JOSE BEATS PEP! Spurs 2-0 Man City reaction! (Every Premier League Manager Reacts #9)

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  • Io tifo Napoli e Manchester city

    Salva ToysSalva Toys21 napja
  • Weat Ham fans.... Yup Red cads to all thoae bloody knuckle heads

  • سبحان الله وبحمده سبحان الله العظيم

    Omar SabbaghOmar SabbaghHónapja
  • Pray for Mikel Arteta,he needs points at Christmas time!

  • Manchester United for ever cavani scored 2 and fernades 1 yeah! 😈😀

    Babalwa DudaBabalwa DudaHónapja
  • I hate tottenham

    Leonardo TomaLeonardo TomaHónapja
  • 2:55 Southampton was 2 point clear oftop

    Eavy EavyEavy EavyHónapja
  • Spurs r actually gonna win

    Samlikes2yeet 123Samlikes2yeet 123Hónapja
  • I can't lie. You gotta check out a collab would be 🔥🔥🔥

    Out the MudOut the MudHónapja
  • To be honest 44200ns Slaven no referee has any idea what they’re doing there just tools of bribery for Football clubs

    APG ExecutorAPG ExecutorHónapja
  • Oml ex

    Naty SpajdyNaty SpajdyHónapja
  • Who’ll win the league Tottenham!

    Zachy ArmstrongZachy ArmstrongHónapja
  • the league Tottenham!

    Zachy ArmstrongZachy ArmstrongHónapja
  • Who’ll wing the league Tottenham!Who’ll wing the league Tottenham!Who’ll wing the league Tottenham!

    Zachy ArmstrongZachy ArmstrongHónapja

    Zachy ArmstrongZachy ArmstrongHónapja
  • Sean Dyche gets me every time. Every single time.🤣

    Zeeshan EkramZeeshan EkramHónapja
  • Your not going to play this off right? Because if I don’t get a video of the game spurs vs man United

    Poop PoopPoop PoopHónapja
    • I will 🤬

      Poop PoopPoop PoopHónapja
  • Pepe about to headbutt a player watching the zidane headbutt Zidane:Do you trust me? Pepe:With every cell of my body

    Davud AdventuresDavud AdventuresHónapja
  • Sean Dyche is always one of the funniest because he sounds like an evil robot ahahah

  • Лошара пэп гвардиола моуриньо КРАСАВА

  • Please do Liverpool atalanta 0-2

    Doc. DreDoc. DreHónapja
  • I mean this video

    Daurinha MouraDaurinha MouraHónapja
    • Bro shut up we don't care x2

  • Liverpool 0x2 Atalanta or i will delete you!

    Daurinha MouraDaurinha MouraHónapja
    • Bro shut up we don't care

  • First vs thirteen

    Kadel AdeliaKadel AdeliaHónapja
  • For Dean, wheres The video liverpool 0x2 Atalanta? Because i am a Atalanta Fan. Okay?

    Daurinha MouraDaurinha MouraHónapja
    • Stfu

    • Bro shut up we don't care x5

  • Liverpool are basically a Scouse version of All or Nothing rn

    Jadon AndemichaelJadon AndemichaelHónapja
  • Sprus Got in 1st Everyone:wait what the fuck

    Narek PetrosyanNarek PetrosyanHónapja
  • R.I.P. Mardona fly high

    ChrisChras 9000ChrisChras 9000Hónapja
  • I like how Dean predicited for Man City to win the Champions League and Premier League(On the OneFootball Channel I think), but they're literally having the worst start ever

    Superfifa 119Superfifa 119Hónapja
  • rip maradona 😥

    Matija VasiljevicMatija VasiljevicHónapja
  • Who here after Diego Maradona death RIP


  • Rip Maradona 🥺

    Bill PliakasBill PliakasHónapja
  • make the video Atalanta 2x0 Liverpool, please or i will kick you! Joke of Miguel, The greatest Fan of 442oons but please! make liverpool 0x2 Atalanta and my name is miguel, of niteroi! kiss💋

    Daurinha MouraDaurinha MouraHónapja
    • Stfu x2

  • Spurs have a chance to feel how it is like to win something or they will lose like vs Liverpool in the 2019 champions League

    Beatrice BuenoBeatrice BuenoHónapja
  • B

    Eeshan SEeshan SHónapja
  • Story of deago maradona R.I.P

  • Exclusive video for maradona 😢

    Yağız GameingYağız GameingHónapja
  • Rip maradona

    karolexos The playerkarolexos The playerHónapja
  • 442oons is a salty liVARpool fan.

