John Travolta & Daughter Nail 'Grease' Dance In Super Bowl Ad

2021.febr. 2.
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John Travolta has still got the moves! The actor and his 20-year-old daughter Ella Travolta recreated the iconic dance from his classic film "Grease" in a 2021 Super Bowl commercial for Scotts Miracle-Gro. The pair joined a star-studded group for the ad, which also features Martha Stewart, NASCAR driver Kyle Busch, actors Carl Weathers and Leslie David Baker and fitness instructor Emma Lovewell. In one scene, a frustrated Ella attempts to show her dad how to set up the camera to record a video on his phone. The two then break into the memorable "Born to Hand Jive" choreography from the 1978 movie, which John originally performed with co-star Olivia Newton-John!
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John Travolta & Daughter Nail 'Grease' Dance In Super Bowl Ad

  • I had to watch this for science class, anyone else?

    masonrobins 4masonrobins 42 napja
  • john looks o sooo good😍🥰

    SandyPandySandyPandy3 napja
  • Why is that idiotic song playing instead of Hand Jive? So ghetto. Smh.

    Sarah SilverlightSarah Silverlight5 napja
  • Praying for John and children may Holy God comfort them. Please seek the LORD with all your heart for He saith, I am the way the truth and the life no one cometh to the Father but by me,saith the Lord JESUS CHRIST!🙏🙏

    Cheli MartinezCheli Martinez6 napja
  • Let John and Ella do the Half Time show next year! They’re much more entertaining than the performance this year.

    Denise MarieDenise Marie6 napja
  • Hello Stanley☺️

    June SmithJune Smith7 napja
  • my life the narrator is so boring

    purplepurple7 napja
  • Saturday Night FEVER, not Saturday Night Live! JFC, if I had a dollar for every time some Tv “journalist” screwed that up. 🤦‍♂️ Preview before you post!

    Craig Jordan TorrilloCraig Jordan Torrillo8 napja
  • I wish I cud meet john Travolta

    Vanessa LuceroVanessa Lucero8 napja
    • I have a brother who is always know who you look like? And he says oh I don’t know, maybe John Travolta? Yeah, he’s heard the question way too many times not to know the answer. Lucky me huh?

      June SmithJune Smith7 napja
  • Move on John. Older men are to be sober-minded, dignified, self-controlled, sound in faith, in love, and in steadfastness. Titus 2:2 ESV

    David MadisonDavid Madison8 napja
  • Wait, your wife just died and you do this?? WTF???????????

    Andrea ZabinkiAndrea Zabinki8 napja
  • Obviously,this lady is just reading,motionless, practice more please.

    LhillieLhillie9 napja
  • How good on you both love it john your daughter and you have a very special bound and its great your children are all amazing she good parents god bless you all xxx

    Karen HicksKaren Hicks10 napja
  • John still got the moves

  • He’s still got it!

    crushingcolourscrushingcolours11 napja
  • Kelly Preston is the SECOND woman, in John Travolta’s life, to die from breast cancer. EARLY detection is the key to survival. Have you had your mammogram???

    Jean LuneyJean Luney11 napja
  • John has been sad ever since Lord Xenu took his wife away

    Ima TalkinIma Talkin11 napja
  • Not gonna lie he almost looks better with the bald head and beard

    KCs FunhouseKCs Funhouse11 napja
  • Why does she sound like that? It’s crazy.

    Ria LequayRia Lequay12 napja
  • He has been thru so much, first his son in '09 then his beautiful wife. So sad :(

    Little* NiagaraLittle* Niagara12 napja
  • How sad that he lost his wife and his son.

    Cowboy Jojo’s AdventuresCowboy Jojo’s Adventures13 napja
  • Travolta's daughter is cute, looks natural.

    fra setchfra setch13 napja
  • John has been one of my favorite Stars! His daughter is so beautiful! So was his wife May she rest in peace. Until they all meet again! He still has the moves!

    DittoDitto13 napja
  • Lovely daughter, terrible ad.

    ELIAKIM Joseph SophiaELIAKIM Joseph Sophia13 napja
  • It was the movie titled ‘Saturday Night Fever’ not the failing weekly tv show Saturday Night Live.

    S HunterS Hunter13 napja
  • This is the second time I see his daughter and again she has a long dress, seems like she’s part of a religious cult.

    Ms CongenialityMs Congeniality13 napja
  • Sorry but, Travolta is a sweet guy who isn’t that great of a dancer.

    sugarcookiecubesugarcookiecube13 napja
  • What's with the robot voice over?

