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  • Shouldn’t the song we are the champion s

    Mr. FloresMr. Flores33 perccel
  • well considering how terrible the original JL was, this can probably only be an improvement. But who knows, Snyder has a terrible track record.

    Joseph KJoseph K34 perccel
  • bruh how much did they cut from this movie? 🤣

    A Boltzmann BrainA Boltzmann Brain43 perccel
  • Marvel is 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩 Because DCEU is going to come back❤🤩

    • @Bruce Wayne Bruce, you are talking to Slade. You know that, right ?

      alexander soelaimanalexander soelaiman24 perccel
    • Careful now, you're gonnna piss off the MCU fans

      Bruce WayneBruce WayneÓrája
  • Why is the aspect ratio like this? Are they going to release this movie in the same aspect ratio?

    Fiaz MohammadFiaz Mohammad2 órája
    • @J r Z C o V e R s so the aspect ratio in the movie will be better,right ?

      Fiaz MohammadFiaz Mohammad15 perccel
    • it's uncropped footage actually

      J r Z C o V e R sJ r Z C o V e R sÓrája
  • I hope they get that fucking lip right

    xd domxd dom2 órája
    • There won't be CGI upper lip because that was all WB and Whedon reshoots

      J r Z C o V e R sJ r Z C o V e R sÓrája
  • is there any other way that i can wach this bc im not paying for a streaming service that im only gonna wach 1 movie on

    gacha. gamer827gacha. gamer8272 órája
  • hbo max, pls come to brazil

    Slade WilsonSlade Wilson4 órája
    • Nice, Slade. You live in Brazil, cool hideout

      alexander soelaimanalexander soelaiman4 órája
  • After rewatching the current version of this--I have to say I am very excited to see a more cohesively themed/styled version that hopefully has a less rushed ending and more development for the characters.

    Jonathan LeongJonathan Leong5 órája
    • Considering this will be longer than 4 hours, it will definitely be better than 2017 parody

      alexander soelaimanalexander soelaiman4 órája
  • Joker will be there i cant wait

    Jules SallJules Sall6 órája

  • Wanting well written stories with fully fleshed-out characters is not toxic. It’s fandom.

    Will BloomWill Bloom7 órája
  • Just saying if this works, Zack Snyder should do a Doomsday Clock-like crossover with Watchmen bring his movies together.

    John BrownJohn Brown8 órája
    • @RXTZ SleekZ because ?

      alexander soelaimanalexander soelaiman24 perccel
    • @alexander soelaiman i think watchmen shouldn't have a crossover with DC heroes

      RXTZ SleekZRXTZ SleekZÓrája
    • @RXTZ SleekZ why ? just curious

      alexander soelaimanalexander soelaiman3 órája
    • no please

      RXTZ SleekZRXTZ SleekZ3 órája
    • Well, not sure how that budget will work if you think Watchmen and Justice League crossover willl be

      alexander soelaimanalexander soelaiman4 órája
  • Why only on HBO Max tho?? Why not stream it on other platforms as well? Please tell me it will be available on HUworld at some point.

    stevechambers500stevechambers5008 órája
    • Just wait for some youTuber post it when this comes out

    • It might as well be in theaters, as well. But we don't know yet..

      U.S soldierU.S soldier7 órája
  • Can we PLEASE have HBO Max in latin america? I'd hate seing this master piece on Netflix.

    Claudio Carrión RojasClaudio Carrión Rojas8 órája
  • #usunited

    rajiv1118rajiv11189 órája
  • Art

    Dominic PerezDominic Perez9 órája
  • why "Justice Leageue: director's cut" instead of "Zack Snyder's Justice League" ??

    George VelisGeorge Velis9 órája
  • "He's never fought us, Not Us United." Hallelujah! #ReleaseTheSnyderCut

    Jeremy PinerJeremy Piner10 órája
  • Hallelujah!