  • Maradona died

    Jose miguel InzunzaJose miguel InzunzaHónapja
  • Do a footballers react to maradona death 😪

    Evertonian 996Evertonian 996Hónapja
  • Can you please do a video about the death of diego maradona i am a napulitan fan and he is the idol of my life

  • rip maradona

    Uros Maric I-2Uros Maric I-2Hónapja
  • Have one video of maradona

    Regina alejandra Ozuna centurionRegina alejandra Ozuna centurionHónapja
  • make maradona video

    aleksandar neškovićaleksandar neškovićHónapja
  • If Vardy Was Energetic it was an 5x3 *As a leicester fan*

  • The Hand of god kkkkkk Bye maradona

    Canal FlamenguistaCanal FlamenguistaHónapja
  • Can you please react to maradona's Very tragic death.

    lil scottlil scottHónapja
  • Make a video about Diego Maradona

    Andrés Lopez BarragánAndrés Lopez BarragánHónapja
  • Who thinks Tottenham has chance of winning the league

    Natty SutariNatty SutariHónapja
  • Rip maradona

    Beast GamingBeast GamingHónapja
  • Hoi dean.. Spurs is playing cricket after the man city victory....

    Kasi PrasathKasi PrasathHónapja
  • R.I.P Diego you legend💔🌹

    da woinada woinaHónapja
  • 0:51 😂

    Nicolas RodríguezNicolas RodríguezHónapja
  • Make a video of Diego Maradonas dead

    Hotato -GAMESHotato -GAMESHónapja
  • Make a video of Diego Maradona’s death. He will be in our hearts.

    Alexander WALRAVENAlexander WALRAVENHónapja
  • Make a Diego Maradona vid

  • Harry kane has more assist at premier league than arsenal🤣🤣🤣🤣

    King yosefKing yosefHónapja
  • Make a video on Maradona

  • Make a vid where a Maradona is

    Damian JordanovDamian JordanovHónapja
  • I can't wait for el Classico

    Normal HamsterNormal HamsterHónapja
  • Will you not do a video for Maradona

    n9u kingn9u kingHónapja
  • Maradona 😭

    Đăng Võ Trần HảiĐăng Võ Trần HảiHónapja
    • Yes😭

      сдутый _мячиксдутый _мячикHónapja
  • Pep fraudiola

  • 442oons is the best football cartoons .d

  • maradona is dead :(

    Original nameOriginal nameHónapja
  • R.I.P Diego Maradona.The hand of god✊

    Alif RifqiAlif RifqiHónapja
  • R.I.P DIEGO MARADONA. 1960-2020. May you rest in peace 😔

    Shadow BladeShadow BladeHónapja
  • 3-0 Liverpool-Leicester

    Kevin VangstuenKevin VangstuenHónapja
  • Make a tribute video to Maradona

    Praise Ocean Acharyya 4L43Praise Ocean Acharyya 4L43Hónapja
  • Make Conte sacked

    Jaka MajcenJaka MajcenHónapja
  • Maradona rip 😢😢😢😢😟

    Rokhsana RupeeRokhsana RupeeHónapja
  • Please make a Maradona Death special like a tribute song or reactions from players

  • I feel Sad that Maradona has died

    Zai Merican NoordinZai Merican NoordinHónapja
  • Hey can you make a soccer war like juventus v man city and psg v real like that for example and they attack each other’s stadium

    Sayer Al SayerSayer Al SayerHónapja
  • Where is Maradona is died quiet minut

    Davidas AmigasDavidas AmigasHónapja

    Beaming VortexBeaming VortexHónapja

    Beaming VortexBeaming VortexHónapja

    Beaming VortexBeaming VortexHónapja
  • Will you do a Mardona special?

    Mr cityfanMr cityfanHónapja
  • Hello , can you make a video of Atalanta Liverpool? Thanks

    Matte SarchiaMatte SarchiaHónapja
  • 13th 13th 13th

    Mark MoralesMark MoralesHónapja
  • 442oons we want a tribute video for Maradona 😔🍀

    Ameer SilwalAmeer SilwalHónapja
  • How do i get the fan membership

    Amina AdaanAmina AdaanHónapja
  • Diego Armando Maradona 1960-2020 [*]

    Maciej KrawczykMaciej KrawczykHónapja
  • Plz make a maradona tribute song

    Leo Jr.Leo Jr.Hónapja
  • When you lose to spurs you know you have hit rock bottom

    Yes it’s Me zacYes it’s Me zacHónapja
  • Rip maradona🌹

    Murali KKMurali KKHónapja
  • Rip maradona

    Felix Jose Flores GarciaFelix Jose Flores GarciaHónapja
  • If you don't do a video about maradona i Will unsubscribe after 3 years

    Theo TušarTheo TušarHónapja
  • Plz upload a tribute video on Deigo Maradona

  • Hoy murió Diego Armando Maradona el astro argentino

    Jonathan Gamer ytJonathan Gamer ytHónapja
  • Watch them make a maradona death video and Messi laughing at his death

    69 Is the magic number69 Is the magic numberHónapja
  • We don’t want this we want THE FRONTMENNNNN

  • Do a Diego maradona. Seri Minor plz

    DT UnluckyyyDT UnluckyyyHónapja
  • #VARchesterUnited

    Gordon TangGordon TangHónapja
  • Bro lo orang mana?

    • @Faisal Syafruddin ok, tapi gw nanya admin 442Oons

    • Jakarta

      Faisal SyafruddinFaisal SyafruddinHónapja
  • Make a video about Maradona

    Legendary CraftLegendary CraftHónapja
  • They should pay tribute to Maradona

    Fausto MosqueraFausto MosqueraHónapja