Jimmy Fallon Blew a Chance to Date Nicole Kidman

2015.jan. 6.
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Jimmy Fallon and Nicole Kidman have two very different embarrassing memories of the afternoon they first met.
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Jimmy Fallon Blew a Chance to Date Nicole Kidman

  • Homegurl toppled a tank full of tea

    Keem KardAsianKeem KardAsianÓrája
  • Awwwwww

    J KJ K4 órája
  • *Its Tradition to come back here to see someone could blow off Nicole freaking Kidman*

    YWGYWG6 órája
  • I come here time to time to remind me that I'm not the stupidest man on earth.

    Parth DhanawatParth Dhanawat8 órája
  • 1:10 is when the tables turn, and Jimmy realizes his whole life has been a failure.

    GMAN's Movie ZoneGMAN's Movie Zone9 órája
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    Delilah AtkinsDelilah Atkins13 órája
  • we have to admit, before we grown as a man, we lost many chance to get our love at the young age because we are stupid young man XD

    RoseberryGamingIDRoseberryGamingID14 órája
  • It's fantastic show, I love it

    Аелина КарымшаковаАелина Карымшакова14 órája
  • Poor Jimmy :(

    Kori VanDerSluysKori VanDerSluys21 órája
  • unbelief --> embrassment --> proud that he went on a date --> flirting --> bluffing --> saying he is taken --> maintaining his ego --> begging --> explaining he is not gay on keith --> remembering the event again --> FLIRTING --> yeah i make u laugh --> sexual chemistry

    Liheng WangLiheng Wang21 órája
  • the best thing i watched in the middle of this quarantining !

    Agata RacheliaAgata Rachelia21 órája
  • when jennifer lawrence saw seth, seth's calm demeanor brushed it off. while jimmy's vibrant personality is just so cute

    Liheng WangLiheng Wang21 órája
  • Jimmy should meet The protagonist from TENET to settle it

  • Deep inside , they know it could be better

    Jan AballeJan AballeNapja
  • I think we've all been there.

    Me in HDMe in HDNapja
  • So we need to see the worst wingman ever rick

  • This is amazing 😍😍😍

    larry otwarolarry otwaroNapja
  • they still tryna fuuuuuck

    Giuseppe PorriGiuseppe PorriNapja
  • my everyday fix... wow 57 millions times... wow ok one more time... click and play

    Nestor PerenaNestor PerenaNapja
  • Looks like Ted mosby himym

    o Limbuuo LimbuuNapja
  • Jimmy wentr home after that...his wife says: Jimmmyyyy!!! You Got Some 'Splainin' to Do!

  • Men are dense when it comes to these things. Even if we suspect something, we assume its our bs wishes getting in the way of reality.

    B. L.B. L.2 napja
  • OMG !!! 08:05 her eyes are sparkling with tears !!! maybe because she laughed too much !!! wow !

    FootballistaFootballista2 napja
  • 02:44 Jimmy's face expression !!! Holy shit !!! that's the whole 100% of regret and remorse feelings quantity on Earth !!!

    FootballistaFootballista2 napja
  • Watching this in 2021 pure gold

    Luiza GomesLuiza Gomes2 napja
  • noo, she does not like him. she just tryna be nice and make it less awkward to him. stop saying that she still like him.

    Saodat JalmetovaSaodat Jalmetova2 napja
  • Ржака)))

    VoodooKidVoodooKid2 napja
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    Nicole WeiseNicole Weise2 napja
  • Im watching in 2021 and still he cant believe it

    Dehinor VargasDehinor Vargas2 napja
    • 😂😂

      Mic PioneerMic Pioneer14 órája
  • Dude that Rick friend didn't help Jimmy at all 😂

    Sami’yiSami’yi2 napja
    • he brought Nicole Kidman TO HIS PLACE what else could he have done 😂😂😂

      Raptorius _01Raptorius _012 napja
  • Her honk at 3:35...

    Carol BrothertonCarol Brotherton3 napja
  • I’ve seen this several times and it doesn’t get old. So freaking funny

    David KleinDavid Klein3 napja
  • The shaky street consequentially twist because inventory laparoscopically remember down a thoughtful pot. longing, obsequious fur

    jeff fungjeff fung3 napja
  • "Wait, did I date Nicole Kidman?" - 😂

    bonginkosi nkosibonginkosi nkosi3 napja
  • Alternate title : Jimmy Fallon trying to flirt with Nicole Kidman again for 9 minutes and 15 seconds

    Rachel McAdams Jr.Rachel McAdams Jr.3 napja
  • 1:18 say what now?

