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Now I have 800 trojans :)
Thank you Mr. Opera for sponsoring this video! Download Opera here: mtchm.de/3x5zd :D
Thank you Tiigrr for the fat beat B-)

  • Thank you Mr. Opera for sponsoring this video! Download Opera here: mtchm.de/3x5zd :D

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    • A friend showed me your face dude if I knew sooner....

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    • opera gx gang

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    • can you react and play "counter strike:source" mobile in my channel

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    • i use opera GX , its good good good good good good good godo

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    • LOL just downloaded it and decided to use youtube and this is the first i see Opra: 100/10

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  • When you install anti-virus and you scan it says 800 trojans called Trojan.Memz

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  • You get F13 by pressing shift+f1

  • counter strike online 2 but 1 better than 2

  • Next up play condition zero

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  • ahahhahaa f 15 be like 😳 thats even to far for cs: aka my whole child hood lmao

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  • 7:42 Now "can it run cs neo?"

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  • Hey, at least they fixed the m4 using the forward assist as a charging handle

  • I love Oprah GX thenk you anermly

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  • Peren

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  • 1:03 gets sponsored by opera gx and at the next second google searches counter strike neo

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  • cs 1.6 but japanese and with css gun models

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  • Okie

  • hello ludde i made profit can i be a youtube?

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  • Are you a fish?

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  • why dont you do skin giveaway for skins and if you do can i be one of the winners

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  • I love hOrses

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  • Wait until Anomaly hears about the Counter Strike Neo Visual Novel

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  • 10:25 is like FFR

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  • Been using opera gx before it was being advertised heavily. Yall really missing out if ur not using it

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  • Anomaly: japanese anime counter strike Me: download now

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  • stay csgo my friends

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  • 3:49 how the hell is sakura top fragger

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  • I've been using opera gx for a while now but god fucking damn i didn't knew that they added new themes for it(they sick as fuck) BTW Anomaly does a opera gx sponsoring then he use google chrome incognito. Very nice

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  • 7:00 LMAO ur american accent

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  • can you do omegel

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  • Hello papa

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  • i am watching this with opera GX

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  • Anomaly, I rarely ever play CS:GO anymore. Could you possible do an updated video on where to sell skins for cash? THANKS!

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  • anomaly try playing blackshot revolution for your next free to play counter strike videos. its so bad and heavily pay 2 win

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  • I use opera, and yea its pretty fucking dope. the gx corner looks for deals the same way honey does except its for games and its built in

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  • Counter Strike: Armored Core

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  • Don’t tell anyone, but... I watch...Yaoi 😎

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  • 【10:54】 i see, he's the cultured one.

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  • u must try CSPB that is another mod version on cs from indonesia

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  • Me watching this video on opera gx :/

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  • ive been using opera for 3 years and finding out you use it , dope asf

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  • Cs neo player cards are used to store your account info and arcade credits inside. both teams had 5 unique player models u can use when leveling up. there are levels, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. F13, F14 and F15 keys are from the specially designed keyboard used in the arcade game. They have flash player animations of the origins of neo called "white memories". I couldn't make sense of what was going on. That's all the info i know.

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  • that g is straight up cyrilic b

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  • Opera GX ad ends. Anamoly : welp back to chrome

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  • play outlast 2

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  • COUNTER-STRIKE Neo was fun

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  • As a gamer weeb I'm loving this.

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  • The female anouncer kinda sounds like makise kurisu from steins gate (10:42)

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  • i like how you say "this is defenetly gonna give me 1000 trojan viruses"

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  • make a video about cs nexon zombies next time

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  • Anomaly: goes into a Japanese CS also Anomaly: wtf why am I hearing Japanese ALSO Anomaly: wtf why do they have asian names in a Japanese game???

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  • 0:30 everyone here in Malta uses Whatsapp.... isnt whatsapp the most used app on the world?

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  • Opera GX is the best web browser. *Anomaly gets sponsered by opera GX* also anomaly *uses google*

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  • And that's why Opera GX is the best "Google, let me introduce myself."

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  • We want arabic counter bomb : Allah offensive

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  • Anomaly : " I think csgo won't have another operation for a very long time " CSGO : " ILL FUCKING DO IT AGAIN" Csgo winter zone

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  • Hey do y’all know the wannabe anomaly spaz

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  • ı pressed f14 button and liked your video

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  • What do you want to uninstall the Trojan horses?

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  • Well i finally able to watch the gameplay of this game... Thanks Anomaly..

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  • we gonna ignore how the default knife in this game is basically a classic vanilla knife

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  • А мультиплеера нету что-ли? :c

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  • I was expecting Valorant gameplay lol

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  • Try asia Hk server I can't even reach gold nova anomaly !!!

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  • Valorant : japan csgo

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  • child massaka

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  • I just want to die

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  • :)

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  • T O M

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  • Where's papa

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  • stop. i alredy downloaded opera gx since 2017/2018

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  • Say swedish

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  • Try counter strike extreme

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  • Damn feels bad my name is terry 😂

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  • Would you be willing to meet up with us Boris

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  • This game is based on 1.6 you know but is so fun to watch due to how horrible it is KEKW

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  • Anomaly I have a karambit blue gem, I need some advice could you help me?

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  • Am i the only one searching for a «Terry» in the comments?

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  • Anomaly u actually not smart, you can use WhatsApp in any browser just search "WhatsApp web"

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  • Petition for anomaly to play roblox cs again

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  • Anomaly my BMI is 14

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  • yea, this game was quite big back when i lived in hong kong, had esports teams and everything

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  • I‘m TOM

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  • T O M

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  • Do a I still suck at fortnite video

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  • if somone say ur gay on a game say: I'm straighter than your future

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  • Привет все русским и не русским тоже

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  • *Shouta Faq Aap*

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  • Наши атаки прошли успешно!

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  • opera gx very nice!

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  • Opera GX was launched in the beginning of September but Anomaly shows it now

  • If you care to boot this guy offline during one of the livestreams the fucker left his localIP on 3:20 btw

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  • Japanese Strike: Russian Trojansive

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  • You can use whatsapp on chrome :D

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  • Didn’t realise Oprah Winfrey had a browser

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  • I lost my job because corona hates me, but the good thing is i can finally watch your videos 🔥🖤👌🏼

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  • 3:21 anomaly ip leak!!!

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  • It’s funny that the quality of the game is bad except the classic knife that they copied and pasted from cs:go Well, the quality isn’t that bad but u can tell the difference

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  • Macke would love this alot

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  • 5:03 had me dying LMAOOO

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  • I even got the ad in Japanese here WHATTTT?

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  • That crosshair looks like she needs the extra Chromosome Anomaly has

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