    Jeremy PinerJeremy Piner10 órája
    • Hallelujah

      U.S soldierU.S soldier7 órája
    • Hallelujah

      Yuvraj DhaliwalYuvraj Dhaliwal9 órája
  • JUSTICE LEAGUE f'u"l'l M'o'V'i"E ----------------------- >> justiceleague-applemovies.blogspot.com Leurs états de santé respectifs les empechent de s'approcher trop pres l'un de l'autre.?

    Get MoviesGet Movies12 órája
  • So, Cyborg's father is going to be Dr. Manhattan!

    Anh ngữ Lâm ThaoAnh ngữ Lâm Thao13 órája
    • @J r Z C o V e R s we might ge to see watchmen with Justice League.

      alexander soelaimanalexander soelaiman23 perccel
    • lol not really😂. But I'm guessing he becomes a Father Box like in Young Justice. Anyway we'll have to wait and find out lol

      J r Z C o V e R sJ r Z C o V e R s3 órája
  • I was expecting the Darkseid's look as dangerous as he looks in the cartoons, not weird.

    The ShileThe Shile13 órája
    • It's Baby yet

      Yuvraj DhaliwalYuvraj Dhaliwal9 órája
    • Have you seen the darkseid t-shirt?

      soy yosoy yo11 órája
    • This is just the baby version of Darkseid. The present day Darkseid will look more terrifying, with armor and hands behind his back.

      AnnieAnnie12 órája
  • I care about the song but I think it's ok

    Mohd. KamranMohd. Kamran13 órája
  • I don't care how many demons he's fought in how many hells, he's never fought us. Not us united" That badass Line totally Beats and destroys Josstice League.

    Anthony StraderAnthony Strader15 órája
    • @J r Z C o V e R s it's from GOTG Vol. 02

      RXTZ SleekZRXTZ SleekZÓrája
    • @RXTZ SleekZ Where did that stupid line came from?

      J r Z C o V e R sJ r Z C o V e R s3 órája
    • @RXTZ SleekZ huge turd is the worst Dialogue I have ever heard from comicbook movie history

      alexander soelaimanalexander soelaiman4 órája
    • Still a better quote than "I hAVE FaMoUSly HuGE turD"

      RXTZ SleekZRXTZ SleekZ13 órája
    • Yep. Justice League in 2021 will definitely be better than josstice league

      alexander soelaimanalexander soelaiman15 órája
  • Love.dc💚

    AKA PEPLE official.AKA PEPLE official.15 órája
  • Damn the song is good for this trailer can’t wait for the Snyder cut

    Eric The BestEric The Best19 órája
  • Hallelujah

    TebyTeby19 órája
  • Status video k liye subscribe kro

    SmiLe EdiTzSmiLe EdiTz20 órája
  • Let's appreciate the efforts of all actors 🔥❤

    Edit like ShreyasEdit like Shreyas21 órája
    • this was film in 2016 so i understand why

      BaZooKaIBaZooKaI13 órája
    • @BaZooKaI yup 👍

      Edit like ShreyasEdit like Shreyas13 órája
    • amber heard is the worst

      RXTZ SleekZRXTZ SleekZ13 órája
    • Yes except amber heard

      BaZooKaIBaZooKaI21 órája
  • This movie make josstice league and the rest of the MCU flick look like a teletubby movie

    Anakin SkywalkerAnakin Skywalker22 órája
    • Yep. Disney loves to destroy superheroes. WB may be confusing and greedy, BUT they will pick themselves up After they have been fallen

      alexander soelaimanalexander soelaiman15 órája
    • Well, I support the Sith! #JedisOver

    • #FACTS

      BaZooKaIBaZooKaI22 órája
    • Why would you say something controversial yet so brave?

      Bruce WayneBruce Wayne22 órája
  • Where's Martian Manhunter ?!

    Harikrishnan MHarikrishnan M22 órája
    • General swanwick

      RXTZ SleekZRXTZ SleekZ13 órája
    • He's in BvS and Man of Steel.

