Kelly Clarkson | Billboard Music Awards Opening Medley Performance!

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she slayed this too!!

  • Legend has it the bald eagle used to have feathers on its head, before they were snatched by Kelly Clarkson.

    Shortbread GirlScoutShortbread GirlScout2 évvel
    • 2 years later and your comment is still making people laugh 😁😁

      Rosie RedRosie Red4 hónapja
    • Best comment EVER! 2020 stay well

      Lisa ZabriskieLisa Zabriskie4 hónapja
    • Hi! I’ve written a song called Magic! It would be amazing if you could give it a listen

      India FalconerIndia Falconer4 hónapja
    • Yes

      Matthew SalinasMatthew Salinas6 hónapja
    • never seen a more true comment

      Farrel AkhtarFarrel Akhtar7 hónapja
  • I smile in the whole video

    Volleyball LegendsVolleyball Legends10 órája
  • BTS is overrated….so rude of those hideous fans to scream during Kelly’s performance….ugh

    Ronnie BryantRonnie Bryant11 órája
  • Aretha’s predictions of Kelly literally came true. Said she would definitely be a very successful pop singer and that she had a very likable personality and she absolutely does. She’s so humble and genuine

    Joshua AlexanderJoshua Alexander20 órája
  • Kelly's belt at the word "broke" is so expensive

    Tuấn Trần Quốc AnhTuấn Trần Quốc Anh20 órája
  • I am here once again. ❤

    Kenneth Dagalea-SwiftKenneth Dagalea-Swift22 órája
  • Nah cuz the screams at 2:04 when bts were flashed on the screen😌👌🏻

    I'm the banana Jin's eatingI'm the banana Jin's eatingNapja
  • LMAO what

    Leandro LopezLeandro LopezNapja
  • If everyone is like Khalid artists wld feel like Gods in this world 😁

    Jenipher OdongoJenipher Odongo2 napja
  • Ryan Hurd!

    Armane Aluna CatipayArmane Aluna Catipay2 napja
  • You know when kygo is satisfied they did a good job

    Liam NobleLiam Noble3 napja
  • How can she sing everything so perfectly ?! She is sooo talented!!

    Chris-Tina VChris-Tina V4 napja
  • Taylor is was me when the sassy song playing

    Ikhsan SidiqIkhsan Sidiq4 napja
  • Não me canso desta performance *-*

    Deborah GuedesDeborah Guedes6 napja
  • Bravo, bravo! #thebipolartruth

    TheBipolarTruthTheBipolarTruth7 napja
  • HEY beautiful wow ur an awesome singer love you sweetheart

    Henry PitreHenry Pitre7 napja
  • HEY beautiful sexy Kelly love you sweetheart 🥰🥰

    Henry PitreHenry Pitre7 napja
  • Shawn literally beside on taylor and camila lol

    Rendita NabelaRendita Nabela10 napja
  • Khalid was living his best life

    Maco TV!Maco TV!10 napja
  • Give this girl the super bowl show

    azimmer3azimmer310 napja
  • Kelly Clarkson is in a class all by herself.

    zinsengzinseng11 napja
  • Shawn Mendes is just a grinning fool.

    Bryan KundrathBryan Kundrath12 napja
  • i love the wrap

    Life Is CoolLife Is Cool12 napja
  • 2:48 taylor is so cute🥺

    無さ破魔無さ破魔13 napja
  • That gymnast at the back tho. That was pretty high!

    MerlinMerlin13 napja
  • 2:45

    Hwang In-yeopHwang In-yeop13 napja
  • EYYY

    Fictious SilverFictious Silver13 napja
  • There is nothing that this woman can’t do!! Love and respect the hell out of her!!!

    Rahnuma IslamRahnuma Islam13 napja
  • I wasnt ready for that. Let me get my headphones

    Frank NubuorFrank Nubuor14 napja
  • she totally slayed it. I think Kelly clarkson and Sara Bareilles are the two most talented ladies out there. ;)

    Sara AdamsSara Adams14 napja
  • Maren morris was cute

    Scarlett MbabaziScarlett Mbabazi14 napja
  • Wow! What an absolute goddess!

    SuparnaSuparna14 napja
  • Can't even begin to say how many times that I have watched this. It's priceless💚🌻💚🌻

    Jan HaggardJan Haggard16 napja
  • She is so great

    ouman29ouman2916 napja
  • Proof that kelly can sing every song she wants

    arvin amararvin amar16 napja
  • 2:44 this lady is singing with full feelings😂😂😂💖💖

    AmanAman17 napja
  • I love the tight knit music community!!

    AmalAmal17 napja
  • Amazing 👏

    Nichole ParadisNichole Paradis17 napja
  • Producers: What music to do you want to perform? Options country, pop, rap, trap, R&B. Kelly Clarkson: Yes

    Celia BakerCelia Baker17 napja
  • 2:37 Look what you made me do (Taylor Swift)

    Ginovie TVGinovie TV17 napja
  • Did anybody noticed the participant of America's got talent behind when kelly was singing. The one who was flying😨😨

    Buddha ShresthaBuddha Shrestha17 napja
    • I think they're sandoutriorussianbar

      rudi setyatmajarudi setyatmaja9 napja
  • Khalid is cute😍🤗

    freedom bitchfreedom bitch19 napja
  • Kelly knows that she can sing every song with easily ❤️

    Prince WamaerPrince Wamaer19 napja
  • Kelly sang my church better than the original. No hate to Marin.

    the islanderthe islander19 napja
  • 2:04 سلام عليكم

    AYAAYA20 napja
  • The naive hubcap inversely earn because clipper ultrastructurally flash off a ten almanac. melted, elated sparrow

    Henrietta GeorgeHenrietta George20 napja
  • the tone of her voice is to die for omg

    John Terence MantillaJohn Terence Mantilla20 napja
  • she good talk show host

    Arianator GamingArianator Gaming21 napja
  • daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!