    Dear DiaryDear Diary3 napja
  • 1:15 It took him good 5 seconds to realise that she wasn't kidding.

    tanmay mishratanmay mishra3 napja
  • The silky straw consistently bomb because brother-in-law presumably settle to a misty halibut. handy, wonderful timer

    m bot6m bot63 napja
  • The cutest thing I've seen on J Fallon's. Love to see them both blushing 😍😍😍

    M.Sheeraz KhanM.Sheeraz Khan3 napja
  • The panicky season scully develop because ice radiographically spell to a obsequious withdrawal. marvelous, bawdy stepmother

    Derek DavidsonDerek Davidson4 napja
  • One of Hollywood's most dazzling leading actresses!

    Fidelio7782Fidelio77824 napja
  • "How to confess to your ex crush while you're married"

    hahha12341hahha123414 napja
  • He was shy then I guess. Why would a superstar like Nicole have a crush on him. Fear sucks!

    vapalacavapalaca4 napja
    • And NK several times said that she is shy too so.. she made a first movement going to his apartment but he didn't know that was a date.. haha

      Belén HerediaBelén Heredia12 órája
  • I blame Rick.

    Pablo LloydPablo Lloyd4 napja
  • „... And then you put on a video game or something..“ oh boy oh boy

    greentealovergreentealover4 napja
  • super )))

    bina TVbina TV4 napja
  • Please help me, I can't stop watching this!

    Prosto TzarProsto Tzar4 napja
  • I need boy friend

    Nguyenminh AnhkietNguyenminh Anhkiet4 napja
  • Yeah, cause everyone wants a Satanic father inlaw????

    Teacher RobinTeacher Robin4 napja
  • They were attracted to each other

    087jhood25087jhood254 napja
  • Still my favourite Fallon video, ever.

    sineadbradyfansineadbradyfan5 napja
  • Fantastic.

    Reuben CantrellReuben Cantrell5 napja
  • I'm a Nicole Kidman fan, and if I found out what Jimmy found out during this interview, I think that I would have died! Oh man, Nicole Kidman is interested in you, and you never realize it! 🤣🤣🤣

    audiophile manaudiophile man5 napja
  • If something like that ever happens to me I swear I jump off a cliff

    Miguel 01Miguel 015 napja
  • 8:46 did he have to say "sexual chemistry" that's so cringe

    Ebut UoyEbut Uoy5 napja
  • This is the video i go to when i want to warm my heart with a good laugh

  • Interview finished....trouble at home in 3...2...1 "fire in the hole!"

    S. W.S. W.5 napja
  • Anyone noticed Nicole's touch on Jimmy!?!?

    Tomás MatiasTomás Matias5 napja
    • @Nina Ahah exactly. So quick but I noticed it ;)

      Tomás MatiasTomás Matias5 napja
    • That little butt pat? Nope, didn't notice😋

      NinaNina5 napja
  • Video game or Nicole Kidman? The choice is clear... That is of course if you are not imbecile.

    Ali CetinerAli Cetiner5 napja
  • I watched this last year and still couldn't shake of the shame I feel for all mankind.

    Ali CetinerAli Cetiner5 napja
  • 🤣👍

    Александр КорольАлександр Король5 napja
  • 0:22 my love video :X.

    Ca NhuCa Nhu5 napja
  • no entendí, Jimmy pensó que ella iba por negocios y por eso estaba todo raro y Nicole pensó que era una date y que Jimmy no estaba interesado?

    Marian ViloriaMarian Viloria6 napja
    • Algo así, si. El pensó que ella iba a hablar con él para que estuviera en una película (eso le dijo el amigo) pero Nicole en realidad quería conocerlo porque le gustaba. Jimmy todo nervioso ni se dio cuenta que ella iba para conocerlo a él... Y pues nada, Nicole se fue pensando que tal vez era gay jaja

      mekare111mekare1114 napja
  • if you have a chance - get it , if you not - just try to get it .))) but not play f...ng video games when nikole came to you

    Mike DastroMike Dastro6 napja
  • So now, this is my favorite release in HUworld, i look this in 2021 January. And this helping me, to forgot fuc*ing 2020 year. Respect for Jimmy, because he thought "she comed for working" and he didn't know what matter.

    Damir ProDamir Pro6 napja
  • Brilliant!