    • He is in this movie, on the trailer he’s disguising as ma kent

      Anakin SkywalkerAnakin Skywalker22 órája
    • On man of steel of course

      Rose QueenRose Queen22 órája
  • 1:12 screamer

    RUмянаRUмяна23 órája
  • Pls release this movie in tamil language also we all are waiting to this movie

    vivek aravind lal.mvivek aravind lal.m23 órája
    • @vivek aravind lal.m ok bro..

      Tejeshwar TejeshwarTejeshwar Tejeshwar21 órája
    • @Tejeshwar Tejeshwar bro varadhu neenga sonnadha na varadhu nanchutean bro ippo thaan paaakurean bro sorry 👍👍

      vivek aravind lal.mvivek aravind lal.m22 órája
    • @vivek aravind lal.m bro varadhu bro.. Tamil LA only English.. Adhuku yen super 😂

      Tejeshwar TejeshwarTejeshwar Tejeshwar22 órája
    • @Tejeshwar Tejeshwar confirm ma bro. Super bro

      vivek aravind lal.mvivek aravind lal.m23 órája
    • Varadhu bro

      Tejeshwar TejeshwarTejeshwar Tejeshwar23 órája
  • Finally gonna get my superman trilogy 🙌 thanx zack snyder and hbomax 😁

    Rayge81Rayge8123 órája
  • 265🤪

    Pradeep KumarPradeep KumarNapja
    • 2032

      alexander soelaimanalexander soelaiman15 órája

  • Flash sees this trailer in regular speed with a few fast spots.

    Alex KyawAlex KyawNapja
  • Man this looks way better then what we got earlier. I cant wait.


    David LimDavid LimNapja
    • @BaZooKaI I already lost my interest with Marvel after X men Apocalypse

      alexander soelaimanalexander soelaiman15 órája
    • I lost my interest after endgame, it’s time for DC turns to rise and shine

      BaZooKaIBaZooKaI23 órája
    • Keep dreaming boy 🤣

      General PinochoGeneral Pinocho23 órája

    David LimDavid LimNapja
  • Marvel Movies: awesome/cool/make a lot of money/a lot of superheroes/a lot of emotions DC Movies:.....EPIC...The director was, is, and always will be Zachary Edward Snyder

    Ezio Auditore DaFirenzeEzio Auditore DaFirenzeNapja
  • Cybord la pelicula 2024 The flash 2022 Aquaman 2 2022 Wonder woman 3 2025

    Joel alexandre Infante QuinteroJoel alexandre Infante QuinteroNapja
  • This movie is going to be the same movie because in the last mobie dark side was in it in and he beat the justice league lol dc loserts #mcufoeverr

    Noob master 64Noob master 64Napja
    • @Bruce Wayne Well, DC has Marilyn Manson clones that make better movies. And that being Tim Burton!

    • @Bruce Wayne Now That’s true fact #NotUsUnited

      BaZooKaIBaZooKaI23 órája
    • “This movie is going to be same movie” Just like the rest of the marvel formula, nothing new

      Bruce WayneBruce Wayne23 órája
    • @General Pinocho How’s that a fact?

      BaZooKaIBaZooKaI23 órája
    • So many *FACTS* in one comment #mcuforever

      General PinochoGeneral Pinocho23 órája
  • Just waiting to see Leto’s new look, anytime now 😪⌚️⏰🕰

    Rogues' Gallery DiscussionsRogues' Gallery DiscussionsNapja
  • Darkseid is coming he's coming who

    Legendary Of Kaulder ZydLegendary Of Kaulder ZydNapja
  • I'm here for my daily Hallelujah med! Love you ZACK SNYDER!!

    Q Muharib, DDSQ Muharib, DDSNapja
  • Well it's not coming out in 2020 So... Maybe it'll be good then.

