Jaystation is back.

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Cody Ko

  • where does he live? Cant he get arrested for doing this?

    DJ Stress OfficialDJ Stress Official2 napja
  • Leafy gets banned for explicit criticism. DumpStation fakes deaths, harasses, abuses, bullies and manipulates people and now he is impersonating an officer of the law.... edit : and still going strong tsktsktsk SERIOUSLY HUworld WTF!!

    Sacred1HawkSacred1Hawk2 napja
  • BARS!!

  • These videos are really important to make. Seriously. My kid was really into these videos and those weird hacker ones and I didn't really pay attention to what the actual content was until my kid really started believing that shit and I literally showed him yours and drew's videos on them and it finally got through to him. Pls tell kelsey she's pretty :)

    Sabrina NicoleSabrina Nicole3 napja
  • He is banned now loooool

    Sara HamidiSara Hamidi3 napja
  • Anyone else think she sounds like the basketball coach from big mouth?

    Will Hs !Will Hs !3 napja
  • I’m sorry but..... It’s already to0 late for me

    LollzTrollzLollzTrollz3 napja
  • I can't and I refuse to believe people like those exist

    Gla CheGla Che3 napja
  • These videos brings a smile on my face, and a migraine on my head

    KurtKurt3 napja
  • 5:39 - ratio

    xXHalf_SendXxxXHalf_SendXx4 napja
  • Am I the only one that thought of minecraft youtubers when cody said, “The Dream Team”.

    big nick sallybig nick sally6 napja
  • Their channel has 264 subscribers 🙏🏻

    BrentmeistergeneralBrentmeistergeneral7 napja
    • Your point?

      TatsukiTatsuki6 napja
  • The best rap I’ve heard in my life.

    ExploraDora MonkeuExploraDora Monkeu7 napja
  • the acting is so bad omg

    Anabelle partidaAnabelle partida8 napja
  • He gets millions of views:( so sad

    Roxo WyattRoxo Wyatt9 napja
  • I’ve lost brain cells watching this

    Aaran AddisAaran Addis9 napja
  • Jaystation is different type of GOAT. Y’all not ready 4 this convo yet

    Diego MillotDiego Millot10 napja
    • @Tatsuki u was getting pressed

      Diego MillotDiego Millot6 napja
    • @Tatsuki jaja ir dumbass thought I was being serious...

      Diego MillotDiego Millot6 napja
    • @Diego Millot He never talked to any of them. He was just staging them and they were fake. He's never coming back, kid.

      TatsukiTatsuki6 napja
    • @Diego Millot Wrong. Don't make up stories, they banned him for profiting off deaths of celebrities for views and mistreating his girlfriend, Alexia. Kings don't do that. Unless you don't know any better. Disappointing.......

      TatsukiTatsuki6 napja
    • @Tatsuki and prolly he will come back talking to bibby, teki and lil nine, that guy would never

      Diego MillotDiego Millot6 napja
  • I cant vind jaystasion

    faze dyonfaze dyon10 napja
  • I was drinking water at 7:19 My lungs are drowning

    T GT G10 napja
  • His Vids are more fake then before

    Bryson BuzzellBryson Buzzell11 napja
  • 5:00 is his head to small or is the hat to big?

    Taterbug2007Taterbug200711 napja
  • this length of ur hair is just chefs kiss

    Norah's WorldNorah's World13 napja
  • 5:00 i cant stop staring at his head and i don't know why

    emily morganemily morgan14 napja
  • Posseeessed Dooaawwll had Me fuckin dead

    John DoeJohn Doe14 napja
  • Black Lives Matter RIOTS*

    RyanRyan14 napja
  • Just station is a giant douche can’t stand him

    Natalie HooperNatalie Hooper14 napja
  • thanks cody i had my beats on max and he said “WHAT ARE YOU DOING” in a creepy voice and my whole class heard 💀

    FlazeBlazeFilmsFlazeBlazeFilms15 napja
  • Did anyone notice that his sorry video had 69 million views

    Ruby GriffinRuby Griffin15 napja
  • why are there dislikes

    Noah RodeNoah Rode15 napja
  • he still hasn't complimented kelsey... let's get it to 500K likes guys

    Paul GreyPaul Grey16 napja
  • god help us all

    CornstonedCornstoned16 napja
  • Video starts at 4:05

    Mike NMike N17 napja
    • nah it starts at 0:00

      CooperCooper16 napja
  • God fucking damn get to the fucking video

    Mike NMike N17 napja
  • This is why the purge needs to exist.