    Johnny P GoodeJohnny P Goode6 napja
  • I always avoided this recommended video. Now I have finally clicked on it and it’s the best Jimmy Fallon interview I’ve ever seen.

    Angel CruzAngel Cruz6 napja
  • I am taking ok😁

    Aigerim KobentaevaAigerim Kobentaeva6 napja
  • definitely the best episode!

    Pardamean PanjaitanPardamean Panjaitan6 napja
  • The symptomatic crocus bizarrely clean because mosque nearly confess beyond a brief sister-in-law. various, purple pressure

    Johnson BronsonJohnson Bronson6 napja
  • She’s such a class act! Love her

    Mara KanukovaMara Kanukova6 napja
  • They’re flirting 😂😂

    Roman EmpireRoman Empire6 napja
  • Damn what a memory she has

    Wee DayWee Day6 napja
  • MoMขอตังค์หน่อย 19.000B#

    Natnarong NahaNatnarong Naha6 napja
  • he must be gay lolol

    \/ibestr\/ibestr7 napja
  • Well its like winning the lottery and losing the ticket

    Mang KanorMang Kanor7 napja
  • fockin actors!

    HKNHKN7 napja
  • Amount of times I have rewatched this. Everytime I rewatch this ill change this number... 3

    Chee Moua LeeChee Moua Lee7 napja
  • Jimmy’s best interview.

    Darwin RodriguezDarwin Rodriguez7 napja
  • 0:22xx

    No ThuNo Thu7 napja
  • Poor Jimmy...she was still not all plastic then and supah fi-yine. And she still super wants to bang him. You can tell she was upset that he didn't try, lol.

    HeilSatanHeilSatan7 napja
  • Nothing is funny.🥴

    E. G.E. G.7 napja
  • Amazing)))

    Never HideNever Hide7 napja
  • nikol beatiful woman

    Арзу ИзембаевАрзу Изембаев7 napja
  • Tom Cruise and Kidman share children. He would constantly be in your life. Katie Holmes couldn't date publicly for five years as part of her divorce agreement! I choose freedom!!

    adrie radadrie rad7 napja
    • I don't know how was for Nicole (I mean the divorce agreement with that crazy man) but she was with Lenny Kravitz and rumors in that time: Robbie Williams, Ewan mcgregor, Jude Law..

      Belén HerediaBelén Heredia11 órája
  • Николь Кидман - красивая женщина 😘. Она великолепная актриса👍. Ведущий - красавчик, юморист, отличный собеседник. Ничего не поняла о чем речь была, но досмотрела до конца с улыбкой на лице и смеялась вместе с ними🤣😁.

    Joni JoniJoni Joni7 napja
    • На канале "Вот Это английский" есть разбор этого интервью

      Ас ФутболаАс Футбола3 napja
  • huworld.info/flow/vide/qn2byo7Ag5rHqHw listining to azan to prayr in islam discoverd islam make you happy for ever discoverd islam

    Um AsemUm Asem7 napja
  • and why there are no subtitles ((? They speak way too quickly ((

    Follow TrendFollow Trend7 napja
  • *She's just a Kid, man.*

    trey • 90 years agotrey • 90 years ago7 napja
  • Jeeez, who accidentally looks at this video only because this guy afraid of Trump?

    Follow TrendFollow Trend7 napja
  • The Paddington producers probably were expecting more run, but with 50m+ HUworld views, they can't be that disappointed.

    Ken SimmonsKen Simmons7 napja
  • She obviously still likes him, shes fawning all over him. Way to go Jimmy!

    E DubE Dub7 napja
  • Her pronunciation of remember so funny

    AzatiaAzatia7 napja
  • my god jimmy. i felt this in my bones. not that i'd do any better in that scenario.

    P BurkeP Burke7 napja
  • Guys remember... "She's never out of your league"

    rohan tekaderohan tekade7 napja
  • We wait for the other person to confront but dude, it's late sometimes and you just regret ever after....So go seize the day man, you always have a moment now 😉

    VivekVivek7 napja
  • She’s the smartest, loveliest, classiest woman in showbusiness.

    IcelandloverIcelandlover7 napja
  • Well, this can't get any awkward 😂

    Safinez HamzaSafinez Hamza8 napja
  • ఆ ఆi love u girl.

    Huy NhiHuy Nhi8 napja
  • After Jimmy won that video game - "I've won, but at what cost?"

    SM RahulSM Rahul8 napja