    G KG KNapja
  • I may be in the biggest minority, But, IN MY OPINION,, Zack Snyder is the BEST THING DC has created ever since James Mactigue's V for Vendetta, Chris Nolan's Batman trilogy, Richie Donner's superman duology Tim Burton's Batman duology, David Cronenberg's A History of Violence, Sam Mendes's The Road To Perdition David Sanberg's Captain Marvel Andrea Berloff's The Kitchen Patty Jenkinss's Wonder Woman James Wan's Aquaman Cathy Yan's Birds Of Prey Jimmy Hayward's Jonah Hex Francis Lawrence's Constantine HELLBLAZER Martin Campbell's Green lantern especially the ultimate extended cut Sylvain White's The Losers Bryan Singer's Superman Returns Joel Schumacher's Batman Forever and Robin Wes Craven's Swamp Thing Jim Wynorski's Return of the Swamp Thing, Robert Schwentke's Red Dean Parisot's Red 2 and Todd Phillips's Joker. I am not saying each DC movie I mentioned are always perfect, But These DC movies I mentioned are the ones I truly think it's special and uniquely strong and beautiful, BUT, Truly, so far, Zack Snyder is my inspiration to be a director in general

    alexander soelaimanalexander soelaimanNapja
  • What IS this cinematography? Soo captivating... And music! My gosh. Probably one of the best I have heard in a long long time.

    Nitin BansalNitin BansalNapja
    • Leonard Cohen is never a disappointment

      alexander soelaimanalexander soelaimanNapja
  • I assume this is gonna be complete crap, since you feel the need to use one of the most emotionally charged masterpieces in modern music to sell it...

    Victor HydeVictor HydeNapja
    • Or maybe he uses the music to celebrate the release of the movie after all the hard job? Or maybe he uses it because it was his daughter's favorite song?

      soy yosoy yoNapja
  • What's new in this trailer waste of time 👎👎👎👎👎

    Edition TechEdition TechNapja
    • Yes DC sucks

      General PinochoGeneral Pinocho23 órája
    • No one said this is gonna be a new teaser

      Niranjan M DineshNiranjan M DineshNapja
    • New scenes: 0:26 0:40 1:14 1:31

      soy yosoy yoNapja
  • The hype for this is ridiculous. The idea Snyder is a genius and Whedon is some hack is laughable. Oh and I like the trailer music, just copying the way he previously used Hallelujah on Watchmen.

    • @Niranjan M Dinesh Joss Whedon is at his finest when in TV. The first Avengers looks like it was filmed for TV screens. Age of Ultron was an improvement visually though.

    • And of course joss whedon is either a stupid director or purposefully ruined justice league... Which one would you choose?

      Niranjan M DineshNiranjan M DineshNapja
    • Yeah... He used a song in a movie and after 11 years, he used same song for a teaser... And you are saying its copying... This is the most ridiculous and laughable stuff i have ever heard... First thing, how is using same song in 2 different movies copying? So thor Ragnarok sound track was a copy of title credit music of the girl with the dragon tattoo huh? Second thing, how the fuck can you say a guy copied himself?😂😂

      Niranjan M DineshNiranjan M DineshNapja
    • Its as ridiculous as the people that call zack snyder a hack or say that he doesn't understand the charcaters, so its even.

      soy yosoy yoNapja
  • hallelujah

  • PYAR usse karo jo tumse pyar kare Kud se bhi jaida tum par etbaar kare Tum bas ek baar kaho ki ruko do pal Aur vo unn do palo ke liye Puri zindgi itzaar kare

    Lavnish LalLavnish LalNapja
  • PYAR usse karo jo tumse pyar kare Kud se bhi jaida tum par etbaar kare Tum bas ek baar kaho ki ruko do pal Aur vo unn do palo ke liye Puri zindgi itzaar kare

    Lavnish LalLavnish LalNapja
  • I hate how Joss Whedon nailed The Avengers for Marvel but ruined Justice League for DC. Glad to see the REAL Justice League is on its way.

    Prabha GangwarPrabha GangwarNapja
    • @General Pinocho the man, the myth, the legend, the pathetic leech himself. Was wondering where your troll ass was after this trailer dropped.