    Shadow RythShadow Ryth17 napja
  • Fbi crime statistics buddy police brutality isn't as bad as you think and the homie had lethal doses of meth and fentynal in his system and he pointed a gun at a pregnant womans stomach and threatened to kill the both of them. What a guy

    GzegoszGzegosz17 napja
  • i can say i did this but anyways really good video better than mine

    Doctor NeonDoctor Neon19 napja
  • it hurts just to watch the reaction of this piece of crap

    PhantxmPhantxm19 napja
  • It could be a hidden camera prank and that Alexia girl would still get up in the cameras grill😂😂😂😂

    Sydney HaysSydney Hays19 napja
  • “Why-uh?!” “Alex-uhh!”

    Murren KellyMurren Kelly19 napja
  • It it's scientifically proven that if you use noise cancellation on thier video, they're just going to get muted

    88not_today _satan8888not_today _satan8820 napja
  • I love jaystation hes my favorite youtuber

    Linda BordersLinda Borders21 napja
  • in the video where they announced content together again, she looks so pissed and dead inside. there’s no way these people are happy. they need to get some fuckin therapy

    Dakota CastroDakota Castro21 napja
  • Not anymore!

    HellcatFTWHellcatFTW21 napja
  • Wait so the thumbnail wasn't edited with that big eyes snapchat filter??? His face really just looks like that???

    Calistus JayCalistus Jay21 napja

    Mohammad FarhanMohammad Farhan22 napja
  • i have never liked a video so fast and turned on post notifications when u started talking ab blm

    Alaina MartzAlaina Martz22 napja
    • Respectttttt

      Justin DonovanJustin Donovan12 napja
  • He said matching rings they look nothing alike

    Taylor GTaylor G23 napja
  • bro y r they always yelling

    stizyee •stizyee •23 napja
  • Well congrats everybody go look up jaystation, he got removed from yt. Everybody like this vid so cody can see it.

    BobaBoba23 napja

    J.o Lego mastersJ.o Lego masters23 napja
  • See it's sad but most kids I see watch this stuff think it's very real

    mike santinimike santini23 napja
  • Jay's channel is now terminated.

    Justa Fungui CoinsJusta Fungui Coins24 napja
  • i watch this to go to sleep prolly 2 days out of the week

    Elayna ClemensElayna Clemens24 napja
  • kinda wild that he made a "being mean to my girlfriend" prank right after being called out for emotionally abusing his girlfriends

    shytoadshytoad24 napja
  • You look good when you're tan Cody. Just saying...

    ACWACW24 napja
  • it's funny they're cheating on each other when they already broke up

    ItsYa MarshallItsYa Marshall25 napja
  • Good thing his accounts got terminated

    RakoonRakoon25 napja
  • listen the hair here is good

    fake namefake name25 napja
  • Eeeeeeeeeee

    Krazy WitaKKrazy WitaK25 napja
  • I’m more impressed at how quickly they got through the sale of that Tesla. Buying a car is an all day experience for me 😩

    MizzFelliMizzFelli25 napja
  • I’ve seen pornos with better acting

    Parker NolanParker Nolan26 napja
  • Jaystation more like gay station Ooooohh!!!!!

    Tami playz TVTami playz TV27 napja
  • This is pissing me of wtf

    Tami playz TVTami playz TV27 napja
  • Man f you jay was a good HUworldr i hope your video sucks

    GamingRobloxAryanGamingRobloxAryan27 napja
    • shut up gacha kid

      scorpioscorpio27 napja
    • Username checks out

      Mandar GarudMandar Garud27 napja
  • Thank GOD hes banned now.