    Annie BananieAnnie Bananie13 napja
  • I love a bald headed man! Don't know why he was holding onto head pieces for so long.

    CindyCindy13 napja
  • I don’t understand why John Travolta’s wife and son Jett died from cancer and seizures, respectively. As a practicing Scientologists, they are supposed to be immune from ailments of the flesh, eschew pharmaceutical drugs, etc. Perhaps they had Thetans they were unable to shed and needed more auditing.

    Turandot29Turandot2914 napja
  • How did they hire this narrator? Shes gotta be related to a producer because she sound like she could give 2 f**** reading this while her hot pocket is cooking

    Raven BlackRaven Black14 napja
  • its me guys ! i though our john travolta was gay , tell me everything if i'm wrong! p.s the narrator has a vary awful voice, i had to turn my hearing aid to off almost lol

    Dr quinn Medicine womanDr quinn Medicine woman14 napja
  • Epic fail of a video.

    Apollo ZedApollo Zed14 napja
  • I just want to see this commercial. Why do you have to talk over the top of it.

    Laura WilliamsLaura Williams14 napja
  • Embarrassing

    Wendy LynchWendy Lynch14 napja

    Southern MomSouthern Mom14 napja
  • Feminine version of Loquendo's voice.

    SansaraSansara14 napja
  • So beautiful love their relationship ❤

    mindy Saundersmindy Saunders14 napja
  • Lovely..

    The Saint ST1The Saint ST114 napja
  • I'm laughing reading comments, b/c I was about to ask why the job to narrate this piece was given to this particular young woman? Is she related to someone in upper management? Sheesh.

    Ani BellAni Bell14 napja
  • No good without Olivia 💕

    Mike PenskeMike Penske14 napja
  • Difficult to comprehend now that every A-list star and their children are likely involved in the RA-MC MKULTRA/MONARCH control network.

    Peggy MargaretPeggy Margaret14 napja
  • My ears hurt!

    LizLiz14 napja
  • i'm 48yrs , grease is 43yrs old i was 6yrs old when grease came out , and john travolta still heart throb.

    bofooit gojobofooit gojo15 napja
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Ry RyRy Ry15 napja

    EVIL QTipEVIL QTip15 napja
  • aged horribly yuk

    faith valentinfaith valentin15 napja
  • Wow!. John Travolta still looks cool, and he's daughter dancers well, takes after her dad me thinks..♡♡

    Rose RosalineRose Rosaline15 napja
    • Does anyone proofread the copy before the ignorant voiceover actor reads it? Or does the ignorant voiceover actor just not know how to read? John Travolta is NOT a Saturda

      bofooit gojobofooit gojo15 napja
  • He also has a BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER who he obviously LOVES AND isn't afraid to show her just how much MUCH RESPECT

    Wendi PasaWendi Pasa15 napja
  • No more Adrenochrome scumbags.

    PJ BergPJ Berg15 napja
  • Slow narration.

    Frances WalkerFrances Walker15 napja
  • Awwwwww

    Joyce HewittJoyce Hewitt15 napja
  • Horrible voice!!!!!

    SheemaSheema15 napja
  • ...."dancing with me." can you get a bit more life in your speech

    spiritsjoyspiritsjoy15 napja
  • John so cool

    Onlythetruth247Onlythetruth24715 napja
  • Corona 2012 games

    Carol CostelloCarol Costello15 napja
  • This was such a great commercial.

    Callie DalyCallie Daly15 napja
  • John you a daughter I saw the commercial a loved that movie w one of my movie grease still got it a ella did great..

    Jerrilyn ErnstingJerrilyn Ernsting15 napja
  • the "narrator's" voice is so freaking annoying - don't even want to continue watching.

    InnaInna15 napja
  • If you know what Saturday Night Fever is, you’re too old for this video lolol jk

    Joe RiceJoe Rice15 napja
  • The voiceover is boring and extremely grating

    cazcaz15 napja
  • Ja precies ik denk niet

    Rachel NoltenRachel Nolten15 napja
  • Does anyone proofread the copy before the ignorant voiceover actor reads it? Or does the ignorant voiceover actor just not know how to read? John Travolta is NOT a Saturday Night Live star (at 1:11). He starred in Saturday Night Fever. It's a simple flub, I understand, but HOW did the mistake make to publication? Come on, Access. Professionalism is not an unattainable goal.

    badbiker666badbiker66615 napja
  • Still great!!! Still watching that wonderful movie Grease!!! Been turning it on often cause we (my family) all love it. Thanks for the encore with your daughter!!! Just beautiful!❤️❤️❤️

    Jane JonesJane Jones16 napja
  • So he's lost his son and his wife? He does still look amazing and his daughter is beautiful.