      Wilford WarhammerWilford Warhammer23 órája
    • Because DC is not Marvel

      General PinochoGeneral Pinocho23 órája
    • Whedon purposely ruined JOSSTICE LEAGUE to let The Russo Bros steal Zack Snyder's time traveling and hero sacrifice idea in Endgame

  • #Good Gorgeous Beauty Vaishanavi fans #please subscribe my channel sir huworld.info/flow/vide/rHuLvp2Xka7AaIw

    #Guess the Emotion#Guess the EmotionNapja
  • 1:46 chills everytime

    The Rollin RoninThe Rollin RoninNapja
  • Can't believe some people actually that the best batman we had was Joss whedons batman

    • @Niranjan M Dinesh And also, the No-Killing rule was on demand by stupid ass parents in America. My parents would let me pay MGS5 but won't let me crack games, which is kinda good.

    • And same people say zack doesnt understand characters...

      Niranjan M DineshNiranjan M DineshNapja
  • Garbage

    Ashar Yaqoob ButtAshar Yaqoob ButtNapja
    • Cry harder, can't hear you at the back

      Wilford WarhammerWilford Warhammer23 órája
    • Ok

      Bruce WayneBruce Wayne23 órája
    • *FACTS*

      General PinochoGeneral Pinocho23 órája
  • Fans : Release the Snyder cut! Studio : There is no Snyder cut! Fans : Release the Snyder cut! Studio : There is no Snyder cut! Savvy exec : If we slap together a different cut and call it the Snyder cut, we can make money. Studio : SNYDER CUT TRAILER, WOO!

    • Yeah... They they took the 5 hour assembly cut of the film without literally anyone knowing, after 2017 huh? Hilarious... Buddy, this is original 4 hour script written by snyder and chris terrio...

      Niranjan M DineshNiranjan M DineshNapja
  • Was “fool you” lining up to the only part Amber Heard is in intentional?

  • Justice league 2 2023 Justice league 3 2025

    Joel alexandre Infante QuinteroJoel alexandre Infante QuinteroNapja
  • Come on people! I know the only reason most of us want to see this is just cuz of THE BATMAN!

    JIGSAW sawJIGSAW sawNapja
  • Steppenwolf looks futuristic and intimidating. Zack reinvented steppenwolf.

    D RaghuD RaghuNapja
    • Zack made steppenwolf look like megatron which is a good thing

      BaZooKaIBaZooKaI6 órája
    • @Tejeshwar Tejeshwar yes you can see it if your eye is more detail

      mr gamermr gamerNapja
    • @mr gamer he has a face?

      Tejeshwar TejeshwarTejeshwar TejeshwarNapja
    • @Tejeshwar Tejeshwar the armor and the face is more scary but look badass

      mr gamermr gamerNapja
    • What's the difference bro

      Tejeshwar TejeshwarTejeshwar TejeshwarNapja
  • Zack Snyder: Mother, millennium I have waited and finally you have called me home Haters: you will not like your welcome Zack Snyder: oh I think I will Long live the SNYDERVERSE

    Shane Nguyen Internet TrollShane Nguyen Internet TrollNapja
  • Zack Snyder makes Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Fans bitch and complain endlessly. Zack Snyder makes the Snyder Cut of Justice League: Fans shit themselves with excitement. Fandoms make no sense.

    Red Spiral RayRed Spiral RayNapja
    • @CARPAINTANNY that makes sense

      Tejeshwar TejeshwarTejeshwar Tejeshwar23 órája
    • @Niranjan M Dinesh I love grounded flavours.

    • @Niranjan M Dinesh Well, I was 8 at that time so I didn't know, but again, after 2 trailers, I thought, F it. Atleast he's coming!!

    • @Tejeshwar Tejeshwar I wanted to see more of him. His arc.

    • @Red Spiral Ray but most of fans understood that he didnt have other way... The phantom zone was destroyed... And the scene showed how helpless superman was... He was screaming... Its basically snyder haters who cant or dont want to see explanations in film itself...