    SuperBaconSuperBacon28 napja
  • his account was just banned ya'll!

    asiacatasiacat28 napja
    • Great

      King VonKing Von27 napja
    • Rip

      hot d0ggohot d0ggo28 napja
  • Um his ring is a bent nail. Did....did he make that himself? Or was actual human money spent on that thing? Also I'm pretty sure that credit card had a max credit line of like, 2000$.

    Many_LivesMany_Lives29 napja
  • One Canadian man making fun of another Canadian man

    HaPpY_cloud mAh3890HaPpY_cloud mAh389029 napja
  • i liked his vids so im sad also reinds me of my depression

  • They copied Morgz

  • This man said hoobastank 😂😂😂😂

    The HighwayThe HighwayHónapja
  • the way they alk alone is just making me 10x more suicidal than i already am holy fuck

  • They are SO LOUD!!

    Tia EllisonTia EllisonHónapja
  • They are SO LOUD!!

    Tia EllisonTia EllisonHónapja
  • good thing he got banned off youtube 😍😍😍

  • I'm just genuinely happy that I was able to stay far far away from this guy and the types of content he makes when I was younger.

    Ball MonokumaBall MonokumaHónapja
  • Not anymore he’s gone forever wooooo!!

    the running manthe running manHónapja
  • ... I didn't know who Jaystation is. I was warned. Multiple times. And yet, my own curiosity got the best of me. What. The. Fuck.

    Telepek TelepkowyTelepek TelepkowyHónapja

    『Chip Champ』ゴ『Chip Champ』ゴHónapja
  • happy to report that he’s been banned from youtube 🙏🏽 we did it chodes.

    koren taylorkoren taylorHónapja
  • wait so jaystation is bad wtf

    Vaida BVaida BHónapja
    • no shit

      『Chip Champ』ゴ『Chip Champ』ゴHónapja
  • My head hurts

  • She got the credit card for a day? I wonder how much more plastic surgery she got?

  • 7:31 they are having an argument wile being in different houses

  • Ol Jayson the Station

    Mr Inconsistent Upload ScheduleMr Inconsistent Upload ScheduleHónapja
  • Jaystation: come for the 3 am things aimed at children, stay for the commodification of domestic abuse framed as normal human interaction

    Shawn ConwayShawn ConwayHónapja
  • Damn that channel is awful, never hated something that much and not like this I couldn’t even watch

    Catarina VinhasCatarina VinhasHónapja
    • @koren taylor thats good to hear

      Armando HernandezArmando HernandezHónapja
    • @Armando Hernandez he’s been banned from what i’ve heard 🤝🤝

      koren taylorkoren taylorHónapja
    • and he still has a platform, its sad tbh.

      Armando HernandezArmando HernandezHónapja
  • Bro these kinds of videos are nothing like WWE because atleast with WWE it’s actually entertaining and they risk their bodies for entertainment. I know the whole “wrestling is fake” it’s not 100% fake it’s predetermined. Because there is risk involved. But anyways love you Cody you’re hilarious keep up the great work!

    Figgy SmallsFiggy SmallsHónapja
  • Watches one video of Morgz, sees the views, you know the rest...

  • “we got matching rings” the rings: 1 0

  • haha nice

    Renn AndersonRenn AndersonHónapja
  • Jaystation is legit the epitome of garbage HUworld content

    Daniel BoyerDaniel BoyerHónapja

    tierra woodstierra woodsHónapja
  • I don't know who this guy is yet still watches the video

    Roselyn SingsitRoselyn SingsitHónapja
  • They act like this in public wtf America different if I saw someone like this in London I’d shout at them and call them a “c**t”

  • Jay station deserves to be relentlessly mocked and ridiculed

    Mako MajiMako MajiHónapja
  • 12:06

    Daniel YoungDaniel YoungHónapja
  • Why Is he so loud

    Tinie PaniniTinie PaniniHónapja
  • Jaystation is like every internet "influencer". They just flexing their shit

  • Blew my high @7:20