    AdeinaAdeina16 napja
  • John always made me smile.... He is the reason that I was a dancing machine when I was younger.. Now I dance in my power chair...

    Sharing news and MusicSharing news and Music16 napja
  • Sounds like Kk😄🍀🇮🇪

    Eleanor Ryan RyanEleanor Ryan Ryan16 napja
  • He’s a great dancer.

    Chrissy RoccoChrissy Rocco16 napja
  • The merry widow

    Dave StephenDave Stephen16 napja
  • I had to mute it geeezzz your voice is terrible

    111 Tre111 Tre16 napja
  • F them, this is creepy af,promoting lots of poison for our lawn and garden. NOT

    charlotte whitecharlotte white16 napja
  • OMG the voice woman is shocking

    anita whiteanita white16 napja
  • Travolta’s daughter looks just like him! He spit her out! Peace.

    Darin CampbellDarin Campbell16 napja
  • I absolutely adore John Travolta! He is still a devoted husband, loving father and incredible actor! I’ve had a crush on him since I was a little girl watching “Grease” and tried to do my hair like Olivia Newton John’s every day!

    JenS The Deplorable TexanJenS The Deplorable Texan16 napja
  • Ahhh shit

    NLE SoapsNLE Soaps16 napja
  • it's really too bad this family doesn't believe in helping their kids when they're sick by taking them to a medical facility otherwise his beautiful son could have been in this commercial as well. His parents should have been put in prison for what they did to him. Scientology freaks 😠

    Heather VillegasHeather Villegas16 napja
  • Very sweet

    YTfancolYTfancol16 napja
  • My favorite actor!!💋❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💝

    T MartinezT Martinez16 napja
  • Oh, at first I thought the video said his daughter's name was Nail

    Youtube ViewerYoutube Viewer16 napja
  • This narrator needs professional training to learn not to talk through her nose. Very annoying.

    Sue CampbellSue Campbell16 napja
  • Her voice!

    Lupe Chacon-FlorezLupe Chacon-Florez16 napja
  • Could this announcer's voice be more nasally and annoying as hell? Please don't talk or change your voice and tone. She reminds me of my old economics teacher.

    80sbabe80sbabe16 napja
  • I've never seen him in a movie where he dances, so I have nothing to compare the commercial to!!! 🤷🏼 The girl who did the narration for this clip has the most annoying voice that I have ever heard!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙉 👎 🙉

    Maszy BealMaszy Beal16 napja
  • Oh my God! This narrator is awful! Her voice is like fingernails in a chalk board! Honey! Go into mime!

    Kathyrn J MaverKathyrn J Maver16 napja
  • Scientology is a murderous cult that Travolta has supported with MILLIONS for years.

    Nomi BynootherNomi Bynoother16 napja
  • Oh

    Karen WillisKaren Willis16 napja
  • He enjoys dancing with boys better

    RickRick16 napja
  • He should have embraced his baldness years ago. He looks great!

    soinu foigsoinu foig16 napja
  • Gross .

    Claire MaguireArtClaire MaguireArt16 napja
  • Great Father ,,,good man

    Kartier Supreme WhiteKartier Supreme White16 napja
  • She doesn't belong doing voice over work. Ouch!

    fussycoosefussycoose16 napja
  • John Travolta sold his soul to SATAN. Will never follow or watch anything with this demon

    jchica jchicajchica jchica16 napja
    • Need t replace this person... her voice is awful and she got her info wrong .

      soinu foigsoinu foig16 napja
  • Ella is gorgeous

    susan knutiesusan knutie16 napja
  • Please get a new spokesperson or teach her how to talk

    Birdie LovvornBirdie Lovvorn16 napja
  • Guessing narrator sucked her way to the top!! As that voice is so annoying

    Steve NorthfieldSteve Northfield16 napja
  • If John was on Saturday Night Live? Then who was in Saturday Night Fever? 🤔🤔🤔🤔

    j. cruzj. cruz16 napja
  • This chick talking sucks sounds monotone n boring LOL very fake n robotic LOL

    Jackie CardenasJackie Cardenas16 napja
  • I forgot kelly passed. So sad. THEY used to come stay at our Hyatt on Poipu Beach where we all work. I lov all her movies. Daughter has her eyes n most other features of Dad.

    Living Life in HawaiiLiving Life in Hawaii16 napja
  • Thought this was the actual commercial, instead I have an annoying voice over describing it. Downvote

    jinshira3jinshira316 napja
  • Love

    CarolineCaroline17 napja