      Niranjan M DineshNiranjan M DineshNapja
  • So I guess the other JL movie is a parody lmao

    • It’s always has been

      Bruce WayneBruce Wayne23 órája
    • Always has

      RXTZ SleekZRXTZ SleekZNapja
  • In The Older version the Justice league seemed to win easily...in SNYDER CUT it looks like they are about to pull of an IMPOSSIBLE ONE!!

    Krishna ChaitanyaKrishna ChaitanyaNapja
  • Renewed hope and excitement!

    Garret ZenankoGarret Zenanko2 napja
  • can't wait for the next trailer!

    HinodeHinode2 napja
  • 264

    Pradeep KumarPradeep Kumar2 napja
    • @Pradeep Kumar how did you felt?

      alexander soelaimanalexander soelaiman4 órája
    • @alexander soelaiman yeah, of course I did

      Pradeep KumarPradeep Kumar9 órája
    • @Pradeep Kumar did you read it ?

      alexander soelaimanalexander soelaiman15 órája
    • @Pradeep Kumar triple coffee and blackberry Waffles and pancakes, sausages, burger patties, melted cheese, ommelete, sushi, japanese curry spicy cheesy samosa, portebello mushroom, Wine, Rum, Jack Daniels, sliced apples, cucumber sticks, steamed brocoli, fried mashed potatoes with baked chicken nugggets and lastly, carrot and ginger soup

      alexander soelaimanalexander soelaiman19 órája
    • @Pradeep Kumar triple coffee and blackberry Waffles and pancakes, sausages, burger patties, melted cheese, ommelete, sushi, japanese curry spicy cheesy samosa, portebello mushroom, Wine, Rum, Jack Daniels, sliced apples, cucumber sticks, steamed brocoli, fried mashed potatoes with baked chicken nugggets and lastly, carrot and ginger soup

      alexander soelaimanalexander soelaiman23 órája
  • I already feel like this movie will be a Masterpiece..🥶

    Mike petrellaMike petrella2 napja
  • Yes

    RayRay2 napja
  • Thank you HBO MAX!!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻❤️

    Seba SepulvedaSeba Sepulveda2 napja
  • I swear Zack snyder is gonna make my eyes sweaty asf with vics and Silas story.

    TheMdazeTheMdaze2 napja
  • The way the flash runs in this justice league movies is disturbing

    Draxler GothamDraxler Gotham2 napja
    • @BaZooKaI yep. DISTURBING like Comedian's flamethrower

      alexander soelaimanalexander soelaiman4 órája
    • Isn't he supposed to run like that?

      BaZooKaIBaZooKaI6 órája

      alexander soelaimanalexander soelaiman15 órája
  • Now this what the justice league is all about!! Not that terrible portrayal we got from Whedon roll on 2021!! 😁

    Rachael LoveRachael Love2 napja
  • huworld.info/flow/vide/3pVx2pyojtfYg4w

    cynthia rousecynthia rouse2 napja
  • Hopefully HBOMAX will have 4KHDR by the time it comes out...🤞

    Dark NiteDark Nite2 napja
    • HBOMAX needs to get us that 4K shit when WW84 comes out

  • Let's give a moment of respect to the people who won't be alive to see this,but believed and fought

    Guillermo GonzalezGuillermo Gonzalez2 napja
    • 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

      Tone Kay?Tone Kay?Napja
  • Ben Affleck saves the day

    Tuhin RoyTuhin Roy2 napja
  • For some Strange reason Ben Affleck's last line " Us.. United" with a head-turn gets me goosebumps. Makes me go for DCEU and saves the franchise.

    Tuhin RoyTuhin Roy2 napja
  • This is an much better verison.