    Patricia FallisPatricia Fallis22 napja
  • The Medley was absolutely hilarious.

    Ainain RazaAinain Raza22 napja
  • Did I see George O’Malley?

    Miracle GibsonMiracle Gibson24 napja
  • this is so epic

    TING LEETING LEE25 napja
  • My son looks just like Shawn he’s 19! Can I get an amen! Lol

    Candy GCandy G25 napja
    • Does he go to gym

      AabruhAabruh23 napja
  • I'm so proud she from fucking TEXAS lol. This woman has so much fucking soul in her voice. DAMN!

    Giselle HernandezGiselle Hernandez26 napja
  • why is katherine jackson there...

    emma nunuemma nunu26 napja
  • When i saw BTS: im in love with the shape of you

    Senicia_ FlSenicia_ Fl27 napja
  • One of her best performances of all time

    Cody BlackfordCody Blackford28 napja
  • Too much power in this video. Mrs Clarkson amazing always. Khakis who’s enjoying his life. Shawn Mendes who’s with Michael Jackson’s mother. Too much things for me.

    ManastatiManastati28 napja
  • Who thats one dummy just kinda staring like ugh she singing my song .lol

    MikeyMikey28 napja
  • She’s fantastic

    Marcus CarringtonMarcus Carrington29 napja
  • 1:21 PLS

    Lonely PotatoLonely Potato29 napja
  • WOW She is so amazing!! Queen 👑

    Juliette PierreJuliette Pierre29 napja
  • I guess this is her concert.. wow such a versatile singer...

    Nick nickNick nick29 napja
  • 봐도봐도 소름끼친다 역시 클래쓰는 영원하네 켈리 클락슨은 신이다 신🙌

    z zz z29 napja
  • best performance ever!

  • Why hasn’t this woman performed at the Super Bowl yet??!!!

    Isaac KennethIsaac KennethHónapja
    • She did say she is a vocalist. Performers at the Super Bowl always do the other stuff- dancing, running all over the places and such.

      Theresa UrsalTheresa Ursal28 napja
  • Want song is at 1:29

    Stan RawStan RawHónapja
    • Young dumb and broke- Khalid

      Melissa GreenlandMelissa GreenlandHónapja
  • She is amazing

    Murphy PineMurphy PineHónapja
  • It's such a great honor to have Kelly covering their songs! She can handle any genre, even rap!

    Sherman ChangSherman ChangHónapja
  • 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

    Thikun PuthThikun PuthHónapja
  • Perfect awesome

    Thanh Duy TrầnThanh Duy TrầnHónapja
  • Kelly C 😎 finesse

    Baby ChiBaby ChiHónapja
  • Omg I think almost every singer was there 😍 even BTS 😍❤ and she was amazing!!!!

    Rama RizkRama RizkHónapja
  • 2:28 - Katherine Jackson, the Mother of Michael Jackson, seated next to Shawn Mendes and Taylor Swift. FUCKING ICONIC!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😭😭

  • March 16th 2020 I think I liked it then March 5th 2021 love it even more now ps Taylors reaction was so cute

  • Kelly just out did the artists who originally sang the songs.

    No NameNo NameHónapja
  • Taylor Swift HAHHAHAHHA

    Jasper PadernillaJasper PadernillaHónapja
  • The horrifying thing Is the Quality 💀 Edit: can Kelly be at church singing the beginning

    Blvckpinks シBlvckpinks シHónapja
  • i made a spotify playlist with all these songs

  • someone make a spotify playlist with all these songs

  • She is a total stud! So much talent!

    Jessie HathawayJessie HathawayHónapja
  • When you can do everything, they let you do anything.

    Fist Full Of JavaFist Full Of JavaHónapja
  • Kelly my god that was an Incredible Performance. Wow 🤩

    Barb CopelandBarb CopelandHónapja
  • The guy next to Taylor Swift did not care that he was next to Taylor Swift.

  • Taylor is fun

    32-XI.15 Vivid Maulana Adi Pratama32-XI.15 Vivid Maulana Adi PratamaHónapja
  • Please someone should help me with all the song she Sang

    Marvel IdemudiaMarvel IdemudiaHónapja
  • ☺️👍👍.

    Evelina MusicEvelina MusicHónapja
  • My girl!!! Cariad #kellyclarkson you rule #trueinspiration

    The Hair WhispererThe Hair WhispererHónapja
  • WHAT CANT SHE SING!!!??!?!???? Flawless!!!!

  • I've seen the video so many times I lost count hahaha awesome fuck

    no commentno commentHónapja
  • Taylor was serving

  • Me pressing shuffle on Spotify

    Faith RFaith RHónapja
  • Okay but Kelly just killed that and is versatile as f*

    Kirsten CasadoKirsten CasadoHónapja
  • Luv her to pieces ♥️

  • I love u kelly

    Mugi AnggaraMugi AnggaraHónapja
  • I love u kelly

    Mugi AnggaraMugi AnggaraHónapja
  • I probably end up on this video once a month lmao. A PERFORMER, a vocalist, a humble, genuine talent

    Mocha FratteMocha FratteHónapja
  • Is that Patrick Star in 1:08???

    Juvert De Los ReyesJuvert De Los ReyesHónapja
  • that's what you call entourage!🤟

    mel geemel geeHónapja
  • She is still awesome while in a lot of pain

    Erin McCarthyErin McCarthyHónapja