles at light-welterweight and held multiple worldchampionships. This record is even more impressive when we add his europian championships and gold medals. 4. Ivan Yarygin This is one of the best wrestlers of all time. He went undefeated for 10 years except for his europian championships from 1970 and 1974 where he became second. He was a five time world cup winner. And he has a total of 12 gold medals and 2 of them being from olympic games. Also 4. Ivan Poddubny He is a wrestling legend who wrestled centuries ago. He only lost twice in 40 years and in my opinion the second best Greco Roman wrestler of all time. He was a 6 time consecutive Greco roman wrestling champion and the first to do so. 3. Fedor "the last emperor" Emelianenko. We all know this beast. He probably has one of the best chins in MMA history. And wins over many UFC champions and the scary Mirko Cro cop. He went undefeated for 27 fights. 2. Khabib Nurmagomedov This scary guy who is probably the GOAT of the UFC has a clean record of 28-0 and never lost a round and beat 2 interim champions and 2 champions. 1. Alexandr Karelin. This Greco-Roman wrestler was a god among men. as he went undefeated for 13 years and 6 years without having a point scored against him he dominated the superheavyweight division. He is the most feared man who ever wrestled. He has a freakish record of 887-2-0. He won 29 gold medals and 3 Olympic gold medals. Despite breaking 2 ribs in his first bout he continued to fight and won the european championship.

    I BackI Back2 napja
  • 5:19 is where he talked about DC

    ImmadImmad2 napja
  • 30-0🔥🔥🔥🦅🦅🦅♥️

    АСААСА2 napja
  • ХАБИБ ЛУЧШИЙ 🔥🦅🔥♥️

    АСААСА2 napja

    АСААСА2 napja
  • 30-0🔥🔥🔥🔥🦅♥️

    АСААСА2 napja
  • ХАБИБ ЛУЧШИЙ 🔥🦅🔥♥️

    АСААСА2 napja

    АСААСА2 napja
  • GOAT

    Sheikh WaleedSheikh Waleed2 napja
  • GOAT

    Zubair QadriZubair Qadri2 napja
  • Goat

    sheikh warissheikh waris2 napja
  • GOATl

    Mohammed WarisMohammed Waris2 napja
  • 🐐🦅🦅👑👑👑

    Sheikh WaleedSheikh Waleed2 napja
  • Off course he is retiring 🤣 not only does Conor live in khabib's head khabib is now copying conor with his fake retirement crap.....THIS IS #1BULLSHIT

    dave ufcdave ufc2 napja
  • Legend

    Muhammad SaimMuhammad Saim2 napja
  • ....

    Muhammad SaimMuhammad Saim2 napja
  • who would have thought, the greatest fighter and most badass in UFC, is the most humble and most down to earth person

    Jules firdadJules firdad2 napja
  • 29-0 Khabib our Muslim brother 🖤

    Iftekhar RakibIftekhar Rakib2 napja
  • danish vs umair

    pakistanionlinegamerpakistanionlinegamer2 napja
    • lol

      pakistanionlinegamerpakistanionlinegamer2 napja
  • Alhamdulillah

    Green chili SPICY গ্রিন চিলি স্পাইছিGreen chili SPICY গ্রিন চিলি স্পাইছি2 napja
  • Proud of you a lot ❤️❤️❤️ .

    Adil RajaAdil Raja3 napja
  • Watching this fight live was an phenomenal!

    Dicky SetiawanDicky Setiawan3 napja
  • so glad that I watched this fight live!

    Dicky SetiawanDicky Setiawan3 napja
  • ASSALAMUALAIKUM Alhamdulillah ALLAH AKBAR From Indonesia

    Miana WolioMiana Wolio3 napja
  • So sorry for your lost i lost my father olso brother 🙏.

    Miguel GonzalezMiguel Gonzalez3 napja
  • Is there anyone who is planning to write a book on Khabib anytime soon, if yes, I am waiting.

    Mohammed ShaibazMohammed Shaibaz3 napja
  • The only fighter in the history of the sport, who's in the GOAT conversation without even having to reach his full potential. All we saw, is that how much BETTER he was then the rest. As Chael said, we never got to know how good HE, is.

    Boxing StarBoxing Star3 napja
  • 🦅

    Wajeed Ahamed KhanWajeed Ahamed Khan3 napja
  • This is real muslim u can see a live example of this champion ❤️

    Aleeza AkramAleeza Akram3 napja
  • My Muslim brother

    Danis SaithDanis Saith3 napja
  • Legend goat unstoppable

    Danis SaithDanis Saith3 napja
  • One of the greatest fighter of all time who inspired millions around the world.....

