Junk Food

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  • Is

    Landyn LeonardLandyn Leonard21 perce
  • do you still eat sugary cereal when it's not Christmas?

    Matt DavisMatt Davis23 perccel
  • Your going to turn into a gomba

    29sddragon29sddragon29 perccel
  • Given u the poops since 1928! XD

    Brayden BenderBrayden Bender55 perccel
  • I love carrots and oranges

    Chris WagnerChris Wagner57 perccel
  • huworld.info/flow/vide/v2idv7CRi5Tgo3w

    Golden MinigunnerGolden MinigunnerÓrája
  • Your not going to die if you eat white bred i eat it all the time and im 9 i hate wheat bred to

    Chris WagnerChris WagnerÓrája
  • theres a face on the bread

    PiggyBoy 1227PiggyBoy 1227Órája
  • James: I went to the mm store Me: I can go there when ever BOOM

    Gaming with Katy Gaming with katyGaming with Katy Gaming with katyÓrája
  • That mm is m&m

    Lincoln PiwasLincoln PiwasÓrája
  • i eat wheat bread and i don't care

    Renee RodriguezRenee RodriguezÓrája

    Chris TaylorChris TaylorÓrája
  • Green Is a creative color

    Victoria MendezVictoria Mendez2 órája
  • Wow

    Ronald LeeRonald Lee2 órája
  • "don't eat so much candy you throw up" Me, who actually doesn't puke: hmmmmm..... (Yes it's actually possible, I haven't puked in 10 years, idk how)

    Battle Legend AshleyBattle Legend Ashley2 órája
  • I'm sad I'm allergic to. PEANUTS

    Loukas MuiLoukas Mui2 órája
  • wow 1.1 m like im empress wow

  • Thank you my birthday is on March 27 father doesn’t come out on March 27 the SamSam’s

    Andrew and mommy’s account. Using voice activateAndrew and mommy’s account. Using voice activate3 órája
  • Bro i got it same

    Liquid PaperLiquid Paper4 órája
  • James: Carrots are the best orange thing. Me: What no, the best orange thing is Donald Trump. Just joking I don't do politics.

    Baylor's MultiverseBaylor's Multiverse4 órája
  • You can just ask him

    Analea and cheyenna HannafordAnalea and cheyenna Hannaford5 órája
  • Well sometimes the dentist has to give you a shot and then your parents know but doesn't tell you so you dont get scared 😐

    jewel beanie boosjewel beanie boos5 órája
  • When I eat weat I brush my teeth after because it bad for me and tastes horrible

    Adam's AppleAdam's Apple5 órája
  • Die you guys saw puffer eat carrot in the tabbel

    Afeef AfeefAfeef Afeef6 órája
  • Did you guys realize that a puffer fish eat carrot

    Afeef AfeefAfeef Afeef6 órája
  • I like went he say mm

    Afeef AfeefAfeef Afeef6 órája
  • "Using sandwich bread for hotdogs is cheap" HOW DARE YOU INSULT MY SAUSAGE SIZZLE CULTURE >:(

    Roosa SnkegiRoosa Snkegi7 órája
  • u could have just added sugar in the cerial

    Student- Tianyue (Dennis) YangStudent- Tianyue (Dennis) Yang8 órája
  • haha, 2020 what a year...

    DocDoc9 órája
  • James should try Dave's Killer Bread. It's good wheat bread.

    Ms12369Ms1236912 órája
  • We r so sad because we can not have candy skitelles a lollipop

    asnida anuarasnida anuar12 órája
  • Hey i download your game it was so good and make fun video's and keep up the good work

  • 1:54 look at the bread lol

    0MXX TF20MXX TF213 órája
  • I have sour patch kids

    Adam WhiteAdam White13 órája
  • me:eats junk food his mom:feeds me healthy me:kinda better than junk :P

    KLT Gaming TVKLT Gaming TV13 órája
  • Wait... is that ginganinjaowo?🤔 3:54

    MLPfan 13MLPfan 1314 órája
  • I like original Cheerios

    Manuel BarraganManuel Barragan15 órája
  • 1:40 anyone seee that face (Totally NOT the mouth going WTFFFFF)

    Ramøn RamønxDRamøn RamønxD15 órája
  • watching this while eating sour gummy bears

    ronin winsronin wins16 órája
  • I'm a fan

    Apryl YerianApryl Yerian16 órája
  • I eat junk food too I love McDonald's I wish I had some McDonald's right now cuz I'm starving I'M STARVING GIVE ME SOME FOOD

    :P:P16 órája
  • Who also likes the crusts?

    Jed WerberJed Werber17 órája
  • 0:26 MILKTANK

    Alexander MustardAlexander Mustard17 órája
  • 1:54 did anyone else see the face on the bag of bread

  • 7:02 it has the pufferfish that eats a carrot I can’t

    Andy EneAndy Ene17 órája
  • for 12 years I eat white bread.

    Luzio BalmacedaLuzio Balmaceda18 órája
  • 1:54 there’s a face on the bread lol

    Cute pups :3Cute pups :318 órája
  • To me all wheat bread is delicious, burger bun, hotdog buns, and so on

    -Robin --Robin -18 órája
  • I actually ate sunflower kernels it was sweet but someone in my class they mixed the sunflower kernels with cereal like what the heck dude that guy weird okay

    roselaine gabrielroselaine gabriel19 órája
  • I've always loved wheat bread

    TheStickManGamer YTTheStickManGamer YT20 órája
  • Hey james, how long do you animate a day? BTW is it hard to animate?