    Charles KimCharles Kim2 napja
  • Hey guys check this out www.reddit.com/r/DC_Cinematic/comments/k3qnjn/discussion_im_gonna_put_this_here_and_not_say/

    soy yosoy yo2 napja
    • be aware, they're gonna be a guy who says "zAcK sNyDer cOpiEd DaYs Of FutUrE pAsT"

      BaZooKaIBaZooKaI6 órája
    • MCU fans be like “tHey’re Just HeAviLy inSpIrEd”

      Bruce WayneBruce Wayne2 napja
    • @Annie i know, i just found it funny

      soy yosoy yo2 napja
    • I know that they both look similar as hell, but we shouldn't ignore the fact that Endgame's footage was mirrored.

      AnnieAnnie2 napja
  • Anyone from Pakistan?🇵🇰

    Samurai GamingSamurai Gaming2 napja
  • "I don't care how many scenes they cut and how many movies they shelved, they've never faced us, *NOT US UNITED* ." - The #releasethesnydercut fandom, be proud of yourselves

    Retro ForgerRetro Forger2 napja
  • i don't like how flash runs..

    HeisenbergHeisenberg2 napja
  • They should put Everyknows original versión in the movie too Who agree with me?

    Protocol Puppets 101Protocol Puppets 1012 napja
  • I don't understand how people are saying this movie is exactly the same as the theatrical cut... ALL SCENES HERE ARE NOT IN THE THEATRICAL CUT

    Truth TellerTruth Teller2 napja
    • The same people who claim ” the snyder cut doesn’t exist” are the same people who says “it’s just the same movie”

      Bruce WayneBruce Wayne23 órája
    • They should have their eyes check

      BaZooKaIBaZooKaI2 napja
    • Only idiots and blind haters say things like this

      Julian BerriosJulian Berrios2 napja
  • If Marvel was Sun. Then DC was Moon. And we need both of them

    Rio Aditya KhalidRio Aditya Khalid2 napja
    • @OwlLegend we actually do need the moon🤨

      AvianDuck77 - Minecraft and MoreAvianDuck77 - Minecraft and More5 órája
    • @OwlLegend That's the whole point. You don't need dc movies, But you DESERVE it no matter how good or bad it is

      alexander soelaimanalexander soelaiman15 órája
    • Well not really, we need the sun to survive, but we don't need the moon at all.

  • 263 where are you bro @alexander soelaiman

    Pradeep KumarPradeep Kumar2 napja
  • Title of this song ??

    Cnu DobinCnu Dobin2 napja
    • Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen

      Master DeVoeMaster DeVoe2 napja
  • I'm still disappointed looking at Amber Heard lol even tho she showed up for a split second in this one

    Alex PaulAlex Paul2 napja
    • Just ignore her like you ignore male actors in a porno flick

      Bruce WayneBruce Wayne23 órája
    • Understandable

      Master DeVoeMaster DeVoe2 napja
    • This was made in 2016, and steppenwolf will beat her

      soy yosoy yo2 napja
  • wow by the trailer i can already tell this is better then the original one

    Irfan Iskandar 06Irfan Iskandar 062 napja
    • @Hasiel Sarsby I see, so Snyder is doing Arny of the Dead at Netflix right now or what ??

      alexander soelaimanalexander soelaimanNapja
    • @alexander soelaiman Yes it only lasted around 2 weeks

      Hasiel SarsbyHasiel SarsbyNapja
    • @Hasiel Sarsby So, Snyder is done with additional photography??

      alexander soelaimanalexander soelaiman2 napja
    • @alexander soelaiman It would have to be put into an entire film later on after it plays on HBO Max, 4 hours should be enough, unless we get JL2 and JL3.

      Hasiel SarsbyHasiel Sarsby2 napja
    • @Hasiel Sarsby Wasn't he wanted more than 4 hours??

      alexander soelaimanalexander soelaiman2 napja
  • For vengeance For kryptonion

    Dinesh ParmarDinesh Parmar2 napja
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  • Yes I'm back and I'm loving it!!! 😁😁😁

    Rayge81Rayge812 napja
  • I'm glad that now we won't have a gay batman in this version of Justice League.

    TripathiTripathi2 napja