  • Khabib is the best

  • What a legend

    darsh shahdarsh shah3 napja
  • He was a boring fighter!

    andrew dutchersonandrew dutcherson3 napja
    • as expected from casual

      Sharadou SketchbookSharadou Sketchbook2 napja
    • Yet 20 million people watched him fight

      Antonio DiazAntonio Diaz3 napja
  • Khabib you are goat man absolutely goat

    Most beutifulk video in the worldMost beutifulk video in the world4 napja
  • I guess we got khabib vs tony in another life

    Andy ReanAndy Rean4 napja
  • Khabib 47 vs 0 USADA Jon jones 0 vs 3 USADA See the different between real goat and cheater trash?

    Di KaDi Ka4 napja
  • ALLAHU EKBER ☀️⚡🌁🌏👪☝️ KHABİB ✊🔥

  • 22 million views?? Where is john boney johns?

    hadi rostamhadi rostam4 napja
  • Plz can he have his rematch with the bear I think the bear deserves it.

    Abbas AliAbbas Ali4 napja
  • So sad

    Gopigopi GopigopiGopigopi Gopigopi4 napja
  • tep

    Suiliv 7Suiliv 74 napja
  • One of the best fighters of all time.

    PaoFootballClubPaoFootballClub4 napja
  • ..First thing I want to say is Alhmdellah ... ❤️

    maka velimaka veli4 napja
  • i don't like UFC when i see KHABIB i like UFC WELL DONE & WELL END...........

    mohamed jesranmohamed jesran5 napja
  • i fing cried

    Daniel SchirrmeisterDaniel Schirrmeister5 napja
  • Khabib Nurmagomedov fans like there

    Suja K.SSuja K.S5 napja
  • 😭😭😭😭😭cant belive it

    R10TR10T5 napja
  • ALLAH is with you no one can beat you. A true Muslim can change the world in peace world....

    Ahtisham Ul HaqAhtisham Ul Haq5 napja
  • Love you khabib, you make me cry now

    AldyAldy5 napja

    #Highlighted comment#Highlighted comment5 napja
    • you can play that in your head everyday brother... no problem lmao

      Sharadou SketchbookSharadou Sketchbook2 napja
  • Love from my heart

    Stephanie HoosierStephanie Hoosier5 napja

    CJCJ5 napja
  • Many people say Khabib and DC lie about Khabib dont wanted to Smash Justin in Front of His Patents. I mean Khabib was two Times on top. Why He move on His Back for a sumbission? Why He Not GAP Justin?

    Daryl Dixon Rick GrimesDaryl Dixon Rick Grimes5 napja
  • 💪🤲

  • Tony ferguson the type of guy to make 11k accounts to dislike Khabib's retirment video.

    AntiSune SpeedrunerAntiSune Speedruner5 napja
  • 20 million views well deserved and more 👌💯🌟

    Jamal KlosterJamal Kloster6 napja
  • islam have spoiled the image of muslims.

    Bandit bondBandit bond6 napja
    • Stupid

      NOOR. 7NOOR. 73 napja
  • May you enjoy your retirement with happiness and with your family champ.

    o8thna Spliffo8thna Spliff6 napja
  • Legend.

    Aasish GiriAasish Giri6 napja
  • Why views stuck on 20 millions from 20 days i think the vedio has easily reach almost 40 million views till today

    Shaikh ArfatShaikh Arfat6 napja
  • fight conor moscow

    123 44123 446 napja
  • @5:19 *"DC, I love you brother."*

    Bolshoi BoozeBolshoi Booze6 napja
  • We will miss you dear Khabib❤️

    Aabid ChoudharyAabid Choudhary6 napja
  • fixed match totally it is a drama

    usman khanusman khan6 napja
  • ++++++

    interesting vidiosinteresting vidios6 napja
  • come on UFC, we want official highlight on khabib vs gaethje from you... why still not upload here?

    YoloPESYoloPES6 napja
  • Did anyone notice the disrespect on the caption every time he says alhamdulilah the caption says "music" like what !!!!

    Imran BouaroudjImran Bouaroudj6 napja
    • @MKI its not disrespectful at all, tell me what i said that was insulting?

      Jordan BelfortJordan Belfort3 napja
    • @Jordan Belfort why are you being disrespectful then?? you one of those who think insulting and belittling others is also your "freedom of speech"?

      MKIMKI3 napja
    • Its not disrespect ffs🤦‍♂️ was you crying when people were making cartoons of mohammed in france?

      Jordan BelfortJordan Belfort3 napja
    • It’s auto generated.... only understands clear english and nothing else.

      MKIMKI5 napja
  • I wish you all the best and may mom be proud of you for many many years!

    Myrat DurdyyevMyrat Durdyyev6 napja
  • I mean if UFC have their next event done in Russia Khabib has to come back. That would be epic.

    Ray UpretiRay Upreti6 napja
  • Not the goat but pretty damn good.

    Rusdu YildizRusdu Yildiz7 napja
  • Good 🌷