    Abrar MohamedAbrar Mohamed21 órája
  • 2:16 is my background on my phone- Should I be worried?

    AxallaAxalla21 órája
  • he has the pufferfish carrot meme fish in his refrigerator

    Challenge AccountChallenge Account21 órája
  • 7:12 we drink gasoline

    نسيم الرياحنسيم الرياح22 órája
  • I put A-1 sauce on my carrots

    Casey BednarczykCasey Bednarczyk22 órája

    Legacy Holding Foundation Inc.Legacy Holding Foundation Inc.22 órája
  • There is a m&m factory at New York three stories high

    Tikofan TikofamTikofan TikofamNapja
  • 6:47 the moaning carrot pufferfish 😭😂

    Cream sprinkle SurberCream sprinkle SurberNapja
  • When I ate Cheerios I put sugar in them

    Lucid6 VALucid6 VANapja
  • This video was made on my birthday

    Veronica Maracha GajewskiVeronica Maracha GajewskiNapja
  • 1:12 Mmmmm bagel bites your making me want them

    Xaz ZXaz ZNapja

    rebecca clererebecca clereNapja
  • have anyone noticed James house is in the nether when he says: they wont force me and my sibling to go outside and play cus....... At : 0:15

    Zainudheen PkZainudheen PkNapja
  • Cool charmander I love Pokémon

    Pokemon GammerPokemon GammerNapja
  • Is anyone going to remember that Kobe died that day

    sean kenneysean kenneyNapja
  • one time I ate a carrot when it was going to become dinner when my parents were cooking and my dad was shaving a carrot and won't I ate it on my first bite my mom noticed that my tooth was gone and I accidentally swaddled it

    Jessie RayaJessie RayaNapja
  • Tbh I don’t eat a lot of veggies but I eat a lot of wheat and p r o t i e n

    Bubbles the fishBubbles the fishNapja
  • 2021 anyone??

    iyanna matiasiyanna matiasNapja
  • James said:so care of it(I think) and it was a PUN . SO CARROT OF IT BHA HAHAHHAHHAH

  • mms

    Ace VillanuevaAce VillanuevaNapja
  • candy

    Ace VillanuevaAce VillanuevaNapja
  • mm

    Ace VillanuevaAce VillanuevaNapja
  • my mom is the same -_-

    Ioana Ruxandra CimponeriuIoana Ruxandra CimponeriuNapja
  • You like saying mmmmmmm not m&m

    Sky GamingSky GamingNapja
  • Weird to think this vid is almost a year old...

    Catlover 2.0Catlover 2.0Napja
  • Lol that voice crack 0:03

    Ernan Dave A. YanezErnan Dave A. YanezNapja
  • i saw garfild

    Omega Game clanOmega Game clanNapja
  • My teacher once played this video for a brain break after maths and about half the class said “Hey! That’s TheOdd1sOut!”

    Amali SmithAmali SmithNapja
  • 7:15 “cause cars and people are the same “

    Ethan MatneyEthan MatneyNapja
  • The bread has a face maybe it’s James or james favorite HUworldr

    -azora- moonlight-azora- moonlightNapja
  • Boo

    Edelyn ReyesEdelyn ReyesNapja

    Dante GiordanoDante GiordanoNapja
  • I drinked the gas in the gas station and made me sonic fast!!!

    Tiffanytien PhanTiffanytien PhanNapja
    • Well lasts for like 12 seconds

      Tiffanytien PhanTiffanytien PhanNapja
  • I was never aloud to eat sugary cereals

  • The mysterious deborah elderly step because pair feasibly memorise abaft a massive deadline. delicate, bad purchase

    Peter MPeter MNapja
  • Your mom is the same as mine my mom wont let me eat candy when my mom see me holding candy she just YEEET my candy in a garbage.

    Abi the soulerAbi the soulerNapja
  • M M M M M M M M!!!!!

    Under PlushUnder PlushNapja
  • Wait what what happen to the date now?! its so weird

  • But I’m not poor

    Grandpa MintGrandpa MintNapja
  • "the whighter the bread, the sooner your dead." is true

    Fischer WrightFischer WrightNapja
    • Ye

      Leah CarrLeah Carr25 perccel

    Sebastian ChavezSebastian ChavezNapja
  • Hahaha

    Russ GeeRuss GeeNapja
  • ya my mom only buys me sugary cereal once every year or 9 months

    Paul FriedlePaul FriedleNapja
  • Dude I feel ya

    Dog Man and The GangDog Man and The GangNapja
  • Can u pls do a tutorial of how u make ur vids?

    Purple TopazPurple TopazNapja
  • Just “we should leave” LMFAO

    Solar StudiosSolar StudiosNapja
  • I went. To game stop once and saw the odd1sout Merch

    Cameron DavisCameron DavisNapja
  • Chucky cheese recycles their pizzas

  • Bruh my mom makes egg sandwiches and the bread was burned

  • Did anyone see the face on the bread